BUMEDNOTE 1410 – Application Procedures for FY19 Career Milestone Screening Board

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Here are the documents you need in order to apply for Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and Officer-in-Charge (OIC) positions:


FY19 Milestone Opportunities

With superior performance in these positions, CMOs and OICs make O6. It is that simple. Plus, by applying for these positions you get to compete Navy-wide, not just at your command like many director-level positions like DMS, DSS, MEC Chair, etc.

In other words, if you are a senior O4, O5, or O6 who wants to assume leadership positions in Navy Medicine, this is your chance. Apply.

WRNMMC Chief of Graduate Medical and Dental Education – O5/O6

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I don’t have the due date for interest in this position, but the Position Description is here:

Chief of GME Position Description – WRNNMC

The POC is CDR Robert Liotta (contact info in the Global Address Book).

CNO/VCNO’s Updated Leadership Guidance

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There have been a few recent updates from the most senior leaders of the Navy:

CO/XO Application Process

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All of the information needed to apply for CO/XO can be found at this link (select your e-mail CAC certificate):


The documents you need are here:

Note 1412 2 Apr 2018

NAVMED 1412_1 (4_2017)

FY19 CO_XO Opportunities

ExecMedCandidateInput (5_2017)

Director of Public Health – NMC San Diego

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The details of this position are here:

DPH Applicant Announcement 2018

Applications are due 23 APR 2018. Templates of CV, bio, and letter of intent can be found here.

Director of Professional Education at NMCP – O5/O6

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Director, Professional Education (DPE) is responsible for oversight of:

  • Graduate Medical and Dental Education (GMDE)
  • Clinical Investigation Department (CID)
  • Staff Education and Training (SEAT)
  • Visual Information Department
  • Healthcare Simulation & Bioskills Training Center
  • Nursing Research
  • Health Sciences Library.

The position is open to Navy Medical Corps officers at the O-5/O-6 level. Interested candidates should submit (preferably via e-mail) a letter of interest, a short bio, copies of their 3 most recent FITREPs, a CV (templates here) and Specialty Leader concurrence no later than 21 March 2018 to: CAPT Will Beckman, MC USN (contact info is in the global address book).

Director of Primary Care at NMC Portsmouth – O5/O6

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The details of this position are in this document:

DPC Vacancy Announcement MAR18

Applications are due 31 MAR. CV, Bio, and Letter of Intent templates can be found here.

If you are not already at NMCP or destined to go there, you’ll need to check with your Detailer and Specialty Leader if you want to apply.