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Hot Fill – O6 Deputy to N17 (21st Century Sailor Office)

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This is an opportunity for a CAPT/CAPT(s) to step outside the usual Navy Medicine lifelines and have a major impact on the Navy. OPNAV N17 (this would be CNO staff) is looking for a Deputy for RDML Sobeck, Director of the 21st Century Sailor program.

This is very short fuse, anyone who is interested (and in their PCS window) should reach out to CDR Melissa Austin at BUMED (contact is in the global) ASAP.

Three Global Health Engagement Positions Available – O4-O6

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Three GHE billets that are coming available in summer of 2020. Position descriptions and requirements are below:

  1. Director, Office of Global Health Engagement, BUMED: open to an O-6 from any Corps; duty station is Falls Church, VA.
  2. Deputy Director, Office of Global Health Engagement, BUMED: open to an O-4/O-5 from any Corps; duty station is Falls Church, VA.
  3. Chief, Lessons Learned, NATO: open to Medical Corps O-4/O-5/O-6; duty station is Budapest, Hungary.

Officers must be in their PCS window and have Detailer concurrence to apply.

Medical Corps applications are due to CDR Melissa Austin (contact info is in the global) NLT Oct 15, 2019.

New Process to Get Non-Specialty Specific Medical Corps Billets/Positions – Due 16 SEPT 2019

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PERS has come up with a new process for Medical Corps Officers to apply for positions/billets that are not specific to any one specialty. Pay attention to this! These are the kind of senior leadership jobs that get you promoted.

The new process is described in this PDF:

MC Non-Specialty Specific Billets Booklet

These are the files that give details on the positions and the file you need to use to apply:

Shared 2100 Billet Job Descriptions

Non-Specialty Specific Billet Rank Submission 2020

Call for 2020 SECDEF Executive Fellows – O5/O6

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The NAVADMIN that announces this program mentions multiple fellowships, but Staff Corps officers are only eligible for the Secretary of Defense Executive Fellowship. Here’s the link:

Senior O5/O6 Position in Medical Inspector General Office – Bethesda, MD

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This is an opportunity to have enterprise-wide impact and see the world as part of the Office of the Medical Inspector General. A Captain is preferred, but a senior Commander will be considered. The desired report date is Fall of 2019. The position
description is here. The incumbent is CAPT Timothy Wilks (contact info in the global) if there are questions.

Applications are due (with Detailer/Specialty Leader concurrence) to the Corps Chief’s office NLT August 1, 2019. Please send to CDR Melissa Austin (contact info in the global).

Medical Corps Career Planner at BUMED – CAPT/CAPT(sel)

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Billet Title: Career Planner, Office of the Medical Corps Chief, BUMED

Location: Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, Defense Health Headquarters,
Falls Church, VA

Rank: O6/O6-select

Corps: Medical Corps

Tour Length: 36 months (beginning JAN-FEB 2020)

Mission: Mentor and guide all USN Medical corps officers providing leadership and career development support and guidance. Integral to selecting and maintaining a competent and professional Medical Corps which is valued by the organization and meets the needs of the mission and the strategic goals of readiness, health, and partnerships.

Functions: Mentors and provides leadership development opportunities for Medical Corps Officers. Serve as president of the Professional Review Board, responsible for accessions of MC Officers via FAP/TMS/DA pathways. Responsible for reviewing litigation reports quality assurance reports in determination of NPDB reporting. Plans and coordinates the annual USN MC GME/Operational Intern Road Show.  Medical Corps Chief Office liaison to all other Corps Career Planners and Leadership/Career Development Working Groups. Subject matter expert on accession issues pertinent to MC Officers. Serves as member of multiple councils and boards including Medical Education Planning Council and HPSP selection boards.  Provides regular AMDOC, ODS, and command-requested briefings relative to the Medical Corps.

Command Relations: Ability to communicate effectively to a 1 or 2 Star Admiral on a regular basis.

Experience Required: Highly recommended to have: Knowledge of Department of Defense, Navy, Navy Medical Corps policies and instructions and policies of other Federal entities as needed; Experience with recruitment, retention, promotion, and sustainment of Medical Corps Officers; Proficient networking, written and oral communication, and public speaking skills.

Other: Time available to perform clinical work at multiple MTFs in the National Capital Region.  Time available to travel for CME. TAD travel possible throughout the year for Medical Corps Chief related events.

POC: CAPT Chris Quarles (contact info is in the global) by 29 JUL 2019 with Specialty
Leader and Detailer concurrence. All candidates must be eligible for PCS orders. Preferred report date is JAN 2020.

Career Planner Position Description

NOTE: CV, BIO, and Letter of Intent needed for application.  All candidates must be eligible for PCS orders.

Department Head, Operational Forces Medical Liaison Services – NMC Portsmouth – O5-O6

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The details of the position are in this position description. Applications are to be submitted to CDR Kerry Hudson (address is in the global) by 4 MAR.