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Throwback Thursday Classic Post – Is Commander the New Terminal Rank? (And Other O6 Promotion Board Takeaways)

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(2019 Note – This is one of the most popular posts on the blog and helped put it on the map. Since the FY16 O6 promotion opportunity of 50% when it was published in 2015, we’ve seen an uptrend:

  • FY17 – 70% promotion opportunity – 34% in zone selection rate
  • FY18 – 80% – 37%
  • FY19 – 90% – 41%
  • FY20 – 81% – 51%

That said, much of what I said in 2015 is still very true. Enjoy!)

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, it is getting harder to promote to Captain. Here are the historical promotion opportunities for O6. You don’t have to be a mathematician to notice the trend:

  FY08 FY09 FY10 FY11 FY12 FY13 FY14 FY15 FY16
CAPT 80% 80% 80% 80% 80% 60% 60% 60% 50%

There are a lot of physicians who came into the Navy when it was relatively easy for a physician to promote to Captain. If you could fog a mirror, you could likely promote. Well…things seem to have changed.

This has frustrated some physicians who failed to promote and is likely to frustrate more in the future. Aside from getting frustrated, though, it would benefit all involved if they could learn from this trend and try to adjust while there is still time. Here are my O6 promotion board takeaways:

  • It is now normal when you fail to select for Captain the first time. In the FY16 board only 39% of Commanders who were in zone were promoted, leaving 61%, a clear majority, who did not. Physicians should expect to fail to select or “get passed over” the first time they are up for O6. (Only FY20 got over 50%, and barely at 51%.)
  • Commander is the new terminal rank for full-time clinicians, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If the thought of taking on a significant collateral duty makes you want to cringe because you want to remain a full-time clinician during your time as an O5, you have likely reached your terminal rank. Physicians get very frustrated when they fail to promote to O6, thinking that the Navy doesn’t value clinical productivity, and this is just not true. The Navy does value clinical productivity, it just doesn’t think that they need to be Captains! The Captain rank has moved from being a reward obtained by most physicians who hang around long enough to a reward for those with senior leadership potential.
  • The overwhelming majority of Commanders who promote to O6 take on a significant collateral duty. Whether they were a department head at a large MTF, a specialty leader, a residency director, a director, president of ECOMS, or in a senior operational role, they all had to pay their dues in these roles in order to score the EPs on their fitreps that allowed them to promote. These roles almost always necessitate a reduction in clinical activity, which is why you are less likely to promote to O6 as a full-time clinician.
  • Having only one competitive EP fitrep before the promotion board is often not enough. At some of the larger MTFs it can take quite a while to “break out” from the pack of Commanders and get an EP on your fitrep. If you are lucky enough to get an EP but you only slide one in before you are in zone, it may not be enough. As the competition heats up, it is the people with multiple competitive EPs that will be in the best position to promote.
  • You need to demonstrate career diversity while not hurting your chances to promote. The best time to mix it up is right after you are selected for Commander. You are finally senior enough to get a decent position at an operational command, BUMED, PERS, or some other alternative command. If instead of mixing it up you stay where you are, you will be the new, small fish in the largest pond in the Navy, the Commander fitrep competitive group. No matter what you do you are probably going to get promotable fitreps for a few years. You might as well use those years to break things up, PCS (even locally to an operational command – I’m not saying you have to move), and demonstrate that you are willing to flex for the needs of the Navy. You may get 1/1 EP fitreps but while you are a junior commander this is unlikely to hurt you. Then once you are done with that tour, you can return to a larger competitive group and compete for one of the aforementioned jobs if you have making O6 on your radar.

FY20 Active Duty Staff Corps O5 Promotion List

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R 181355Z JUN 19

ALNAV 050/19




RMKS/1.  I am pleased to announce the following Staff Corps Officers on the 
Active-Duty list selected for promotion to the permanent grade of Commander.

2.  This message is not authority to deliver appointments.
Authority to effect promotion will normally be issued by future NAVADMINs 
requiring NAVPERS 1421/7 preparation and forwarding of document to PERS-806.

