FY19 Navy Medicine Leadership Course Catalog

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Here is the updated catalog of courses you can (and should) take:


Ft. Belvoir Director for Education, Training, and Research – O5/O6

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This is a Board of Directors level position at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital in the National Capital Region. They are seeking an O-5/O-6 to serve as their Director for Education, Training, and Research. Requested report date is May 2019, and candidates should be in the window for PCS orders.

Here is a document with further details:


Despite what it says in the document above, all applications have to go through the Medical Corps Chief’s Office at BUMED. Submit applications there via your Specialty Leader NLT 5 October 2018.

Mount Sinai’s Icahn School of Medicine Establishes Institutional Partnership With U.S. Navy, Streamlining Pathway for Servicemembers

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New York, NY (July 30, 2018)

The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS) has established a streamlined pathway for active duty service members in the United States Navy and Marine Corps to apply to medical school prior to completing their service commitment.

The program allows provisional acceptance unencumbered by the traditional science requirements and MCAT.  To be considered for admission, applicants must be on active duty with the Department of the Navy, which includes the Marines, and hold a bachelor’s degree recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Candidates admitted into the ISMMS/Department of Navy program are offered provisional acceptance to ISMMS and then may defer their acceptance to continue their military service.

“Military veterans bring maturity, intellect, discipline, resourcefulness, and problem-solving skills  that we value tremendously at the Icahn School of Medicine, where a variety of voices is critical to medical education and to the health of our patients,” says David Muller, MD, Dean for Medical Education and Marietta and Charles C. Morchand Chair in Medical Education.

According to Dr. Muller, the Navy pathway provides a mechanism for recruiting servicemen and women while integrating a layer of flexibility to ease the transition from their undergraduate careers.  The partnership is a product of the Icahn School of Medicine’s popular FlexMed program, which allows college sophomores to apply for early assurance of acceptance.

1st Lt Chris Bellaire will be the first student to matriculate at the Icahn School of Medicine through the Navy pathway.  As an officer transitioning from active duty in the Marine Corps, Lieutenant Bellaire says he feels that medicine is a natural progression of a career spent in service to others. While stationed in Hawaii, Lieutenant Bellaire explored his interest in medicine by volunteering at a local hospital. Later, in 2017, while deployed in Southeast Asia, he saw first-hand the health care consequences of poverty, disease, and conflict.  “My commitment to medicine and global health really took off after that experience,” he says.  The Icahn School of Medicine’s emphasis on cultivating young doctors with different backgrounds and different voices appealed to him. “When I first read about the Institutional Partnership program, I thought, wow, Mount Sinai has a very inclusive idea of what it means to be a med school student. And I really gravitated to that.”

More information about the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, is available online.

Family PCS Travel Flexibility Expanded

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From Chief of Naval Personnel Public Affairs

WASHINGTON (NNS) — Navy has expanded the eligible categories for advanced dependent travel (ADT) and delayed dependent travel (DDT), personnel officials announced September 13.

For permanent change of station (PCS) moves within the 50 states, the policy allows for dependent travel of up to six months before or after the sponsoring Sailor’s PCS move in the following situations: spousal employment or education, dependents in elementary or secondary school (K-12), dependent enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program, or caring for an immediate family member with a chronic or long-term illness. The previous approved policy that allowed DDT for the length of the school year is unchanged by this expansion.

For moves from the 50 states to overseas locations, only DDT will be authorized. For moves from overseas locations to the 50 states, only ADT will be authorized.

Sailors will only receive one housing allowance, either for their location or their dependent’s location, under delayed or advance travel. Sailors or dependents may be assigned government quarters if available, but may not displace a member or dependent in government housing.

Requests for DDT or ADT must be submitted to Navy Personnel Command (PERS-451).

For information and answers to questions on this policy, email NXAG_N130C@navy.mil.

Get more information about the Navy from US Navy facebook or twitter.

For more news from Chief of Naval Personnel, visit www.navy.mil/local/cnp/.

Full Length Photos are Coming Back for FY20 Promotion Boards

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They used to display full length photographs for all officer promotion boards. Then 1-2 years ago they stopped doing it. Supposedly they are going to start displaying them again and a NAVADMIN will be released sometime soon. The requirement to have a photo in your current rank never went away. It just wasn’t displayed at the promotion boards anymore.

By instruction, you have 90 days after getting promoted to get a new photo submitted in your new rank.

For those preparing for the FY20 promotion boards, you might want to get a photo done. The requirement is to have one in your current rank, but optimally you have one with your most up-to-date warfare devices and ribbon rack.

This MILPERSMAN article tells you how to get one done and how to submit it:

MILPERSMAN 1070-180 – Officer Photographs