New Military Colocation and Single Parent Assignment Policy

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Navy Personnel Command recently updated MILPERSMAN 1300-1000 – Military Couple and Single Parent Assignment Policy.  Here is an article that discusses the updates/changes, which include:

  • Instead of opting in, the Sailor can decide to opt out.

In the past, a Sailor had to request collocation during each orders negotiation.  Now Sailors will submit a one-time request that will remain in effect until the Sailor tells their detailer otherwise.  If a Sailor chooses not to be collocated, they contact their detailer and negotiate appropriate orders.

  • A flag officer review is required when detailers can’t collocate dual-military families.

To ensure Navy Personnel Command has done everything possible to accommodate dual-military collocation, the Assistant Commander, Navy Personnel Command for Distribution will review instances where the Navy cannot support collocation for any reason other than when a Sailor chooses to opt out.

The bottom line is that dual military families will usually get colocated anyway, but they should probably read this MILPERSMAN in detail, route the NAVPERS 1301-85 to request colocation, and follow-up with their Detailer.

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