Basic Readiness Officer Course (BROC) 2.0 is Now Live on Navy E-Learning

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Naval Medical Leader & Professional Development Command (NMLPDC) Courses

(1) Basic Readiness Officer Course (B-ROC)

Course Description: The Basic Readiness Officer Course is the first course in the Medical Department Officer’s Learning Continuum. B-ROC is a four unit course in which all units must be completed to receive credit. The course is designed for junior Medical Department Officers in the paygrades O1 to O3 to introduce the organization, structure, business practices, and operational policies of the Naval Medical Department.  B-ROC fulfills 8 of the 36 Joint Medical Executive Skills Program (JMESP) competencies.

Funding: There is no cost for this online course.

Process: Available online through Navy E-Learning following the steps below:

1.  Navigate to Navy E-Learning (NEL)

2.  Select tab “Course Catalog” and cut and paste the following course catalog numbers into the search:

Module(s)                                                                      Search with Course ID Numbers (CINs)

B-ROC Unit 1: Organizational Structure, Relationships, and Policy, use                                                                        CFHP-NMLPDC-21-BROC-U1-V02 
B-ROC Unit 2: Utilization and Management of Resources Course, use                                                                         CFHP-NMLPDC-21-BROC-U2-V02
B-ROC Unit 3: Operational Policies and Procedure, use                                                                                              CFHP-NMLPDC-21-BROC-U3-V02
B-ROC Unit 4: Navy Medicine Division Officer (DIVO)/ Department Head (DH) Functions and Sailorization,CFHP-NMLPDC-21-BROC-U4-V02

* Notes: 

     (1) There is an Ashore vs. Afloat BROC = same course, but Afloat BROC is designed to work within the more IT constrained/restrictive bandwidth Afloat IT environment.

     (2) Completion of any BROC version or BMDOC counts for course credit.

3.  Select ENROLL for Shore or Afloat BROC and each unit and add to Learning Plan

4.  Return to tab My Learning and LAUNCH Course

Other information:

1.  Service School: Like BMDOC, BROC is NOT a Service School.  BROC will only auto-reflect in the electronic training jacket and not on the OSR since BROC is not a service school.

2.   Prerequisite to AROC: BROC is once again a prerequisite for the Advanced Readiness Officer Course (AROC); HOWEVER, if you already completed BMDOC (in its entirety), you have satisfied the prerequisite and are NOT required to complete BROC. 

3.  All BROC Modules must be completed in their entirety to meet the overall course requirement.   

Course POCs:

NEL Functional Issues:  For functional issues at the Navy eLearning (NEL) website contact the NEL help desk.  Functional issues are broken links or errors or improper course transitions between coursework, quizzes and tests. 

2 thoughts on “Basic Readiness Officer Course (BROC) 2.0 is Now Live on Navy E-Learning

    Timothy said:
    August 25, 2022 at 20:14

    If we completed BMDOC Units 1 and 2, but didn’t finish Unit 3, do we have to start over at B-ROC Unit 1 or can we resume the training at B-ROC Unit 3?


      Joel Schofer, MD, MBA, CPE responded:
      August 26, 2022 at 08:27

      I’m not sure, but I’d just e-mail the group e-mail or Mr. Clinton Garrett (contact in the global). He’s my most reliable POC for BROC/AROC questions.


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