If You Want to Improve Your Wellness and Reduce Burnout, Read This Article

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The articles discussing these subjects are endless. If you want to address your own wellness/burnout or that of others, read this article and take it to heart:

Reaching Peak Wellness – Most of It Is Nonsense. Here’s What Actually Works.

Wealthy Doc – Love Being A Doctor: 35 Practical Changes That Made My Life Better

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Normally I’d just put this in the Finance Friday articles, but this is a really good article so I wanted to highlight it:

Love Being A Doctor: 35 Practical Changes That Made My Life Better

Powerpoints from Last Week’s Specialty Leader Business Meeting

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Last week was the Specialty Leader Business Meeting, which is always held in conjunction with the GME Selection Board. If you want to see the following Powerpoint decks, they are available on the Medical Corps Sharepoint Site (pick your e-mail CAC certificate or it won’t open for you):

  • DHA Organizational Update
  • Finding Joy in Work
  • GME Interdependency Brief
  • GME Overview
  • Military Unique Curriculum
  • PERS Pearls

I would post them, but the one about DHA is labelled “for internal use only” and there are too many authors of the other ones to get permission to post them on the blog. Because of all the change going on, I wanted to call attention to their availability.

IdealMedicalCare.org – 33 Orthopaedic Surgeon Suicides: How to Prevent #34

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This is a powerful piece on physician suicide from a physician who has investigated over 1,000 of them. If you read this and see yourself or a colleague heading down this path, please do what you can to get yourself or them some help:

33 Orthopaedic Surgeon Suicides: How to Prevent #34