Useful Documents

AQD 67A – Executive Medicine How-To Guide

AQD 67B – Expeditionary Medicine Requirements

AQDs (Complete List)

AQDs (Medical Only)

Bio – Military Template

Board Certification and Maintenance of Certification Reimbursement Instruction

Career Intermission Pilot Program Guidelines

Community Brief FY17

CV – Personal Template

CV – USU Format Template

Fitrep Word Template to Optimize NAVFIT98 Block 41 Spacing

GI Bill OPNAVINST – Transfer of Benefits Instructions

Leadership Course Catalog FY18

Letter of Intent (LOI) Template

Medical Corps Career Progression

Medical Corps Career Roadmap

NAVPERS 1301-85 – Officer Personnel Action Request

Officer Data Card (ODC) – Definitions and Explanations – 2017

Officer Data Card (ODC) – POCs for Fixing ODC – 2013

Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) NAVADMIN

Orders – How to Find on NSIPS

Pay Chart – 2017

PRD Extension Request Template

Promotion Board Letter Word Template

Promotion Board – Sample Letter to a Promotion Board

Promotion Board Correspondence FAQs

Promotion Boards – MILPERSMAN 1420-010 – Communication with Officer Promotion Selection Boards

Resignation – MILPERSMAN 1920-190 – Types of Resignations by Officers

Resignation – MILPERSMAN 1920-200 – Officer Resignation Procedures

Resignation – Sample Endorsement

Resignation – Sample Request

Retirement – Sample Request

Service Schools (Complete List)

Service Schools (Medical Only)

Subspecialty Codes

USUHS Retirement Credit

War College Cheat Sheet 2015

White House Fellowship Instruction

4 thoughts on “Useful Documents

    […] That’s it!  If you’re looking for templates for your request, you can find them here. […]


    […] Every nominative position requires you to submit a CV, military bio, and letter of intent (LOI), so I always have these documents ready.  People are always e-mailing me and asking for templates, so here are some Word documents you can use as you see fit.  I’ll also put them in the Useful Documents page. […]


    Badger said:
    August 9, 2017 at 07:42

    Love the website! USe it all the time, and am subscribed to it. Thanks for all the great information, and your analysis on it.


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