Video of Medical Corps Detailing Q&A Session with OMO/GME Detailer

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Here a link to the 1200 EST video (62 minutes):

Here’s the 1500 EST video which is a little shorter at 53 minutes:

Continuous MC Symposium Lecture Series – Q&A with the OMO/GME Detailer – Friday, FEB 4 at 1200 and 1500 EST

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Please join us for the next installment of the Continuous Medical Corps Symposium Lecture Series on Friday 04 Feb at EITHER 1200 or 1500 EST on MS Teams:

We will be having a Detailer Q&A session with our OMO/GME detailer LCDR Derek Chamberlain and our operational specialty leaders.  We strongly encourage anyone who is planning on doing an OMO tour in the coming year to attend and have your questions answered.  Please email questions for the session to CDR Robyn Treadwell (contact in the global) by Wednesday 02 Feb.  The session will be recorded and posted on our YouTube channel ( for anyone who is not able to make the live sessions.  Please disseminate widely throughout your communities and feel free to email me with any questions. 

Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

+1 410-874-6749   (Toll)

Conference ID: 477 739 301#

Very respectfully,

Jennifer Eng-Kulawy, MD, FAAP


Plans and Policy Officer

Office of the Medical Corps Chief

Call for Assistant Specialty Leader for Surface Medicine and Volunteers to Help Process Surface OMO Applications

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As the transition to straight-through GME begins, the role of the operational Specialty Leaders has increased in scope and impact.  We are soliciting applications for Assistant Specialty Leader (ASL) for Surface Medicine.  The ASL will work closely with the SL (CAPT Mark Lenart, contact in the global) to fill key surface medicine positions each year, liaising with the SL and TYCOMs to ensure the most qualified candidates are assigned to serve our surface forces.  Please email LCDR Jennifer Eng-Kulawy (contact in the global) by COB 17 SEP 2021 with a CV, military bio, PDFs of your Officer Summary Record (OSR) and Performance Summary Record (PSR), and a letter of intent indicating your desire for selection, prior operational experience, as well as several sentences explaining your desire to fill this role.  There are no geographic limitations as the ASL role is a collateral duty.  Please contact the current SL, CAPT Mark Lenart, with any questions about the role of Assistant SL.

Additionally, there is a short-term need for volunteers to assist CAPT Lenart during the current Operational Medical Officer (OMO) cycle (through December 2021).  No operational experience is required and the time-frame for the commitment is limited to CY 2021.  Again, there are no geographic limitations and anyone from anywhere can help out. All you need is time, an internet connection, and a desire to help shape the new Surface Force Medical Officer application process. Please contact CAPT Lenart with your interest or with any questions.

Broken Hyperlinks in OMO Instruction

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Weblinks in the recently released OMO instruction were broken by a Navy Medicine wide web migration (the FMF links still work). Please point applicants with issues or questions to the following POCs in the interim while we update the instruction and collect accurate hyperlinks:

Flight Surgery – usn.pensacola.navmedotcnamefl.list.nami-fsappcoord < at >

Surface – usn.ncr.bumedfchva.mbx.surface-force-med < at >

Undersea – < at >

In addition, the following website is public facing (non-CAC protected) and can serve as an additional resource:

Recording of MC Symposium Session Discussing GME and OMO

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Here’s a link to the video recording of this session:

Rescheduled Operational Medical Officer and GME Q&A Session – Friday at Noon Eastern

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The GME and OMO talk has now been rescheduled for 23 July at 1200 EST.  Please join us virtually at to have your questions answered regarding the new OMO instruction and GME Note that was just released.

The session will be recorded for asynchronous viewing and that link will be available following the session.  Please direct any questions to LCDR Jennifer Eng-Kulawy in the Corps Chief’s Office (contact in the global).

July’s Medical Corps Symposium Lecture – Operational Medical Officer and GME Q & A Session

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The next lecture series for the 2021 Continuous Medical Corps Symposium will be with CAPT Joel Schofer and CAPT William Beckman on the new Operational Medical Officer Instruction and Graduate Medical Education. There will be a short presentation followed by a question/answer session to try to answer questions regarding this new instruction and what to expect from GME.  Please join us on Friday 09 July at 1200 EST,  

Please widely disseminate to your communities and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me (contact in the global).

Very Respectfully,

Jennifer Eng-Kulawy, MD, FAAP


Plans and Policy Officer

Office of the Medical Corps Chief

New Operational Medical Officer (OMO) Instruction is Out – You Now Apply for Flight, Dive, FMF, and Surface

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BLUF – Officers will now not only apply for Flight Surgery or Undersea Medicine, but also Fleet Marine Force and Surface.

Attached is the new instruction that governs application for Operational Medical Officer (OMO) positions:

The old version only mentioned Flight Surgery (FS) and Undersea Medicine (UMO), but this one adds Surface and Fleet Marine Force (FMF), all under the banner of OMO. In addition, it creates the Undersea Medical Examiner, similar to the Aviation Medical Examiner, so that anyone who can’t complete UMO training has a landing spot if they can’t complete UMO training, similar to Flight. This is all part of our 5-year transition to straight-through GME, which will kick off at the next GME Selection Board, and residency trained physicians in support of the Fleet.

Anyone interested in this should read the instruction in its entirety as it is a complete re-write. Finally, anyone interested in applying for Surface or FMF opportunities in FY22 who does not already have that experience will be applying to a selection board like Flight and Dive always have. No longer do these simply go through the GMO Detailer.

If there are any questions after reading the instruction, please contact the POCs in the instruction or me.