eNavFit Resources and Training Module Updates

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What is eNavFit?

eNavFit is the Navy’s new interface for conducting evaluations and fitness reports. It is now available for all Sailors (Reserve and Active Components). As a replacement for NAVFIT98A, eNavFit is the initial step in transforming the Navy’s performance evaluation process and serves as a bridge to future improvements. eNavFit is hosted on Navy Personnel Command Document Services via BUPERS Online (BOL). NAVFIT98A will continue to be accepted through FY22; however, maximum adoption of eNavFit is HIGHLY encouraged.

First Steps

  • Reporting seniors: Acknowledge your role. This step must be completed FIRST. It is only required once per command/rank. Refer to Module 3 at the information link below. If this step is not completed, the reporting senior will not be found in the interface.
  • All hands: Verify and update your email in BOL. To do this, login to BOL and select “Update Info” at the top. Notifications from eNavFit will go to that email, and it is also the email by which your command can find you in the eNavFit interface. BOL updates every Saturday. 
  • All administrative personnel: Familiarize yourself with all of the training materials at the information link below so that you can help your command with eNavFit. ​


Many resources are available, and more are forthcoming. These resources are where you should come first to answer questions while using eNavFit.

1. Start by downloading the comprehensive eNavFit User Guide Version 2.0 (updated 21 April 2022). Also check out the eNavFit FAQs (updated 15 June 2022) and the eNavFit Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices (updated 15 June 2022). 

2. NEW resource: If you anticipate using eNavFit in an area with intermittent or no Internet access, download this brief to understand the basics of eNavFit’s intermittent and disconnected operations. This brief is also what the eNavFit team is using for training on every Friday in May and June 2022 (1100 PDT / 1300 CDT / 1400 EDT). You can join that training via Flank Speed Teams (see the instructions at information link below) or you can call in (1-410-874-6751, passcode 226 637 341#). If you call in, it would be helpful for you to have the brief open in front of you during the session. 

3. Also be sure to download the most recent Navy Performance Evaluation System Manual, BUPERSINST 1610.10F.4. Then, view the eNavFit training tutorial videos at the information link below, offered in both YouTube and DVIDS platforms (use DVIDS if you do not have YouTube access).

4. Then, view the eNavFit training tutorial videos at the information link below, offered in both YouTube and DVIDS platforms (use DVIDS if you do not have YouTube access).

The information above, access to training, and more can be found here:

May Sailor-to-Sailor Newsletter

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Shipmates around the world!

Your MyNAVY HR Team is proud to bring you another informative “Sailor-to-Sailor” newsletter.  But it’s only informative if you click the link and read the news we bring you every month.  In this edition we’re focusing on PCS season and how to reduce your stress level.  Want some extra cash in your pocket?  Check out the story on the Navy Spouse licensure and certification program.  And how about a salute to our Asian American/Pacific Islander shipmates; May is the month we honor you!

This link is your gateway to enlightenment:

Need more enticing?  Other stories in this month’s edition include:
– How the Selected Reserve Can Kickstart Your Transition to Civilian Life
– The Warrior Toughness Smartphone App: Fortifying Toughness
– Navy Personnel Command Announces Refocus on Mid-Term Counseling
– Navy Civilians Get a Lifeline to Navigate Their Career
– NPC PACT Team changes Lives for 313 Newly-Rated Sailors in Japan

Again, for all the news you can use, click here:

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February Sailor-to-Sailor Newsletter

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The February Sailor-to-Sailor newsletter is here…HOORAY!  This month we spotlight eNavFit, extending boot camp from 8 to 10 weeks, and the new and improved Retention Excellence Awards program.  This issue also recognizes Black History Month and has details on where and when you can catch our next MyNavy HR Town Hall.  Here’s a hint, it’s tomorrow!

This link will take you right to the newsletter:

Other stories in this month’s edition include:
–       Sailors to Truckers, a Transition Opportunity
–       Navy Acculturation App for Navy Civilian Employees available in the Navy App Locker

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More eNavFit (New Fitrep/Eval System) Info

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Here’s some info I thought you might find useful or interesting that was sent to me:

eNavFit is not changing how performance is evaluated, it is just streamlining the process behind reporting. Despite being an interim change, eNavFit boasts many benefits for the Navy and its Sailors including electronic routing and submission, digital signature, validation and CUI/PII reductions.

There are 4 roles:
Rater (R), Senior Rater (SR), Reporting Senior (RS), and Trusted Agent (TA) – generally Admin Officer/Senior Admin staff; you may have more than 1 trusted agent. The Trusted Agents are like your Command Leave Administrators, they are designated in writing by the RS. They will have the ability to see all correspondence being reported on a Sailor’s performance in eNAVFIT, and be able to make adjustment and administrative changes, but will not have signature authority. All other roles will have the usual responsibilities.

If a command completes individual “appraisals” the TA gets to see it once the RS is assigned; similar appraisals that meet the same criteria, i.e., ending date, paygrade or type of report will automatically roll up into that summary group once created – in this regard, eNAVFIt will ensure appraisals for personnel TAD, recent check in, etc., are not forgotten and are added to that summary group, the TA will also ensure accuracy.

