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Fitrep Update for Upcoming O4/O5 Promotion Boards

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Here’s the quick summary of a recent and somewhat lengthy e-mail PERS sent out about the current state of FITREPs and promotion boards. I have removed all the extraneous info and boiled it down to only two items that summarize the whole e-mail:

  • They are about 3-4 months behind on uploading FITREPs.
  • If you look at your Performance Summary Record (PSR) and do not see a FITREP that you received, you will need to submit it via a letter to the board.

All of the info to review your PSR and figure out your letter to the board is in the Promo Prep.

Upcoming Promo Board Prep Session – Microsoft Teams – 21 OCT at 1200 EDT

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Barring technical difficulties, the session will be recorded and available on YouTube and on this blog.

2023 Promo Prep Update

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For those of you looking for the updated Promo Prep for next year’s promotion boards, you can find it here. As changes occur, I’ll update it (as usual), but this one should be ready for those looking to start early on their records:

2022 Promo Prep for FY23 Promotion Boards is Live!

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The 2022 edition of Joel Schofer’s Promo Prep for FY23 promotion boards as well as the FY23 screencast video can be found on this page.

2021 Promotion Board Prep Available

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The updated 2021 version of Joel Schofer’s Promotion Board Prep can be found here. I was planning on putting it on Amazon as a free e-book, so I put it into the Amazon book template, but apparently you can’t list a book on Amazon for free. Oh well!

Download it on this page as much as you like (for free).

Updated Awards Section in Promo Prep

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I’m slowly but steadily working on the 2021 version of the Promo Prep and Fitrep Prep, but because Navy Personnel Command retired NDAWS ( and now uses BOL for awards, the awards section needed to be updated. The version with the updated awards section has been uploaded to the Promo Prep page.

Bottom Line – If your awards are accurate on your OSR, there is no action to take. If they are not, have fun!

New Process to Add Degrees to Your Record

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Thanks to the Detailers for sending me this update. Below and in the just updated Promo Prep are the new procedures for adding degrees to your record:

To have your formal education updated, the official transcripts must come directly from the school to the office below. They can be delivered electronically as long as the school uses a secure delivery system such as eScript/Parchment to JST@DODED.MIL or they can be mailed to:

JST Ops Center
6490 Saufley Field Road
Pensacola, Florida 32509

Before sending the transcripts, you must contact the Joint Services Transcript Operations Center (JST OPS) at JST@DODED.MIL, advising them that you are having an official transcript mailed to them directly from the academic institution for the purpose of adding it to your Joint Services Transcript (JST). You are to provide your name, last four of your SSN, and either your e-mail or phone number so that they can reach you should there be any questions.

To see if the degrees have been added, please check the ACADEMIC page or the INQUIRIES tab on the JST website before contacting the office to see if the degree has been added. Please wait a minimum of 10 business days before contacting the JST office to see if they have received the degree.

The JST website can be found at

2020 Version of Promo Prep is Ready!

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If you want the 2020 version of my Promo Prep, go to this site where you’ll always find the most up-to-date version:

Joel Schofer’s Promo Prep

Suggestions for Promo Prep Revisions

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I usually start the annual revision of the Promo Prep document once the LCDR promotion results are released. If you have any suggestions for the revision, put them in the comments section of this post and I’ll try to incorporate them.

New Addition to the Promo Prep – Check Your Security Clearance

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During the last Specialty Leader Business Meeting, the Detailing Update mentioned that there were about 10 cases of officers who lost their promotion due to a security clearance issue. As a result, I added a new section to the Promo Prep document. In it you can find out how to check your security clearance. Here’s what I added:

Step 8 – Check Your Security Clearance

If your security clearance is expired, you won’t promote. To check on its status, go to blocks 92 and 93 of your Officer Data Card (ODC). Here is what mine says:

Block 92 – VV1015

Block 93 – 1115

What does this mean? The letters and dates in order are the level of clearance you are eligible for, the level of clearance you have, the date your investigation was initiated (MMYY format), and in block 93 the date your clearance was granted (MMYY format).

My first “V” means I am eligible for a “Top Secret – SCI Eligible” clearance. The second “V” means I actually have one. Here is a list of the various codes you might see:

The second date in block 93, “1115” in my case, is the important one. A Top Secret clearance is good for 6 years, so I should be good until NOV 2021. A Secret clearance, which is what most of you will have, is good for 10 years.

If your security clearance will expire within the next year or you have any questions about this, you should go to your security manager to renew it. Don’t let a promotion slip by because you had an expired clearance. It happens more than you would think.