Navy American College of Physicians Governor Position

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CDR Mark Tschanz is turning over as ACP Governor in 2023, so there is an opening for a new Governor starting Spring of 2022. Any Internists interested should direct questions to the incumbent, CDR Tschanz (contact is in the global).

Applications are due by COB 5 FEB 2021 and should include Letter of Intent (LOI), CV, and military bio.

Female Physician Leadership Course Nominations – LCDR(s) to CDR

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Who: Female Medical Corps Officers from O4 select to Junior O5

What: Interactive female leadership development

When: 3-6 MAY 2021 – note that the deadline for application submission is 31 JAN 2021

Where: Virtual, but must have command no-cost/permissive TAD orders

Why: Deliberate development of female leaders

How: Submit application package to both CDR Wendy Arnold and CAPT Charmagne Beckett (contacts are in the global)

Here is a document that provides more details:

DSS Position at NMC Camp Lejeune – O5/O6

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Naval Medical Center Camp Lejeune is seeking applicants for the position of Director of Surgical Services. The position is open to all Navy Medical Department officers of all Corps at the O-5/O-6 level with a professional background in surgical-related services. Interested candidates should send an e-mail to CDR Douglas Pittner, NMCCL Director of Surgical Services, (e-mail is in the global and the document below) no later than close of business (1600 EST) on Friday, 08 January 2021. Application should include a Letter of intent, CV, and One-page biography. Applicants should be available for interviews the week of January 11. See this document for more details:

Leadership Lessons of a New CO

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In 2015 I unexpectedly went from being the Deputy Commander of a Joint Medical Group to being a Commander and JTF Surgeon. Here is an article I wrote then that I still believe in:

I came to JTF GTMO on September 25th as the Deputy Commander of the Joint Medical Group (JMG), but in November I was named the permanent Commander due to a policy change. Leading the JMG for the last 7 months has been an amazing experience. Here are the top leadership lessons I learned as a first-time CO:

When making decisions, consider fairness above all other factors. You’ll never keep everyone happy, so you need to make sure your decisions follow policy and are fair. You should be able to explain the rationale behind your decisions to anyone that wants or needs to know why you made them. If you can’t, you need to re-evaluate those decisions.

The overwhelming majority of your people are competent, so empower them to do their job. When people come to me with problems, my common response is, “Well what do you want to do?” Sometimes they are surprised to be asked this question, but you don’t fix problems in the front office. Your people are competent, smart, and creative, and the people on the front lines who are close to the problem are the ones most likely to come up with the best and most efficient solution.

You don’t need to know it all. Because I’ve never done the majority of the jobs in the JMG, I clearly don’t know it all. As a leader, you should never be afraid to admit that you don’t know. When you admit to your people that you don’t know something and that you rely on their knowledge and expertise, it doesn’t make you look uninformed. It reinforces to them the value they provide to both you as a leader and the mission of your unit.

Little things can mean a lot. As a senior leader, small things get magnified in their importance. Inconsequential comments now become policy setting statements. Troopers and sailors notice small details, like how your uniform looks. Finally, something as small as holding a monthly athletic competition can become a command-wide morale booster with lasting impact.

M&Ms can kill morale. No, not the candy. I’m talking about micromanagers and meetings. Read #2 above, realize your people are competent, and let them do their jobs without feeling micromanaged. In addition, by their very nature meetings are collective and, if unnecessary, they can collectively waste a ton of time. Twelve people having a non-productive meeting for 1 hour is 12 wasted hours. Only have meetings when they are necessary, and always respect your people by starting on time, sticking to a pre-established agenda, and avoiding them when they aren’t required.

Navy ACHE Regent’s Fellow Accelerator Program

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If you are working toward Fellowship in the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE), read the message below:

ACHE Superstars,

I’m writing to share with you a fantastic opportunity that will assist all those diligently working towards becoming a credentialed healthcare executive.  Brought to you by the Navy RAC’s Advancement, Deckplate Education, & Local Chapter Committee, the Fellow Accelerator Program is scheduled to commence in 2021 (see attached flyer for details):

This program will help drive all potential ACHE Fellow candidates toward: 

  • Completing an application and achieving all requirements  
  • Matching candidates with Fellow mentors to complete interviews
  •  Participating in the Navy’s Virtual Board of Governor’s (BOG) Exam Study Forum for exam preparation

For registration, please contact LCDR Richard Bly. Please spread the word as we start on this marvelous journey of achieving our Navy Medicine goal of increasing advancement to Fellow by 20%!

LCDR Eugene Smith, Jr., MSC, FACHE

ACHE Navy Regent

DSS Position at NMRTC Camp Pendleton

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NMRTC Camp Pendleton is looking for the next Director of Surgical Services. Please see the announcement and PD below. Individuals applying need PERS/Detailer clearance.

Updated Deadline for Walter Reed Director Positions and Addition of Ft. Belvoir Positions

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The deadline was updated to NLT 29 NOV 2020 for the Walter Reed positions. In addition, here are some at Ft. Belvoir, also due by 29 NOV:

Anyone applying needs to have PERS/Detailer clearance to do so.

Multiple Leadership Positions at Walter Reed

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Walter Reed has three board positions available in the summer of 2021.

PDs are here:

Anyone who applies need PERS clearance to do so from their Detailer.

Director, Virtual Medical Center Hub Site – O5/O6

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The Director for Medical Services at Naval Medical Center San Diego is currently seeking applicants for the position of Director, Virtual Medical Center Hub Site for INDOPACOM located at NMCSD. The successful candidate will be an O5 to O6 Officer of the Medical Corps with active board certification.  They will be an articulate, intelligent, and team-oriented individual ready for the challenge of leadership and management of a dynamic and growing department consisting of 30+ enlisted and civilian employees that supports virtual care within the INDOPACOM region. Prior experience with Virtual Health is preferred, but not required.  The incumbent will work with both the Defense Health Agency (DHA) and sister Services in the performance of their daily routine. As virtual health is the fastest growing area within the MHS, the incumbent must be capable of finding innovative solutions, and conveying recommended courses of actions to senior leaders in both Navy Medicine and the DHA.

To apply, please submit a letter of intent and current CV via your Chain of Command by close of business on Friday, 16 October 2020, to Mr. Brian Howard (Deputy Director, VMC-IP, contact info in the global). For additional information, please contact CAPT Konrad L. Davis (contact in the global).

SAUSHEC General Surgery Residency Program Director Announcement

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See the following files announcing the SAUSHEC General Surgery Residency Program Director position. Any applicants must submit the required documents to CAPT Anthony Keller (contact is in the global) by COB 16 OCT 2020: