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April 2019 Global Health Engagement Professional Development Update and Two GHE Positions – O3-O5

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Here is a link to this publication. Note that it has two positions it is advertising with due dates for applications of tomorrow! Sorry, but I just got this. The positions and instructions are:

Interested candidates should submit their CV, BIO and letter of intent to their respective Corps Chief. Please ensure that your specialty leaders are aware you are applying for these billets. The deadline for applications is Friday, April 26th:

  • Health Security Cooperation Officer, NAVEUR/AF, Naples, Italy ‒ O-4 (+/-), 2XXX
    • New position, immediate fill
  • Chief of Operations, Defense Institute for Medical Operations (DIMO), Joint Base San Antonio, TX
    • O-3/O-4, 2XXX
    • Report immediately

March 2019 Global Health Engagement Professional Development Update

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This has Global Health Engagement updates, including how to request the Additional Qualification Designator (AQD):

GHE Professional Development Update 201903

Global Health Engagement Teleconference: The Building of an Enterprise – A Health Security Cooperation Framework to Support Regional Security and Stability

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Here’s a Navy Medicine Global Health Engagement (GHE) event that you can attend in person at the Defense Health Agency (DHA) or dial in to:

In-person location: DHA Pavilion, Salon C

When: 7/17/2018, 12:00 to 1:00 EST

Remote Attendees: Please dial 800-988-9572, Pass Code: 3667141

Two Senior Global Health Engagement (GHE) Positions – Senior O5/O6

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There are two positions available:

  1. Health Affairs Attache ­New Zealand – Please see the position description with the expected qualifications. It is open to senior O5/O6 officers. Training for the position will ideally commence early in 2018 with the individual in country by March 2018. This is a 3 year assignment.
  2. Director, Training and Professional Development, Center for Global Health Engagement, USUHS – This position is open to senior O5/O6 officers. The report date is targeted for Jan 2018, and more information on the position is found in the position description. It is also a 3 year assignment.

If you need info on the Global Health Engagement community, check here. The POC for questions regarding these positions is CDR Arcelia Wicker, Deputy Director for GHE at BUMED (e-mail address is in the global address book). All interested parties need Detailer/Specialty Leader concurrence and should forward a CV/BIO and letter of intent (LOI) to their Specialty Leader by 15 November. The goal is to have the individuals identified by December.

Director, Center for Global Health Engagement at USUHS – CAPT/CAPT(s) Only

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Here is the call to fill this position by 1 OCT 2017:

USUHS Request Memo – Nominations for CGHE Director

Candidates need to route their CV/BIO and letter of intent (including three references) to BUMED via their Specialty Leader by 20 June.

NOTE – All Navy nominations must come through BUMED.