Operational billets

Medical Corps Non-Specialty Specific (NSS) Billet Opportunities

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NSS billets are targeted for MC officers with previous operational/administrative/research/leadership experience. The attached candidate input form explains the application and assignment process for the NSS billets.

Opportunities are listed below, with position descriptions attached.

The list is current but will fluctuate throughout the detailing cycle.  NSS applications are due to members’ detailer NLT 27 September 2022.

NSS detailing involves extensive cross-detailing at PERS. As such, communication is key. Officers must communicate their intentions to their detailer and community specialty leader(s).

Please direct questions regarding the NSS list to your detailer.  Contact information is listed in the attached candidate input form.

·         Force Surgeon, Commander Naval Surface Forces Pacific

·         Force Surgeon, Commander Naval Air Forces Atlantic

·         Force Surgeon, Commander Naval Submarine Forces Atlantic

·         Force Surgeon, Commander Naval Information Forces (COMNAVIFOR)

·         Officer-in-Charge, Fleet Surgical Team / CATF Surgeon, FLEET SURGICAL TEAMS

·         Senior Medical Officer, LHD/A

·         Senior Medical Officer, AS 39/40 USS Emory S. LAND; USS Frank CABLE

·         1st MARDIV Surgeon, 1st MLG Surgeon (Feb 2023 FILL), 3rd MAW Surgeon; 1st MAW Surgeon, I Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF); III MEF

·         Regimental Surgeon, 1st MARDIV, 2nd MARDIV

·         Director, 3rd MED BTN

·         MEB Surgeon, COMMAND ELEMENT 2nd/3rd  MEB


·         Director, Medical Readiness Division, Commander Naval Surface Forces Mid Pacific, Commander Naval Surface Forces Pacific

·         Command Surgeon, Joint Task Force, USNORTHCOM

·         Deputy Director, Force Medical Readiness (M34), BUMED WASH DC

·         Medical Corps Detailer, CNAVPERSCOM MILL (Navy Personnel Command, PERS-4415)

·         Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO), NMFL, NMFP, DHA, DISA

·         Member, Physical Evaluation Board, SECNAV CORB

·         Chief, Lessons Learned and Innovation, NATO Centre of Excellence for Military Medicine (MILMED COE)

·         Staff Inspector, BUMED, Office of the Medical Inspector General

·         Medical Corps Policy & Program Management, BUMED, Office of the Medical Corps Chief

·         Surface Medicine Program Manager, BUMED


·         Researcher (ID/Immunology), NMEDRSCHCEN (Navy Medical Research Center)

·         Health Science Researcher (Undersea Medicine), NMEDRSCHCEN (Naval Medical Research Center)

·         Trauma/Critical Care Medical Research Officer, NMRU SAN ANTONIO (Navy Medical Research Unit, San Antonio)

·         Student, NAVAL WAR COLLEGE

Operational Medical Officer (OMO) Opportunities

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PERS 4415 has provided the attached OMO opportunities list:

The list is current but will fluctuate throughout the detailing cycle.  Residency-trained MC officers without previous operational experience are encouraged to apply as outlined in the attached memo and per BUMEDINST 1520.42B.

OMO applications are due to operational specialty leaders NLT 15 October 2022

OMO detailing involves extensive cross-detailing at PERS. As such, communication is key.  Officers must communicate their intentions to their detailer and community specialty leader(s).

Questions about OMO applications can be directed to the operational community specialty leader of the community to which you are applying:

·         Aerospace Medicine and Flight Surgery – CAPT Robert J. Krause

·         Fleet Marine Forces – CDR Debra D. Buckland-Coffee

·         Surface Medicine – CAPT Mark J. Lenart

·         Undersea and Dive Medicine – CAPT James J. Mucciarone

Additional information on OMO applications can be found here: https://esportal.med.navy.mil/bumed/m00/m00c/M00C1/SitePages/Home.aspx

Here’s a graphic for an info session happening on 13 SEP:

Command Surgeon, US Central Command – O6 – April 2023

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Details and application requirements attached:

Fully completed nomination packages are to be emailed to CAPT Rhett Barrett NLT 1200 EST Thursday, September 1, 2022

Command Surgeon, US Special Operations Command – O6 Only

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Commander, US Special Operations Command requests Service nominations to fill this full-time position. The scope of duties requires an O-6 officer (would consider officers selected to O-6) who has Top Secret-SCI security clearance or is eligible. Clinicians (2100 or 2300 designators) with Special Operations experience are strongly desired but not required. Prospective applicants must demonstrate exceptional knowledge, skills and abilities to perform and execute the duties and responsibilities as outlined in this position description:

The assignment is 24-36 months, and the desired report date is March-September, 2023.

