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Navy Medicine West Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO) – O4-O6

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BUMED is looking to fill the Navy Medicine West CMIO position in the summer of 2019. The position description (PD) is available here.

Interested candidates should be in their PCS window and can submit their CV, Bio, and Letter of Intent to the incumbent (CDR David Paz – address in the global and in the PD) no later than 11 JAN 2019.

Navy Medicine East Chief Medical Informatics Officer (CMIO) – O4-O6

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Here is the position description for the Navy Medicine East (NME) Chief Medical Informatics Officer (CMIO) position.

Desired characteristics include:

  • Medical Corps Officer
  • O­4 or higher
  • Eligible to be stationed in Portsmouth, VA in summer 2019 (need to be in PCS window)

Applicants should submit their CV, Bio and Letter of Intent to the incumbent NME CMIO, CDR Michelle Perkins (e-mail is in the Outlook global address book) no later than close of business on 21 JAN 2019.

How to Evaluate the Promotion Potential of a Billet/Position

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Recently I advertised the USUHS Commandant position. A reader asked:

Any thoughts on whether you think this is a position that would make an O5 competitive for O6?

This is a common issue. A position is advertised, but you want to know if it will help get your promoted to O5 or O6 if you take it. Here is how I’d evaluate that situation.

First, you need to contact the incumbent in that position now, if possible. You’re going to need information that they have.

Now that you’ve contacted that person, you need to ask them some questions:

  • Did they or anyone before them promote to O5/O6 while they were in the position or shortly thereafter? In other words, has taking the position led to promotion for those who’ve already done it? If the answer is yes, that is telling and indicative that the position advances people’s careers. If the answer is no, you should probably look elsewhere for a career advancing position.
  • How large is their competitive group on their fitreps? You want a position with a large competitive group so that you can perform well and break out to the right with MP and EP fitreps. Competitive EP fitreps are probably the #1 most important ingredient for successful promotion, so if the position has a small competitive group or leads to a 1/1 fitrep, it would be a mark against that position’s potential to get you promoted.
  • Were they able to get EP fitreps? They might not tell you this, but if they are willing to give you this info it can help you gauge the potential for you to get EP fitreps while doing the job.
  • What do your mentors think about you taking the position? We all need mentors, and I always ask mine what they think when a potential position is in my crosshairs. If they don’t think it is a good idea, I usually pass on it.

That’s it. Those are the things I’d look at when trying to evaluate whether or not a position will help you get promoted. Most of the information needs to come from the incumbent or people who have previously done the job.

Ft. Belvoir Director for Education, Training, and Research – O5/O6

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This is a Board of Directors level position at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital in the National Capital Region. They are seeking an O-5/O-6 to serve as their Director for Education, Training, and Research. Requested report date is May 2019, and candidates should be in the window for PCS orders.

Here is a document with further details:


Despite what it says in the document above, all applications have to go through the Medical Corps Chief’s Office at BUMED. Submit applications there via your Specialty Leader NLT 5 October 2018.

Marine Forces Reserve Surgeon – O6 with USMC Experience

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BLUF – This is a new senior leadership billet for an O-6 in the PCS window. The report date is Jan 2019 to New Orleans. The position description is here:


Here are some more details:

Job: MARFORRES Force Surgeon (3 Star staff)

Location: New Orleans

Fill date: Jan 2019

Requirements: 0-6 Medical Corps with USMC experience

This is a nominative position that will be vetted by the Council of Corps Chiefs and
approved by the SG. Officers must have enough time on station at their current duty
station to execute a PCS move. If you are unsure, check with your Detailer.

All interested officers need to send CDR Melissa Austin and/or CAPT Christopher Quarles a CV and Bio no later than 28 Sept 2018. Both their e-mail addresses are in the global.

USU Assistant Dean for Clinical Sciences – CDR(sel) or Above

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The details of the position are here:

USUHS Assistant Dean for Clinical Sciences

You need to be able to show up by 1 MAY 2019.

Despite what is says in the above document, the deadline for interested applicants is 15 SEPT 2018 via your Specialty Leader. The original deadline was extended.