BUMEDNOTE 1410 – Application Procedures for FY19 Career Milestone Screening Board

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Here are the documents you need in order to apply for Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and Officer-in-Charge (OIC) positions:


FY19 Milestone Opportunities

With superior performance in these positions, CMOs and OICs make O6. It is that simple. Plus, by applying for these positions you get to compete Navy-wide, not just at your command like many director-level positions like DMS, DSS, MEC Chair, etc.

In other words, if you are a senior O4, O5, or O6 who wants to assume leadership positions in Navy Medicine, this is your chance. Apply.

Specialty Leader Business Meeting Slides – Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Brief

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Over the next 1-2 weeks, I’m going to post the slides from the Specialty Leader Business Meeting that was held the day after the GME Selection Board finished. Here are the slides that talk about the new clinical communities and Chief Medical Officer role, which I strongly encourage any interested senior LCDRs or CDRs to apply for. I strongly believe that a successful CMO will make CAPT:

CMO Specialty Leader Brief

FY19 Promo Board Schedule

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You can find the FY19 promotion board schedule here.  Of note for Medical Corps officers:

Board #170 – Active O­6 Staff – 6­ Feb­ 2018

Board #265 – Active O­5 Staff – 27 ­Mar 20­18

Board #300 – Active O­4 Staff – 15­ May 20­18

Board #404 – Medical Dept Career Milestone Screen – 25 ­Jul 20­18

Board #405 – Medical Dept Command Screen – 25 ­Jul 20­18

Outside the Box Opportunities

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Here are the slides for a lecture on “Outside the Box Opportunities” that I gave at the 2017 Transition to Practice Symposium at NMCSD for all the graduating residents and fellows:

Outside the Box Opportunities

Topics covered include:

Here is a video podcast:

Navy Medicine FY18 Milestone Opportunities

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Here is a document that lists all of the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and Officer-in-Charge (OIC) opportunities:

FY18 Milestone Opportunities

Here is the post with the application procedures:

FY18 Officer-in-Charge (OIC) and Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Application Information

Navy Medicine East Chief Medical Officer – O6

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Here is the position description for the Navy Medicine East CMO.  This is an O-6 position.  Nominees should be prepared to be in the Tidewater region in April/May 2017 timeframe for turnover.  Interested parties should submit their CV/BIO/LOI/OSR/PSR and last 3 fitreps to their Specialty Leader by 4 Jan 2017 for consideration.