Chief, Medical Logistics Division, Defense Health Agency – O6 Only

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Chief, Medical Logistics Division

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Facilitates standardization of the demand signal in order to optimize the purchasing of medical supplies, health care technology, and services
  • Executes MEDLOG Shared Services per approved Coordinated Concept of Operation (CONOPS)
  • Executes Defense Medical Materiel Program responsibilities per DODI 6430 .02
  • Chairs the Defense Medical Logistics Proponent Committee (DMLPC), the joint governing body for DoD Medical Logistics.
  • Co-Chairs the Defense Medical Logistics Supply Chain Council (DMLSCC) 06 Board which serves as a collaborative forum to facilitate and integrate the development of strategic and operational relationships, capabilities, performance standards, and system integration necessary for effective and efficient medical supply chain support across DOD.
  • Develops a shared strategic direction and vision for the DHA medical logistics functions and programs; Coordinates with Service Medical Logistic Chiefs from the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps as well as the Defense Logistics Agency, FHP&R, and the Joint Staff for the management and development of tri-service medical logistics initiatives .
  • Oversees a headquarters staff of approximately 46 employees (total force); Interacts with other DHA functional areas as the medical logistics business functional representative; prepares and delivers senior-level briefings; Manages and coordinates development, implementation, and compliance oversight of DHA initiatives to improve efficiency and effectiveness of Military Health System (MHS).
  • Establishes reporting requirements for DHA Supply, Equipment , and MEDLOG Services Initiatives and prepares, analyzes, and makes recommendations regarding initiative performance to the DHA Director and DHA leadership .
  • Directs the DHA Medical Logistics staff engaged in the planning and execution of business process reengineering initiatives, management of enterprise actions collection, and analysis of initiative performance data.
  • In coordination with the Services, DLA, DMLPC Principles, coordinates the development and implementation of process improvements for medical logistics; Participates in development of DHA guidance necessary to implement OASD (HA) policies associated with standardization and purchasing of medical supplies; Participates in development of DHA strategies and guidance for management of authoritative data.
  • Coordinates with counterparts in the Services and other Federal agencies to establish a collaborative network that fosters unity of and optimization of DoD purchasing power; Coordinates with non-DoD medical logistics organizations to assess ‘best practices’ in medical logistics.
  • Advises the DHA Director on all aspects of medical logistics; Serves as DHA MEDLOG representative to DoD and Federal work groups and committees.

Experience and Required Grade:

  • Grade of O-6 (any specialty) but must have significant knowledge of knowledge of and experience with medical logistics and operations.
  • An advanced degree in a relevant field.
  • Eligible to obtain a Top Secret security clearance.



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