Alternative Billets

CDC Liaison Position in Atlanta – O5/O6

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Attached is the position description for the CDC liaison position.

It is an O6 billet, so only O5 or O6 can apply. If you are interested in applying, I need your CV and military bio sent to my account by COB 1 OCT. Of note, despite what this older PD states, the incumbent is CAPT Bryan Schumacher, not CDR Eric Deussing. I’ll handle getting Detailer clearance on my end.

Senior Executive/Operational Positions

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If you are interested in applying for any of the positions listed below, I need an updated CV, military bio, and NAVMED 1412/1 sent to my address by 1 OCT 2021:

I know the NAVMED 1412/1 says “Command Screening Application” and you are not applying for command screening, but using this form is the easiest way to get all the info I need. Please fill it out to the best of your ability and send it to me.

Senior Operational Positions

  • 1st MARDIV Surgeon (Camp Pendleton, CA) – O5/O6
  • 2nd MARDIV Surgeon (Camp Lejeune, NC) – O5/O6
  • 2nd MAW Surgeon (Cherry Point, NC) – O5/O6
  • 2nd MLG Surgeon (Camp Lejeune, NC) – O5/O6
  • 3rd MARDIV Surgeon (Okinawa) – O5/O6
  • MARFORRES Surgeon (New Orleans, LA) – O6
  • Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command Surgeon (Norfolk, VA) – O6
  • SUBPAC Surgeon (Hawaii) – O5/O6
  • I MEF Surgeon (Camp Pendleton, CA) – O6
  • II MEF Surgeon (Camp Lejeune, CA) – O6
  • III MEF Surgeon (Okinawa) – O6
  • MARFORPAC Surgeon (Hawaii) – O6

Senior Executive Positions

  • Deputy Chief of the Medical Corps – O6
  • MEDLANT Deputy Commander (Portsmouth, VA) – Post-Command O6
  • MEDPAC Deputy Commander (San Diego, CA) – Post-Command O6
  • PERS-454 (Deployability Assessment and Assignment Branch, Millington, TN) – Post-Command O6
  • BUMED Diversity Officer (Falls Church, VA) – O5/O6
  • BUMED Chief Medical Officer (Falls Church, VA) – O6
  • BUMED Global Health Director (Falls Church, VA) – O6
  • DHA, Deputy Asst. Director of Strategy and Innovation (Falls Church, VA) – O6

Hot Fill for Fall 2021 – MC Career Planner Position – CAPT(s)/CAPT

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This position is located within the Office of the Navy Medical Corps, Office of the Corps Chiefs, BUMED.  This position serves as a focal point for dissemination of leadership, coursework and officer development for 3700 Active and 500 Reserve physicians.  Specific roles include but are not limited to recruitment, career consultation, Career Development Board oversight, and board membership/leadership for several critical committees within BUMED. 

Requirements for the position include rank of CAPT or CAPT select, board certification in any medical specialty, a solid understanding of both MTF and operational medicine practice, and excellent communication and organizational skills.  Applications include CV, Bio, OSR, and PSR should be directed to CAPT Joel Schofer, Deputy Chief of the MC (contact in the global).  Inquiries/questions about the position can be directed to the incumbent, CAPT Keller (contact in the global).  Applications must be submitted NLT 27 August 2021 with an anticipated start date of Fall 2021.  Please see full PD:

Uniformed Executive Officer to the Assistant Director, Combat Support, Defense Health Agency – O4/O5

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The Director, Defense Health Agency (DHA) requests nominations to fill the O-4/5 level position Uniformed Executive Officer to the Assistant Director, Combat Support, DHA. The primary duty station is Falls Church, Virginia. The selected officer should arrive no later than December 1, 2020.

Please see the signed memorandum:

Anyone interested must submit their CV and Bio to me at < at > NLT COB 7 OCT 2020.

Division Chief, Hearing Center of Excellence, Research and Development Directorate (J-9), Defense Health Agency – O5/O6

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They are looking for an ENT Surgeon, Neurologist, Flight Surgeon, or Occ Med Physician to fill this position:

Anyone interested in applying needs to send me their CV and military bio by COB 25 SEP 2020 at < at >

2021 Non-Specialty Specific Billet Opportunities

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Please see the note below from the Senior Detailer. Anyone who applied for XO, CO, OIC, CMO, or Senior Executive/Operational is highly encouraged to also apply for any positions on this list that interest them. Not everyone who applied for the jobs I slate will get one. There are not enough positions available:

Greetings from PERS,

Reaching out to invite your attention to a number of outstanding billet opportunities available to MC officers in 2021. Please see the attached documents for information regarding our “Non-Specialty Specific Billet” assignment process, including a PDF application, and a listing of available opportunities to include:

  • Operational Assignments (FST OICs/CATF Surgeons, Marine Regimental Surgeons, LHD SMOs, and others)
  • Administrative Assignments (BUMED, DHA, PERS, and others)
  • Research Assignments (NMRC, NMRU-San Antonio, and others)
  • Naval War College – JPME Phase II – Newport, RI

Please contact your detailer if you would like to discuss these options.

Applications are due to your detailer NLT 25 SEP.


Todd A. Gardner, MD, MPH, FAAFP


Head, Medical Corps Assignments

Executive Medicine, Surgical Specialties

Navy Personnel Command, PERS-4415

5720 Integrity Drive

Millington, TN 38005

901-874-4094 DSN 94+ 312-882-4094

todd.a.gardner2 < at >

2 Medical Corps Hotfills

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Here are the two positions:

PDs are above for both, and include contact info. Interested parties should reach out to their Detailer by 12 JUN 2020.

Aide de Camp for LTG Place (DHA) – O4

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LTG Place is looking for a new Aide de Camp.  This is open to an O-4 from any Corps; the PD is here.  Candidates must be PCS eligible to Falls Church, Virginia and report NLT Jan 1, 2021.  If Medical Corps, they should be post-residency training and preferably in an overmanned specialty.  Packages should be submitted to CAPT Anthony Keller NLT 1 July 2020 (contact is in the global) and should include CV, Bio and OSR/PSR (single PDF file) along with PERS’ concurrence for the move.

Principal Deputy to the Assistant Director for Management, DHA – O6

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There is a short fuse opportunity for an O-6 to become the Principal Deputy to the Assistant Director for Management, DHA. The desired report date is June 1, 2020; duty station is Defense Health Headquarters in Falls Church, VA. Although the position description says they want an MSC officer, it is open to applicants from any Corps. Nominations are due to DHA on April 1, so any potential applicants should reach out to CDR Melissa Austin (contact in the global) immediately.

Throwback Thursday Classic Post – How to Evaluate the Promotion Potential of a Billet/Position

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Recently I advertised the USUHS Commandant position. A reader asked:

Any thoughts on whether you think this is a position that would make an O5 competitive for O6?

This is a common issue. A position is advertised, but you want to know if it will help get your promoted to O5 or O6 if you take it. Here is how I’d evaluate that situation.

First, you need to contact the incumbent in that position now, if possible. You’re going to need information that they have.

Now that you’ve contacted that person, you need to ask them some questions:

  • Did they or anyone before them promote to O5/O6 while they were in the position or shortly thereafter? In other words, has taking the position led to promotion for those who’ve already done it? If the answer is yes, that is telling and indicative that the position advances people’s careers. If the answer is no, you should probably look elsewhere for a career advancing position.
  • How large is their competitive group on their fitreps? You want a position with a large competitive group so that you can perform well and break out to the right with MP and EP fitreps. Competitive EP fitreps are probably the #1 most important ingredient for successful promotion, so if the position has a small competitive group or leads to a 1/1 fitrep, it would be a mark against that position’s potential to get you promoted.
  • Were they able to get EP fitreps? They might not tell you this, but if they are willing to give you this info it can help you gauge the potential for you to get EP fitreps while doing the job.
  • What do your mentors think about you taking the position? We all need mentors, and I always ask mine what they think when a potential position is in my crosshairs. If they don’t think it is a good idea, I usually pass on it.

That’s it. Those are the things I’d look at when trying to evaluate whether or not a position will help you get promoted. Most of the information needs to come from the incumbent or people who have previously done the job.