How Much Do You Get Paid as a Navy Doctor?

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I received a few e-mails asking for help figuring out physician pay in the Navy, and this is a long overdue blog post. In the spreadsheet below is the pay info for the various stages as you move throughout your Navy Medical Corps Career. I’m making a few assumptions:

  • These are FY20 pay numbers (since the FY21 pay plan is not out yet).
  • You promote at the normal times (O4 at 6 years, O5 at 12 years, and O6 at 18 years).
  • Basic Allowance for Housing is with dependents in San Diego. You can personalize this here.
  • The specialty is Emergency Medicine. You can look at the different amounts for other specialties here.
  • You pass your boards and become board-certified after residency.

For those who don’t want to look at the spreadsheet, here are the bottom line annual salaries:

  • New O3 intern – $95,976
  • O3 GMO – $121,803
  • Mid-grade O3 EM Resident – $120,348
  • New O4 EM Attending – $180,249
  • O5 EM Attending on a 6-Year Retention Bonus – $264,665
  • O6 EM Attending on a 6-Year Retention Bonus – $287,878

Here’s the spreadsheet with hyperlinks: