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Happy 147th Medical Corps Birthday from the Corps Chief, the SG, and Me

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Today is the 147th Medical Corp birthday. Happy birthday!

The Surgeon General’s birthday messages are here:

Medical Corps Birthday from SG (PDF)

A Message from the Navy Surgeon General – Celebrating 147 years of the Medical Corps

The Medical Corps Chief’s message is here:

Medical Corps Birthday from Corps Chief (PDF)

Happy birthday from me! Here’s my present to you:

  1. Read this post and do what it says.
  2. Tell American Express that you are Active Duty.
  3. A few weeks later (assuming you have an AMEX card), you might get some money credited to you.

Just by doing this, I got $213 back from them. Happy birthday!

End-of-the-Month Personal Finance Summary

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We started two new features on the financial blog. The first is a Critical Action you can review every Saturday. After a year, you’ll have your act together! Here they are:

The second is a Sunday AAR (After Action Report) that points you to some other good articles on the web. Here they are:

Here are all of the other articles: