AMSUS Breakout Presentations – New Selection Process

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AMSUS has changed the process for selecting breakout presentations for its upcoming 2023 AMSUS Annual Meeting, 13-16 February 2023.  

This year submissions for the breakout sessions will take place internally at BUMED with a priority for topics determined by the Surgeon General.

Preferred topics:  Unclassified briefs on operational medicine topics that relates to Navy Medicine’s operational design – which may include:

·       Initiatives/projects that support new and evolving operational medicine capabilities

·       Topics that directly speak to Navy Medicine’s man/train/equip mission

·       Topics that support our warfighting concepts of  Distributed Maritime Operations (DMO), Littoral Operations in a Contested Environment (LOCE), and Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations (EABO)

·       Topics that support Joint and/or allied partnerships looking to leverage capabilities, training and infrastructure for a common continuum across the distributed maritime domain

·       The Maritime Headquarters/Maritime Operations Center construct

·       Other topics may also be considered.

Selectees and non-selectees will be informed of the board’s decision. Selected speakers will be provided the process to forward their paperwork to AMSUS.  03 October 2022 will be the hard deadline submission date for selected breakout presentations to AMSUS.

Action: Forward the title of the presentation along with a detailed description of the proposed presentation along with the speaker’s name(s).  Submissions must be received no later than close of business 08 September 2022

DeliverableSubmissions must be received no later than close of business 08 September 2022 to POC, CAPT Marc D. Herwitz, Director, Maritime Headquarters via email (contact in the global).

POC: CAPT Marc D. Herwitz, Director, Maritime Headquarters who can be reached (contact in the global).

2022 Call for Allied Health Leadership Excellence Nominations

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Each year, the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs acknowledges and honors military allied health professionals who have demonstrated exemplary leadership and skill resulting in noteworthy clinical or administrative accomplishments.   The 2022 Call for Allied Health Leadership Excellence Nominations document provides information on guidelines and what must be included in the completed nomination package.  


  • See attached “MHS Allied Health Leadership Excellence Announcement 2022” for additional details.


  • Junior and Senior Provider Allied Health Leadership Nominations
  • Junior and Senior Non-Provider Allied Health Leadership Nominations 

Submission Information and POC: 

  • Email nominations to CDR Jennifer Wallinger (contact in the global).  Package documents must be submitted in one consolidated PDF format with the following naming: Lastname.Firstname.nom_Award Category
  • For Correspondence related to this award, please annotate in the subject line: MHS Allied Health Leadership Excellence Award
  • POC: CDR Jennifer Wallinger (contact in the global)

Due date:

  • NLT 30 Aug 2022