3.  Frocking is not authorized for any officer listed below until specific 
authorization is received per SECNAVINST 1420.2B.

4.  For proper alphabetical order read from left to right on each line.  The 
numbers following each name to the right indicate the relative seniority 
among selectees within each competitive category.
Note:  An (*) by the name indicates the selectee was merit reordered to the 
top of the promotion list in accordance with reference (a).
Members are directed to verify their select status via BUPERS Online.

                          Medical Corps
Ackerman Vincent L           0023  Adams Nehkonti            0089
Amann Christopher J          0035  Bandle Jesse              0088
Barker Matthew D             0009  Bear Jonathan Read        0043
Bedzis Stephanie Marie       0055  Belin Laurence Justin     0069
Berger Jonathan Henry        0115  Berjohn Catherine M       0106
Bidlack Matthew Scott        0112  Biewenga Eric Donald      0062
Bloir Michael James          0038  Boatwright Robert O       0058
Bower Richard John           0056  Buckalew Elizabeth A      0110
Burke Tshawnda Janell        0070  Burns Carrick T           0122
Cabrera Orlando G            0105  Call Robert C             0126
Campbell Wesley Ray          0050  Carness Jeffrey M         0130
Carter Rachel E              0049  Clark Justin S            0015
Cook Jeffrey T               0064  Cowley Sean Francis*      0005
Cuellar Adrian Manuel        0042  Cunningham Bridget K      0098
Davis Christopher M          0077  Day Justin Lee            0052
Dececchis Daniel P           0030  Donahue Kathleen Marie    0036
Doubrava Matthew R           0007  Driscoll Sean Michael     0087
Dubil Elizabeth Anne         0084  Dupree James Imani        0073
Elenbaum Stephanie L         0083  Ewing John Thomas         0123
Ferguson Candida Ann         0127  Flint James H             0080
Florescarrera Aidith         0121  Foster Daniel A           0017
Garry Conor B                0057  Gaudreau Philip A III     0085
Giberman Anthony Allen       0012  Gliniecki Ross Andrew     0039
Gnandt Ryan Joseph           0107  Goodrich Jennifer Lynn    0099
Goodrich Richard P Jr        0068  Grimm Alan R              0046
Harbuck Andrew W             0081  Hegarty James Loughlin    0104
Helman Christopher D         0066  Henderson Patrick M       0011
Hoagland Benjamin D          0028  Ikeda Daniel Satoshi      0078
Jakubek George Adam          0120  Kerr Jonathan S           0018
Kitchen Levi Kern            0025  Klimaski David John       0020
Klocek Patrick J             0125  Krause Brian R            0027
Kuersteiner Karl A           0034  Lacey Brent Wallace       0124
Lagoski Danielle M           0131  Lammers Arthur K          0097
Legendre Brian Wade          0010  Lennon Robert P           0133
Liebig Jonathan Tyler        0026  Logemann Nicholas F       0111
Lokey Bryce David            0044  Love Rozalyn Grace F      0128
Lowry Debra Magill           0032  Lutynski Matthew L        0117
Mangan Katharine I           0090  Marra Janelle Marie       0113
Matthess Jessica Anne        0086  Mattingly John C          0134
Mcdermott Andrew John*       0006  Mcdonald Christine E      0016
Mcintyre Peter Zachary       0108  Mclaughlin Andrew D       0095
Mcmahon Daniel Patrick       0100  Mercadoabadie Joselyn     0063
Monlux Daniel Joseph         0047  Monteil Danielle C        0072
