FY23 Leadership Course Catalog

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The annual Medical Corps leadership course catalog is attached.  Please direct inquiries and applications to the Career Planner, CAPT Rhett Barrett (contact in the global).

DMS Position at NMC Portsmouth – O5/O6

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You MUST have your Detailer’s clearance to apply if you are not already at NMCP or don’t already have orders to PCS there. Details are in this document, and applications are due 21 NOV 2022:

Medical Corps Non-Specialty Specific (NSS) Billet Opportunities

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NSS billets are targeted for MC officers with previous operational/administrative/research/leadership experience. The attached candidate input form explains the application and assignment process for the NSS billets.

Opportunities are listed below, with position descriptions attached.

The list is current but will fluctuate throughout the detailing cycle.  NSS applications are due to members’ detailer NLT 27 September 2022.

NSS detailing involves extensive cross-detailing at PERS. As such, communication is key. Officers must communicate their intentions to their detailer and community specialty leader(s).

Please direct questions regarding the NSS list to your detailer.  Contact information is listed in the attached candidate input form.

·         Force Surgeon, Commander Naval Surface Forces Pacific

·         Force Surgeon, Commander Naval Air Forces Atlantic

·         Force Surgeon, Commander Naval Submarine Forces Atlantic

·         Force Surgeon, Commander Naval Information Forces (COMNAVIFOR)

·         Officer-in-Charge, Fleet Surgical Team / CATF Surgeon, FLEET SURGICAL TEAMS

·         Senior Medical Officer, LHD/A

·         Senior Medical Officer, AS 39/40 USS Emory S. LAND; USS Frank CABLE

·         1st MARDIV Surgeon, 1st MLG Surgeon (Feb 2023 FILL), 3rd MAW Surgeon; 1st MAW Surgeon, I Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF); III MEF

·         Regimental Surgeon, 1st MARDIV, 2nd MARDIV

·         Director, 3rd MED BTN

·         MEB Surgeon, COMMAND ELEMENT 2nd/3rd  MEB


·         Director, Medical Readiness Division, Commander Naval Surface Forces Mid Pacific, Commander Naval Surface Forces Pacific

·         Command Surgeon, Joint Task Force, USNORTHCOM

·         Deputy Director, Force Medical Readiness (M34), BUMED WASH DC

·         Medical Corps Detailer, CNAVPERSCOM MILL (Navy Personnel Command, PERS-4415)

·         Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO), NMFL, NMFP, DHA, DISA

·         Member, Physical Evaluation Board, SECNAV CORB

·         Chief, Lessons Learned and Innovation, NATO Centre of Excellence for Military Medicine (MILMED COE)

·         Staff Inspector, BUMED, Office of the Medical Inspector General

·         Medical Corps Policy & Program Management, BUMED, Office of the Medical Corps Chief

·         Surface Medicine Program Manager, BUMED


·         Researcher (ID/Immunology), NMEDRSCHCEN (Navy Medical Research Center)

·         Health Science Researcher (Undersea Medicine), NMEDRSCHCEN (Naval Medical Research Center)

·         Trauma/Critical Care Medical Research Officer, NMRU SAN ANTONIO (Navy Medical Research Unit, San Antonio)

·         Student, NAVAL WAR COLLEGE

Leadership and Accountability ALNAV

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R 022013Z JUN 22 MID200001775961U 
ALNAV 036/22 
RMKS/1.  Since taking the oath to serve as Secretary of the Navy, one of my 
three enduring priorities is empowering our people.  We do this through a 
culture of warfighting excellence built on leadership that exudes treating 
others with dignity and respect.  While serving as your Secretary these past 
10 months, several issues have come across my desk for decision or review 
that galvanized the significance of steadfast leadership and total 
accountability in our Department of the Navy (DON).  I fully endorse the 
leadership principles and expectations shared in the Chief of Naval 
Operations' "Charge of Command" and the "Command and Leadership" summary 
outlined in the Commandant's Planning Guidance.  There are a few tenets to 
Leaders in key roles - especially those in command - are selected based on 
years of training, experience, qualifications, established requirements, and 
a multitude of distinct factors.  These leaders are the best and most fully 
qualified.  The special trust, confidence, and responsibility placed on the 
leaders in command also brings a higher level of accountability.  The Command 
and Leadership section of General David H. Berger's Planning Guidance states 
that "elite organizations do not accept mediocrity and they do not look the 
other way when teammates come up short of expectations."  When leaders' 
actions or inactions result in the loss of life or capital resources or 
simply lower our standards, the senior leadership of the DON has a 
responsibility to determine the root cause and hold responsible persons 
appropriately accountable.  Leaders in command have the ultimate 
responsibility for capital resources entrusted to us by Congress and the 
American taxpayer. 
I would encourage all leaders - especially those in command - to continually 
assess your team's performance, to communicate early and often on material 
readiness and resources shortfalls as well as impediments to improvement and 
always ask for help when needed.  Clear command and control (C2) is 
paramount.  I challenge each of you in positions of leadership to precisely 
understand your C2 and what authorities and responsibilities you hold under 
your charge.  Admiral Michael M. Gilday's "Charge of Command" states that 
although we have no tolerance on key issues such as Sexual Assault or 
Harassment, we are not a zero-defect organization.  I agree that not every 
mistake should end one's career of service.  Learning from mistakes is an 
essential part of evolving into a better leader and ultimately a better 
In closing, I am proud of each and every one of you who serves.  While 
leadership at times may be challenging, it is incredibly rewarding and will 
shape us to be the very best version of ourselves.  We must cherish the 
special trust, confidence, and responsibility that comes with command and 
should never take it for granted.  The lives of our Sailors, Marines, and DON 
civilians depend on it.  Our Nation demands it. 
2.  Released by the Honorable Carlos Del Toro, Secretary of the Navy.// 

Updated Leadership Guidance from the SG and CNO

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The SG recently issued some updated leadership guidance to the senior leaders in Navy Medicine. Part of this was because the CNO updated his Charge of Command and the new Get Real Get Better initiative. Here are the relevant documents:

Director of Healthcare Business at NMC Portsmouth – O4-O6

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Director, Naval Medical Center Portsmouth seeks qualified officers of all Corps (MC, NC, DC, MSC) in the paygrades of O-4 to O-6 to fill the Director of Healthcare Business (DHB) position. DHB is responsible for executing and coordinating efficient business operations at NMCP. The ideal candidate will possess the required experience and demonstrate exceptional knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform and execute the duties and responsibilities outlined in the attached position description. The assignment is 36 months, and the primary duty location is in Portsmouth, Virginia. The selected individual should arrive no later than May 2022 (but there may be flexibility, if required). Here is the announcement:

Prospective applicants should submit the following documentation by e-mail (please combine all documents into one PDF) to LCDR Aaron A. Daley (contact in global) no later than March 9, 2022:

•     Last three Fitness Reports

•     CV and Biography

•     Last three years of PRIMS data

•     One page letter of intent/motivational statement

•     Director/Commanding Officer/OIC endorsement

•     Detailer concurrence if not currently assigned to NMRTC Portsmouth

•     (Optional) No more than two letters of reference