Do You Still Need to Send the Above Zone Letter?

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The standard advice has always gone something like this:

“If you are above zone, you need to send a letter to the promotion board so that they know you are still trying to promote. Otherwise they won’t pick you.”

Now that they no longer stamp officer records with “AZ” (above zone) and they look exactly the same as those records that are in zone, do you still need to write a letter to the board? Has the standard advice changed?

Reasons to Send a Letter to a Promotion Board

I addressed this in a post from a few years ago entitled “Should You Send a Letter to the Promotion Board?” I still agree with just about everything in that post, except for this:

“…you should always send a letter to demonstrate interest in getting promoted when you are above zone.”

In my opinion, you no longer need to send a letter just because you are above zone. If you have another reason to send a letter, then please do. If you are just sending one because you think you have to, I think that is no longer necessary.

The FY18 O6 board convening order states on page 2:

“…in determining which officers are best and fully qualified for promotion, you are required to equally consider both above-zone and in-zone officers.”

What if You’re Not Sure?

As you might imagine, I get asked a lot whether someone should send a letter to the promotion board. This is my standard response…

Pretend that you did not send a letter to the board, the board is over, and you were not selected for promotion. Are you going to be kicking yourself for not sending the letter? If the answer is yes or maybe, then send the letter. As long as you keep it short and sweet, there is no real downside.

Frankly, I think that when officers send letters to promotion boards they are often just making themselves feel better, and there is nothing wrong with that. You want to make sure that when the promotion board results come out, no matter what happened, you feel like you did everything you could to get promoted.

The Bottom Line

If you are above zone and want to send the letter just so there is no regret, feel free, but it is definitely not required to be considered for promotion.

New Addition to the Promo Prep – Check Your Security Clearance

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During the last Specialty Leader Business Meeting, the Detailing Update mentioned that there were about 10 cases of officers who lost their promotion due to a security clearance issue. As a result, I added a new section to the Promo Prep document. In it you can find out how to check your security clearance. Here’s what I added:

Step 8 – Check Your Security Clearance

If your security clearance is expired, you won’t promote. To check on its status, go to blocks 92 and 93 of your Officer Data Card (ODC). Here is what mine says:

Block 92 – VV1015

Block 93 – 1115

What does this mean? The letters and dates in order are the level of clearance you are eligible for, the level of clearance you have, the date your investigation was initiated (MMYY format), and in block 93 the date your clearance was granted (MMYY format).

My first “V” means I am eligible for a “Top Secret – SCI Eligible” clearance. The second “V” means I actually have one. Here is a list of the various codes you might see:

The second date in block 93, “1115” in my case, is the important one. A Top Secret clearance is good for 6 years, so I should be good until NOV 2021. A Secret clearance, which is what most of you will have, is good for 10 years.

If your security clearance will expire within the next year or you have any questions about this, you should go to your security manager to renew it. Don’t let a promotion slip by because you had an expired clearance. It happens more than you would think.

How to Be Considered for Promotion if You’ve Been on Active Duty for Less Than 1 Year

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The FY19 promotion board NAVADMIN was recently released. If you are in-zone or above-zone for an upcoming promotion board but you’ve been on active duty for less than 1 year, you should read #5 from the NAVADMIN, which says:

5. In-zone and above-zone eligible officers in the grades of lieutenant, lieutenant commander, and commander, whose placement on the Active-Duty List is within one year of the convening dates of these boards, are automatically deferred unless they specifically request to be considered. The officer may waive this deferment and request consideration for promotion in a signed written letter, emailed to: NPC_Officer_SELBD_Elig_Waivers.fct (at) or mailed to:

Commander, Navy Personnel Command (PERS-802)
5720 Integrity Drive
Millington, TN 38055-0000

The request must be received by PERS-80 not later than 30 days prior to the convening date of the board.

What does this mean and why would it apply to you? Maybe you had prior service, you went to medical school, and now you’re a senior LT who is in-zone for LCDR right away. Maybe you did a civilian NADDS residency and you are in-zone right away for LCDR. There might be other situations that would put you in this position, like getting time-in-grade credit for a PhD.

If you believe you are in this position, here is what I’d do:

  1. Confirm you are in-zone or above-zone. How can you do this? The easiest way is to either read the Promo Prep or get the FY19 lineal list. Or you can use this document from PERS.
  2. If you wish to be considered for promotion to LCDR, CDR, or CAPT, so what it says above. Send the letter simply requesting this. You can find templates or letters to the board here or here. It can probably be a very short letter. There is no need to be verbose.
  3. If you have questions, I’d contact Officer Promotions via phone at 1-866-U-ASK-NPC. Their webpage is here.

NAVADMIN 297/17 – Notice of Convening of FY-19 Navy Active-Duty Promotion Selection Boards

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This NAVADMIN formally announces the promotion boards and sets the zones. My post a few days ago, though, is points you to the lineal list, which is the easiest way to figure out where you are in relation to the zones.

The promotion boards of note are:

  • 6 FEB 2018 – Staff Corps Captain
  • 27 MAR 2018 – Staff Corps Commander
  • 15 MAY 2018 – Staff Corps Lieutenant Commander

It also contains the instructions for communicating with the promotion boards, and all communication is now due 10 days before the boards start.

Early Separation Policy NAVADMIN Cancellations

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The NAVADMIN is below and here if you want to read it, but what is the short story? The Navy is growing, and they’re not going to let you out early anymore. In other words, if you want to RETIRE (not resign) as a CDR or CAPT, you are going to have to serve your full 3 years in that rank before they’ll let you out. You can read more details in this post.

R 131504Z DEC 17





RMKS/1.  References (a) and (b) are cancelled.

2.  We are in a growing Navy.  This requires more people, at a time when we 
are still working our way back to desired sea duty manning levels, and when 
the competition for talent is especially keen.  We will certainly recruit and 
train many more Sailors to help meet these demands, but that will not be 

3.  Retention of every capable Sailor will be critical to the operational 
readiness of the Navy.  Therefore all early out programs and minimum service 
requirement waiver programs are cancelled.  Service commitments such as 
enlistment contracts, service obligations for accepting promotions, bonuses, 
education, etc., are expected to be fulfilled.

4.  Service members experiencing difficulty in fulfilling obligated service 
requirements are encouraged to work with their chains of command and 
detailers to examine available alternatives to complete their obligation, to 
include reassignments to other duties for humanitarian reasons, in line with 
reference (c).

5.  It has been decades since the last period of major personnel growth in 
our Navy.  You will see many additional policy changes in the coming weeks 
and months to set us on the right course.  However, the most important tool 
we have is deckplate leadership and its ability to influence retention.  The 
Navy is counting on each of you.

6.  Released by VADM R. P. Burke, N1.//


FY-18 Active Duty Navy LCDR Staff Corps Selections

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R 091500Z AUG 17

ALNAV 053/17



RMKS/1.  I am pleased to announce the following Staff Corps Officers on the 
Active-Duty List for permanent promotion to the grade of Lieutenant 

2.  This message is not authority to deliver appointments.  Authority to 
effect promotion will normally be issued by future NAVADMINS requiring 
NAVPERS 1421/7 preparation and forwarding of document to PERS-806.

3.  Frocking is not authorized for any Officer listed below until specific 
authorization is received per SECNAVINST 1420.2A.

4.  For proper alphabetical order read from left to right on each line.  The 
numbers following each name to the right indicate the relative seniority 
among selectees within each competitive category.  Members are directed to 
verify their select status via BUPERS Online.