Moore David Allen*           0002  Moore Jeffrey Lee Jr      0118
Nelson Nicholas Thomas       0014  Oconnell Tara Ann         0103
Odonnell Robert F            0076  Perry Christopher M       0051
Ponton Ryan Patrick          0092  Porensky Paul N           0024
Portier Ray                  0033  Potocko Joshua R          0022
Quail Jacob Frank            0132  Ramsey Jeremy Kenneth     0067
Reese Jacalyn H              0059  Restrepo Ryan David       0079
Ries James Patrick           0116  Ruddick Benjamin F        0082
Rustico Stacy E              0094  Rutan Kathryn Lynn*       0001
Schmitz Bruno A              0019  Schollnberger Elle*       0004
Seago Meghan Eileen          0101  Shafer Eric C             0037
Shapiro Bennett Howard       0048  Singaraju Raj C           0054
Smith Dustin Kyle            0075  Snider Tracie C           0114
Souza Jason Manuel           0074  Sracic Michael K          0093
Susmarski Adam James         0129  Swartz Katherine L        0053
Swenson Aaron Welby          0013  Thomas Darren Drew        0029
Touchette David M            0060  Treadwell Robyn M*        0003
Ugochukwu Obinna N           0031  Vaught Eric Robert        0096
Weisbrod Allison B           0071  Welch Rebecca R           0008
Wendt Matthew C              0045  Williams Bradley J        0021
Wonglopez Jaime Albert       0040  Worley Christopher R      0119
Wrenn Katherine Anne         0102  Wu Chai Hui               0091
Zeman Joseph Edward Jr       0109  Zimmerman James L         0041
                            Dental Corps
Abakah Ricardo M             0009  Adamo Matthew James       0013
Andersen Michael Roy*        0002  Beck Samuel Stephen       0006
Calvo Angel J                0035  Cervenka Peter D          0015
Cuca Chad Eric               0033  Dean Jeffrey Keith        0037
Doll James Kristopher        0025  Eppel Carla Louise        0019
Eppel Todd Andrew            0018  Fuhrmann Daniel Jacob     0034
Grubbs Thomas David          0023  Hamlin Nicholas James     0036
Havard Drew Bourne           0029  Holmes Robert Gary        0005
Hoppe Andrew John            0038  Howard Eric Michael       0016
Johndreau Stephen W          0020  Juliamontanez Maria D     0004
Ligon Kathy Alicia           0027  Lores Gustavo Eugenio     0014
Mushet Broc Allan            0011  Palauhernandez Wilfred    0007
Rasmussen Allen Daniel       0024  Rau Clayton Thomas        0031
Reardon Joseph Neil          0010  Rusthoven David James     0030
Sellers Christopher G*       0003  Smith Michael Anthony     0021
Stoner Robert Douglas        0012  Valeri Arthur Stanley*    0001
Vick James Kyle              0008  Villarreal Eric Dean      0028
Werner Rachel Leigh          0022  Wray Barak Anthony        0026
Zheng Yu                     0017
                        Medical Service Corps
Aldana Alexander             0049  Anderson Jacqueline R     0018
Auth Hak                     0053  Behil Matthew Joseph      0007
Brenner Danyell Lynn         0019  Bullman Clinton Wade      0041
Bustamante Sara Marie        0010  Cardenal Raul Ernesto*    0005
Cascardo Neil Douglas        0021  Clifford Heath M*         0001
Dagher Kathleen Ruth         0056  Decker Suzanne Mara       0011
Deguzman Vince Edwards       0027  Delzer Jeffrey Alan*      0003
Domery Michael Edward        0036  Doolittle Corey Nathan    0032
