From the Chief of Naval Personnel – May News in Review

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It’s been a month filled with career advancements and selections across the fleet. Congratulations to all who have been selected!

From updates on TA and the DMAP rollout to important upcoming dates and deadlines – Here’s the recap of your career news from the Chief of Naval Personnel for the month of May in the latest Sailor-to-Sailor newsletter.

Access the May Sailor-to-Sailor here:

Leaders – print this newsletter and take it to quarters, post it on your shop’s bulletin board, or just share this email to ensure your Sailors are in the know.

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– Chief of Naval Personnel Public Affairs

Chair, Navy Medicine Operational Clinical Community

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Chair, Navy Medicine Operational Clinical Community – Please review attached
announcement.  The responsibilities of the OpMed NMOCC Chair include
oversight of Advisory Board and the eight (8) Sub-Communities – Aerospace
Medicine, Maritime Blood OPT, Fleet Surgical Teams, Independent Duty
Corpsmen, Operational Forces Medical Liaison Services, Surface Medicine,
Undersea Medicine, and the Warrior Wellness Network. The Chair will provide
guidance on all work products and initiatives within the NMOCC and
facilitate communication and collaboration between the Sub-Communities. The
Chair will represent the OpMed NMOCC at the Navy Medicine Wellness,
Readiness, Quality (NMWRQ) Cell meeting on the third Monday of the month
from 1500-1630 EST.

This is a great leadership opportunity for a senior O-5 or O-6 interested in
staying involved with the operational medicine communities, gain exposure to
leadership within BUMED, and continue to make a positive impact for all
Sailors and Marines.

Nomination Package Requirements:  CV, BIO and Letter of Intent. Fully
completed nomination packages will be emailed to CAPT Emori Moore NLT 1200
EST Friday, 30 June 2023.

Statement by Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III on Pride Month

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This Pride Month, we honor the service, commitment, and sacrifice of the LGBTQ+ Service members and personnel who volunteer to defend our country. Their proud service adds to America’s strength. 

Their contributions to our national security are powerful. Members of this community have deployed to combat zones around the globe, held high-ranking positions in the Pentagon, and fought and died alongside their teammates.

To defend our republic and win its wars, the ranks of the U.S. military must remain open to all qualified patriots who seek to serve. Militaries that do not avail themselves of the best possible talent of their citizenry put themselves at a strategic disadvantage. We would be rendering ourselves less fit to our weighty task if we excluded from our ranks people who meet our standards and who have the skills, the guts, and the devotion to serve in uniform. 

I believe that the story of America should be one of widening freedom, not deepening discrimination. In 2021, I was honored to implement President Biden’s directive to ensure that transgender Americans who wish to serve and meet Department standards are able to do so — openly and free from discrimination. 

This often painful history has made something clear: Who you love and how you identify has nothing to do with how bravely you can fight for your country. When we speak up for the rights of all Americans, when we encourage all qualified Americans to stand a post, we strengthen both our democracy and our national security. The U.S. military is the greatest fighting force in history, and we intend to keep it that way.

As Secretary of Defense, I remain dedicated to making sure that our LGBTQ+ personnel across the Joint Force can continue to serve the country that we all love with dignity and pride — this month and every other one. We thank you for your service — and we thank your spouses and your families, whose support makes your service possible.

In addition, here is another DoD announcement:

Portsmouth Transitional Year Internship Program Director – JULY 2024

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NMCP Program Director, Transitional Year Internship – Director NMCP requests
qualified candidates for the NMCP Transitional Year internship Program
Director position. Candidates must have sufficient post-graduate experience
and documented academic achievement. 

Candidates must hold a current medical license and board certification with
(sub)specialty qualifications. Please review the attached vacancy
announcement for qualification attributes associated with position. The
desired report date is NLT than July 2024.

Ideal candidate is a senior Navy Medical Corps active-duty physician, with
leadership skills and a passion for graduate medical education. Candidates
should be prepared to commit 0.5 FTE to the academic and administrative
needs of the residency program.  Interviews will be held early July.

Nomination Package Requirements: CV, Bio, Letter of Intent and three most
recent FITREPs. The letter of intent must include the candidate’s commitment
to GME and to the Program Director position, including willingness to serve
as Program Director for a minimum of 4 years and that, if selected, they
will accept the job. Questions regarding availability for assignment should
be directed to specific detailer. For questions, contact current Program
Director:  CDR James K. Clark

Fully completed nomination packages will be emailed to CAPT Shauna
O’Sullivan NLT 1200 EST Friday, 30 June 2023.

Walter Reed Chief Medical Informatics Officer – JUNE 2023

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candidates for the CMIO position.  WRNMMC CMIO is a physician leader who is
an asset to the Medical Staff, to the ISC, and to the MTF Director. As the
voice of the medical staff to Informatics, and as the voice of Informatics
to the Medical Staff, you provide a critical service in understanding,
adoption, and optimization of HIT solutions including MHS GENESIS.  The CMIO
works with other Clinical Informatics leads on command informatics

Candidates must maintain (or obtain) education and certification in Clinical
Informatics, serve as voting member of WRNMMC Informatics Steering Committee
(ISC), be an expert in MHS GENESIS Issue Resolution Process, and track
issues and tickets that are pertinent to or prioritized by the Medical
Staff, actively participate in conversations and questions regarding tickets
and ISC priority projects, representing the medical staff perspective.  In
this aspect, makes recommendations on dispositioning appropriate Global
Service Center (GSC) tickets, participate as voting member of the Executive
Committee of the Medical Staff (ECOMS), and update ECOMS regularly regarding
upcoming MHS GENESIS/HIT changes and ongoing issues, collaborate closely
with other Clinical Informatics leads and other stakeholders on priority
projects and issues, validate and communicate risks and issues from Peer
Expert community to ISC Chair, become intimately familiar with Informatics
assets at WRNMMC and assist members of medical community to utilize these
resources to adopt and optimize use of MHS GENESIS and HIT in general.

**Applicants MUST currently reside in or have orders to National Capital
Region**.  Ideal candidate is an active-duty physician (senior O4 to O6),
with leadership skills and a passion for advancing quality and safety in
healthcare. Candidate should be prepared to commit 0.6 FTE non-clinical time
for a term no less than 2 years.  Interviews will be held 12-23 June, with
selection by 30 June.

Nomination Package Requirements: CV, Letter of Intent, Letter of endorsement
from Chain of Command and two most recent FITREPS/OPR/OER.  For questions,
contact current CMIO:  LCDR Isaac E. Schwartz, MD, FACS

Fully completed nomination packages will be emailed to LCDR Andrew S. Benson,
Deputy Director for Administration NLT 1600 EST Friday, 09 June 2023.

Navy Rep on the Senior Medical Advisory Committee for the Detainee Program

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The Senior Medical Advisory Committee for the Detainee Program (SMACDP)
supports Office of Secretary of Defense program-level oversight of medical
activities required by the Department of Defense (DoD) Detainee Program.
The SMACDP is chaired by the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Health
Services Policy and Oversight (DASD(HSP&O)).  It operates pursuant to a
charter of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs (ASD(HA))
acting under the direction of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel
and Readiness (USD(P&R)) (attachment 1) and Department of Defense
Instruction (DoDI) 2310.08, “Medical Program Support for Detainee
Operations” (attachment 2).   

Due to the SMAC-DP meetings taking place in a secured room, nominees are
required to have a security clearance and access to the following:  secure
video tele-conference or secured phone line and secure email address.

Nomination package requirements:  CV, BIO and status of security clearance
to CAPT Shauna O’Sullivan NLT 1600 EST Wednesday, 07 June 2023.