FY21 Executive Medicine Application Process and Opportunities

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Below is a standardized e-mail regarding the FY21 Executive Medicine application process. The Milestone (CMO, OIC, etc.) note and opportunities should be out soon.

In brief, you need to:

  1. Read BUMEDINST 1412.1C.
  2. Take a look at the FY21 opportunities. Some of the larger commands that have a CO position rotating in FY21 like NMRTC Portsmouth/San Diego/Bethesda will be on the post-command slate, not the Executive Medicine slate.
  3. Decide if you are interested, noting that on page 3 of the instruction it states: “Expectation is that command screened officers will be universally assignable and able to meet permanent change of station parameters.” It also states, “Rare exceptions may be considered.” In this group I’d include EFMP, dual active-duty co-location, and other similar situations. In addition, page 9 states, “Applicants who successfully screen are considered eligible for assignment to any executive medicine position within Navy Medicine…and if slated, will be assigned based on the Needs of the Navy. Officers who apply for command screening should do so with this in mind, and be willing to accept an executive medicine position for which they are slated.” If you have questions about what is possible and what is not, you need to communicate with me.
  4. If you have not been command screened, you must submit the required documents to PERS-4415 by 15 JUN 2020. Instructions are in the instruction. If you pass the oral and screening boards, you will have to submit a Letter of Intent, CV, bio, and list of desired positions (Executive Medicine Candidate Input form) to me by a future date TBD (because the command screening board date is TBD).
  5. If you have already been command screened and you are a “banked officer” with AQD 2D1 (you probably know who you are) but you ARE NOT currently serving as a CO or XO, you need to make sure your officer record is up to date as your record will be reviewed at the command screening board (see page 9 of the instruction). You DO NOT have to submit an application to PERS, though. Just make sure your record is up-to-date. After the board, you will have to submit a Letter of Intent, CV, bio, CO endorsement, and list of desired positions (Executive Medicine Candidate Input form) to me by a future date TBD (because the command screening board date is TBD).
  6. If you have already been command screened and you are a “banked officer” with AQD 2D1 (you probably know who you are) and you ARE currently serving as a CO or XO, you just need to submit a Letter of Intent, CV, bio, CO endorsement, and list of desired positions (Executive Medicine Candidate Input form) to me by a future date TBD (because the command screening board date is TBD).

If there are any questions, contact me. If you need guidance updating your record for the screening board, go to the Promo Prep page.

Here’s the standard e-mail…


Greetings.  We hope that everyone is staying safe during these unprecedented times.  Even so, we are still tracking the impending FY21 rotation of our Naval Medicine Leadership.

Attached are the FY21 CO/XO opportunities.  To provide some clarifying information in regards to the Command Screening Notice, BUMEDNOTE 1412 will not be published this year. Rather, you can see the current notice on the Executive Medicine SharePoint Site. To locate this notice as well as the application procedure, please see current BUMEDINST 1412.1C which can be found at:


Additional information can be found on our Executive Medicine site:


Packages are due NLT 15 June 2020.

For any questions, please reach out to LT Karen Maldarelli or your Deputy Corps Chief.


CAPT Kimberly Ferland, MSC, USN

Deputy Director, Medical Service Corps

Bureau of Medicine & Surgery

Director Position at NMCP

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Please read this Director of Strategy and Operations (DSO) position vacancy announcement if you are interested. You need to have Detailer clearance to apply.

The timeline for the selection process is below:

  • All applications for DSO due by 22 April
  • 27 April – 1 May – 1st Round interviews – Directorate Level board
  • Week of 4 May – 2nd Round Interviews – top 3 selections will interview with XO, CO, PXO

Please direct any questions to:

CDR Shauna O’Sullivan (contact info here)
Director, Strategy and Operations, Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth

Pain Medicine Fellowship Director – San Antonio

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Here’s the announcement for this position.