Duff Jason Michael           0020  Ecklund Christofer J      0047
Gardner John J III*          0004  Gire Boyce Randall        0045
Grant Shannon Leigh          0013  Green Vena Christine      0054
Gribben David Brian          0008  Griswold Cheryl A*        0006
Jackson Gretchen S           0043  Jarmer Ryan F             0051
Jordan Byron L               0023  Kang Dean                 0038
Lester Bradley Raymond       0035  Lingard Christopher P*    0002
Love Ramaud Deshaun          0026  Macdonald Ann Morgan      0052
Magel Larkin Elizabeth       0050  Mcettrick David M         0012
Mcguinness Ian T             0009  Medina Rudy Durana        0048
Monk Gregory James           0039  Morgan Dario P            0040
Mutuc Emerson Austria        0025  Nilsson Kirt C            0046
Osmond Joseph Egill          0055  Owston Christopher L      0034
Peters Jason Andrew          0031  Phillips Jodi Marie       0042
Pyle Bryan Lincoln           0017  Rabinowitz Yaron          0057
Sood Amit                    0022  Stastny Joseph Glenn      0014
Sterns George Herbert        0016  Sutherland Ian W          0029
Tam Francis                  0015  Tschauner Suzanne M       0044
Weber Shawn Andrew           0024  Welsh Timothy T           0030
Whitehead Richard A          0033  Wishmeyer Robert James    0037
                    Judge Advocate General's Corps
Boyle Timothy G              0014  Callan Katherine Ray      0015
Cornthwaite Joshua L         0019  Crabtree Robin Donnell    0007
Davis Bradley Luke           0017  Davis Bryan Michael       0018
Garcia Benjamin B            0020  Goodin John Russell*      0001
Griffo Joseph T*             0002  Haagensen Brian C II      0009
Leahy Andrea Jo              0022  Lindsey Mark A            0003
Mejeur Kevin James           0010  Mosley Mishonda M         0013
Murray Stephen Andrew        0012  Nakamura Byron M          0016
Napier Daniel William        0011  Nelson Eric Scott         0006
Orton Brandi Rae             0021  Snow Garrett Steven       0005
Worstell Katherine D         0008  Zimmerman Delicia G       0004
                             Nurse Corps
Alvarado Arturo Jr           0028  Barksdale Willie Ray      0027
Bouvier Amy Lyn              0020  Brand George J            0003
Bryant Crystal Anita         0004  Clark Amy Renner          0036
Crane Gabrielle Ann          0024  Cuevas Danielle Kay       0014
Davis Corey Leigh            0038  Edwardssmith Marie F      0029
Ellsworth Tatianna T         0012  Fisher Kim Sue            0026
Flinn Lorelie D              0022  Iannitto Ann Elizabeth    0018
Jones Frank Arthur           0034  Leoncio Abreail Dawn      0031
Maiatico Richard D           0021  Matella Thomas O Jr       0017
Morgan Meedeessa O           0019  Myer Heather J            0037
Nikolaus Aaron D             0015  Orgill Robert             0016
Radakovic Marko              0007  Ray Jeremy Michael        0025
Rebustillo Jonathan F        0030  Romano Gina Denise        0006
Ross Jeffrey Lind            0023  Salinas Dagoberto Jr*     0002
Saltzman Nick Anthony        0008  Solwazi Bettina Ann       0039
Soteras  Catherine C         0009  Starnes Hannah C          0033
Sullivan Virginia C          0013  Thomas Devin Corina       0035
Venske Jeremy T              0032  Whiting Timothy G*        0001
Zaycek Amy Partridge         0010  Zuloaga Elizabeth M       0005
