Joint Medical Executive Skills Institute (JMESI) – CAPSTONE for MHS Leaders Course (Virtual)

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Who: Senior Medical Officers (O-6, O-6 selects or high-potential O-5 officers)

What: Joint Medical Executive Skills Institute (JMESI) – CAPSTONE for MHS Leaders Course

When: July 10-13, 2023 (Virtual – only 6 seats for Medical Corps)

Course Description: The Capstone Course is designed to be a pinnacle event for recently assigned senior military treatment facility commanders, lead agents, and senior medical department officers in key staff positions who will benefit from exposure to and familiarity with entities that shape the MHS. The course provides participants with exposure to the operations of the various organizations within the Department of Defense, pertinent congressional staffs, and the offices of the three Surgeons General. Participation in the Capstone Course will enhance the understanding of how national healthcare policies are formed, and by whom, and how they are implemented and put into operation.

Additional details and objectives can be found here:

Prospective applicants should send a CV, BIO, and current position, work address, work email address and phone to CAPT Shauna O’Sullivan and CDR Robyn Treadwell NLT 1200 EST Monday, May 22, 2023.

Defense Medical Readiness Training Institute (DMRTI) – Joint Senior Medical Leaders Course

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Who:  Senior officers who have a potential nomination as a JTF Surgeon or JTF senior medical leader

What:  Joint Senior Medical Leaders Course (JSMLC)

When:  24-28 July, 2023 (In-person – Medical Corps is allowed 3-4 seats)

Where:  DHHQ, Falls Church, Virginia (funded by applicant’s command)

Course Description:  JSMLC is a five-day, CLASSROOM-ONLY course designed to enhance preparation of medical leaders (senior O-5s to O-6s) who have a high probability of being named as a Joint Task Force (JTF) Surgeon, JTF senior medical leader, or occupy a senior medical planning position in a joint environment. In addition, the course would be valuable for those serving in senior departments, training, and preparing forces for joint operations and deployment.

Course Prerequisite:  11 on-line modules found at the link below and completed on JKO.

Additional details here:

The nomination process has changed.  Prospective applicants should complete the attached form (DRMTI COP1) and email it directly to NLT May 19, 2023.  Questions can also be directed to or 210-221-9231.

Navy Senior Leadership Seminar – Online (NSLS-O)

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Navy Postgraduate School |Navy Senior Leadership Seminar – June 12-16, 2023 (Online/Virtual)

Who:  O-6, O-6 selects or high-potential O-5 officers who are on track for executive medicine

What:  Navy Senior Leader Seminar – Online/Virtual (NSLS-O)

When:  June 12-16, 2023 (only 1 seat for Navy Medicine Corps)

Where:  Online via the Navy Postgraduate School – Center of Executive Education

Course Description:  NSLS provides senior leaders with an intensive five-day executive education program that introduces the latest “best practices” in strategic planning, goal setting, strategic communication, effects-based thinking, risk management, financial management, and innovation. Learning is enhanced using case studies, small-team exercises, practical applications, seminar-style discussions, peer learning, and faculty presentations. Participants will be introduced to subject matter experts within DoD and industry, to include insights from senior Navy leaders and academic researchers.  The course is designed to prepare participants to meet organizational challenges in their current and future assignments, and to empower them to become more effective change agents and better-informed stewards of the Navy’s resources. For more information about NSLS, please visit:

Prospective applicants should send a CV and BIO to CAPT Shauna O’Sullivan NLT 1200 Friday, April 7, 2023

Healthcare Management Course Joint Medical Executive Skills Institute | Healthcare Management Course (HCM) – May 15-18, 2023 (VIRTUAL)

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Who:  First-time clinical supervisors (Medical Corps is limited to 6 seats)

What:  Healthcare Management Course

When:  May 15-18, 2023 (Virtual)

Where:  Blended learning with ten online modules followed by the virtual class hosted by JMESI instructors

Course Description:  The JMESI Healthcare Management Course is a tri-Service training event designed for first-time clinical supervisors. The course provides attendees with the administrative tools to successfully manage their clinical areas. Topics discussed include the following: Civilian Personnel, Contracting, Budgeting, Quality Management, tools available through the TRICARE Operations Center, Efficient Scheduling and Utilization Management, and more. Panel discussions allow the clinicians to ask direct questions and receive first-hand answers regarding management tools and practices that can impact the military healthcare management arena. Attendees participate in hands-on training with clinic administrative tools.

Prospective applicants should provide their name, rank, position title, work address, and work phone to CAPT Shauna O’Sullivan NLT 1200 Monday, March 27, 2022. 

Director Education, Training & Research position at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

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Interested candidates must submit a Letter of Intent, CV, OSR, and command endorsement.  Packets may include two letters of recommendation and must be received no later than 31 Mar 2023 to the NCR Market Office Military Personnel Manager.  POC is Mr. Monte L. Clingerman (contact in the global).

Please ensure you do not apply with clearance from your Detailer.

Intermediate Executive Skills Course

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Joint Medical Executive Skills Institute | Intermediate Executive Skills Course (IESC) – June 12-15, 2023 (VIRTUAL)

Who:  MHS personnel serving in an intermediate-level leadership position within a DHA MTF (Recommended rank – LT/LCDR)

What:  JMESI Intermediate Executive Skills Course (IESC) (Medical Corps is limited to 7-8 seats)

When:  June 12-15, 2023 (VIRTUAL)

Where: JKO online modules and virtual platform learning with instructors located at JBSA-Fort Sam Houston, Texas.

Course Description:  The Joint Medical Executive Skills Institute Intermediate Executive Skills Course (JMESI-IES) provides education and training on leadership and management skills necessary to successfully serve in an intermediate-level leadership position within a DHA medical treatment facility (MTF). The course is designed to facilitate the attainment of selected Joint Medical Executive Skills core competencies as identified by a Tri-Service review board of MHS senior leaders.  The course consists of 14 web-based training (WBT) modules available through Joint Knowledge Online ( followed by a 4-day live, web-based video conference course hosted on Adobe Connect or MS Teams. MUST complete the pre-course prior to the course commencing.  More information here: Prospective applicants should email name, position title, work address, and work/cell phone to CAPT Shauna O’Sullivan NLT 1600 Thursday, March 23, 2023.