Fleet Seminar Program NAVADMIN Released

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There are many ways to get Joint Professional Military Education I (JPME I).  You can do it on-line, via CD-ROM, by attending a war/service college full-time (cheat sheet here), or by attending a distance learning program where you live.  This last option, run by the Naval War College, is called the Fleet Seminar Program.

In brief, you attend class once/week from September to May.  Once you are done with all three courses, you have JPME I.  And if you complete 9 additional credits in a concentration area you can get a Masters degree from the War College without ever having to attend it full-time.

Here is the application information:

2016-2017 Fleet Seminar Program NAVADMIN

One thought on “Fleet Seminar Program NAVADMIN Released

    Mike said:
    March 28, 2016 at 10:14

    There is also an Air Force JPME1 program that is shorter than the Navy version, yet grants the same credit.


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