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SUPERB-SAFETY Framework for Attending-Resident Communication

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This is a nice framework sent to me from the Chief Medical Officer of Naval Medical Forces Atlantic. “SUPERB” is the framework for attendings to set expectations for the resident regarding overnight communication. “SAFETY” is the framework for the resident regarding when to seek communication with their attending if it is not made clear in advance.

You can see the full framework here:



Know Your Bosses

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One of the best ways to prepare for interviews when you are trying to score an important position is to be up to date on issues of focus by senior leadership. Here are a few references of interest.

Secretary of Defense

The SecDef recently put out an unclassified message to his commanders. Here it is:

Message to the Force – Warfighting Readiness

Surgeon General

The new Surgeon General focuses on high reliability principles. If you need a primer on them, here is a good open access article from the Joint Commission:

High-Reliability Health Care: Getting There from Here

Here is also an article he wrote:

Fleet Practices Are Driving Better Health Care