                            Medical Corps
Alampay Miguel Magsays       0099  Allred Matthew Jay           0145
Antonio Amanda Cunning       0035  Arnold Dylan Cahill          0189
Austin Michael Ryan          0184  Azzarello Joseph Thadd       0158
Balter Oleg                  0031  Barber William Edward        0021
Barnhart Helen Michell       0077  Behm Nicole Jean             0032
Bernadette Aaron             0123  Bloomberg Joshua Zalma       0179
Bouchard Jacques M           0025  Bowie Jason Matthew          0168
Bowlin Gregory Earl          0068  Boyer Christopher T          0084
Brennan Daniel Scott         0107  Brenner Michelle C           0076
Brinker Alyson Jean          0110  Brittain Amber Lynn          0156
Brown Leith I                0003  Brown Nathaniel Abram        0214
Bucknum Amanda E             0050  Bui Ai Hien Thi              0051
Bull Kenneth Louis           0095  Burke Brian Joseph           0169
Butlin Evan Rowe R           0155  Cahill Joseph Allen          0011
Calisch Harry Francis        0061  Casamalhuapa Carlos H        0116
Chun Bianca Kukunaokal       0065  Cobb Seamus Michael          0089
Cooper Maxwell Ian           0134  Costello Brandon M           0177
Czaja Gregory Richard        0105  Daley Aaron Alan             0026
Desantis Daniel Joseph       0071  Dolan Sarah Marie            0207
Dore Michael Mackenzie       0101  Duong Jacob Ly Nguyen        0014
Dworak Theodora C            0104  Ehrlichman Lauren Kate       0012
Eickhoff Christa Anne        0043  Eickhoff Jeffrey C           0041
Engelhardt Krystin A         0063  Fallah Shamis                0181
Feaker David Arnold Jr       0058  Fedewa Michael Joseph        0170
Fenequito Robert L           0087  Filler Robert Douglas        0062
Finnern Michael Thomas       0083  Fluke Laura Marie            0075
Folsom Craig Robert          0117  Ford Brian Scott             0133
Friski Andrew Joseph         0121  Fulkerson Joel Andrew        0160
Garcia Melissa Rae           0030  Gardner Michael C            0130
Garton Jason Michael         0024  Gastwirt Jaime Piercey       0098
Ginn Meghan Elizabeth        0109  Godwin Sarah Clemence        0006
Gregory Jennifer Fern        0205  Griffin Daniel Wesley        0045
Grimaldo Felipe Humber       0010  Groomes Charles L IV         0049
Hall Darren Martin C         0161  Hall Joyce Noveras           0113
Hall Matthew Thayer          0206  Hann Michael C               0027
Happel Joseph Paul           0132  Hardwick Jason Mitchel       0152
Harris David Mardell         0015  Harvey Kyle Michael          0073
Herold Richard Joshua        0199  Hickey Sergio                0210
Hill Brandon Lynn            0163  Hill David Henry             0019
Hine Kristin Ashley          0195  Ilaoa Isaac                  0028
Imes Catherine Kelly         0112  Izah Sylvester Chukwud       0036
Jacoborubio Maricela         0149  Jaszkowiak Stephen Dan       0009
Johnson Jeptha Thomas        0108  Joya Christie Alyce          0183
Kachur Ryan Earle            0094  Kaiser Jason Alan            0042
Kelley Alexander F           0162  Kelly Matthew William        0148
Kemp Richard Anthony         0141  Kenison Jeremy Rowe          0202
Kennerley Brian Joseph       0100  Kerr Elizabeth Denali        0211
Kim Daniel                   0188  Kiner Thomas Bruce           0194
Kinney Bradley John          0126  Koch Eric Joseph             0159
Koch Krista Karin            0157  Kutcher Jennifer Louis       0180
Lara Sebastian Wright        0138  Larson Derek Thomas          0215
Lewis Paul Robert II         0142  Linabury John Feighner       0146
Lipsky Emily Beth            0187  Loomis Andrew Troy           0093
Luca Michael John Jr         0154  Luehrs Eric Michael          0023
Mabe Donovan Logan           0069  Major Joshua W               0085
Maluil Samuel Angau          0040  Marshall Brittany Bale       0120
Martini Jill Kathryn         0191  Mayhew Jonathan A            0213
Mccluskey Tara Caitlin       0114  Mckee Debra Lynne            0174
Mckinney Brian E             0067  Mcmanus Kenneth Daniel       0136
Michols Nicholas J           0198  Mickelson Roxanne Cano       0033
Mikac Ryan James             0153  Miller Benjamin Thomas       0013
Miner Alan Robert            0208  Mojicavazquez Cesar R        0143
Moore Jeffrey Ryan           0037  Moore John Blaine            0197
Moss Nathan Adam             0164  Motoyama Kenneth Ray         0017
Moullet Paul Alfred          0072  Mullin Christopher J         0165
Nadolsky Jenna Nicole        0172  Nance Eddie E                0178
Nardi Sean Louis             0193  Nelson Mary Ann              0059
Nevin John James             0070  Nunn Janet Marie             0038
Obryan Robert Merle          0135  Olejnik Robert J             0086
Olewnik Adam Joseph          0190  Ottino Jennifer Lorett       0064
Paden Mary Samantha          0020  Pasman Eric Allen            0039
Patron Raymon Adrian         0151  Peters Andrew S              0055
Peterson Philip Dean         0096  Pierluissijovet G H          0150
Polonczyk Julie Rossi        0056  Pusateri Chad Richard        0081
Putko Robert M               0090  Renninger C H                0192