Helpful Hints
– Sailors need to update their email addresses in BOL to their official NAVY EMAIL ADDRESS – this helps the eNavFit notification and search features to function properly.
– BOL will timeout after being idle for approximately 15 minutes. Users operating eNavFit will need to stay active in BOL or will be forced to login again.
– Navigation note: When starting an appraisal or summary group, users can use the “next” or “back” buttons or click on the tab names that are at the top of the screen (Your Information, Reporting Senior, Summary Group, Members, Reviewers, etc.). When reviewing an appraisal or summary group, users can click on the tabs on the left-hand side to navigate through the various sections of the appraisal.
– eNavFit will highlight errors in red, and if all information is entered correctly, will show in green. This will help to ensure accuracy.
– Additional reviewers can be added, based on specific command structure. See the user guide for detailed instructions.
– The eNavFit interface allows the user to input the DODID or email address (must be in BOL) in the field when searching for members to add to a summary group.
– When searching for an Admin Assistant (Trusted Agent), the name must be entered as: Last Name First Name without a comma, and with a space between the Last Name and First Name (i.e. “Smith John”).
– When a member is verifying/reviewing their appraisal, the interface allows the user to enter any missing information and provides input descriptions that correspond to the EVAL/FITREP form blocks as hover-over text.

BUPERSINST 1610.10E is being updated to reflect changes that will accompany the deployment of eNavFit as well as training materials such as a User Guide, Tutorial Videos, and Quick Reference Cards. Additional information can be found at:

Videos below and attachment are other source of information.

Vid 1
Module One: Understanding The Essentials

Vid 2
Module Two: eNavFit Accessing the Interface

Vid 3
Module Three: eNavFit Reporting Senior Acknowledgement

Vid 4
Module Four: eNavFit Appointing a Trusted Agent

Vid 5
Module Five: eNavFit Online Summary Group Creation

Vid 6
Module Six: eNavFit Routing Reports & Reviewer Inputs

NAVFIT98A Issues on NMCI Computers

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Here is the issue and work around from Navy Personnel Command:


It appears as though NMCI has implemented new network access restrictions that have negatively impacted NAVFIT98A functionality. From what NWIC/SPAWAR has determined, NAVFIT98A is unable to open the ACCESS database residing on a network server location. This is not a NAVFIT98A issue, it is an NMCI-driven privilege and/or permissions issue.

However, we have identified a workaround. For your NAVFIT98A to function properly, you must:

  1. Copy the NAVFIT98A ACCESS database file from the network and put it on the local machine’s hard drive.
  2. Launch NAVFIT98A and open the database file that was copied to the local machine’s hard drive and perform your NAVFIT98A-related work.
  3. Once you have completed your NAVFIT98A-related work, the ACCESS database file can be copied back to the original network server location for storage thereby enabling the next NAVFIT98A user to gain access to that data by repeating the steps outlined above.
    Until NMCI changes this new network privilege/permissions restriction, NAVFIT98A will only be able to open database files that reside on the local machine hard drive.

New Fitrep Instruction

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This NAVADMIN announces the new fitrep instruction and talks about the transition from NAVFIT98 to the new eNAVFIT system. Reading the NAVADMIN, it will take some time to see how the changes play out. Reportedly the eNAVFIT will hit the Reserves this month, but Active Duty in “early 2022.” As of when I’m typing this on 1 DEC 2021, the updated instruction isn’t posted on the website referenced (or at least it isn’t easy to find). A Google search did not locate it either.

Here is an info sheet about eNAVFIT:

I did note this section of the NAVADMIN that seems to be most relevant to those writing fitreps using an N code for a PFA:

    f.  Incorporates changes clarifying the use and what can be included in 
the comments section for the *N* code, Block 20, Physical Fitness Assessment 
Code, for pregnant service members. 
        (1) If using the *N* code because of pregnancy, no directed comment 
should be used in the performance comment section. 
        (2) Do not quote from medical reports or summaries and do not include 
comments pertaining to medical issues (physical and/or psychological, e.g. 
pregnancy, post-partum, etc.) that do not affect the members performance of 
duties and/or his or her effectiveness as a leader. 

There will be more to follow on this, I’m sure.

Talent Management Task Force and eNAVFIT NAVADMIN

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If you want the latest on the new fitrep system (to hit Active Duty early in 2022), read this NAVADMIN:

R 241616Z NOV 21 MID600051218314U 
NAVADMIN 267/21 
RMKS/1.  Dominance of the maritime domain requires innovation and forward 
thinking.  With investments in platforms, weapons and technologies to meet 
evolving operational conditions, it is imperative that we invest in our most 
essential warfighting asset, our people.  Talent management and modern 
development approaches are required to attract, develop, train and retain the 
best and fully qualified Sailors in our Navy. 
2.  To meet this challenge Navy Personnel Command (NPC) has established the 
Talent Management Task Force (TMTF) to launch a series of Performance 
Evaluation Transformation and Talent Management (PET-TM) programs and 
initiatives.  The TMTF is divided into four talent management lines of 
operation:  Talent Development and Retention, Performance Management, 
Succession Planning and Career Development and Management.  The TMTF end 
state is to ensure effective Sailor development that retains the best and 
fully qualified Sailors, in the right assignments, to maximize the 
warfighting effectiveness of the Navy. 
3.  TMTF is working on five key PET-TM programs and initiatives briefly 
described below, which will be implemented in the coming months and years. 
    a.  eNavFit.  As a replacement to NAVFIT98A, this online and offline web-
enabled performance appraisal interface will be available for both connected 
and disconnected operations.  Access will be through BUPERS Online (BOL) and 
NPC document services to support online evaluation and fitness report 
drafting, routing, review and submission.  eNavFit will further serve as a 
bridge toward the larger long-term goal of a fully transformed performance 
evaluation system concurrent with the fielding of Navy Personnel and Pay 
System (NP2) full operational capability.  Leveraging TMTF collaboration with 
Fleet and TYCOMs, follow-on studies are in progress at Naval Postgraduate 
School to ensure future changes to the performance evaluation system are 
directly related to job performance.  Additionally, TMTF will study various 
attributes of an evaluation to include duration of reports, numerical grades, 
promotion recommendations and distinct rankings/breakouts. 
    b.  Update to BUPERSINST 1610.10F, Navy Performance Evaluation 
System.  An update to BUPERSINST 1610.10F incorporates the inclusion of 
eNavFit, rescinds administrative change requests to be submitted within two 
years of the performance evaluation end date, introduces the use of coaching 
skills to performance counseling conversations and mandates the completion of 
mid-term performance counseling. 
    c.  Mid-term performance counseling.  The initiative clarifies the 
requirement to conduct timely mid-term performance counseling, provides 
training, encourages the use of coaching behaviors and introduces the 
Military Individual Development Plan (NAVPERS 1610/19) and Mid-term 
Performance Counseling Checklist (NAVPERS 1610/20). 
    d.  MyNavy Coaching.  MyNavy Coaching is an initiative to build and 
sustain a coaching culture within the Navy.  MyNavy Coaching is focused on 
active listening, empathy and asking powerful questions for Sailors to engage 
in peer-to-peer coaching conversations. 
    e.  Navy Command Leadership Assessment and Selection Program 
(NCLASP).  NCLASP is an effort to create a more effective process to select 
future Navy leaders by including psychological assessments, cognitive 
aptitude tests, communication skills, and personality attributes known to be 
associated with effective leadership into the leadership selection 
process.  To date, Navy Expeditionary Combat Command, Naval Special Warfare 
and Naval Submarine Force communities have participated in NCLASP pilots to 
select future leaders. Lessons learned from these pilots will pave the way 
for a comprehensive roll out across other communities with a program tailored 
to the unique needs of each TYCOM while maintaining the gold standards of 
personnel selection science. 
4.  eNavFit will be the first PET-TM initiative to be released. 
eNavFit consolidates the functionality of NAVFIT98A into a web-enabled 
performance evaluation.  Sailors will be able to draft, electronically submit 
and sign performance evaluations for submission to the Sailors official 
military personnel file in a matter of days.  The functionality of eNavFit 
will improve report accuracy, timeliness and quality as well as reduce 
evaluation processing, submission errors and routing delays.  NPC will deploy 
eNavFit to the Reserve Component in December 2021 and deploy to the Active 
Component in early 2022.  BUPERSINST 1610.10F will be released soon and will 
include policy for eNavFit. 
5.  eNavFit has been designed for the following operational conditions. 
    a.  Connected operations.  For Sailors in a standard office environment 
with regular internet connectivity. 
    b.  Connected and disconnected operations.  For Sailors or commands that 
are underway or have limited internet connectivity. Sailors will be able to 
work offline and periodically upload and submit completed reports via BOL 
when connectivity is available. 
    c.  Disconnected operations.  For commands entirely offline with legacy 
ability to print, wet sign and mail completed reports to NPC. 
6.  Performance evaluation training materials, an eNavFit user guide and 
quick reference cards can be found via the NPC website at 
7.  For questions concerning any of these PET-TM programs and initiatives, 
contact the MyNavy Career Center (MNCC) at (833) 833- MNCC or via e-mail at 
8.  This NAVADMIN will remain in effect until superseded or canceled, 
whichever occurs first. 
9.  Released by Vice Admiral John B. Nowell, Jr, N1.// 

Are LT Medical Corps Fitreps Important? TL:DR = Yes

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Someone recently e-mailed me because they were having problems convincing their LTs that their fitreps mattered. Trust me, they matter.

The most important reason that they matter is because of changes made in the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act. Prior to NDAA 20, the Navy was allowed to promote to O4 with an all fully qualified standard. In other words, the promotion opportunity was 100%. Here is a history of the O4 promotion opportunity:


As you can see, the opportunity decreased from 100% to 95% in FY22.

This means that it got a little bit harder to promote to O4, and a little more competitive. In other words, your fitreps as an O3 matter.