Chief, Department of Medicine at Ft. Belvoir – O5/O6

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Here is the announcement for this position:

Chief, Dept of Medicine

All the details of the position and application procedure is in the PDF.

Retirement and Resignation Requests Will Be Submitted on NSIPS as of 1 JAN 2018

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Here is a NAVADMIN that was just released about retirement and resignation requests being submitted on NSIPS. Since many Medical Officers are allergic to NAVADMINs, here are the highlights:

  • This functionality allows members to initiate requests electronically via NSIPS self-service, route them through their chain of command for review and recommendation, and then electronically route the request to Navy Personnel Command for a decision.
  • This improvement provides transparency for our service members on the status of their requests, an integrated waiver process when needed, and electronic notification of the final disposition of requests for both the member and the command.
  • All officers submitting their voluntary resignation or retirement must utilize NSIPS for requests initiated on or after 1 January 2018.
  • Service members must ensure their email addresses in NSIPS are correct to ensure timely delivery.

JAMA Article on Transforming the Military Health System

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A recent JAMA article was published that discusses transforming the Military Health System (MHS). It can be read for free here:

If you prefer PDF, here it is:

JAMA – Transforming the Military Health System

BUMED Special Pays Update – 14 NOV 2017

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Here’s a BUMED special pays update I was forwarded by the MEC Chair at my command:

The DFAS payment delinquent issues have been communicated to the SG via Info Paper and elevated to the OASN (M&RA).  We are asking that ASN(M&RA) work with the Service M&RAs to raise the issue to USD(P&R).  We believe P&R can raise the issue with OSD(COMP), the reporting senior for DFAS.

As of 9 NOV 2017, there were 72 lists backlogged in the DFAS Defense Workload Operations System (DWOWS) dating back to 10 JUL 2017.  Thirty of those lists have been at DFAS for more than 30 days, which have increased the payment delays to four months.  Many of the lists are in a suspense status.  For example, a list could contain three different special pays (IP, RB, BCP), the DFAS clerk could process entries for RB and IP to be paid and have not yet processes the entries for BCP.  Further, some officers on the list may have had their pay processed while others are pending.

Additional personnel were hired at DFAS to help expedite processing the Medical Special Pays.  The new staff did not understand the intricacies involved with medical special pays, thus the good faith effort has not decreased the amount of time to process requests, and has led to some incorrect payments.

Officers with questions should first contact their Command Special Pays Coordinator for assistance.  If the Command Special Pays Coordinator needs further assistance with the officer’s question, they can e-mail or call the BUMED Special Pays Program office.  BUMED Special Pays Program office can only provide the date of an officer’s special pay request was submitted it to DFAS.  Once a request has reached DFAS, BUMED Special Pays Program office has no visibility of the request until after the pay has started.  New pays are reflected on the LES as SAVED PAY.

BUMED Special Pays Program Manager is at DFAS Cleveland this week to address the backlog, expedite the processing of special pay requests, and determine a workable solution to process the FY-18 Special Pays.  An update on the success of this trip will be provided in the next update.

The FY18 Medical Department Officers Special Pays NAVADMIN for active duty is expected to be release by mid December 2017.  Officers will have 30 days from the release date of the NAVADMIN to submit requests for special pays effective 1 October 2017.  Officers must meet the eligibility outlined in the FY-18 Special Pay Guidance.  All remaining officers not already under a consolidated special pay contract must submit a special pays request to transition from legacy special pay to consolidated special pay by 28 January 2018.

CDR Drew’s Consolidated Pay Audit Spreadsheets

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First you had Joel Schofer’s Promo Prep…over 5,900 downloads…4,329 are by my Mom…thanks, Mom…

Then you had Joel Schofer’s Fitrep Prep…over 1,500 downloads…1,234 are by my Mom…thanks again, Mom…

Now you have CDR Drew’s Consolidated Pay Audit Spreadsheets, which probably will not break the MCCareer download record because my Mom will not be downloading them.

One of the senior officers in my community, CDR Brendon Drew at NMC San Diego, used to be a pay officer and has been deep ­diving on the new consolidated pay plan. He’s created these Excel spreadsheets below for you to use when trying to audit your pay conversion and see if you are being paid correctly:

GME Physician Pay Audit

Staff Physician Pay Audit

Staff Physician Who Received ISP and ASP Summer 2016 Pay Audit

Please note the following:

  • These spreadsheets only work for physicians who were completely transitioned to the new pay system in FY 17. For example, if variable special pay (VSP), board certification pay (BCP) or any other legacy pay is listed on your September and/or October 2017 LES, these spreadsheets will not provide you with a reliable audit. Once you have “save pay” only on your LES for two straight months, then you can contact CDR Drew as detailed below for a pay audit.
  • Save Pay = “new pay” and can be a combination of incentive pay (IP), continuation pay, and BCP depending on what you qualify for.
  • CDR Drew’s strong recommendation is that you save your LESs for perpetuity. The DFAS/MyPay system will only let you retrieve them for the last year.

If you’d like help auditing your pay or have any questions about how to use the spreadsheets, contact CDR Brendon Drew (his e­mail address is in the global address book) with your LESs from July of 2016 through October of 2017. If you don’t have your old LESs saved, your audit will likely require some pay office (PSD, DFAS, etc) assistance.

Updated Board Certification/MOC Reimbursement Instruction

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The reimbursement process for board certification and maintenance of certification (MOC) is a process that you can easily screw up, causing yourself to lose out on reimbursement for these expensive requirements. BUMED just put out a new instruction that explains how to request reimbursement for these items, and I’d give it a read if this is applicable to you.

The two issues that trip up most physicians is the requirement to request funding 6 weeks in advance and when the request to reimbursement/exam process straddles a fiscal year change, so give special attention to those requirements. Here is the instruction:

BUMEDINST 1500.20A – Funding Professional Credentials and Certification Examinations