New USU School of Medicine On-Line Faculty Appointment System

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The Uniformed Services University School of Medicine has a new on-line faculty appointment system. You can read about it in this newsletter:

Faculty Development Newsletter Apr 2018

You can see an on-line tutorial about how to use it here:

Faculty On-Line Appointment System

Brigade Commander, USUHS – O6 Only

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USUHS Brigade Commander is a position of significant leadership and impact within the Military Health System:

USUHS Brigade Commander Memo

Applicants should send a CV/BIO and letter of intent with three references to BUMED via their Specialty Leader by 19 June 2017. All applicants should have Specialty Leader and Detailer concurrence.

NOTE – Applications should not be sent directly to USUHS.

Director, Center for Global Health Engagement at USUHS – CAPT/CAPT(s) Only

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Here is the call to fill this position by 1 OCT 2017:

USUHS Request Memo – Nominations for CGHE Director

Candidates need to route their CV/BIO and letter of intent (including three references) to BUMED via their Specialty Leader by 20 June.

NOTE – All Navy nominations must come through BUMED.

New Online Application Process for USUHS Faculty Appointments

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The Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS) has a new process for applications for faculty appointments, summarized in this Powerpoint:

USUHS Faculty Appointment PPT Go-By

Here are some forms you’ll need:

Program Director & Command Endorsement Template Letter for USU Faculty Appointment


USUHS Request for Civilian or Military Faculty Action

Two USUHS Chair Positions Available – Military/Emergency Medicine and Prev Med/Biostatistics

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The details are in these documents.  Nominations are through Specialty Leaders, so contact your Specialty Leader ASAP if you are interested in either position:

Military & Emergency Medicine

Prev Med & Biostats

Associate Dean of Clinical Sciences Position at USUHS – CAPT/CAPT(s) Only

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If you are interested in this position, contact your Specialty Leader or Detailer.  The announcement is here.  It would need to be filled in early to mid-2017:

Directly supervises 360 junior officers in the Army, Navy, Air Force and Public Health Service.  Coordinates the School of Medicine’s curriculum and educational programs in the third and fourth years, monitors academic performance in the third- and fourth-year students, and assists fourth-year students in their preparation for Graduate Medical Education applications and selection. Responsible for the School of Medicine’s academic standard in the clinical sciences, as well as personal and professional growth and development of individual students throughout their third and fourth years.  Serves on standing committees that directly affect students, to include the Curriculum Committee, Student Promotions Committee, and Board on Review for Interservice Transfers.