Candidates must be eligible to PCS to San Antonio NLT 1 Sep 2020 and meet qualifications described in the ACGME requirements. Detailer concurrence should be obtained before applying. Packages (CV, Bio, Letter of Intent, OSR/PSR, two Letters of Recommendation, and three References) should be submitted to CDR Melissa Austin (contact info is in the global) NLT 30 April 2020.

Principal Deputy to the Assistant Director for Management, DHA – O6

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There is a short fuse opportunity for an O-6 to become the Principal Deputy to the Assistant Director for Management, DHA. The desired report date is June 1, 2020; duty station is Defense Health Headquarters in Falls Church, VA. Although the position description says they want an MSC officer, it is open to applicants from any Corps. Nominations are due to DHA on April 1, so any potential applicants should reach out to CDR Melissa Austin (contact in the global) immediately.

FY20-21 Tours with Industry Applicants Sought

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From Navy Personnel Command Public Affairs

MILLINGTON, Tenn. (NNS) — Navy announced March 19, that select Sailors can apply to participate in the Secretary of the Navy Tours with Industry (SNTWI) program.

Outlined in NAVADMIN 072/20, SNTWI is a unique and non-traditional opportunity for Active Duty and Full-Time Support (FTS) Sailors in paygrades E-6 to 0-6 to work with corporations.  The tours are normally between 10 and 12-months in length depending on community and corporate requirements.

SNTWI Fellows are fully immersed in corporate industry to learn and observe corporate processes and best practices while actively engaged in projects and company operations.  The knowledge gained as a SNTWI Fellow will assist in bringing innovative ideas and proven practices back to the Navy.

Applicants must be high performing, within physical standards of readiness, and within three months of their Projected Rotation Date by September 2020 in order to be eligible for participation.  Additionally, applicants who are within 11 months of a career milestone, within three years of retirement, or within one year of re-enlistment by July 2020 are not eligible for this program. Unfortunately, no more applications from the Civil Engineer Corps or the Surface Warfare Officer Corps can be taken for the FY20-21 program.  Sailors in the aviation community must contact their detailer with questions regarding eligibility.

Officer applications must be routed through the applicant’s detailer, and the Community Distribution Division will select candidates.  Enlisted applications should be sent to the SNTWI program office at SNTWI_SUPPORT.fct@navy.mil.  Eligibility will be based solely on individual community needs and demands.  The SNTWI application, NAVPERS 1330/4, is available online at https://www.public.navy.mil/bupers-npc/reference/forms/NAVPERS/Pages/default.aspx.  Additionally, all candidates must provide a biography and resume.

All communities must submit the names of their selectees to the Director of SNTWI (PERS-443) no later than March 31, 2020, and communities are encouraged to submit alternate names for unfilled quotas. The Community Distribution Division will make candidate selection and partner companies have final approval of candidates.  Candidates will be matched with a company by July 2020, and the individual communities will notify selectees. Sailors selected for this program incur a service obligation of three times the number of months they participate in the SNTWI program.

For more information on eligibility, application details and specific community guidelines, read NAVADMIN 072/20 at http://www.npc.navy.mil.

For community-specific eligibility and application questions, contact your detailer.  For program questions not pertaining to application and eligibility, contact SNTWI_SUPPORT.fct@navy.mil.

Companies and locations available can be found here:

Director and Deputy Director of Professional Education at NMRTC Lejeune – O5+

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The Director of Professional Education (DPE) and Deputy DPE positions will be opening at NMRTC Camp Lejeune this spring/summer. They are hoping to have at least one of the positions filled by the end of April.

If you have interest and clearance from your Detailer, the info is in the position descriptions below:

Deputy Director of Professional Education Announcement

Director of Professional Education Announcement

Assistant/Deputy Chief of GME and Medical Director of the Darnall Medical Library at WRNMMC – O4+

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Details are in this document, and applications are due 23 MAR. Make sure you are already at WRNMMC or USUHS or have Detailer clearance to apply:

Navy Assistant Chief of GME Position Announcement 2020