From the Chief of Naval Personnel – May News in Review

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It’s been a month filled with career advancements and selections across the fleet. Congratulations to all who have been selected!

From updates on TA and the DMAP rollout to important upcoming dates and deadlines – Here’s the recap of your career news from the Chief of Naval Personnel for the month of May in the latest Sailor-to-Sailor newsletter.

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– Chief of Naval Personnel Public Affairs

Navy Rep on the Senior Medical Advisory Committee for the Detainee Program

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The Senior Medical Advisory Committee for the Detainee Program (SMACDP)
supports Office of Secretary of Defense program-level oversight of medical
activities required by the Department of Defense (DoD) Detainee Program.
The SMACDP is chaired by the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Health
Services Policy and Oversight (DASD(HSP&O)).  It operates pursuant to a
charter of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs (ASD(HA))
acting under the direction of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel
and Readiness (USD(P&R)) (attachment 1) and Department of Defense
Instruction (DoDI) 2310.08, “Medical Program Support for Detainee
Operations” (attachment 2).   

Due to the SMAC-DP meetings taking place in a secured room, nominees are
required to have a security clearance and access to the following:  secure
video tele-conference or secured phone line and secure email address.

Nomination package requirements:  CV, BIO and status of security clearance
to CAPT Shauna O’Sullivan NLT 1600 EST Wednesday, 07 June 2023.

No More Twitter Auto-Posting, So Moving to Tumblr

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WordPress and Twitter couldn’t reach an agreement that would continue to allow my blog posts to automatically post to Twitter, so I’m moving to Tumblr. Follow my new Tumblr feed here:


FY24 O4 and O5 Promotion Opportunities

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You can find the promotion opportunities on page 2 of the convening order, usually released shortly after the promotion boards convene. Here are the promotion opportunities for FY24:


  • Dental Corps – 94% (up from 89% last year)
  • Medical Corps – 95% (same as last year, the maximum permitted)
  • Medical Service Corps – 94% (up from 90% last year)
  • Nurse Corps – 85% (up from 75% last year)


  • Dental Corps – 95% (up from 80% last year)
  • Medical Corps – 94% (up from 90% last year)
  • Medical Service Corps – 62% (up from 60% last year)
  • Nurse Corps – 80% (up from 70% last year)

Remember that these percentages ARE NOT the percentage picked in zone. Here is a refresher on how promotion board math works.

Here are the convening orders below, and I already used the O6 one to find the changes for FY24, which you can read here.

FY24 Staff Corps O6 List

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R 101454Z MAY 23 MID600053003495U

ALNAV 039/23




RMKS/1. I am pleased to announce the following Staff Corps Officers on the
Active-Duty list for promotion to the permanent grade of Captain.

2. This message is not authority to deliver appointments. Authority to
effect promotion will normally be issued by future NAVADMINs requiring
NAVPERS 1421/7 preparation and forwarding of document to PERS-806.

3. Frocking is not authorized for any officer listed below until specific
authorization is received per SECNAVINST 1420.2B.

4. For proper alphabetical order read from left to right on each line. The
numbers following each name to the right indicate the relative seniority
among selectees within each competitive category. Note: An (*) by the name
indicates the selectee was merit reordered to the top of the promotion list
in accordance with reference (a). Members are directed to verify their
select status via BUPERS Online.

