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Walter Reed Chief of Staff Position – O6

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BUMED recently added the Walter Reed Chief of Staff job to the list of positions available for those who are screened or planning to screen for a XO position in 2020. The details are in this document, but any Navy people who wish to be considered must follow the XO application process, which has a due date of 15 JUN 2019:


FY20 Executive Medicine Application Process and Forms

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Here are all the files you need to apply for XO and CO opportunities in FY20. The deadline for applications is 15 JUN:

BUMEDINST 1412.1C – 17 Apr 2019

BUMEDNOTE 1412 – 17 Apr 2019

FY20 CO_XO Opportunities

NAVMED 1412_1 blank

New Joint Medical Executive Skills Program Website Link

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For those of you trying to get your Executive Medicine Additional Qualification Designator (AQD) looking for the Joint Medical Executive Skills Program website, they changed the URL. It can be found here as well as on the Useful Links tab:


FY19 CO/XO Slate

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The FY19 CO/XO slate came out a few days ago, but it is CAC-protected everywhere and therefore I can’t post it. It can be found in the upper left corner on this site but make sure you pick the e-mail certificate or it won’t open:


Temporary Work Around to Get the Executive Medicine AQD

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The Joint Medical Executive Skills Program website is currently unavailable, making it difficult to get the Executive Medicine (67A) Additional Qualification Designator (AQD). As a temporary fix, they can manually create your profile in their database and update any information such as: education, experience, certifications, etc.

To create your account, they will require your:

  • Name (First, MI, Last, Suffix)
  • SSN
  • DOB
  • Corps
  • Current Duty Station report date
  • Projected Rotation Date

Also, here is a matrix containing information on which competencies you are required to obtain the AQD. It also contains information on how they can be fulfilled.

If you have any questions/concerns, I’d e-mail them here:


Joint Medical Executive Skills Website for Executive Medicine AQD is Down

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I’ve received a few questions in the last 1-2 weeks about how to get the 67A Executive Medicine Additional Qualification Designator. After tracking down the latest info, it appears that for now the website is down. They are working on revamping the criteria to achieve the AQD and working the issue, but for now there is no way to get the AQD.

Once I have further info I’ll post it.

CO/XO Application Process

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All of the information needed to apply for CO/XO can be found at this link (select your e-mail CAC certificate):


The documents you need are here:

Note 1412 2 Apr 2018

NAVMED 1412_1 (4_2017)

FY19 CO_XO Opportunities

ExecMedCandidateInput (5_2017)