Rice Jeffrey Michael         0001  Riley Janelle Kathlene       0200
Robinson Tyrone Lehmon       0097  Rohrer Rebecca Jones         0127
Rohrhoff Nicholas J          0044  Roman John W                 0078
Rosario Frances Lauren       0106  Rothberg Philip Andrew       0082
Sandberg Jin Oh              0171  Sanford Daniel Paul          0092
Sanou Aliye Zekai            0176  Saxena Sameer Kanwar         0103
Schmiedecke Stacey S         0079  Schwartz Isaac Ephraim       0209
Seales Sajeewane M           0201  Sebby Sarah Anne D           0047
Shaker Mena Adel             0008  Sharma Swapnil               0080
Shutt Brennan Joseph         0173  Siebel Edmund Joseph         0203
Sierzchula Jessica J         0204  Simmons Sean Michael         0018
Skinner Anthony Joseph       0111  Skinner Megan Elizabet       0125
Slayton Shawn Anthony        0002  Sload Ryan L                 0091
Smith Andrew Bain            0118  Smith Ruth Esther            0185
Snyder Katherine Ann         0131  So Joanne D                  0088
Stancil Ryan David           0074  Stark Justin Myles           0147
Stortz Sharon Knowley        0004  Strickland David Shane       0052
Strickland Haley Trove       0054  Sullivan Andrew Joseph       0124
Tatum Joshua Cole            0144  Tenold Ryan Neil K           0166
Thomas Craig Alton           0196  Topping Katie Lynn           0057
Torgeson Anna Marie          0046  Tran Brian Daniel            0102
Vangent Jan Michael          0053  Vannielen Dominic Lee        0119
Vasquez Matthew Cozart       0007  Vincent Carey Brinton        0122
Vipler Benjamin S            0060  Wagner John David            0022
Wallace Scott A              0128  Walters Margaret Holly       0066
Wang Jason Mike              0137  White Jason C                0167
Wier Russell Patterson       0005  Willaert Kenneth R           0175
Williamson Benjamin B        0016  Winkler Clay Thomas          0186
Wirtz Mark William           0139  Wolf Kathryn Rose            0140
Wurzer Andrea Clarke         0212  Zamani Samira                0182
Zander Ashley Lynn           0115  Zanfes Zachary Anthony       0029
                            Dental Corps
Ahlstrom Brooke Terry        0070  Ako Hiroya                   0007
Batcheller Michael J         0042  Burdick Mathew Ryan          0040
Burns Kevin Joshua           0058  Cage Charlie Eloise          0013
Call Derrick Clark           0045  Capristo Teresa A            0022
Carl Justin Jon P            0064  Chiu Denise                  0065
Clark Jeffrey Michael        0055  Derocher Mark Joel           0015
Dillon Jessica Ruth          0041  Do Kim Thien                 0017
Feliz James Stephen          0052  Ferguson Koby Ross           0004
Finlayson Tyler John         0067  Fleming Alyse Dason          0036
Fleming Tyler Paul           0037  Forbes Daniel Lucas          0031
George Stephen Wade          0068  Griffeth Jennifer C          0066
Griffis Elizabeth Anne       0032  Harley Ashley Nicole         0071
Haupt Dustin Bryant          0020  Heim Amie Melissa            0061
Hershey Ryan Allen           0078  Holmes Ryan C                0054
Howarth Timothy W            0049  Im Francis                   0006
Jenkins Phillip Alan         0024  Johansen Tyler Russell       0050
Kang Ryan Yungoo             0025  Kats Joshua Caleb            0012
Keithly Inga Marie           0043  Klanderman Elizabeth A       0051
Kolon Jonathan J             0002  Kopacz Molly Elizabeth       0023
Lares Christian Papa         0046  Layton Grant Ronald          0014
Le Ky Trong                  0069  Linkous James Gwauchia       0028
Lockey Misha Felita          0062  Marquis Danielle Marie       0077
Martin Rodney David          0026  Maywalt Tori Ashley          0075
Mclellan Christopher J       0048  Merrell P Jay                0060
Merritt Ezra Imani           0018  Neal Robin Corey             0056
Negron Jonathan Blaze        0039  Olson Mandy Maria            0057
Orr Justin Christopher       0011  Ortiz Christopher R          0033
Page Justin Garrett          0016  Perrins Seth Lounsbury       0063
Polak Elizabeth Ashley       0059  Ramirez Yamel Akmel          0003
Rassi Steven Robert          0076  Reed Ebony Deanna            0019
Rexha Edmond                 0008  Rezaietirabadi Omeed A       0009
Richards Samuel Ian          0029  Ryan Kevin William           0044
Sawaya Richard Elie          0034  Seedall Matthew Elden        0001
Seo Thomas Changwoo          0035  Sherban Matthew Gordon       0038
Sinceresombie Sabrina        0010  Summerlin Emily Marie        0072
Summerlin Keenan Sean        0021  Tibbet Brent Anthony         0053
Tully Christopher M          0030  Upton John Howard III        0047
Vo Diane Tu Loan             0005  Wano Jeremy David            0073
Warner Mark C                0074
                         Medical Service Corps
Abubakar Joko Aliu           0014  Allen James Logan            0002
Amescua Melissa Fern         0122  Angell Peter Edward          0089
Apusen Noah Mendoza          0069  Aylsworth Ryan Jerry         0066
Babbitt Joanna Lee           0045  Barragan Robert Young        0031
Bartholomew Robert A         0010  Baumbach Dale Martin J       0075
Beahm Lance Arthur           0108  Beaumont Christopher M       0110
