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Navy Medicine West Director for Process Improvement Position

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The Navy Medicine West (NMW) Director for Process Improvement position is available. Potential applicants must be available immediately, so interested applicants need to coordinate with their Detailer prior to submitting applications if a PCS is involved. This PDF contains a list of necessary qualifications. Any interested applicant should
submit a CV/BIO/LOI to CDR Frank Mullens at BUMED with Specialty Leader and Detailer concurrence.

CAPT Christopher Cornelissen, Chief Medical Officer for NMW, is available to answer questions about the position and can be reached on the global e-mail directory.


Uniformed Services University – Associate Dean, Recruitment and Admissions

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Here is the solicitation for nominations for USU Associate Dean, Recruitment and Admissions.  Requirements for the position are contained in the PDF, and the report date is no later than 1 July 2018.  All applications must be routed through your Specialty Leader to BUMED by 17 July.  Applications must contain CV, BIO, and a letter of intent (LOI) with three references.  The Navy nominee will come from the Surgeon General to USU, so self­-nomination directly to USU is not allowed.

Brigade Commander, USUHS – O6 Only

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USUHS Brigade Commander is a position of significant leadership and impact within the Military Health System:

USUHS Brigade Commander Memo

Applicants should send a CV/BIO and letter of intent with three references to BUMED via their Specialty Leader by 19 June 2017. All applicants should have Specialty Leader and Detailer concurrence.

NOTE – Applications should not be sent directly to USUHS.

Director, Center for Global Health Engagement at USUHS – CAPT/CAPT(s) Only

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Here is the call to fill this position by 1 OCT 2017:

USUHS Request Memo – Nominations for CGHE Director

Candidates need to route their CV/BIO and letter of intent (including three references) to BUMED via their Specialty Leader by 20 June.

NOTE – All Navy nominations must come through BUMED.

Director, Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute – CAPT/CAPT(s)

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Here is the announcement looking for the next Director of the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute. Any interested parties should send their CV/BIO/Letter of Intent and three references to CDR Frank Mullens (in the BUMED global address book) for consideration. The report no later than date is June 2018. All applicants should have Specialty Leader/Detailer concurrence.

NOTE – applicants are not to submit an application directly to USU. All nominees from the Navy must come from BUMED.

Family Medicine/Operational Detailer Position Available Now – Millington, TN – O4-O6

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As a recovering Detailer, I strongly encourage anyone looking to promote to O6 consider this position.  Here is the announcement:

Family Practice and Operational Detailer position available now! Seeking LCDRs, CDRs, or CAPTs eligible to move in the summer of 2017. All specialties eligible.

  1. Career Enhancing: ever heard of a detailer that did not make CAPT? We haven’t. This is a high-visibility job that will give you career diversification.
  2. Make a difference: as a detailer assigning positions and providing career counseling, you have the opportunity to positively affect member’s lives and change policy at a high level.
  3. Take a break. Ever thought about life without call or weekend shifts? Remember those things called “3 day weekends” you had back in elementary school?
  4. Stay clinical. All 3 physician detailers stay clinically active.
  5. Memphis! Living in Memphis, the home of the blues, the birthplace of Rock n Roll, and the biggest city in Tennessee, is a blast. Urban offerings (museums, restaurants, night-life, zoo), history (Civil War, Music), outdoor activities (running, hiking, camping, road-biking, canoeing, etc.), and food options (BBQ, Jack Daniels whiskey) abound. Check out this website:
  6. Kids? Live cheaply in a gorgeous neighborhood with one of the best school districts in Tennessee. ( (
  7. Single? Exciting downtown Memphis is only 20 minutes away from Navy Personnel Command.
  8. Spouse? The job market is excellent for spouses in Memphis Tennessee.

If interested, the POC is listed in this Detailing Position Announcement.

Associate Dean, Academic Operations and Student Management, San Antonio – O6 Position

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Here is a position description of this position.  Any interested party needs to apply to CDR Frank Mullens (BUMED Policy & Practice Officer, contact info in the global address book) with Specialty Leader and Detailer concurrence.  You need to include your CV and last 3 fitreps.