Dual Hatted Fleet Marine Force (FMF) Operational Medical Officer and FMF Specialty Leader

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We are currently accepting applications for the Fleet Marine Force Operational Medical Officer/ FMF Specialty Leader. Please note that this position is a combined position with the Director for Clinical Services at Marine Corps Headquarters, Health Services in Arlingon, VA. PCS is required. The FMF OMO Specialty Leader is unique in that providers from multiple specialties are represented and personnel may move in and out of the community throughout their careers. Qualifications for the position are as follows:

  1. O-5 or O-6 Medical Corps Officer
  2. Board Certified in Primary Specialty
  3. Be currently serving with or have served within the USMC Operational Forces at the level of Regimental Surgeon or higher (Major Subordinate Command Surgeon or higher preferred)
  4. Be within Navy height and weight standards without any PRT failures
  5. Be eligible for PCS to HQMC – Health Services in Arlington, Virginia Like other primary Specialty Leaders, the FMF OMO Specialty Leader engages in officer selection for training; mentorship within the community; and providing recommendations for the detailing process. Because of the unique nature of the FMF OMO community, additional responsibilities include
  6. Creation and maintenance of an OMO specific training pipeline
  7. Oversight of the FMFWO/QO program
  8. Participation in table top exercises
  9. Dual reporting to The Medical Officer of the Marine Corps and the Medical Corps Chief.
  10. The application cycle will close on 5/27/2022. Please send the following to CDR Robyn Treadwell and CDR Debra Buckland-Coffey as a single combined PDF document:

· Letter of Intent

· Bio

· CV



· Last 2 Fitreps

If you have any questions regarding the positions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the incumbent, CDR Debra Buckland-Coffey.

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