Chief Medical Informatics Officer, MHS GENESIS Implementation Team, Navy Medicine West

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Here is the position description for this position:


Unlike many of the positions posted on this site, this is NOT a nominative position.  What does that mean?  It means that nominations are not going through your Specialty Leader to BUMED.  If you are interested in this one, you can just contact your Detailer and Specialty Leader.

There are no rank requirements or timelines I’m aware of for this position.  You just have to be in SoCal or eligible to take orders there.

Navy Medicine East Chief Medical Informatics Officer – O5/O6

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Navy Medicine East is looking for a O5 or O6 to fill a billet as Regional Chief Medical Informatics Officer. The selected candidate will also function as a senior medical officer to the Chief of Staff regarding primary care issues to include Medical Homeport, staffing, and billeting. The position allows for clinical practice at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth. The billet will be available in June but may be gapped to allow for personal considerations and so that there is no gap at the losing command. Interested senior officers should submit at least three PRT cycle results from PRIMS, a letter of intent, at least one letter of recommendation (but no more than three letters), a CV, and bio. Packages should be submitted to CAPT Brian Bowes (contact info on global address book) by COB 21APR17.