Medical Corps
Aban Kenric Turingan 0016 Adams Shannon P 0017
Agraz Javier Jr 0025 Andrews Christopher M 0011
Atienza Arriel Elarmo 0063 Auten Jonathan David 0022
Banks Taylor Allen * 0004 Bentson Jeffrey G 0050
Bernhard Jason Robert 0053 Blitz Jason Bernard 0010
Breeden April L 0018 Bucklandcoffey Debra D 0049
Burr Wayne Mahn 0009 Cann Helen L 0065
Capra Gregory Gerard 0055 Chung James 0034
Clark Delbert David 0020 Clark James K 0047
Clark Max Arnold II 0013 Connolly Randy Wain 0035
Cross Garfield 0030 Crossman Emily L 0037
Decker Lawrence C 0046 Degrado Justin James 0028
Fechner Kenneth M 0024 Fernandez Dominick R 0014
Fick Daryl Burton Jr 0057 Fitch Jamie Lynn * 0005
Germana Antonino 0061 Gibson Lisa Kay 0062
Gomezleonardelli D T 0036 Grossgold Erik T 0015
Hennessey Patrick J 0007 Keller Matthew William 0066
Krzyzaniak Michael J 0027 Lamme Jacqueline S 0033
Lodico Derek N 0043 Mccoy Khristina Hoover 0031
Mcdonald Lucas S 0032 Mcgrath Sean F 0019
Mentler Ellie Chiwon K 0056 Miletich Derek Matthew 0054
Miller Kyle Eric 0052 Moses Kennett J 0008
Murphy Thomas J II 0023 Nassiri Joshua Darius 0044
Nelson Cameron James L 0012 Nork Justin J 0060
Owings Alfred John II 0038 Perez Angel J 0064
Peterson Jami Jo 0042 Phillips Christopher R 0048
Portier Ray 0067 Rice Nelly Kim 0026
Ripple James Randall 0045 Sangiorgi Michelle J 0051
Shah Anil N 0029 Stclair Kristina J 0058
Teti Virginia Plitt 0040 Trask John D 0006
Uniszkiewicz Robert N * 0002 Viola Shelton A 0059
Ward William Harrell * 0001 Whaley John Gregory 0039
Worthley Jeffrey C 0041
Dental Corps
Andersen Michael Roy 0020 Braud Martin James * 0001
Burkes Jason Neal * 0002 Downey Danika Jo 0012
Eliot Colin Alexander * 0003 Frazer Rebecca Ann 0019
Geller Jared Adam 0010 Harper Fred J III 0008
Hogan Jacqueline A M 0016 Jensen Damon Ty 0005
Johnson Brock Jonathan 0015 Lores Gustavo Eugenio 0021
Martinsen Bradley D 0014 Nghiem Hoan Boi 0009
Park Andrew C 0011 Ross James Mitchell 0018
Tang Clarence Spencer 0006 Trippe Leslie Hobbs 0004
Wade Stephen Michael 0007 Young Christopher L 0017
Medical Service Corps
Barnes Christopher E 0023 Bennett William Oneail 0022
Cardenal Raul Ernesto 0031 Clark Tilford Lenon 0012
Divina Rodel Hernandez 0005 Diwadkar Prasad B 0016
Dohm Kyle Dale 0020 Dutton Nicole Jane 0028
Edusada Maria Dolores * 0001 Ford Joseph James Jr 0017
Hazelrigg Scott Allan 0015 Keener James Matthew 0026
Lingard Christopher P 0030 Martin Nicholas James 0019
Mccarthy Sean Michael 0009 Mcclellan Felecia E * 0003
Mckendall Jared Ahmad 0008 Mcmullen Kevin Patrick 0014
Murphy Thomas Patrick 0010 Murriel Markeece L 0029
Nogle James Michael 0021 Oelschlager Kimberly A 0018
Palacios Cindi L 0025 Prouty Michael Glenn 0024
Schutt Steven Daniel 0006 Sprague Emily Jean 0007
Starkey Kevin Lamoin 0013 Toler Ayessa B * 0002
Washington Stacy J 0011 Yasuda Chadwick Yoshio 0027
Judge Advocate Generals Corps
Antenucci Dominic J 0003 Deerwester C J 0009
Gross Nathaniel Robert 0007 Kirby Tracy Durbeck 0002
Korn Brian David 0005 Layne Charles Michael 0001
Meyers Abigail Lee 0011 Murphy Mary Reeves 0004
Robertson Benjamin C 0006 Romelhardt Jacob Wayne 0010
Swain Christopher C 0008
Nurse Corps
Anker Mary Rose 0006 Basford Brooke M * 0002
Belko Vavadee Victoria 0010 Birkla James Russell 0023
Braybrook Connie J 0025 Butler Patricia D 0034
Corbett Catherine B 0005 Ellis Brian E 0018
Ellsworth Carol Marie * 0004 Ferguson Ebony J 0036
Foura Candace Renee 0027 Fuller Thomas N 0016
Gee Lacy Lynnae 0019 Hazen Bradley Steven 0013
Henry Lawrence Bond 0022 Hinds Kyle Douglas 0011
Hoyos John A 0026 Jenkins Davy J 0024
Ketzler James A * 0003 Kimberling Robert J 0030
Krauss Tracy Ranea 0031 Levenson Jonathan D 0028
Mchenry Aleah J 0021 Mcmahon Matthew P 0037
Mercado Jose A 0035 Miller Mark J 0015
Naczas Sara Lynn 0032 Pappalardo Carla A 0008
Reed Protegenie * 0001 Rotruck Shannan C 0033
Stiller Andreas 0029 Surin Kender W 0014
Troncoso Melissa Renee 0012 Uranga Tiffany Ann 0009
Villajuana Ligia B 0017 Wolf Brandon K 0020
Supply Corps
Borkert Kevin Lee 0002 Bossi Joseph Raymond 0009
Calvo Timothy James 0004 Colburn Brian D 0010
Coomes Eric John 0013 Dalphonse Diana I * 0001
Daniel Autumn Leigh 0012 Dawson Eugene Jr 0011
Decker Erik Andrew 0026 Ellis Krysten Janelle 0019
Engler Kirk Ashley 0015 Findley Kenneth Earl 0020
Gardner Maxine Jean Joo 0025 Harper Jason Patrick 0023
Iliff Ian Grant 0022 Kading Christopher R 0008
Kiflu Mordocai 0006 Lattus Gene Michael Jr 0018
Lieng Soktheas Scott 0028 Mcintyre Donald Mark 0027
Morgan Jason Ashley 0007 Radke Christopher C 0016
Shiels Matthew John 0005 Siqueiros Jaime Jesus 0003
Sonon Albert T IV 0014 Tamez John 0021
Thomas Marcus Evin 0029 Whittle Blake A 0017
Chaplain Corps
Alexander David W 0011 Carlton Aaron Caparino * 0001
Cook Thomas Tine 0006 Dance James Leander 0004
Durham Jerry D 0007 Jenkins Jeffery Brian 0009
Kennedy Ronald James 0010 Odell Ronald S Jr 0005
Rivers Ray F 0008 Stewart William M Jr 0003
Thornton Garry Ross Jr 0002 Vandyke John Carden 0012
Civil Engineer Corps
Casne Christopher S * 0001 Casperson Brandon M 0004
Durika Elizabeth A 0009 Habeck Jackson Russell 0007
Johnson Samuel A 0002 Kim Chris Donghyun 0003
Martens Eric Lee 0011 Metlen Tate Lando 0010
Schmitt Daniel Justin 0006 Segalla Jacob William 0008
Spinks Justin Daniel 0005

