Latest List of Available Billets

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Here is the latest grid of available billets from PERS. Your Detailer is the POC for anyone interested:

Position Command Homeport Rank  Traits Fill date Tour
Student Naval War College Newport CDR JPME1 done Summer Annually 1 yr
Phys research N Med Research C Silver Springs All 6ZF qualified Summer 2019 3 yrs
SMO AS 39 EMORY S LAND Guam CAPT Primary Care Summer 2019 2 yrs
SMO FRANK CABLE Guam CAPT Primary Care Summer 2019 2 yrs
Gp Surg/SMO NCG2 (Seabees) Gulf Port CDR Primary Care May-19 2 yrs
REGT SURG 8MARREGT 2MARDIV Camp LeJeune LCDR Primary Care Summer 2019 2 yrs
REGT SURG 3MEDBN 3MLG Okinawa LCDR Primary Care Summer 2019 2 yrs
DEPT HEAD CVN 73 GEO WASH Norfolk LCDR Primary Care WINTER/Spr 2018 2 yrs
DEPT HEAD CVN 75 H TRUMAN Norfolk LCDR Primary Care Summer 2019 2 yrs
DEPT HEAD CVN 70 VINSON Bremerton LCDR Primary Care Summer 2019 2 yrs
SMO LHD 7 IWO JIMA Mayport LCDR/CDR Primary Care Summer 2019 2 yrs
SMO LHD 3 KEARSARGE Norfolk LCDR/CDR Primary Care Summer 2019 2 yrs
SMO LHA 6 AMERICA San Diego LCDR/CDR Primary Care Summer 2019 2 yrs
SMO LHD 4 BOXER San Diego LCDR/CDR Primary Care Summer 2019 2 yrs
DIR HS/GHE NMTSC F DT SA San Antonio CAPT/(s) GHE exp Summer 2019 3 yrs

Thank God! The DoD is Replacing DTS

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If I made a list of things that drive physicians from the Navy, having to use the Defense Travel System (DTS) would be on that list. Here’s an article about efforts to replace DTS:

Pentagon finally plans Defense Travel System reforms

Finance Friday – This Week’s Financial Posts

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Here they are:

Military Monday – Money News You Can Use on 13 AUG 2018


Reassess Your Emergency Fund

Sunday AAR – 11 AUG 2018 (The Sunday After Action Review is a collection of the best articles that we’ve read this week.)

Two Grandpas (my guest post on Humble Dollar) Article – Military Pay Raise, 15,000 New Troops, Promotion Reforms: 5 Key Aspects of the 2019 Defense Budget

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Here’s a link to the article, and here’s the most relevant sections for us:

With a 2.6 percent pay raise in place, which is slated to go into effect Jan. 1, servicemembers will see their wages increase at its highest level in nine years.

Servicemembers should see the increases in their first paychecks of the new year on Jan. 15, 2019.

“It clearly signals that Congress wants military pay to be competitive,” said Mark Cancian, a senior adviser with the Washington think tank Center for Strategic and International Studies.

The pay increases still aren’t as high as ones in 2008, 2009 and 2010, when servicemembers saw hikes of 3.4 percent or more. Also, servicemembers’ pay raises will compete against rises in inflation. On Friday, the Department of Labor reported the cost of living rose 2.9 percent for the year ending in June 2018.

“Always tough to get it right, because we will not know the inflation rate for calendar year 2019 until January 2020,” said Andrew Sherbo, a University of Denver finance professor who has tracked government and defense budget issues.

Under the plan, an E-5 with 8 years of service could see their monthly basic pay rise $80.81 a month from $3,126.16 in 2018 to $3,206.97 in 2019, or an annual gain of $969.72, Sherbo estimated.

The legislation also directs benefit improvements and personnel reforms. For example, it enhances reforms of the Military Health System and installs the most widespread changes to the Defense Officer Personnel Management Act since it was enacted in 1980.

DOPMA, which standardized military promotions across the armed forces, will now let the services use civilian experience to establish new ranks for entering servicemembers, let certain officers promote faster and the expectation of retirement if a servicemember fails to promote twice could be removed.

In addition, servicemembers could also see higher per diem reimbursements in cases where they travel more than 30 days under the NDAA’s changes.

New Facebook Group

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I previously created a forum for, but no one used it and it cost me money, so I bailed on it. In a second attempt to create a forum for members to interact and get others’ opinions on issues (aside from mine), I just created a Facebook group for It can be found here:

It is a private group, so just answer the two questions when you request to join and I’ll approve you as soon as I can. Hopefully people can post questions for the group and get more diverse answers than they get when they e-mail me.

Navy Times Article – Are You an Officer Facing the Retirement Boards?

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Here’s a link to the Navy Times article on the early retirement boards that were just announced for CDRs and CAPTs:

Are you an officer facing the retirement boards?

The Medical Corps Chief’s message about the boards can be found here.