Thank God! The DoD is Replacing DTS

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If I made a list of things that drive physicians from the Navy, having to use the Defense Travel System (DTS) would be on that list. Here’s an article about efforts to replace DTS:

Pentagon finally plans Defense Travel System reforms

3rd/4th Quarter FY18 Reductions to Centrally Funded Leadership Courses

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1. Navy Medicine Education, Training, and Logistics Command (NMETLC) has an unexpected $2.4 million unfunded requirement for operational training. As such, they do not expect to be able to fund any travel or per diem for courses that are centrally funded likeAdvanced Medical Department Officer Course (AMDOC) or the Tricare Financial Management Executive Program. ***This is only for the 3rd/4th Quarters of FY18***

2. For the Medical Corps (MC) specifically:

  • This DOES NOT affect MC board certification related training, nor does it affect any GME related training (FTOS).
  • This DOES affect CME for those medical officers in non-BSO-­18 commands (70% reduction in the remaining travel funds). [a non-BSO-18 command is basically anything that is not a Navy hospital/clinic]
  • For MC Officers in non-BSO-­18 commands, the remaining 30% is earmarked for those who MUST have CME for licensure. Navy Medicine Professional Development Center (NMPDC) will be the final decision making authority. Of course, a given command may fund CME travel if they choose. There are limited dollars (with no clear relief on the horizon), so the priority will be given to those that truly need the CME and their command cannot fund.

3. There are no additional restrictions for normal CME related travel (i.e. travel funded by the commands or any other source).

4. Remaining FY18 classes will continue to be held for local (National Capital Area) attendees or to anyone else on a no­-cost basis, if minimum class size is attained. Commands can fund their staff or members may attend while in a no-­cost TAD status at their own expense. Courses primarily impacted will be:

  • ­­Advanced Medical Department Officer Course (AMDOC)
  • Tricare Financial Management Executive Program (TFMEP)

BUMED hopes that this impact can be somewhat mitigated by alternate funding if available at local commands.