Virtual Senior Leadership Course Openings

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The two Senior Leadership Courses (hosted by Naval Leadership and Ethics Center) in August still have several vacancies.  Courses are currently being conducted virtually, so it is a great opportunity to get the training and save command travel funding.  Dates for the courses are 2-6 Aug and 9-13 Aug, and registration is via CANTRAC.  More info follows.

Course Description:  The Navy Senior Leader Course (SLC) presents a 5-day seminar for Navy Senior Officers at the pay grade of O6, O5 and O5 selects.  This course is designed to facilitate formal leadership and ethics education for Navy Senior Officers to support Fleet Centered Leader Development (FCLD) and the CNO’s Leader Development Outcomes.  The course will prepare senior officers heading to fleet-wide positions requiring responsible, and comprehensive leadership abilities by promoting professional growth in ethics, self-awareness, leader development, and decision making.  SLC is an education class not a training class taught using the adult learning environment that benefits from seminar participation and experiential learning focusing on inter-active leadership development.  All students will participate in a personality assessment that is required to be complete prior to the class convening.

Process: Officers requesting SLC must contact their Command Staff Education and Training (SEAT) officer.  SEAT Officers will register officers utilizing CeTARS / eNTRS.  The class CIN is H-7C-0107; the Newport class CDP is 19UT; and the Dam Neck class CDP is 19UV. 

The Newport Course POC is CDR Jill Skeet, NC, USN and has offered to assist anyone have issues registering via CANTRAC.

USUHS Associate Dean for Student Affairs – CAPT/CAPT(s) Only

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Please see the attached call for applications:

This is for O-6 consideration only.  Single PDF packages including a letter of intent, CV, and bio are due to me NLT 23 July.

National Capital Consortium Transitional Year Internship Program Director – Applications Due June 23rd!

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See the below message for all of the info. Any applicants must send their documents to me (Joel dot M dot Schofer dot Mil at Mail dot Mil) by COB 23 JUN 2021.

Good Morning,

Attached is the announcement/recruitment letter for the Program Director position for the NCC Transitional Year Internship:

The memorandum to the Surgeons General requests the widest dissemination of the announcement to ensure that all physicians desiring an assignment as a Program Director have the opportunity to apply.

Also attached is the DoD Policy and Selection Criteria for GME Program Directors, as well as the ACGME requirements for this position.

Please ensure this message reaches all DoD physicians who may meet the criteria for GME Program Directors.

Please note:    Applicants are required to submit a CV and Letter of Intent to apply for the position.

An applicant’s CV must include a section about faculty development activities that they have done. 

An applicant’s CV must demonstrate at least 3 years of documented education and/or administrative experience, as well as ongoing clinical activity in the (sub)specialty for which they are applying.

An applicant’s CV must demonstrate current board certification in the (sub)specialty in which they are applying.   Current medical licensure must also be documented on the CV.

An applicant’s CV must demonstrate current ongoing scholarly activity.

The Letter of intent must include the candidate’s level of commitment to GME and the Program Director position, including the number of years they are willing to serve, and that if selected, that they will accept the position.

1st MLG Surgeon – Summer 2021 – O5/O6

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The 1st MLG Surgeon position will become available June 2021. Here is the PD for the position:

All Interested candidates should submit their CV and military bio to me (Joel dot M dot Schofer dot mil at mail dot mil) by COB 30 APR 2021.

Director, Clinical Support Services, Headquarters Marine Corps (Arlington, VA) – O5/O6

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This position (PD attached) is a summer 2021 fill:

Anyone interested in applying needs to contact CAPT Garder (Senior Detailer) by COB 9 APR 2021.

Using Social Media to Build Your Professional Influence

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Here is a handout I used for a national presentation on using social medial to build your professional influence that I thought some of you may find helpful. It is in outline format, and I’ll post the outline below as well:

Key Takeaways

  1. Social media can be used to establish yourself as a thought leader and expert, advancing your career.
  2. This can be done at low cost and with varying amounts of additional time dedicated to it.
  3. The key is to find something that you are already doing or want to do that, if broadcast to others via social media, could benefit other people.

Two Personal Examples

  1. Emergency Ultrasound E-mail Listserve and Blog
    • Used Pubmed to e-mail me any new paper with the word “ultrasound” in it.
    • Screened the abstracts for those relevant to emergency ultrasound.
    • E-mailed the abstracts out to anyone who wanted them and automatically posted them on a blog.
    • At peak over 600 clinicians were receiving the e-mails world-wide.
  2. MCCareer.org – Joel Schofer’s Career Planning Blog
    • Took a job where I was responsible for helping others manage their career.
    • Realized that there were great resources already in existence for this, but that they were scattered about the internet and in personal files.
    • Solved this problem by consolidating it all in one place.

Benefits of Social Media Activity

  • As you develop a following, you build a brand as an expert.
  • Translate that expertise into positions of leadership and opportunities:
    • Ultrasound listserve:
      • Secretary/Newsletter Editor of American College of Emergency Physicians Emergency Ultrasound Section
      • Editor-in-Chief of SonoSite Journal Watch
    • MCCareer.org Career Planning Blog
      • Navy Emergency Medicine Specialty Leader
      • Deputy Medical Corps Chief
      • Multiple speaking opportunities throughout Navy Medicine
  • Benefit by helping others. People will seek you for advice and mentorship and thank you for your efforts.
  • Being internet famous.

Proceed with Caution

Resources for Further Information

Director for Mental Health at NMRTC San Diego

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See the announcement for all the details:

Applications are due 2 APR 2021 (POC in the above file), and anyone applying needs Detailer clearance to do so.