Authorized Boot Listing for NWU Type IIIs

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Since today is the last day you can wear your beloved “blueberries,” here is the listing of boots you can wear with your NWU Type IIIs:

Authorized Boot Listing

Uniform Update and New Hairstyles for Women

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From Chief of Naval Personnel Public Affairs

WASHINGTON (NNS) — The Navy announced the expansion of hair styles for women along with several other uniform policy changes and updates in NAVADMIN 163/18, July 11.

Among the several hair style changes is the authorization for women to wear locks. The NAVADMIN provides specific and detailed regulation on how locks can be worn.

Women are also authorized to wear their hair in a single braid, French braid, or single ponytail in service, working and physical training uniforms. The ponytail may extend up to three inches below the bottom edge of the of the shirt, jacket or coat collar. The accessory holding the ponytail must not be visible when facing forward, and be consistent with the color of the hair. The hair cannot be worn below the bottom of the uniform collar where there are hazards such as rotating gear.

Women may now wear a hair bun that does not exceed or extend beyond the width of the back of the head.

Other uniform changes include the approval of the Navy Optional Physical Training Uniform (OPTU) that consists of a navy blue high performance shirt and five-inch running shorts. The uniform is expected to be available at Navy Exchange Uniform and Customer Care Centers starting October 2018.

Navy is also developing a standard navy blue Physical Training Uniform (PTU) that will be phased into the seabag issue at Recruit Training Command in the next 12-18 months.

The Black Relax-Fit Jacket (Eisenhower Jacket) has been designated a unisex item and Sailors can wear the men or women’s jacket sizing that best suits their uniform requirements.

To allow for greater visibility female Sailors have the option to wear identification badges on the right side above the pocket of their uniforms.

Wear testing of the improved female officer and chief Service uniform skirts and slacks will be complete this summer. Improvements include a straight line Service skirt, and redesigned khaki and white Service slacks with lower waist and reduced rise (waist to top of the inseam). These items are expected to be available at Navy Exchange Uniform and Customer Care Centers at the end of the year.

An improved Black Leather Safety Boot (I-Boot 4) for optional wear with all Navy working uniforms and coveralls will be for sale at designated fleet concentration locations beginning this October. The boots were selected based on Sailor feedback and the 2017 Navy Boot Study.

New uniform policies are the result of fleet feedback and the ongoing efforts to improve Navy uniforms, uniform policies and Sailor appearance.

The Navy Uniform mobile app will be updated in late July. The update will include all of Navy Uniform regulation illustrations, policies and NAVADMINs. The expanded uniform app’s goal is to provide one-stop uniform policy access and ability to submit uniform questions links to Navy Exchange on-line uniform sales via the app.

For complete on these uniform policy, details, guidance, and where to direct questions see NAVADMIN 163/18 at http://www.npc.navy.mil.

For more information, visit www.navy.milwww.facebook.com/usnavy, or www.twitter.com/usnavy.

For more news from Chief of Naval Personnel, visit www.navy.mil/local/cnp/.

Navy Announces Uniform Policy and Initiative Updates

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Nothing like posting while kids await the arrival of grandparents before opening presents…

The Navy announced a change in uniform policy and initiative updates. The parts pertinent to a Medical Corps officer included:

  • Embroidered Navy-certified subdued matching NWU Type II and NWU Type III pattern “Don’t Tread On Me” and reverse U.S. flag patches are authorized for optional non-tactical wear in garrison at unit commander discretion. Patches are available for purchase at Navy Exchange Uniform Centers and Uniform Call Centers beginning February 2018.
  • The policy governing the occasion for wear of NWUs is revised as follows: wear of NWUs is authorized for commuting and all normal tasks and associated short stops (i.e. child care, gas station, off-base shopping, banking and dining) before, during and after the workday. The NWU is not a liberty uniform. After working hours, NWU wear is not permitted while conducting official business when business attire is appropriate and participating in social events. Also, consumption of alcohol in NWUs on base is authorized except where regional commanders promulgate otherwise.

And who hasn’t had their Bates heels fall apart?

  • Lastly, upon Sailor feedback regarding Bates “LITE” dress shoe heel disintegration, Bates reformulated the chemical composition of sole material to rectify this defect and the Navy Exchange Command purged inventory of the affected shoes. Sailors who experience heel or sole failure (blowouts) of their dress shoes, or any other mechanical defect that occurs within 36 months of purchase from the Navy Exchange Uniform Centers, should return the shoes to the navy Exchange and address the issue with a uniform center associate.