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USAFRICOM Surgeon – O6 Only

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The position as Command Surgeon for Headquarters (HQ) U.S. Africa Command (USAFRICOM)­ is available this fall.  The position requirements and report date are:

  • O6 with command experience preferred.
  • Board certification preferred.
  • Top Secret/Secret Compartmentalized Information (TS/SCI) clearance required for position.
  • Report no later than date of 30 SEP 2017.

Any interested party who meets the qualification needS to provide:

  1. Contact info
  2. Service Record Photo in current rank (if not already in record)
  3. Biography
  4. CV
  5. Specialty Leader endorsement

Applicants should return these documents to CDR Frank Mullens at BUMED (e-mail address is in the global address book) no later than 21 June (earlier is preferred). Questions/concerns should be directed to CDR Mullens.

OIC of Medical Readiness Division for Commander, Naval Surface Forces Pacific – O5/O6

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The POC if you are interested in this position is your Specialty Leader or Detailer.


POSITION TITLE: Officer in Charge (OIC)

INTRODUCTION: The position is graded at the O-6 (Captain) level but is an ideal position for an 0-5 (Commander) desiring to demonstrate leadership abilities worthy of promotion to the 0-6 level. Individuals who fill this position have documented requisite training and experience and have successfully been screened and selected by the Force Surgeon, Naval Surface Forces Pacific. Incumbents are normally assigned for a three (3) year period.


  • Medical Corps Officer with prior shipboard experience as a Senior Medical Officer (SMO) on an amphibious ship preferably LHD/LHA.
  • Surface Warfare Medical Department Officer (SWMDO) qualified
  • Minimum rank required 0-5


  • Leadership and management experience in history of assignments that demonstrates readiness for this position.
  • Working knowledge of Surface Forces organizational structure, functions, and inter-relations.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable on matters of shipboard administration and management of ship medical departments.
  • Experience with the Medical Readiness Inspection process and management of equipment and material readiness.
  • Familiarity with Navy Medicine’s medical privileging and quality assurance programs.
  • Working knowledge of the Independent Duty Corpsman (IDC) program.
  • Proven communication (written and verbal) and team-building skills.
  • Ability to promote morale and teamwork.
  • General knowledge of military and civilian personnel management procedures.


  • The incumbent’s immediate Reporting Senior is the Force Surgeon, Commander Naval Surface Forces Pacific.
  • The incumbent exercises complete and independent administrative and managerial control over assigned military and civilian employees assigned to MRD. (NOTE: Performance is evaluated in terms of objectives, methods, and results in meeting organization mission/goals).
  • Incumbent is guided in the performance of duties by pertinent laws and regulatory requirements, higher echelon, and local command instructions, guidance and policy statements.

SCOPE AND EFFECT: The activities of this position include evaluation personnel quantity, quality, and assignment priorities in support of health care activities and support services; maintaining facility, personnel, and material readiness; formulation and execution of manpower requirements and budgetary plans; execution of high echelon directives, and development / execution of local directives in support of the organization’s mission; stimulates and coordinates performance improvement activities. Decisions directly impact all staff (military and civilian) personnel assigned.


  • Leads MRD San Diego in ensuring over 66 ships and units maintain the highest state of medical readiness and that they adhere to prescribed medical standards.
  • Oversees the Medical Readiness Inspection (MRI) program for the assigned afloat Medical Departments and units.
  • Ensures Medical Departments are materially ready to deploy and notifies Force Surgeon of any equipment discrepancies.
  • Provides support, advice and mentorship to 6 junior Medical Officers in their oversight of 66 shipboard IDCs ensuring compliance with Surface Forces policies and procedures.
  • Ensures medical privileging and quality assurance programs are adhered to for assigned medical personnel.
  • Provides oversight to the 9 Senior Medical Inspector IDCs (SMIs) assigned to MRD; monitors compliance with the IDC program requirements.
  • Ensures IDC SMIs complete monthly quality assurance visits to their assigned ships consistent with guiding instructions.
  • Assists Force Surgeon in updating instructions as requested. (i) Formulates and submits annual budget for MRD to the Force Surgeon
  • Other duties as assigned by the Force Surgeon

CDRs Who Want to Make CAPT Should Consider the 3rd MLG Surgeon Billet!

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The 3rd MLG Surgeon position in Okinawa is still open.  It was originally advertised in this post and a position description is here, and it is still available.  Historically, excellent performance in senior USMC leadership positions has led to promotion to O6, so any CDRs out there should strongly consider applying for this position.  I’d even apply if I was a senior LCDR.  It is due to be filled in summer 2017.  Contact your Detailer if you are interested.

3D Marine Logistics Group Surgeon, Okinawa, Japan – O5/O6 – Summer 2017

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Anyone interested should contact their Detailer or Specialty Leader.  You need to PCS in summer 2017 on 2 year orders.

The 3D Marine Logistics Group (MLG) Surgeon billet is an O-6 billet located in Okinawa, Japan.  The member will function as a special staff officer reporting directly to a 1-star Marine Corps General and their staff.  Their duties include providing advice on all matters related to healthcare of the MLG Marines and units they support both in garrison and deployed.  The MLG Surgeon has direct oversight of a number of General Medical Officers and Independent Duty Corpsmen and works with the 3D Medical Battalion CO to coordinate medical coverage of all operations and training evolutions across the Pacific theater.  The member will be expected to work cooperatively with other III MEF forces, the local Naval Hospitals as well as other host/guest nation military medical personnel.  The 3D MLG Surgeon is also responsible for ensuring the proper continuing medical education of all healthcare personnel assigned as well as basic medical instruction for Marines.