Benson Andrew Scott          0056  Bishop Danett Kay            0026
Bologna Christina M          0072  Borden Brook Michael         0036
Brown Lauren Catherine       0087  Browning Sarah V             0074
Bryson Robert Shannon        0023  Calleance Lucrecha D         0011
Carmody Melanie Cooper       0049  Carter Contrillus D          0034
Chenault Cherie Louise       0067  Clark Allison Adrienne       0019
Cone Stephen Wallace         0095  Coronel Sergio J Jr          0039
Crosby Anna Courtney         0057  Dasilva Anne Marie           0109
Dillinger Amanda N           0092  Dixon Jeffrey James          0070
Eckard Aaron Douglas         0017  Eickmeyer William T          0013
Erwin Miles Arthur           0116  Escobar Ephraim Caber        0098
Evans Jacqueline Marie       0124  Evans Michael Dean           0106
Favard Stanley               0059  Forde Jessica O Leigh        0035
Fowler Jonathan Jamel        0079  Gonzalez Manuel A C          0020
Greene Krista Lynn           0052  Grisham William Lee          0091
Griswold Jeremy Gordon       0007  Guckeyson Yen Chau           0030
Halol Gregory Ancheta        0003  Hand Garret Tyler            0050
Hardycarr Julia Lanett       0065  Harmon Timothy Eugene        0111
Harris Erica Renee           0119  Hasty Jacob Glynn            0104
Haywood Griselda Eliza       0115  Hiers Cynthia Rose           0008
Hobby Carrie Jean            0061  Hockenberry Sherrill D       0080
Hontz Robert Duane           0005  Hydes Nathaniel R            0083
James Feltonia M             0121  Jeanpierre Markelly          0032
Johnson Kamilah M            0054  Kidder Gennell Marie         0071
Knapp Joshua Allen           0120  Krasnoselsky Karla L         0088
Labarbera Joseph F           0096  Lane David Kirkham           0021
Larson Ryan Thomas           0078  Leroux Todd Carl             0099
Lewis Tracy Marie            0033  Lobenberg Ashlyn             0004
Magone Jeffrey Steven        0100  Martin Krystal Nicolle       0118
Martin Matthew Roy           0041  Matthews Dusty Shane         0064
Mendoza Samuel Veloria       0053  Miller Calvin Philip         0105
Miller Michelle C            0025  Montgomery Matthew J         0084
Moody Jefferson Milvar       0042  Moody Laura Elizabeth        0043
Nagapoollay Tyrone           0016  Ng Reginald Kawai            0009
North John Christopher       0060  Omlor Aaron Michael          0022
Pettebone Merrick S          0097  Plowman Elizabeth Joan       0123
Posey Raymond  Jr            0076  Powell Carl Anthony          0051
Powell James Basil           0090  Preston Adam Micah           0055
Quichizjudd Norma C          0058  Ramirez Robert R             0107
Rausa Rebecca Carson         0085  Raymond Carrie Naomi         0006
Regeimbal James M            0024  Reynolds Brian Timothy       0040
Richert Maile Lani           0018  Romrell Evan Neil            0082
Rosendahl Anna L             0037  Rozovski David               0093
Ruiz Bridget Irene           0028  Ruppel William Joseph        0073
Ruscio Kristen Marie         0062  Ryans Camille Patrice        0086
Ryno Trista Jean             0101  Sank Joseph Michael          0081
Satterthwaite David W        0048  Scheeler Daniel Logan        0102
Shotwell Sonny Lee           0077  Sipe Cassie True             0044
Skrypek Anthony M II         0063  Smith Benjamin Harold        0117
Sowers Christopher J         0114  Sprenger Peter John          0001
Stephens Lance               0112  Stoil Lindsey Ann            0047
Stoll Aaron Joseph           0094  Sutton Mashiana Leniqu       0103
Swayne Melinda D             0027  Switzer Jason                0038
Traverso Carlo Jamie         0068  Tubbs Ricardo Miguel         0113
Wedeman Daniel Houston       0046  Wolfe David Michael          0015
Wong Yui Yeung               0012
                     Judge Advocate General's Corps
Aguero Sarah Anne            0033  Austin Maryam Bahareh        0016
Belforti James Michael       0031  Branch Zachary Parker        0008
Burroughs William B          0006  Buyske Jennifer Marie        0010
Carson James David           0030  Cherry Lauren Marie          0014
Chung Nakku                  0034  Colberg Barbara Justin       0039
Colburn Christian L          0042  Cole John Thomas             0038
Cummings Sarah E             0044  Dixon Gregory Eldon          0013
Dorsett Sarah Renee          0018  Doskocil Benjamin Edwa       0019
Eaves Hannah Foster          0009  Fugal Brigham Brady          0036
Ghazal Elan Ryan W           0002  Harbin Dennis E              0043
Hawkins Jonathan M           0004  Janofski Erin Therese        0045
Joy Eileen Marie             0046  Kaiser Maren Alicia          0037
Kiessling Elizabeth K        0026  Koningisor Jessica E         0035
Laplante Paul Spencer        0007  Larson Kevin Ross            0028
Leary Maura Kathleen         0024  Logan Andrea Marie           0001
Lonjers Joey Ann             0022  Lopez Thomas Manuel          0021
Loughman Kevin Michael       0027  Loutinsky Genevieve P        0047
Marin Alexandra E            0023  Martin Aaron Edward          0049
Mcright Robert Andrew        0029  Meusch Jacob Edward          0005
Miller Robert James          0012  Nica Alexandra               0020
