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Consider Taking This Hotfill – Senior Medical Officer Position – USS AS EMORY LAND

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Here are some reasons to consider taking this billet:

  • They’ve been trying to fill this for a while, so potentially a senior O4 could use this to advance their career since they’d be filling a senior billet. Having trouble promoting to O5? This could push you over the edge at the promotion board.
  • Because they are about to draft someone for this if no one volunteers, you could negotiate for sweet follow-on orders. For example, “I’ll do this if you send me to ________ (fill in the blank) for my next tour.” I think that is a reasonable approach if you jump on this grenade.
  • You’ll earn a warfare device that opens up all sorts of future opportunities for your career.


What: Senior Medical Officer Position, USS AS EMORY LAND
Rank: O5/O6
Where: Guam
When: AUG 2018 with training ISTOP 20-31AUG for SAMFE then to Guam.

Support of 2-Tender Rotational Deployment model, where one tender remains in Guam to support the submarine squadron and the other (AS F CABLE) is forward deployed to support subs on mission and provide maintenance/logistics to any forward operating vessels.

The SMO must be able to provide primary care to AD sailors (thus GMO credentials for non-primary care specialists). Additional medical staff responsible to the SMO: UMO, Sub IDC, and Surface IDC on board. Additionally the SMO’s leadership will assist in cases that benefit from an experienced provider who can determine which medical cases can be managed on board, utilizing remote host nation care, or which require ISOS MEDEVAC.

This is a unique and rewarding leadership opportunity. If you are interested please reach out directly to your MC Detailer.

Embedded Mental Health Providers Making a Difference for Troops

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Here is a Navy Times article that discusses embedding mental health providers with operational units:

Embedded mental health providers making a difference for troops, officials say

This scenario of being primarily assigned to an operational unit is probably increasingly likely for many specialties in the future, which is why I posted it. With the increased focus on readiness, if you don’t want to spend a good portion of your career in support of the operational forces, then you are probably in the wrong organization.

SMO on the USS Essex – O4/O5

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All interested parties should contact their Detailer or Specialty Leader.

Position: Senior Medical Officer on the USS Essex
Homeport: San Diego
Rank: 0-4/0-5
Duration: 2 years
Fill date: January 2018

2018 USMC Executive Positions

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Here are the billets opening in Summer 2018 in Executive Marine Corps Health Services Support. Rank requirements for the billets are indicated. For all billets, previous Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) experience, including Fleet Marine Force Warfare Officer (FMFWO) designation, is highly preferred but not required. Every one of these billets entails executive medicine leadership supervising the healthcare for 20K or more Marines and Sailors:

  • O­6 (post-­command)
    • Deputy TMO
  •  O­6
    • I, II and III** MEF Surgeons
    • 1st and 3D** MARDIV Surgeons
  • O­5 or O6
    • 1st** and 3D MAW Surgeons
      • Flight Surgeon AQD a requirement
      • Residency in Aerospace Medicine even better but not required
  • O5
    • 1st and 2D MLG Surgeons

**III MEF, 3D MARDIV and 1st MAW are located on Okinawa.

Any interested parties need to send a current Bio and CV to CAPT Vincent L DeCicco, Deputy Medical Officer of the Marine Corps & Fleet Marine Force Specialty Leader. Applicants should list the preferred billet(s) they are applying for but remain flexible to accept alternatives – ­­not everyone can serve in SoCal. The formal slating process begins in Oct though final results require Surgeon General approval comes out after the CO/XO/OIC slate is released.

USSOCOM Surgeon Position – O6 Only

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The USSOCOM Surgeon ­position is opening in June 2018 and is open to O­6 only. Nomination packets are due to BUMED by 17 JUL via your Specialty Leader. The nomination packet must include:

  • Flag officer letter of recommendation
  • Photo
  • CV and BIO
  • Last 5 fitreps
  • Detailer and Specialty Leader concurrence

Senior Medical Officer, USS BONHOMME RICHARD (LHD6) – O5/O6

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The Senior Medical Officer position on the USS BONHOMME RICHARD (LHD6) in Sasebo, Japan is available for an OCT 2017 report.  Of note, the ship is changing home port to San Diego:

  • O5 to O6 Medical Corps position, overseeing a department of two physicians and 24 medical support staff with an augmented 20 member Fleet Surgical Team during deployments.
  • The ship will be in Sasebo, Japan until early spring 2018 with normal off duty travel available in Japan.
  • Early spring 2018, the ship will have short patrols with numerous port calls throughout South East Asia.
  • The second half of spring 2018 will consist of a return to San Diego for a home port change with multiple island port calls along the way.
  • During the 18 month yard period in San Diego, medical care will be conducted in a local naval clinic on an abbreviated schedule. This schedule will allow time to continue specialty competence/experience/activity and training at Naval Medical Center San Diego, as desired.
  • The command will have completed all routine certifications and inspections in early fall 2017 and will not require certification or inspection until fall 2019.
  • This billet provides a great opportunity to demonstrate senior leadership experience and earn a warfare device.

If you are interested, contact your Detailer and/or Specialty Leader.

USAFRICOM Surgeon – O6 Only

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The position as Command Surgeon for Headquarters (HQ) U.S. Africa Command (USAFRICOM)­ is available this fall.  The position requirements and report date are:

  • O6 with command experience preferred.
  • Board certification preferred.
  • Top Secret/Secret Compartmentalized Information (TS/SCI) clearance required for position.
  • Report no later than date of 30 SEP 2017.

Any interested party who meets the qualification needS to provide:

  1. Contact info
  2. Service Record Photo in current rank (if not already in record)
  3. Biography
  4. CV
  5. Specialty Leader endorsement

Applicants should return these documents to CDR Frank Mullens at BUMED (e-mail address is in the global address book) no later than 21 June (earlier is preferred). Questions/concerns should be directed to CDR Mullens.