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Save the Date – Medical Corps Ball (San Diego, 7 MAR) and Symposium (Portsmouth VA, 3 APR)

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This fiscal year we are going to move the Medical Corps Ball out of the DC area. It is tentatively scheduled to be held in San Diego on 7 MAR 2020. Further details are being finalized and will be disseminated once they are firmed up.

We are also going to join our MSC colleagues and start a one day Medical Corps Symposium, currently scheduled to occur at NMC Portsmouth on 3 APR 2020. There will be CME available to attendees, and this is a chance to get up to speed on Medical Corps issues such as graduate medical education (GME), professional development, and where we’re headed as an enterprise and a Corps. Here is a save the date graphic they created:

Medical Corps Symposium Save the Date

There is no central funding for either of these events, so you have to find your way there if you are not local. Because of this, the plan is to rotate these to various sites every year.

A Hearty Thanks to Readers – CDR Schofer is Now CAPT Schofer and the Incoming Deputy Chief of the Medical Corps

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Starting a blog about how to promote to Captain is perhaps a little nerve racking until you’ve actually done it yourself. Today is that day!

CAPT Schofer Photo

(Note – Neither the Department of the Navy nor any other component of the Department of Defense has approved, endorsed, or authorized this blog.)

Whew! I guess I no longer need to worry about being that guy who told everyone how to promote to Captain but couldn’t do it himself.

Also of note, this week I check-in to BUMED as the next Deputy Chief of the Medical Corps, which is a dream job of mine. Thanks to all the readers of this blog who definitely contributed to this unexpected turn in my career.

Hometown Hero Program

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In order to assist the Navy’s Medical Corps recruiting mission, Commanding Officers have been encouraged to authorize permissive TAD to Medical Corps Officers who engage in recruiting activity.

In other words… if you were planning on taking leave, but spend some of your time helping to recruit for the Uniformed Services University (USU) or Medical Corps Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP), you can apply for no-cost TAD and not have to burn your leave. This is a great opportunity for young medical officers to network and build their leave bank.


  1. Make contact with your alma mater, Medical Officer recruiter, or any optimal group that may be interested in HPSP or USU. Email MedicalVIP.fct < at > navy < dot > mil for assistance. Feel free to email LCDR Brett Chamberlin (e-mail address is in the global) if you encounter any difficulties.
  2. Develop a plan to recruit, discuss, or generally represent Navy Medicine.
  3. Request Permissive TAD through your command.

Upcoming Events:

Below are some upcoming USU recruiting events (HPSP recruiting welcome as well). Please contact margeaux.auslander.ctr < at > usuhs < dot > edu

Dates USU Event Name Location
9/25/2019 Middle Tennessee State University Career Fair Murfreesboro, TN
9/25/2019 Rhodes College Graduate School Expo Memphis, TN
9/26/2019 Christian Brothers University Graduate School Expo Memphis, TN
9/26/2019 University of Memphis Graduate School Information Fair Memphis, TN
10/1/2019 Xavier University visit New Orleans, LA
10/2/2019 LSU Health Professions Fair Baton Rouge, LA
10/15/2019 UT Knoxville Health Professions Fair Knoxville, TN
10/16/2019 UIUC Graduate and Professional School Fair Champaign, IL
10/16/2019 East Tennessee State University Health Professions Recruitment Fair Johnson City, TN



RDML James Hancock is the New Medical Corps Chief

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Last Saturday, RDML James Hancock assumed the position of Medical Corps Chief from RDML Paul Pearigen. For those of you who would like to learn about RDML Hancock’s background, here is his military bio:

RDML James Hancock Bio

Thanks to RDML Pearigen for his years of leadership in the position.