Ottenwess Douglas Reed       0040  Paige Ingrid Elaine          0017
Pan Chao                     0025  Podgorski Carina Maria       0003
Redmond Lisa Marie           0015  Robertson Emma E             0011
Upright Scott Joseph         0041  Waller Tracy Lea             0048
Westman Dennis Edward        0032
                             Nurse Corps
Abadam Santiago A II         0023  Adams Stephanie Amanda       0100
An Diana VI                  0094  Anyanwu Nneoma G             0001
Arrogante Adam Llanes        0057  Bailey Courtney Joy          0002
Bannerman Graeme A           0095  Barcenas Ramnel E            0067
Bartholomew Sunny C          0025  Batteau Todd Anthony         0004
Blackwell Sheree Lee         0077  Boring Timothy William       0018
Boyd Lindsey Hale            0010  Brock Whitney Wardlaw        0107
Brothers Cornelius L         0043  Cagley Aaron Stacey          0049
Carmack Jonathan Ryan        0070  Carter Christina W           0024
Caudle Meisha Vernae         0097  Chapa Valentin III           0053
Choate Wendy Sue             0003  Claypool Natalie Ann         0033
Crider Mark Steven           0039  Cross Cari Dawn              0099
Crowell Emily Nonales        0061  Crowther Shawn K             0084
Curtis Danielle Renee        0005  Daniels Stephanie D          0093
Diamond Erica Marie          0080  Downey Alaina Montanez       0083
Dunlap Darcy Michelle        0074  Eaton Adam Russell           0069
Elrod Lauri Anne             0092  Elsea Kelly Lee              0046
Evans Angela Michelle        0105  Foster Eric James            0006
Garcia Daniel  Jr            0012  Gremore Cody Reed            0081
Griffiths Shannon W          0090  Gutierrez Sarah Marie        0042
Harriman Tiffany Lynn        0075  Hausvik Christopher M        0065
Heimes Michael Lee           0055  Hervey Sarah Jane            0032
Hill Carl Stanley            0089  Hughes Lorelei Marie         0014
Hutchison Sean Anthony       0072  Jack Amanda M                0031
Jeff James F III             0085  Johnson Christopher A        0034
Johnson David Vernon         0096  Jones Joshua Edward          0036
Juarez Marc William          0051  Kaster Thomas Richard        0091
Kisena Angelita Susana       0052  Lang Henry James             0009
Lanier Michael Peter         0017  Lynn Kathryn R               0020
Macdonald Angus Jerome       0011  Madlangbayan Rickson H       0087
Manko Lindsey Jane           0103  Martinez Ruben V             0073
Matters Cynthia P            0030  Mays Meriam Vynette          0066
Mcdermott Alexis Keith       0086  Mcdowell Kara                0048
Mclamb James Edgar           0007  Mills Natalie Marie          0079
Minor Kelly Patricia         0016  Mitchell Cedrick T           0098
Monroe Lewis Leonard         0037  Moton Talitha Ruth           0060
Neuhart Rebecca Renee        0082  Phillips Elspeth L           0062
Pinkston Christina L         0008  Potter David Eric            0019
Richards Quinn C             0021  Robertson Ashley Oney        0059
Rogers Sarah Louise          0050  Rutland Michael Alan         0054
Samuels Jeffrey S            0076  Sassman Trent M              0029
Schlenker Anna Sue           0068  Scott Megen Jeanne           0071
Shannon Joseph Jay           0038  Smith Patricia Hicks         0044
Storey Travis W              0022  Tabor Kami Rae               0088
Tanjutco Paul Mari V III     0078  Tozer Kimberly A             0027
Umpa Lisa Frances Lahr       0101  Walker Nicholas Joseph       0040
Walter Ryan Errol            0106  Watson Lyneise K             0063
Webb Erin P                  0026  Weiss Kathryn Ingrid M       0028
Wentz Todd Ryan              0015  West Keith Andrew            0064
Whelpley Jessica L B         0041  Wilcox Julian Leshawn        0104
Williams Tsion Yvonne        0035  Wilsonhammel Lela J          0013
Wiltshire Stephen Jack       0102  Womble Caryn Annette         0045
Yatchak Larry Joseph         0047  Yon Stacey Leigh             0058
York Jaime Melinda           0056
                            Supply Corps
Adam Anton Apolinary         0050  Atkins Helena Marie          0022
Bennett Justin Lee           0091  Bennett Veronica             0026
Bieber Brian Michael         0036  Bolinsky Teri Ann            0031
Bond Garrett Evan            0084  Braceland Erik James         0014
Brewen Joseph Clark          0038  Briggs Steven Floyd M        0028
Carroll Matthew Gerard       0002  Chapman Paul Ellis           0009
Chime Benjamin Madubui       0052  Conklin James Pierce         0064
Cook Gale Abraham III        0003  Coombs Adam Carroll          0008
Couchman David Peter         0080  Cromie Christopher T         0077
Damore Paul Charles          0034  Darr Connor Ryan             0061
Doggett Robert Joseph        0082  Donahue James Robert         0081
Dungey Gibb Abbott H         0045  Dunklin Capreece Marco       0006
Folster Austin Dean          0047  Foster Jimmy Allen Jr        0030
Gainer Shanna Marie          0010  Gamboa Honorato B III        0021
Garrett Kendrick R           0035  Gibson David Karl            0007
Good Jeffrey Eugene          0075  Grau Christian Arick C       0071
Halehernandez Chea V         0011  Han Wesley Yannaingsoe       0059
Hart Joshua Richard          0085  Hebert Casey Jude            0043
Hicks Bryce Bailey           0033  Hillman Melissa Ann          0001
Hixson Benjamin Emmett       0004  House Jason Dale             0060
Jimenez Edwin Fajardo        0023  Jones Amanda Michelle        0040
Krebs Kory David             0048  Laryea Macdonald A           0073
Lawrence Adam William        0092  Lessner Dale Patrick         0055
Lin Taishan                  0027  Linley Vincent J             0074
Lopez Gerome Anthony         0017  Luevano Juan Antonio         0041
Luminarias Arnold M          0089  Luong Tu Kha                 0029
Mader Nicholas Carl          0087  Manriquez Zachary C          0057
Mckenney Tucker Hager        0020  Meulener Danilo Jr           0079
Mohan Brij                   0058  Morgan Mabi Sofia            0062
Newsom Kathryn Leigh         0090  Nin Daniel A                 0042
Noel Tabitha Vanetta         0053  Norman Christopher T         0083
Ordway Tyler Scott           0063  Peters Lauren E              0068
Pirrallo Jason Andrew        0056  Poe Thomas Travis            0025
Rieger Christy Francis       0078  Riley Elliot W               0024
Ritthaworn Paveena           0044  Rivera Clifford Saguci       0037
Sanchez Juan Carlos          0005  Schmermund Robert J          0088
Shiver Joshua Ryan           0046  Sierra Maria Claudia         0013
Smith Aaron Kyle             0039  Steele James Matthew         0072
Steinwand Aerrick Lee        0018  Swing Kenneth Dwain Jr       0065
Thaw Win                     0016  Thomas Jason Edward          0069
Tinsley Justin Charles       0066  Tisdale Richard Kerry        0070
Tobias Jose Jerry P          0054  Tornatore Alessandro F       0051
Tran Long Kim                0086  Urech Anthony Carroll        0019
Vargas Julio Antonio         0015  Vizzier Chase A              0067
Walsh Callan Thomas          0032  Wisniewski Ashly Lynn        0093
Zhong Ying Peng              0049
                           Chaplain Corps
Benton Adrienne T            0002  Bernard Justin Phillip       0008
Brant Larry Jay              0025  Bush Johnathan Roy           0006
Carter Keith Madison         0015  Chanthaphon Pon              0013
Chanwilliams Hylanie K       0009  Clark Daniel Earl            0024
Clay Kaelan Fredrick         0027  Cook Mark Christopher        0026
Crabb Robert Lloyd           0030  Ferguson Charles R           0018
Gardner Travis Joseph        0011  Garrett Benton Lee           0014
Griffin Stephen Thomas       0031  Guilliams Robert Owen        0012
Johnson Kevin Lalander       0003  Long Trenten William         0021
Mccain Chad C                0005  Melvin Eric Jonathon         0010
Miller Timothy Jay           0022  Monroig Michael J            0001
Nelson Dru Aaron             0033  Potter John Whitfield        0004
Riley Matthew Allen          0032  Rozendaal Jonathan D         0028
Selitto Jeremy Collin        0034  Sherwin Joshua Abelson       0029
Stallings Anthony Dix        0023  Sutton Christopher J         0019
Tarr John William            0007  Ulven Jason Patrick          0017
Wesson Aaron Reuben          0016
                        Civil Engineer Corps
Adenkhalif S A               0040  Aviles Angel                 0039
Baker Joshua Lundy           0022  Beame Clayton Brandon        0028
Berl Michael A               0001  Bischak Steven Robert        0027
Boogaart Derek Morris        0045  Brayman John Albert          0030
Brown Daniel John            0050  Brown Kristal Anne           0018
Chapdelaine Elise M          0006  Chen Liwei                   0033
Chenarak Nathan Vitaya       0004  Clemencich Carl J III        0019
Cochran Seth David           0014  Culbertson Craig Lee         0049
Daly John Francis III        0029  Dennis Leonard W IV          0024
Diaz Richard                 0012  Evans Matthew Raymond        0042
Fairfield C S                0003  Fredriksen Ji Lee            0031
Garcia Kenneth               0048  Gosch Brandon Oliver         0051
Hale Rondal Willis           0008  Hall Lawrence Dewy           0052
Hower Eric Ryan              0015  Kaczmarski Kevin J           0041
Keslar Renekia Monai         0021  Kimmel John Lewis            0005
Lawson Clinton Bowman        0036  Lee Samuel Moshe             0017
Lee Yiu Bong                 0025  Linck Christopher C          0010
Livingston Ryan Dale         0007  Mayer Caroline Nanette       0035
Mcallister Karen E           0044  Miller Julie Michelle        0016
Mirandavargas Inaraque       0002  Moeckl Ethan Todd            0023
Moyer Stephen Edward         0047  Oconnor Justus Kevin         0054
Petralia Andrew James        0053  Pollockmarien Henry          0055
Rowland Sonny Daniel         0011  Sanchezrivera Heribert       0013
Sapienza Michael Louis       0032  Schlais Kyle M               0034
Sharp Joshua Michael         0037  Smagur Peter Andrew          0043
Ursetti Sarah Karina         0038  Vaughn Tommy Lee II          0020
Warren Calvin Jeffrey        0046  White Ryan Matthew           0026
Wong Victor Tsz Fung         0009
                      Limited Duty Officer (Staff)
Perez Gabriel                0001  Truemper Eric Ralph          0002

