3 Director Positions at Naval Hospital Beaufort

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There are 3 director positions rotating at Naval Hospital Beaufort. Interested applicants should submit a CV, Bio, and Letter of Intent to the point of contact in each announcement below, which are available by clicking on the hyperlinks. If you are not already at NH Beaufort (or don’t already have orders to go there), you should get permission from your Detailer and Specialty Leader before applying.

Applications due by 31 JAN 2020:

Applications due by 28 FEB 2020:

6 Director Positions Available in Southern California – Merry Christmas!

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Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton will have the following leadership positions available this upcoming spring/summer:

All position descriptions are above. They are available to all Corps who are in the PCS window for next summer. This is probably clear, but you need Detailer clearance to apply if you are not already inbound or at NHCP. I’m sure an e-mail from the Detailer would suffice.

Interested applicants can submit their CV, Bio, and Letter of Intent to CDR Dave Lang (the DFA at NHCP – contact info in the global) by 31 January 2020 (for Branch Clinics and Medical Services), and 1 March 2020 for the remaining positions.

Merry Christmas!

Intermediate and Senior Leadership Courses Available in the DC Area (Local Attendees Only)

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Navy Medicine Professional Development Center (NMPDC) in Bethesda will be hosting facilitators from the Navy Leadership and Ethics Center (NLEC) for the instructing of two separate leader development courses in the coming months. Courses are as follows:

  • Intermediate Leadership Course (ILC)
    • 3-7 February 2020
    • O4s (to include O4 selects)
  • Senior Leadership Course (SLC)
    • 6-10 April 2020
    • O5s (to include O5 selects)

These are great opportunities for Navy Medicine officers local to the DC area to attend leader development courses while being offered locally. Currently these classes are only being offered to local attendees.

The point of contact for registering for the courses is LT Ryan Rigby (contact is in the global).

If you want to read how to get into these courses, you can read about them in this document.

Director, Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute – CAPT/CAPT(s)

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Here is another great opportunity for a qualified O-6/O-6 Select to be the Director of the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute (AFRRI). The desired report date is June 2020. The announcement is found here – please note the requested material in the paragraph at the bottom of the first page.

Packages (CV, Bio, and letter of intent) should be submitted to CDR Melissa Austin (contact in the global) NLT Friday, January 17 to allow for internal processing.

MHS Female Physician Leadership Course – Call for Nominations

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We are announcing the call for nominations for the 2020 MHS Female Physician Leadership Course (FPLC) to be held April 15-17, 2020 at Defense Health Headquarters in Falls Church, VA.  The target audience is Active Duty and Reserve female physicians (MD/DO) in the grades of O-4 select to junior O-5 (less than 2 years’ time in grade).

The nomination form, course details, and the formal advertisement are all here:


FPLC Advertisement

FPLC_Nomination_Form 2020

Please follow the instructions on the nomination form carefully.  Submit packages as a single PDF to CAPT Nicole McIntyre (contact info is in the global) by COB (EST) on 15 JAN 2020.

Director of Mental Health – NMCP – O5/O6

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NMC Portsmouth is looking for their next Director for Mental Health. This position is open to anyone inbound to the command or eligible with Detailer clearance. Announcement/Position Description is right here.

Packages are due to Ms. Cynthia Jones (contact in the global and in the announcement above) NLT 2 DEC 2019.