Executive Director, DHA Vision Center of Excellence – Falls Church, VA

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Please see the PD for this position below. Even though it says O6 only, I would say an O5 could apply as this is not the first time we’ve tried to fill this position (if you get my drift):

Applications are due to CAPT Anthony Keller (contact in the global) by 12 MAR 2021.  Applications should include a letter of intent (LOI), CV, military biography, PDF of the Officer Summary Record (OSR), and PDF of the Performance Summary Record (PSR).  All applicants should have the Detailer’s clearance to apply.

Throwback Thursday Classic Post: Military Hospital Transformation – Introducing the Market Construct

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Here’s a link to this article, which I think is still relevant now that the once paused DHA transition has resumed. Reading this will help you better understand the future construct of the Military Health System:

Military Hospital Transformation – Introducing the Market Construct

HEDIS Working Group DHA Committee Members Needed

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DHA is currently looking for motivated providers in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and/or Nursing from all three Services to serve on a newly formed working group within the Primary Care Clinical Community. The HEDIS Working Group will identify patient-centered, evidenced-based improvement initiatives that directly lead to improved patient outcomes, then collaborate on their implementation across the Enterprise.  Essentially, they want to find which HEDIS metrics make the biggest difference to patients’ health, then determine how to best implement leading practices at the clinic level that ultimately lead to improved health outcomes reflected in the HEDIS metrics.  Ideal candidates should have an interest in HEDIS metrics, process improvement, and provider/patient education.

Group goals include meeting at least one to two times per quarter (over Microsoft Teams or the currently approved video conference platform) to identify metrics of interest, work with MTF HEDIS Champions to identify commands leading and struggling at identified metrics, identify leading practices to implement chosen metrics, and then promulgate to the MTFs with further reassessment to analyze success in outcomes and sustainment.  Interested individuals or anyone with questions should contact CDR Kathleen M. Donahue (contact in the global) by 26 Feb 2021. 

MTF Transition Update from ASD(HA) and DHA

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Here is the message from the ASD(HA):

MHS Team:

As you know, we have been on a temporary pause in our implementation plan to transition the administration and management of military medical treatment facilities from the Military Departments to the Defense Health Agency. Yesterday, the Secretary lifted this pause and directed that we continue implementation of the transition in accordance with Section 702 of the FY2017 National Defense Authorization Act. Attached you will find yesterday’s guidance from the Secretary (note that I did not attach this as I was uncomfortable putting a SECDEF memo on a blog, but you can see it here if you have a CAC reader and can log onto MilSuite).

I am confident we will achieve this important Military Health System milestone through collaboration between the DHA and the Military Departments with a continued focus on sustaining a ready medical force and a medically ready force while supporting our 9.6 million beneficiaries across the globe.

— Tom

Here is the message from DHA:

This week we received guidance from both the Secretary of Defense and the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs to resume the transition of MTF administration and management from the Military Departments (MILDEPs) to the DHA in support of our implementation plan. Paraphrasing the Secretary, he charged DHA with three priorities: ensuring the delivery of high-quality health care, utilize the MTFs as much as possible for readiness workload, and ensuring the medical readiness of the force. We must work collaboratively with our colleagues in the Services to implement a smooth and successful transition while ensuring safe, high-quality care for our 9.6 million beneficiaries.  You can read the complete memorandum from the Secretary of Defense here: