Flight Surgery

Hot Fill – Flight Surgeon, VP-1, Whidbey Island, WA – June 2023

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  • Who: O3-O5 Medical Corps Officers (any specialty)
  • What: Flight Surgeon, VP-1
  • Where: Whidbey Island, WA
  • When: Detach May/June, Report June (24 month orders)

Billet Description: VP-1 is a P-8A Poseidon multi-mission maritime aircraft squadron that conducts anti-submarine and anti0surface warfare, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and humanitarian response. Flight surgeon will be responsible for the health and well-being of ~260 squadron personnel both while in garrison and deployed. Member must be a trained flight surgeon. Interested personnel should contact LCDR Derek Chamberlain, OMO Detailer.

Operational Medical Officer (OMO) Opportunities

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PERS 4415 has provided the attached OMO opportunities list:

The list is current but will fluctuate throughout the detailing cycle.  Residency-trained MC officers without previous operational experience are encouraged to apply as outlined in the attached memo and per BUMEDINST 1520.42B.

OMO applications are due to operational specialty leaders NLT 15 October 2022

OMO detailing involves extensive cross-detailing at PERS. As such, communication is key.  Officers must communicate their intentions to their detailer and community specialty leader(s).

Questions about OMO applications can be directed to the operational community specialty leader of the community to which you are applying:

·         Aerospace Medicine and Flight Surgery – CAPT Robert J. Krause

·         Fleet Marine Forces – CDR Debra D. Buckland-Coffee

·         Surface Medicine – CAPT Mark J. Lenart

·         Undersea and Dive Medicine – CAPT James J. Mucciarone

Additional information on OMO applications can be found here: https://esportal.med.navy.mil/bumed/m00/m00c/M00C1/SitePages/Home.aspx

Here’s a graphic for an info session happening on 13 SEP:

Blue Angels Flight Surgeon Position

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Do you have what it takes to be the BEST?   Do you enjoy travel and an opportunity to join an elite team that you will be part of for the rest of your life?  Are the walls of the hospital closing in on you and wish you could fly off into the blue sky?  Do you FEEL THE NEED FOR SPEED?

If you are a former flight surgeon, you are being called to join the Blue Angels!  We need a highly qualified physician and flight surgeon.  This is your time!  Do something unique that you will never be able to do again, clinic will always be waiting for you.  Time is of the essence so please review the NAVADMIN and talk to your Specialty Leader and detailer.  Apply now!

Asst. Specialty Leader for Aerospace Medicine and Flight Surgery – O4/O5

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We are soliciting applications for Assistant Specialty Leader (ASL) for Aerospace Medicine and Flight Surgery to assist in management and oversight of a community of over 270 aviation medicine physicians and previous flight surgeons.  The ASL will work closely with the SL (CAPT(s) Robert “Biff” Krause) to manage the two communities as we move through the transition to Operational Medical Officer’s.  You will liaise with the SL, detailer, residency program director, NAMI, TYCOMs, MAW Surgeons, and BUMED to ensure the community is on track to meet the mission of the Naval Aviation Enterprise and BUMED.  Candidates should be board certified in Aerospace Medicine and O4-O5 in rank. 

Please email LCDR Eng-Kulawy (contact in the global) by COB 1 OCT 2021 with a CV, Bio, PDFs of your Officer Summary Record (OSR) and Performance Summary Record (PSR), and a letter of intent indicating your desire for selection, prior operational experience, as well as several sentences explaining your desire to fill this role.  There are no geographic limitations as the ASL role is a collateral duty.  Please contact the current SL if you have any questions about the role of Assistant SL.