Prospective applicants should send a CV, BIO, copies of the last three fitness reports, letter of endorsement from the nominee’s chain of command, and nominee contact information (work and personal phone/email) to CAPT Rhett Barrett (contact in the global) NLT Jul 22, 2022.

Hot Fill for JUL 2022 – Fleet Surgical Team 4 OIC / CATF Surgeon – Norfolk, VA – O5/O6

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This is a high visibility, high impact position that involves coordination between Navy and Marine Corps operational units. Previous operational experience is a must. Candidates must have demonstrated leadership abilities in previous assignments. Prior completion of CATF Surgeon course is preferred but not required. Must be O5/6, but would consider highly qualified O5 selects.


Job Title:  Officer-in-Charge, Fleet Surgical Team / CATF Surgeon

Billet Locations:  Norfolk, VA

Billet Rank:  O-5/O-6

Tour length:  2 years

GMO privileging required:  YES

Fill date:  July 2022

Deployed leadership opportunity for an O5/O6 to serve as the Senior Medical Authority Afloat.  Fleet Surgical Team OICs serve as the Subject Matter Experts (SME) in maritime Health Service Support and typically report to Expeditionary Strike Group (ESG) Commanders or Amphibious Readiness Group (ARG) Commodores.  Supervising a team of 18 personnel, your role is to ensure that your team and assigned ARG ships’ Medical Departments are combat ready to deploy aboard LSD, LPD and LHD/LHA class warships to provide Role 2 damage control surgical services, Intensive Care support, resuscitative support, enroute care, blood bank management services, and behavioral health support.  In addition, while underway you will serve as the Commander, Amphibious Task Force (CATF) Surgeon, responsible for the coordination of health services support across multiple ships at sea and with numbered Fleet Commanders.  Position open to all medical specialties.

Interested officers should contact CAPT Wayne Smith at 901-874-4094 or via email at wayne.r.smith42.mil < at > us.navy.mil.

CATF Surgeon Courses

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All the details to sign up for the Commander, Amphibious Task Force Surgeon Course are in this document:

Application Process for Non-Specialty Specific Billets

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Please see the message below and attachments from PERS. Also note that per the Military Personnel Manual, you must be at 24 years or less of service to apply for the Senior War College. In other words, you have to have 4-6 years of service left as an O5/O6 to be considered:

CAPT Schofer,

Respectfully requesting dissemination of Non-Specialty Specific (NSS) opportunities list for 2022.

(2) attachments:

1. Candidate application with process description.

2. List of 2022 NSS opportunities with brief position descriptions.

Officer’s must seek concurrence from their Specialty Leader to apply.

Completed applications forms are due to officer’s detailer (cc CAPT Smith) NLT 6 Dec 2021.

Thank you for your time.


Wayne R. Smith


Head, Medical Corps Assignments

Executive Medicine, Surgical Specialties Detailer

Navy Personnel Command, PERS-4415

5720 Integrity Drive

Millington, TN 38005

Senior Executive/Operational Positions

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If you are interested in applying for any of the positions listed below, I need an updated CV, military bio, and NAVMED 1412/1 sent to my mail.mil address by 1 OCT 2021:

I know the NAVMED 1412/1 says “Command Screening Application” and you are not applying for command screening, but using this form is the easiest way to get all the info I need. Please fill it out to the best of your ability and send it to me.

Senior Operational Positions

  • 1st MARDIV Surgeon (Camp Pendleton, CA) – O5/O6
  • 2nd MARDIV Surgeon (Camp Lejeune, NC) – O5/O6
  • 2nd MAW Surgeon (Cherry Point, NC) – O5/O6
  • 2nd MLG Surgeon (Camp Lejeune, NC) – O5/O6
  • 3rd MARDIV Surgeon (Okinawa) – O5/O6
  • MARFORRES Surgeon (New Orleans, LA) – O6
  • Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command Surgeon (Norfolk, VA) – O6
  • SUBPAC Surgeon (Hawaii) – O5/O6
  • I MEF Surgeon (Camp Pendleton, CA) – O6
  • II MEF Surgeon (Camp Lejeune, CA) – O6
  • III MEF Surgeon (Okinawa) – O6
  • MARFORPAC Surgeon (Hawaii) – O6

Senior Executive Positions

  • Deputy Chief of the Medical Corps – O6
  • MEDLANT Deputy Commander (Portsmouth, VA) – Post-Command O6
  • MEDPAC Deputy Commander (San Diego, CA) – Post-Command O6
  • PERS-454 (Deployability Assessment and Assignment Branch, Millington, TN) – Post-Command O6
  • BUMED Diversity Officer (Falls Church, VA) – O5/O6
  • BUMED Chief Medical Officer (Falls Church, VA) – O6
  • BUMED Global Health Director (Falls Church, VA) – O6
  • DHA, Deputy Asst. Director of Strategy and Innovation (Falls Church, VA) – O6