5.  Released by the Honorable Richard V. Spencer, Secretary of the Navy.//


How to Get Considered for Promotion to LCDR Right Away if You are a LT/Intern With Prior Service

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Normally you are not looked at for promotion until you’ve been on active duty for 1 year, but you can ask for this deferment to be waived.  This would be most applicable to any new interns who have prior service and would like to be looked at for promotion to LCDR in the FY19 promotion board that meets in May 2018.

If this is of interest to you, here is how you request a waiver:

  • Submit a waiver of deferment to have your record reviewed by the FY­19 O4 Staff selection board that is scheduled to convene 15 May 2018.
  • In December 2017, there will be a NAVADMIN published (NOTICE OF CONVENING FY­19 NAVY ACTIVE­DUTY PROMOTION SELECTION BOARDS).  This message will provide the eligible zones for paygrades O3 through O6 by competitive category.  Within the message, normally paragraph 5, states, “In­-zone and above­zone eligible officers in the grades of lieutenant, lieutenant commander, and commander, whose placement on the Active­ Duty List is within one year of the convening dates of these boards, are automatically deferred unless they specifically request to be considered. The officer may waive this deferment and request consideration for promotion, in writing, to: Commander, Navy Personnel Command (PERS­-802), 5720 Integrity Drive, Millington, TN 38055­0000. The request must be received by PERS­-802 not later than 30 days prior to the convening date of the board. All officers are reminded it is their responsibility to ensure their personnel records are substantially accurate and complete.”
  • There is no standard format for the letter.  You just need to ensure you clearly identify yourself, state that you wish to waive your deferment for the specific board, and sign the request.
  • PERS would prefer not to receive the letter requesting deferment until after the Notice of Convening message is released.