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FY23 Command and Milestone Application Process

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Below is the info from the Corps Chief’s Office, but don’t forget about my post about how to match in Executive Medicine as another resource:

The deadline for applications is 15 JUN 2022:

  • The updated command/executive medicine instruction, milestone note, application forms, and FY23 opportunities lists are below.
  • New this year – applications will be uploaded to PERS via the Executive Medicine SharePoint site.  This is for both first time applicants and “banked officers.”  The deadline is 15 JUN 2022 for everyone.
  • Any questions regarding eligibility should be directed to your respective Detailer or Deputy Corps Chief.
  • There will likely be updates to the opportunities lists.  If you see something you don’t think is correct, please let you Deputy know so that they can address it.
  • If you haven’t been previously screened, you need to make sure your officer record is up to date.  If you need guidance updating your record for the screening board, go here.

Upload applications and find more information on the process here:

Here are the files:

FY22 Milestone Opportunities List

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Here are the FY22 milestone opportunities:

The application process was discussed in this post.

FY22 Milestone Note and Application Procedures

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Here are BUMEDNOTE 1410 and NAVMED 1410/1, both of which tell you how to apply for milestone positions. For the MC, that is Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and Officer-in-Charge (OIC). Other Corps include Director for Administration (DFA), Chief Nursing Officer, and Director for Dental Services:

The list of available positions is still being finalized, so I don’t have that yet.

Bottom line…do you want to promote to O6? Do you want a job that translates very easily to a leadership position in the civilian world when you get out? Do you want a job that will translate to an XO job? Milestones fit the bill for all of this.

In addition, we are encouraging CAPT and CAPT(s) to step up and apply for these positions as well, if interested. We need senior leaders for these roles.

If there are any questions, please reach out to me.

Finally, please see this note from our admin staff about hyperlinks not working in the PDF:

Just a heads up, a couple people now have asked about a “hyperlink issue” with the 1410. The URLs in the notice are correct; however, because Secretariat included hyperlinks and all the links are split on multiple lines, due to a PDF kink all links in the 1410 are adding “%20” at the beginning of each new line when you click or copy and paste.

To make it clear, here is how one split link appears when you click the hyperlink or copy/paste: (you will get a 404 not found error if you go to this link)

And here is the actual URL as written in the notice (the correct URL):

We cannot change this. The URLs are correct as written and it’s a PDF glitch. To work around, personnel are advised to go to their browser window and type in the URL exactly as it appears in the notice (NOT click and NOT copy/paste). Alternately, they can delete any %20 that appears in the link if they still insist on click or copy/paste.

FY21 Milestone Note and Opportunities

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Here are the FY21 milestone note and opportunities, which include:

  • Chief Medical Officer (CMO)
  • Director for Administration (DFA)
  • Director of Dental Services (DDS)
  • Officer-in-Charge (OIC)
  • Senior Nurse Executive (SNE)

The deadline is 15 JUN, just as it is for XO and CO applications. The note details the application process.

The link on page 1 of the note is not working for me, but here is one that should work:

I would emphasize the following portions of the note to anyone interested:

1. Applicants are to “be universally assignable and able to meet permanent change of station (PCS) parameters. Rare exceptions may be considered. Officers that are unsure if they meet PCS parameters for a FY 2021 career milestone assignment should discuss with their detailer prior to submitting an application.”

2. “Applicants who successfully screen are considered eligible for assignment to any career milestone OIC, DFA, SNE, CMO, and DDS position. Consideration will be given for the categories selected on the application; however, if slated the assignment will be based on the “needs of the Navy.” Officers who apply for career milestone screening should do so with this in mind, and be willing to accept the position for which they are slated.”

FY20 Navy Medicine Milestone Billets and Application Procedures

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Here is everything you need if you want to apply for Chief Medical Officer, Officer-in-Charge, Director for Administration, Senior Nurse Executive, or Senior Dental Executive/Director of Dental Services:

BUMEDNOTE 1410 3 May 2019

NAVMED 1410_1 (5_2018)

FY20 Milestone Opportunities

Application deadline is June 1st.

Summary of Specialty Leader Business Meeting

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Here is a brief summary of last week’s Specialty Leader Business Meeting that is always held in conjunction with the Graduate Medical Education Selection Board:

  • Current interim Chief Medical Officers (CMOs) need to formally apply to the next screening board in summer 2017. I would STRONGLY encourage other people to apply as well because it is a screened/appointed leadership position that allows you to remain clinically active and that I also think will lead to promotion to O6 if done successfully.
  • Announcements for nominative positions often come out with very little time until the nominations are due.  They all require your CV, BIO, Letter of Intent (LOI), Officer Summary Record (OSR), and Performance Summary Record (PSR).  It is best if you have these ready to go due to the often short timeline.  I will tell you that I update my CV and military biography monthly and have multiple LOI templates at the ready at all times, so I practice what I preach.  Your OSR/PSR can downloaded from BUPERS On-Line anytime, so that requires no prep (assuming BOL is working).
  • Current overall Medical Corps manning is 103.4%.  This is of no real use to you but is simply an interesting fact/statistic.  It does, perhaps, limit our promotion opportunity a lit bit, but…
  • The Medical Corps promotion opportunities for FY18 are expected to be higher than they have been in recent years.  You never know the actual percentage until the board has concluded, but this is certainly good news.
  • As of now, there is no change in the conference approval process.  Sorry.
  • The Career Intermission Program (CIP) has been extended until 2019.  This program allows you to take up to 3 years off from the Navy to do something else, hit the pause button on progression toward promotion, and then return afterward.  You have a 2:1 additional commitment for any time off.  In other words, if you take 2 years off you’ll owe 4 years when you return.  Some people have tried to use the CIP to do fellowships on their own, but that is not the intent of the program and requests for CIP to do a fellowship will be closely scrutinized by BUMED before approval.  Info on the program can be found here or you can contact your Detailer.
  • There is no special pays update.  They are still awaiting the NAVADMIN.  The latest can always be found here:

2017 Milestone Billet Slate Released (Chief Medical Officers, OICs)

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Here is the 2017 Milestone Billet slate for Chief Medical Officers and Officers-in-Charge:

FY17 Milestone Slate