BUMED Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO) Position

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The BUMED CMIO position is opening in Summer 2022 and we are looking for a relief. See attached PD for requirements. Interested applicants should send a CV/Bio to the Senior Detailer, CAPT Wayne Smith, by COB 6 DEC 2021.

Guest Post – The Clinical Informatics AQD and an AMIA 10×10 Primer

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By LT David Frey

Note: The views expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Department of the Navy, Department of Defense or the United States Government.

The Clinical Informatics AQD (68L) is open to all designators in Navy Medicine.  Per NOOCS Volume I, there are three ways to obtain this AQD:

(1) Complete the corps appropriate certification exam or fellowship, or

(2) Complete a certificate program or graduate degree in Informatics, or the AMIA 10X10, or

(3) Work >50% of your time in informatics for at least 12 months.

            The 10×10 course is the most efficient path for those unable to spend a great deal of time working with, or as, a CMIO/CNIO.  The 10×10 program utilizes curricular content from certified informatics training programs and other AMIA educational initiatives… These courses are ideal for those looking to advance their health care profession with informatics training.

            The 10×10 courses are taught entirely online, and most run 16 weeks long. In addition, a few different universities (and the VA) conduct their own version of 10×10 (some focus on a broad overview of Clinical Informatics, others on clinical decision support or tailor informatics to a subspecialty such as Emergency Medicine).

            There is a registration fee associated with the course and having an AMIA membership may knock the price down a bit.  To my knowledge, the course is not funded by local commands or BUMED (Editor – if there is CME granted you could always ask), although I have been told the VA occasionally has seats for active duty (rare), and some prerequisites may need to be met.  Using your GI Bill may also be an option.

            My experience with the Oregon Health & Science University-delivered course was relatively painless.  Each week consisted of about 4-8 hours of effort.

* Voice-over PowerPoint videos to watch

* 1-2 discussion board questions to answer

* Weekly self-assessment quizzes.  About ten questions each quiz, and the answers are contained within the course material; also, not graded, so no pressure.

* A capstone project that describes how you could use what you have learned to solve an actual or potential problem in your workplace. Essentially, this was a 2-3 page paper.

* All required course material was through the site, no books.

* Course completion is based entirely on participation and completing the capstone paper. Course participants typically include physicians, nurses, healthcare administrators, IT specialists, and any other specialties interested in healthcare informatics.

BUMED Chief Medical Information Officer

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We are now accepting applications for the BUMED CMIO position.  This is a high visibility opportunity for one of our informaticists – duty is here in beautiful Falls Church, VA.  Candidates should be able to report to BUMED NLT June of 2020 and should have PERS’ concurrence for the move.

Applications, to include CV, Bio and Letter of Intent, should be submitted to CDR Melissa Austin (contact info is in the global) NLT October 25.

The PD (to include qualifications) is here.

Navy Medicine West Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO) – O4-O6

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BUMED is looking to fill the Navy Medicine West CMIO position in the summer of 2019. The position description (PD) is available here.

Interested candidates should be in their PCS window and can submit their CV, Bio, and Letter of Intent to the incumbent (CDR David Paz – address in the global and in the PD) no later than 11 JAN 2019.

Navy Medicine East Chief Medical Informatics Officer (CMIO) – O4-O6

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Here is the position description for the Navy Medicine East (NME) Chief Medical Informatics Officer (CMIO) position.

Desired characteristics include:

  • Medical Corps Officer
  • O­4 or higher
  • Eligible to be stationed in Portsmouth, VA in summer 2019 (need to be in PCS window)

Applicants should submit their CV, Bio and Letter of Intent to the incumbent NME CMIO, CDR Michelle Perkins (e-mail is in the Outlook global address book) no later than close of business on 21 JAN 2019.

Chief Medical Informatics Officer, MHS GENESIS Implementation Team, Navy Medicine West

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Here is the position description for this position:


Unlike many of the positions posted on this site, this is NOT a nominative position.  What does that mean?  It means that nominations are not going through your Specialty Leader to BUMED.  If you are interested in this one, you can just contact your Detailer and Specialty Leader.

There are no rank requirements or timelines I’m aware of for this position.  You just have to be in SoCal or eligible to take orders there.

Navy Medicine East Chief Medical Informatics Officer – O5/O6

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Navy Medicine East is looking for a O5 or O6 to fill a billet as Regional Chief Medical Informatics Officer. The selected candidate will also function as a senior medical officer to the Chief of Staff regarding primary care issues to include Medical Homeport, staffing, and billeting. The position allows for clinical practice at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth. The billet will be available in June but may be gapped to allow for personal considerations and so that there is no gap at the losing command. Interested senior officers should submit at least three PRT cycle results from PRIMS, a letter of intent, at least one letter of recommendation (but no more than three letters), a CV, and bio. Packages should be submitted to CAPT Brian Bowes (contact info on global address book) by COB 21APR17.