Updating the Phased Rollout of the Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) for Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Moves

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Implementation of Phase III of the mandated use of the Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) for
Permanent Change of Station (PCS) for Sailors in all paygrades, originally due to go into effect on Jan. 1,
2023, is on hold and will be announced in a future Naval Administrative (NAVADMIN) message. Enlisted
Sailors in paygrades E-7 to E-9 and officers O-4 and above are still required to use the GTCC for PCS, and
all service members are still required to use MyPCS Travel Voucher, regardless of whether they utilize the
GTCC. While not required for those outside the above paygrades, the GTCC remains authorized for all
others and can be used for authorized PCS expenses.

September Household Goods Webinar Schedule

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Sorry that some of these have already occurred, but I just got this:

May Sailor-to-Sailor Newsletter

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Shipmates around the world!

Your MyNAVY HR Team is proud to bring you another informative “Sailor-to-Sailor” newsletter.  But it’s only informative if you click the link and read the news we bring you every month.  In this edition we’re focusing on PCS season and how to reduce your stress level.  Want some extra cash in your pocket?  Check out the story on the Navy Spouse licensure and certification program.  And how about a salute to our Asian American/Pacific Islander shipmates; May is the month we honor you!

This link is your gateway to enlightenment: https://go.usa.gov/xusSF

Need more enticing?  Other stories in this month’s edition include:
– How the Selected Reserve Can Kickstart Your Transition to Civilian Life
– The Warrior Toughness Smartphone App: Fortifying Toughness
– Navy Personnel Command Announces Refocus on Mid-Term Counseling
– Navy Civilians Get a Lifeline to Navigate Their Career
– NPC PACT Team changes Lives for 313 Newly-Rated Sailors in Japan

Again, for all the news you can use, click here:  https://go.usa.gov/xusSF

If you have questions or comments about the newsletter, you can reach us on our social media properties @MyNavyHR on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to have your voices heard.

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