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FY18 CO/XO Slate

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The FY18 CO/XO slate can be found at this website (make sure you pick your e-mail certificate):


FY19 Promo Board Schedule

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You can find the FY19 promotion board schedule here.  Of note for Medical Corps officers:

Board #170 – Active O­6 Staff – 6­ Feb­ 2018

Board #265 – Active O­5 Staff – 27 ­Mar 20­18

Board #300 – Active O­4 Staff – 15­ May 20­18

Board #404 – Medical Dept Career Milestone Screen – 25 ­Jul 20­18

Board #405 – Medical Dept Command Screen – 25 ­Jul 20­18

FY17 Senior Executive Medicine Slate Released

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Congrats to all the officers who were slated to these senior leadership positions:

FY17 Senior Executive Medicine Slate

FY17 CO/XO Slate Released

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Here is the 2017 CO/XO slate for those who haven’t seen it:

FY17 CO/XO Slate

New Masters in Health Administration Executive Clinical Leadership Track

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There is a new program for officers who want to pursue a Masters in Health Administration while on active duty.  The program is described in this white paper, and the Navy point-of-contact for the program is CAPT Lynn T. Downs.  I don’t usually put people’s contact info in public posts, so just check the global e-mail directory for her e-mail address if you have questions.

Of note, to apply for this program you must do so through the Graduate Medical Education Selection Board.  You can read about my thoughts on advanced degrees here:

Could a Masters Degree Get You Promoted?