                            Supply Corps
Albert Kevin Lee             0019  Aldridge Austin G         0060
Berkau Matthew M*            0001  Blackburn Warren K        0053
Blevins Diana C              0024  Bono Michael James        0017
Brown Lamont Armond*         0009  Burt Christopher Scott    0049
Bustamante Bryan James       0020  Butler Curtiss            0059
Carideo Jeffrey W            0025  Casey Brendan Thomas      0037
Ceaser Curtis Paul           0057  Christensen Jon Karl*     0007
Christianson Britta W        0028  Chu Hyong Young           0040
Clute Matthew C              0041  Collazos Ricardo A        0010
Craig Marcus Marvin          0034  Cullinan Robert Ryan      0015
Cunningham Victor A*         0002  Custard Jennifer Lynn     0043
Deleon Jason Fortin          0058  Devorse Paul G            0027
Eddy Daniel Joseph           0032  Ekundayo Adesina          0035
Eubanks Lee H                0013  Ewing Danny Lee Jr        0054
Fischer Joshua Steven        0033  Gilmore Kenneth E III     0029
Koenig Noel Kathryn          0047  Krupa Konrad R            0039
Langford Kara Bowman         0050  Lieng Soktheas Scott*     0003
Maazouzi Anas El*            0006  Mccarthy Scott Matthew    0055
Melchert Joshua R*           0005  Miller Grant W            0026
Milliet Scott Robert         0052  Moody Sean Robert         0038
Nguyen Tony Nhat             0012  Osman Jamal Mohamed       0044
Paben Carrie Lynn            0061  Paul Robert W             0056
Rigoni Michael Paul          0045  Robinson Anthony          0018
Roth Geoffrey Franklin       0016  Salire Robert D           0014
Sargent Michael Paul*        0008  Schoenthal Erika M        0011
Schumann Jonathan D          0022  Stephens Wendell K        0042
Summers Brent Lawrence       0048  Taylor Jeremy B           0023
Teague Thomas Patrick        0036  Thomas Marcus E*          0004
Thompson Maura Lee           0030  Tobin Ryan Mcnair         0046
Wheeler Michael Robert       0031  Woodward Nathan T         0051
Young James H                0021
                           Chaplain Corps
Bareng Ryan B                0014  Bingol Thomas Albert      0009
Cloer Stephen Levi           0015  Coates Gregory Russell    0017
Curtis Daniel Lawrence       0008  Erwin Edward Hamilton     0010
Johnson Robert D             0007  Kleinman Aaron Elliot     0018
Lee Kyu Chang                0012  Martin Christopher S      0002
Myers James Walter Jr        0011  Park Philip Namkyu        0001
Prince Matthew Gene          0016  Rector Karen Jane         0006
Ross Jeffrey J               0013  Sikorski Leszek M         0005
Springer Timothy Allen       0004
                        Civil Engineer Corps
Allison Aaron Thomas         0013  Archer Christopher W*     0002
Brinkman Travis Duane*       0003  Chitty Patrick Coleman    0008
Dobling Michael L*           0001  Fredriksen Robert A       0015
Holland Stuart Alan          0007  Honek Amy Jean            0016
Johncock James David         0019  Kushner Adam George       0006
Maccumbee Cory David         0012  Mattivi Matthew Marino    0018
Mcilvaine Jacob Ross         0011  Mcmanus Michael John      0010
Mcmaster Danny Brian         0017  Moiles William Edward     0021
Nevin Jeremy Michael         0009  Newsom Donny Roy          0005
Nopkhun Shanewit             0004  Pergerson John Kyle       0020
Whitehouse Kristin B         0014