5. Released by the Honorable Carlos Del Toro, Secretary of the Navy.//


Dual Hatted Fleet Marine Force (FMF) Operational Medical Officer and FMF Specialty Leader

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We are currently accepting applications for the Fleet Marine Force Operational Medical Officer/ FMF Specialty Leader. Please note that this position is a combined position with the Director for Clinical Services at Marine Corps Headquarters, Health Services in Arlingon, VA. PCS is required. The FMF OMO Specialty Leader is unique in that providers from multiple specialties are represented and personnel may move in and out of the community throughout their careers. Qualifications for the position are as follows:

  1. O-5 or O-6 Medical Corps Officer
  2. Board Certified in Primary Specialty
  3. Be currently serving with or have served within the USMC Operational Forces at the level of Regimental Surgeon or higher (Major Subordinate Command Surgeon or higher preferred)
  4. Be within Navy height and weight standards without any PRT failures
  5. Be eligible for PCS to HQMC – Health Services in Arlington, Virginia Like other primary Specialty Leaders, the FMF OMO Specialty Leader engages in officer selection for training; mentorship within the community; and providing recommendations for the detailing process. Because of the unique nature of the FMF OMO community, additional responsibilities include
  6. Creation and maintenance of an OMO specific training pipeline
  7. Oversight of the FMFWO/QO program
  8. Participation in table top exercises
  9. Dual reporting to The Medical Officer of the Marine Corps and the Medical Corps Chief.
  10. The application cycle will close on 5/27/2022. Please send the following to CDR Robyn Treadwell and CDR Debra Buckland-Coffey as a single combined PDF document:

· Letter of Intent

· Bio

· CV



· Last 2 Fitreps

If you have any questions regarding the positions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the incumbent, CDR Debra Buckland-Coffey.

From the Chief of Naval Personnel – April in Review

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From your MyNavy HR team:

Did you have a chance to read all of the NAVADMINs released this past month?
See the recap of career news, NAVADMINs, and updates from the Chief of Naval Personnel for the month of April in the latest Sailor-to-Sailor newsletter.

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— Navy SAPR Note:
Do you know how the Navy Victims’ Legal Counsel supports SA survivors?

The Navy JAG Corps’ Victims Legal Counsel Program links survivors of a sexual offense or domestic violence to a skilled, independent and dedicated attorney – someone who offers vital individualized representation and support during a challenging period of their lives. VLC helps survivors understand and navigate investigation and military justice processes.  VLC connects survivors to a wide range of resources that can assist in their recovery.  VLC ensures their legal rights and interests are protected. To learn more – or to access assistance – visit:

– Chief of Naval Personnel Public Affairs