Why Board Certification and Other Pays Probably Will Not Increase Until FY22

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I have received a lot of questions about why Board Certification Pay and potentially other pays will probably not increase until FY22. The short answer is below, and I need to point out that all the services are saying the same thing right now, for the reasons spelled out below. The Navy is not unique here.

The pay plan is essentially a continuous evolution. As soon as the FY21 plan is signed (which just happened), the planning for the FY22 plan begins. The services’ play plans are based on the DoD pay plan. For example, in FY21 the DoD plan was worked on for months and then signed on 27 AUG 2020. Then months of planning began on the Navy pay plan. Each service has the latitude to pay “up to” the maximum pays that the DoD plan sets. In other words, just because NDAA 21 raised maximum pays, this doesn’t mean that the services are going to automatically pay them. In other words, now that NDAA 21 was just passed, it will take time for DoD and then the services to adjust the pay plans. This will likely happen with the FY22 plan. Could it happen sooner than FY22? I supposed anything is possible, but the pay planning and budgeting processes are not quick.

In the MC Chief’s Office, we advocate extensively for maximum pays whenever possible, and that is part of the reason why the pay plan has taken so long to come out the last 2 years. We will continue to advocate the best we can for maximal pays.

NDAA 21 Conference Report Update – Special Pay Changes Were Included

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The NDAA 21 conference report is here:

If you go to page 756 of the PDF, you’ll see a section titled, “SEC. 612. INCREASE IN SPECIAL AND INCENTIVE PAYS FOR OFFICERS IN HEALTH PROFESSIONS.” I’ve been getting a lot of questions about it, but I’m a little hesitant to comment, answer questions, or get too excited until we see if this gets signed and how it plays out. In addition, as you can read below, President Trump is threatening to veto it.

Here’s a link to a Military Times article about the NDAA conference report:

Fate of sweeping military personnel policies, family support plans rests on Trump’s veto threat

MTF Transition Update from ASD(HA) and DHA

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Here is the message from the ASD(HA):

MHS Team:

As you know, we have been on a temporary pause in our implementation plan to transition the administration and management of military medical treatment facilities from the Military Departments to the Defense Health Agency. Yesterday, the Secretary lifted this pause and directed that we continue implementation of the transition in accordance with Section 702 of the FY2017 National Defense Authorization Act. Attached you will find yesterday’s guidance from the Secretary (note that I did not attach this as I was uncomfortable putting a SECDEF memo on a blog, but you can see it here if you have a CAC reader and can log onto MilSuite).

I am confident we will achieve this important Military Health System milestone through collaboration between the DHA and the Military Departments with a continued focus on sustaining a ready medical force and a medically ready force while supporting our 9.6 million beneficiaries across the globe.

— Tom

Here is the message from DHA:

This week we received guidance from both the Secretary of Defense and the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs to resume the transition of MTF administration and management from the Military Departments (MILDEPs) to the DHA in support of our implementation plan. Paraphrasing the Secretary, he charged DHA with three priorities: ensuring the delivery of high-quality health care, utilize the MTFs as much as possible for readiness workload, and ensuring the medical readiness of the force. We must work collaboratively with our colleagues in the Services to implement a smooth and successful transition while ensuring safe, high-quality care for our 9.6 million beneficiaries.  You can read the complete memorandum from the Secretary of Defense here: