The Navy is Not Going to Let You Retire Early

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There have been recent discussions about cuts in military medicine and POM20, and some people found this recently signed policy about early retirements. They put 2 and 2 together and figured that they might be able to retire early.

The message from BUMED is that this was merely the required periodic update of the existing early retirement policy. It was unfortunate timing and there are no plans to use it that they know of.

If that changes, you’ll hear it here as soon as I can get it out there.

The Word File of My Promo Board Letter and Other Templates

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Lots of people are asking me for templates for letters to promotion boards. Here is the exact letter in Word format that I sent to last year’s O6 board (minus my Xed out SS#):

Schofer Letter to O6 Board

You can also use these:

PERS Sample Letter to the Board

PERS Promotion Board Letter – Word Template

2019 Annual Blog Update

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At the beginning of every year I give a general update on how the blog is doing. Enjoy!



As during previous years, profit was negative $99. I make no money on this, and it costs me $99/year.


Blog Traffic

Here’s a graph of blog traffic since the blog was started in mid-2015:

Screen Shot 2019-01-01 at 11.38.32 AM

The light blue is page views and the dark blue is visitors:

  • 2015 – 3,705 visitors viewed 10,870 pages with 66 posts published
  • 2016 – 18,373 visitors viewed 43,673 pages with 133 posts published
  • 2017 – 32,569 visitors viewed 88,263 pages with 194 posts published
  • 2018 – 56,674 visitors viewed 151,044 pages with 212 posts published


10 Most Popular Blog Posts and Pages in 2018

Here are the 10 most popular pages and posts in 2018, excluding promotion board results (which always get high traffic):

  1. POM20 Navy Medicine Billet Reduction – 4,609 views
  2. Joel Schofer’s Promo Prep – 4,453 views
  3. Useful Documents – 2,600 views
  4. LCDR Fitreps – Language for Writing Your Block 41 – 2,425 views of this post from 2016
  5. Joel Schofer’s Fitrep Prep – 2,413 views
  6. CV, Military Bio, and Letter of Intent Templates – 2,158 views of this post from 2017
  7. Useful Links – 1,917 views
  8. What are AQDs and How Do You Get Them? – 1,555 views of this post from 2016
  9. Getting Retirement Credit for HPSP in the Reserves – 1,501 views
  10. Potential Problems if You’re Licensed to Practice Medicine in Nebraska – 1,408 views


5 Most Popular Videos of 2018

  1. Basic Anatomy of a Fitrep – 647 views
  2. FY20 Promotion Boards – What are They Looking At and How Can You Get Ready – 533 views
  3. Fitreps in 18 Minutes – 448 views
  4. How to Read Your Performance Summary Report (PSR) – 434 views
  5. The Quick and Dirty on Updating Your Record – 180 views


Thanks for all of your support. Everywhere I go people thank me for the blog, so I know a lot of you are benefiting from it. Because of that, I’ll keep doing it for as long as I can.

Navy Medicine West Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO) – O4-O6

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BUMED is looking to fill the Navy Medicine West CMIO position in the summer of 2019. The position description (PD) is available here.

Interested candidates should be in their PCS window and can submit their CV, Bio, and Letter of Intent to the incumbent (CDR David Paz – address in the global and in the PD) no later than 11 JAN 2019.

SOUTHCOM Surgeon Position – CAPT/CAPT(s)

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Here are the details:

  • Rank required: CAPT/CAPT(s)­
  • Additional skills: Fluency in Spanish is preferred.
  • Report date: March 2019

Interested parties should submit their packages to CAPT Christopher Quarles (contact info is in the global) as soon as possible because nominations are due NLT 17 DEC 2018.

Full details are available in this document, but all nominations MUST go through BUMED:

Request for Nomination – Command Surgeon, U.S. Southern Command

Powerpoints from Last Week’s Specialty Leader Business Meeting

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Last week was the Specialty Leader Business Meeting, which is always held in conjunction with the GME Selection Board. If you want to see the following Powerpoint decks, they are available on the Medical Corps Sharepoint Site (pick your e-mail CAC certificate or it won’t open for you):

  • DHA Organizational Update
  • Finding Joy in Work
  • GME Interdependency Brief
  • GME Overview
  • Military Unique Curriculum
  • PERS Pearls

I would post them, but the one about DHA is labelled “for internal use only” and there are too many authors of the other ones to get permission to post them on the blog. Because of all the change going on, I wanted to call attention to their availability.