Global Health Specialist Program Information Package

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We have put out a lot of Global Health Engagement (GHE) opportunities lately. You can see all of them past and present at this link. Many officers are wondering how they can get the GHE additional qualification designator (AQD).

Here is a information package that explains the entire program, including how to get the AQD:

Global Health Specialist Program Information Package

Assistant Deputy Chief, M2 – Research & Development at BUMED – O5/O6

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BUMED is looking for an O-5/O-6 to fill the Assistant Deputy Chief for Research and Development (M2) position in June of 2020.

CAPT Matthew Lim is the incumbent and his contact is in the global address book for questions. Here’s some additional info, if interested:

Assistant Deputy Chief Research and Development M2

Interested candidates should submit their CV and Bio to CDR Melissa Austin (also in the global) NLT 27 November with Detailer/Specialty Leader concurrence that you are eligible to PCS.

2 Important TSP Changes and Finance Friday Articles

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This week I’d like to highlight the 2020 TSP contribution limits, which will be $19,500 for most of us, as well as the instructions for enabling 2-factor login, which will be required as of 1 DEC:

TSP Contribution Limits for 2020

TSP 2-Factor Login Instructions


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Throwback Thursday Classic Post – Tips to Improve Your Concurrent FITREP

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An officer e-mailed me and asked for tips on improving his concurrent FITREP, which I thought would make a nice blog post.

A concurrent FITREP is most often received when you are deployed.  It is “concurrent” because not only are you getting a FITREP from your deployed command/unit, but you are also getting one from your home/parent command.  For example, in 2016 I returned from my last deployment after being gone from September 2015 to June 2016.  I received both a periodic FITREP from my parent/home command and a concurrent FITREP from my deployed command.

Tips to improve your concurrent FITREP include:

  1. Realize that operational commanders often know very little about medical/Navy FITREPs, so you want to do everything you can to make sure that none of these critical FITREP mistakes happen to you.
  2. Try to get a strong soft breakout where the commander compares you to all officers of the same grade under his/her command either now or during his/her entire career.  For example, “In the top 10% of over 200 O4 officers I’ve rated in my entire career.”
  3. Make sure your most important title/duty is in the box in the upper left of block 29.  For example, don’t put “PHYSICIAN” but “OIC” or “SMO”.  You can often score some titles that sound very important on a deployment, like “MEU SURGEON” or “GROUP SURGEON”.  You don’t want to waste them.

Otherwise, general FITREP advice can be found on my FITREP prep page.

Global Health Engagement Position – Health Affairs Attaché, Vietnam – O5/O6

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There is a wonderful global health engagement (GHE) opportunity for an O-5/O-6 physician. We will be filling the Health Affairs Attaché position at the embassy in Hanoi, Vietnam. The desired report date is September 2020.

Applications (CV, Bio, Letter of Intent), with Detailer and Specialty Leader concurrence, should be submitted to CDR Melissa Austin (contact is in the global) NLT COB, Friday, November 22nd.

Here are some additional details:

Health Affairs Attache-Vietnam Position Description