5.  Released by the Honorable Richard V. Spencer, Secretary of the Navy.


FY20 Medical Corps O6 Statistics

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Below are the statistics for the recently released Medical Corps O6 board. Remember that despite what you may think when you look at the stats, promotion boards do not favor one specialty over another:

Screen Shot 2019-05-04 at 7.47.08 AM

Screen Shot 2019-05-04 at 7.48.10 AM

Screen Shot 2019-05-04 at 7.47.53 AM

Screen Shot 2019-05-04 at 7.47.31 AM.png

FY20 Staff Corps O6 List is Out

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Here it is. Congrats to all!



R 301900Z APR 19





ALNAV 034/19





RMKS/1.  I am pleased to announce the following Staff Corps Officers on the 
Active-Duty list for promotion to the permanent grade of Captain.

2.  This message is not authority to deliver appointments.
Authority to effect promotion will normally be issued by future NAVADMINs 
requiring NAVPERS 1421/7 preparation and forwarding of document to PERS-806.

3.  Frocking is not authorized for any Officer listed below until specific 
authorization is received per SECNAVINST 1420.2A.

4.  For proper alphabetical order read from left to right on each line.  The 
numbers following each name to the right indicate the relative seniority 
among selectees within each competitive category.
Note:  An (*) by the name indicates the selectee was merit reordered to the 
top of the promotion list in accordance with reference (a).
Members are directed to verify their select status via BUPERS Online.
                            Medical Corps
Acosta Ruben D            0075  Adriano Phillip M            0014
Afarin Afshin Khodaram    0046  Ahlgrim Joel Alan            0022
Arnold Michelle Gloria    0016  Austin Melissa C             0078
Bachmann Angela M         0047  Barrett Rhett A *            0010
Bayard Margaret Ann       0044  Becker Brent R               0059
Bennett William Ernest    0065  Borja Catherine A            0060
Broom Kimberly L          0062  Bryan Coleman J Jr           0042
Bryant Cynthia Maria      0033  Burman Natalie J             0030
Cazares Paulette R *      0011  Choe Chong H                 0041
Christman Matthew S       0074  Chung Thomas L *             0003
Curry Jennifer A          0055  Dabelic Anja                 0064
Dapena Juan Carlos        0017  Deussing Eric C              0051
Devan Michael L           0020  Duffy Erin Elizabeth         0036
Elmore Kelly Oberia *     0007  Elrod Marilisa G             0023
Foster Christin Michel    0021  Gauerke Steven J             0018
Gelfand Harold J          0038  Green Justin S               0034
Gutierrez Miguel A        0035  Hessert David D              0056
Hobbs Hasan A *           0004  Hodgson John Anthony         0054
Hogan Christopher J       0012  Jessie Elliot M              0050
Johnston Michael Gwynn    0070  Kaplan Michael Richard       0076
Keenan Bryan James        0077  Kyser Kathy Lynn *           0001
Lawrence Matthew W        0052  Linz Nelle A                 0061
Martens Jeffrey S         0027  Mcdowell Michael P *         0002
Millegan Jeffrey H        0053  Montgomery Richard S         0032
Moree John                0015  Nederostek James C           0067
Needleman Matthew         0071  Norwood Brian Gilbert        0024
Oconnor Cormac J          0048  Palma James K                0019
Pluim Thomas A *          0009  Powell Obie M                0031
Propes Bryan D            0025  Rudinsky Sherri Lynn         0037
Smullen Rebecca M         0043  Sparks Scott A               0028
Staten Robert Allen       0040  Stoker Georgia A Gray        0039
Stokes Theophil A         0057  Tadlock Matthew D            0066
Tatro Christopher R       0029  Termini Michael S *          0005
Tripp Michael S           0063  Trueba Daniel J Jr           0045
Wallace Scott C           0072  Wallace William C            0002
Walrath Benjamin D *      0008  Warren Dirk A                0026
Waterman Bruce Allan      0073  Wessman Dylan E              0068
Zabrocki Luke A *         0006
                            Dental Corps
Bell David Lynn Jr        0011  Burke William J Jr           0018
Carroll Thomas Patrick    0002  Corbett James Thomas         0019
Ferreira Michael David    0005  Gillen Brian Michael         0004
Hanhila Christopher N     0013  Hinman Susan Elizabeth       0017
Kaplafka Christopher S    0006  Lien Khon Han                0015
Neal Jeffrey David        0007  Ragadio Jerome Nerez         0012
Smiley Cheri Renee        0014  Suffridge Calvin B           0008
Suris Jose Antonio        0009  Thompson Roger Scott         0001
Wonder Nathan John        0016  Zald Harold S                0003
                            Medical Service Corps
Aboona Ziad Tariq         0013  Barnes Eric Harold           0004
Bonvie Joseph Leonard     0017  Bristol Raymond M            0020
