Consider Taking This Hotfill – Senior Medical Officer Position – USS AS EMORY LAND

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Here are some reasons to consider taking this billet:

  • They’ve been trying to fill this for a while, so potentially a senior O4 could use this to advance their career since they’d be filling a senior billet. Having trouble promoting to O5? This could push you over the edge at the promotion board.
  • Because they are about to draft someone for this if no one volunteers, you could negotiate for sweet follow-on orders. For example, “I’ll do this if you send me to ________ (fill in the blank) for my next tour.” I think that is a reasonable approach if you jump on this grenade.
  • You’ll earn a warfare device that opens up all sorts of future opportunities for your career.


What: Senior Medical Officer Position, USS AS EMORY LAND
Rank: O5/O6
Where: Guam
When: AUG 2018 with training ISTOP 20-31AUG for SAMFE then to Guam.

Support of 2-Tender Rotational Deployment model, where one tender remains in Guam to support the submarine squadron and the other (AS F CABLE) is forward deployed to support subs on mission and provide maintenance/logistics to any forward operating vessels.

The SMO must be able to provide primary care to AD sailors (thus GMO credentials for non-primary care specialists). Additional medical staff responsible to the SMO: UMO, Sub IDC, and Surface IDC on board. Additionally the SMO’s leadership will assist in cases that benefit from an experienced provider who can determine which medical cases can be managed on board, utilizing remote host nation care, or which require ISOS MEDEVAC.

This is a unique and rewarding leadership opportunity. If you are interested please reach out directly to your MC Detailer.

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