3 Operational Billets in Summer 2019 for O5/O6

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Here are the three opportunities. Your Detailer is the POC if interested:

1.  CATF Surgeons/OICs Norfolk and San Diego, 2 on each coast needed.

–Deployed leadership opportunity for an O5/O6 to serve as the Senior Medical Authority Afloat.  Fleet Surgical Team OICs serve as the Subject Matter Experts (SME) in maritime Health Service Support and typically report to Expeditionary Strike Group (ESG) Commanders or Amphibious Readiness Group (ARG) Commodores.  Supervising a team of 18 personnel, your role is to ensure that your team and assigned ARG ships’ Medical Departments are ready to deploy aboard LSD, LPD and LHD/LHA class warships to provide damage control surgical services, Intensive Care support, resuscitative support, en route care, blood bank management services, and behavioral health support. In addition, while underway you will serve as the Commander, Amphibious Task Force (CATF) Surgeon, responsible for coordination of health services support across multiple ships at sea.  Position open to all medical specialties.

2.  SMO’s needed for both Sub-tenders AS Emory Land and ES Frank Cable homeported in Guam.

–Support of 2-Tender Rotational Deployment model, alternating with one in support the submarine squadron and the other is forward deployed to support subs on mission and provide maintenance/logistics to any forward operating vessels. The SMO must be able to provide primary care to AD sailors (thus GMO credentials for non-primary care specialists). Additional medical staff responsible to the SMO: UMO, Sub IDC, and Surface IDC on board. Additionally the SMO’s leadership will assist in cases that benefit from an experienced provider who can determine which medical cases can be managed on board, utilizing remote host nation care, or which require ISOS MEDEVAC.

3.  3rd MLG Surgeon, Okinawa Japan.

–The 3D Marine Logistics Group (MLG) Surgeon is the Senior Medical Advisor to the CG either directly to the CG or via the Chief of Staff.  The MLG Surgeon has direct medical oversight over all of the General Medical Officers and Independent Duty Corpsmen and works with the Health Services Support Officer (G-3) to coordinate and validate medical coverage of all operations and training evolutions along with all Class VIII materials across the AOR.  Requires GMO credentials for non-primary care specialists. Also collaborates with both the 3d Medical and Dental Bn CO’s on Health Services related missions and taskers for 3d MLG.   The 3d MLG Surgeon also serves as the liaison between the Command and The Medical Officer of the Marine Corps via the III MEF Surgeon and MARFORPAC Surgeon.   Coordinates with other MSC Surgeons as well as the Naval Hospital Okinawa and host/guest nation military medical personnel on matters affecting Medical Readiness, Evacuations and other requests for information from the Commanding General and his/her Commanders.

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