Burke David Michael       0009  Burke Gerald Francis         0008
Callahan John Horace      0011  Faber Bridgette M            0003
Fairchild Gregory Ross    0019  Freeman Dawn Marie           0026
Geislinger Leah Yoo       0027  Griesenbeck John *           0002
Hair Leslie Chris         0029  Hicks Danielle V             0016
Jenkins Joseph Sheldon    0030  Klinski Angelica A           0010
Logan Justin C            0023  Mcmullen Kellie L            0018
Melton John Lee           0014  Morrison Robert C            0024
Ojo Olaitan Fadeke        0015  Owens Edward Hollis          0022
Panke Randy Lee           0031  Riggs Leslie Edward Jr       0012
Rochino Duneley A         0006  Schwartz Benjamin J          0005
Teamer Hazelann K         0028  Tolentino Dennis C *         0001
Weiner Matthew Andrew     0021  White Lisa Allison           0025
                     Judge Advocate General's Corps
Ellis Brian John Jr       0009  Hutchinson Clifton II        0011
Jones Jason Lee           0003  Kline Robert Todd            0004
Montgomery John M         0007  Saybolt Gregory W            0006
Simodynes Hollis N        0005  Sklerov Matthew Jared        0010
Stancati Sarah A          0002  Transtrom Jeffrey G          0001
Wong Sylvaine W           0008
                           Nurse Corps
Blackman Virginia S       0003  Broom John Glen              0017
Buechel Jennifer J        0008  Burns Kevin James            0007
Daurora Daniel Andrew     0006  Flores Jose D                0010
Goforth Carl W            0009  Goggins Jamesetta W          0014
Higgins Stephanie M       0002  Jack Christopher M           0001
Ohliger Charlene R        0016  Phillips Mary E              0011
Ray Heather B             0015  Thomas Mark A                0012
Vega Kelly Elizabeth K    0013  Yablonsky Abigail M          0005
                           Supply Corps
Abuan Lillian Arrubio     0011  Almanza Cielo Isaac          0014
Ayers Aaron King          0016  Barich William James         0013
Bellott Timothy G         0004  Bolls Matthew L *            0001
Braendeholm Peter M       0024  Brickhaus Matthew J          0023
Carl Michael Shawn        0010  Clem Doyne D                 0008
Corley Robert Michael     0020  Cramer Jayson Lee            0009
Edmonds Martin Leo        0012  Fahner Matthew Jon           0019
Hodge Tara Leigh          0025  House Kelly Wayne Jr         0022
Jenkins Thomas Richard    0026  Kovack Christopher T *       0002
Montinola John Gerard     0007  Norton Daniel Lee            0003
Pitel Joel Pantig         0006  Rogers Cameron William       0015
Sherman Paige Anne        0005  Tellis Charles Mccain        0021
                            Chaplain Corps
Hall Michael Eugene *     0001  Logan John Robert            0005
Mills Steven Douglas      0003  Sandford Bennett C           0002
Stennett Darren Lee       0004
                            Civil Engineer Corps
Butler William Roberts    0007  Jasinski Jeffrey David       0004
Jayne David Michael       0003  Kranz Jason Gregory          0002
Lebeau Warren Robert      0005  Leppard Benjamin David       0006
Meno Michael W Jr *       0001  Tobias Omarr Edward          0008

5.  Released by the Honorable Richard V. Spencer, Secretary of the Navy.//


FY20 O5 Staff Corps Promotion Opportunities Released

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The FY20 O5 Staff Corps Promotion Board Convening Order was released today. It contains a few interesting things that you should care about

First, it contains language you should use to write your fitreps.

Second, it contains the promotion board opportunities on page 2, but you can see it here:

Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 9.07.33 PM

Promotion board math is explained in this post.

Third, it contains a discussion about the new merit reorder process, just like the O6 board. Here it is:

Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 9.12.49 PM

Merit Reorder During FY20 Promotion Boards

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If you read page 16 of the FY20 Staff Corps O6 Promotion Board Convening Order, you’ll notice that there is a new section entitled “Recommendation for Reorder of Active-Duty Officers of Particular Merit.” This allows promotion boards to take up to 15% of the people they select and move them to the top of the promotion order if they feel they are worthy of it.

In other words, no longer will people promote based on seniority, but those who the board feels deserve it will move to the top of the list. It says:

Officers of particular merit are those officers whose records contain documented performance consistently superior to the performance of other officers recommended for promotion by this board.

That said, the promotion board could choose not to do this at all, leaving the people selected to promote based on their lineal number and seniority.