Call for Participants – 138th Interagency Institute for Federal Health Leaders

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Who:  Senior Medical Officers tracking toward Executive Medicine (O6 preferred but senior O5 is acceptable)

What:  138th Interagency Institute for Federal Health Leaders (Medical Corps is limited to 3-4 seats)

When:  April 18-29, 2022 (In-person)

Where:  Bush School of Government and Public Service, TAMU, 1620 L Street NW, Washington DC  (centrally funded by NML&PDC)

Course Description:  The purpose of the Interagency Institute for Health Leaders is to provide an opportunity for the seasoned, practicing federal health professional to examine current issues in health care policy and management and to explore their potential impact on the federal health care system.  The faculty maximizes the learning experience by presenting materials resulting from research and experience, as well as examples and case studies from the contemporary national health policy decision-making process. 

Prospective applicants should send a CV and BIO to CAPT Rhett Barrett NLT Friday, March 4, 2022 (contact info in the global).

Nominations for the 2022 Female Physician Leadership Course

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The Council for Female Physician Recruitment and Retention is now accepting nominations for the 2022 Female Physician Leadership Course, taking place virtually on 02-04 May 2022.  The target audience for this course is female physicians at the O-4 select, O-4 or junior O-5 levels.  Please see this PDF for the nomination form:

Please contact CAPT Diana Fu for any questions (contact in the gloabl).  Nominations are due NLT 15 FEB 2022.    

Navy Medicine FY2022 Foundation Trainings

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The below training announcement is for the Navy Medicine FY2022 Foundation Trainings, a virtual series of courses for individuals who perform data analysis and wish to enhance their knowledge and skillset. Instructions on how to sign up are in the file:

MC Seats in Joint Senior Medical Leader Course

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Who:  Senior officers who have a potential nomination as a Joint Task Force (JTF) Surgeon or JTF senior medical leader

What:  Joint Senior Medical Leader Course (JSMLC)

When:  March 21-25, 2022 (In-person)

Where:  DHHQ, Falls Church, Virginia (funded by applicant’s command)

Course Description:  The course is designed to enhance the preparation of medical leaders, senior O-5 to O-6, who have a high probability of being nominated as a JTF Surgeon, JTF Senior medical leader, or occupy a senior medical planning position in a joint environment. In addition, the course would be valuable for those serving in senior Service departments responsible for the training and preparing of forces for Joint operations and deployment.  JSMLC is a demanding, fast paced and interactive program. Speakers will include former JTF Commanders, JTF Surgeons, subject matter experts in major contingency and stability operations, interagency operations, and representatives of Joint Staff Directorates responsible for policy development at the highest levels in DOD.

Additional details here:

Medical Corps is allowed 3-4 seats per course.  Prospective applicants should send a CV and BIO to the Medical Corps Career Planner, CAPT Rhett Barrett, for MC nominations NLT January 14th.

Virtual Advanced Readiness Officer Courses (AROC)

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Two virtual AROC sessions are planned next year (Feb’22 and Aug’22).  OCONUS officers and those with extenuating circumstances will be given priority to these courses.  However, all eligible officers interested/available to participate are encouraged to apply for a student quota. Application info is in this document.

Advanced Readiness Officers Course (A-ROC)
Course TitleCourse NumberCourse Start DateCourse End DateNom Due Date
A-ROC22-30 Virtual14-Feb-2022 25-Feb-202227-Dec-2021
A-ROC22-80 Virtual15-Aug-202226-Aug-202227-Jun-2022

Virtual Healthcare Management Course – 10-13 JAN – O3/O4

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-Course dates:  10-13 Jan (Virtual)

-Nominations due NLT 11 Oct to CAPT Anthony Keller (contact info in the global)

-MC has 6 seats available.  Preference will be given to O-3 and O-4 officers with clinic level leadership interest.

-The JMESI Healthcare Management Course is a tri-Service training event designed for first time clinical supervisors. The course provides attendees with the administrative tools to successfully manage their clinical areas. Topics discussed include the following: Civilian Personnel, Contracting, Budgeting, Quality Management, tools available through the TRICARE Operations Center, Efficient Scheduling and Utilization Management, and more. Panel discussions allow the clinicians to ask direct questions and receive first-hand answers regarding management tools and practices that are or have the potential to impact the military healthcare management arena. Attendees participate in hands-on training with clinic administrative tools.

Systems Issues Affecting Record Updates and New Way to Add Degrees to Your OSR

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Thanks to all those who contacted me about this issue. This blog and the Promo Prep are truly crowdsourced. Here is the update from PERS:

“Due to recent NSIP/NES/OPINS server issues OSR/ODC updates are not happening until these issues are resolved. There is no estimated repair date at that this time. Any transcript sent since May 2021 is likely to not reflect until this issue is cleared. Please allow additional time for any education updates to reflect while techs continue to troubleshoot, contact MNCC for any updates, and submit Letters to Board if your OSR/ODC hasn’t updated. Please contact My Navy Career Center at or 1-833-330-6622 for routine business. This includes all matters with transcripts (with the exception of Navy-sponsored programs) and simple education record corrections.”

My takeaways:

  • If you can’t fix your record, don’t be surprised.
  • If you can’t fix your record, send a letter to the board.
  • In order to add degrees to your Officer Summary Record (OSR), send them to the My Navy Career Center (not the Joint Transcript Center). The instructions can be found on this page.

I’ll update the Promo Prep document as soon as I can, probably this weekend.

FY22 Leadership Course Catalog

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The annual Medical Corps leadership course catalog is here:

Please direct inquiries and applications to CAPT Anthony Keller (contact in the global) until 20 October 2021, then to the new Career Planner, CAPT Rhett Barrett (contact in the global) thereafter.