Push to Increase Navy Retention

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There’s a big push to grow the Navy. This is one of the reasons you can no longer get out early.

Another way to grow the Navy is to increase retention, and the Chief of Naval Personnel (CNP) has directed people to do just that…increase retention. The focus is on command sponsorship, command indoctrination, career development boards, mentorship, ombudsman programs, and Sailor performance recognition.

You can read about these efforts here:

CNP Issues Call to Action to Increase Navy Retention


Sailor to Sailor Newsletter Apr 18 Issue


New USU School of Medicine On-Line Faculty Appointment System

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The Uniformed Services University School of Medicine has a new on-line faculty appointment system. You can read about it in this newsletter:

Faculty Development Newsletter Apr 2018

You can see an on-line tutorial about how to use it here:

Faculty On-Line Appointment System

National Capital Consortium Transitional Year Program Director Position

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Anyone interested in this position is supposed to route the requested documents to CDR Frank Mullens at BUMED via their Specialty Leader (with Detailer concurrence) by 11 MAY. Here is the information:

SG Announcement for NCC Transitional Year Internship Program Director Search

ACGME Transitional Year Internship PD qualification requirements

Ref #1 DoD Criteria for selection of GME Program Directors

CNO/VCNO’s Updated Leadership Guidance

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There have been a few recent updates from the most senior leaders of the Navy:

CO/XO Application Process

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All of the information needed to apply for CO/XO can be found at this link (select your e-mail CAC certificate):


The documents you need are here:

Note 1412 2 Apr 2018

NAVMED 1412_1 (4_2017)

FY19 CO_XO Opportunities

ExecMedCandidateInput (5_2017)

Director of Public Health – NMC San Diego

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The details of this position are here:

DPH Applicant Announcement 2018

Applications are due 23 APR 2018. Templates of CV, bio, and letter of intent can be found here.