The ideal candidate is an O-5/O-6 preferably with the Fleet Marine Force Warfare designated AQD, motivated for a challenging executive medical tour providing oversight of healthcare for over 20,000 Marines.

As a member of the Commanding General’s Special Staff, the 3D MLG Surgeon is responsible to the CG, via the Chief of Staff.  The 3D MLG Surgeon’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Exercises staff responsibility over all professional and technical medical matters.
  2. Coordinates the medical activities of 3D MLG through the preparation of medical estimates, plans, and orders based on instructions and requirements from higher authority.
  3. Supervises medical services to include preventive medicine, sanitation, and provisions for the care, treatment, and evacuation of the sick and injured including combat and mass casualties.
  4. Monitors the deployment of all medical personnel and makes recommendations to the CG to ensure their maximum utilization within 3D MLG.
  5. Monitors the training of medical personnel and first aid training of Marines and Sailors.
  6. Coordinates requests for medical personnel augmentation.
  7. Coordination of the Navy Fleet Marine Force Qualified Officer Program.

Summer 2016 Senior War College Spots Available (O5/O6)

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There are unfilled spots for O5/O6 at the Naval Senior War College (Newport, RI) or the Army equivalent (Carlisle, PA).  You need to have completed JPME I or be on track to complete it by the spring.  In addition, you have to be willing to go to one of these places for a year and be at your PRD (or eligible to move) in summer 2016.

If you are interested, contact your Detailer ASAP.

O6 Billet Available – Navy Reserve Forces Command Force Surgeon

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This is a call for nominations for the position of FORCE SURGEON COMNAVRESFOR (US), which is an excellent opportunity in the Norfolk area!

You must be a CAPT at time of fill in Summer 2016.  You also need to be at your projected rotation date (PRD) in Summer 2016, but PERS will consider people who are CONUS with at least 2 years on station.  (A command endorsement of your early rotation with a potential gap will be required.)


Contact your Detailer if you are interested.  The application deadline is 20 NOV 2015.

Senior Operational Opportunities for Summer 2016

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Here are some new opportunities.  If you are interested, contact your Detailer:

1. CTF 76 Surgeon – Medical representative to admiral’s staff currently located at White Beach, Okinawa. The medical staff includes a Medical Planner (O-4 Billet), a Task Force IDC (E-8 Billet) and a Medical Inspector (E-7 IDC based in Sasebo). Responsibilities include being ISIC for the ships within CTF 76. There are 9 total (1 LHD, 1 LPD, 2 LSDs, and 4 MCMs based in Sasebo and 1 LCC in Yokosuka). CTF 76 Surgeon is Medical OPCON to all amphibious ships transiting through the 7th Fleet AOR and aid in any MEDEVAC issues that develop while ships are transiting the AOR. The CTF 76 Surgeon is responsible for monitoring the ships’ Medical Readiness and acting as clinical supervisor for the SMOs, GMOs and IDCs. CTF 76 Surgeon has a significant role in the planning and execution of the medical aspects for wartime contingencies, Pacific theater exercises, and in the event of natural disaster, the planning and execution of the medical portion of HA/DR.

2. OIC FST-7 – FST 7 is a 16 member surgical team that deploys aboard USS BONHOMME RICHARD (BHR). The team consists of 1 Surgeon, 1 Nurse Anesthetist, 1 OR nurse, 1 ICU Nurse, 1 Family Practitioner, 1 MRCO (Medical Regulating Control Officer) and 9 Corpsmen. The OIC is responsible for the credentialing, evaluations, fitness reports and training of team members. When not underway on the ship, FST 7 is ADDU to USNH Okinawa in order to maintain their skills and proficiency in their areas of expertise. There is usually a Spring Patrol (~2 months), a Fall Patrol (~3 months) and every other year a Summer deployment to Australia. This year the Summer deployment will role into the Fall Patrol with a number very exciting port visits in between. FST7 provides emergent and resuscitative surgery for Surgical Emergencies (i.e. Acute Abdomen, Trauma, etc). With FST7 aboard, BHR acts as a Level 2 trauma center and provides ICU care and stabilization for medical as well as surgical cases.

3. CPR11 Surgeon – COMPHIBRON11 is the afloat Amphibious Ready Group Commander usually embarked on the BHR. The CPR11 Surgeon is the Senior Medical authority afloat for all ships OPCON to CPR11 as well as the embarked Marine Forces (usually 31st MEU). While aboard the BHR, CPR11 Surgeon attends operations and
intelligence briefs, and provides daily updates to the COMMODORE and MEU COMMANDER on the medical status within the ARG. The FST is TAD to the BHR and reports directly to the Ship’s SMO who in turn reports to the CPR 11 Surgeon. Often while underway the CPR11 Surgeon provides medical advice for the junior GMOs and IDCs aboard the ships within the ARG. The CPR11 Surgeon with the MRCO coordinates all MEDEVACs from ARG Shipping. CPR11 has a busy deployment schedule and participates in many 7th Fleet exercises to include PHIBLEX (Philippines), COBRA GOLD (Thailand) and Talisman Saber (Australia).