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O5/O6 Position at National Defense University

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There is a nominative position for a O-5/O-6 physician. If you read the position description you'll see that you serve as a provider in their clinic for 1 year, and then you are a student for the 2nd year.  They are primarily looking for a primary care provider due to the duties required in the clinic.

Anyone interested should contact their Detailer or Specialty Leader no later than 15 February 2016.

O6 Position for an O4 or O5?

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The following position is still available, and since there are no interested CAPTs maybe a senior LCDR or CDR could sneak into it and significantly advance their career.  Contact your Detailer right away if you are interested.

DHA, Chief of the Clinical Service Section

0-6 or 0-6 (SEL), Report in Mid-MARCH 2016

One of three section chiefs in the Immunization Healthcare Branch.

The role of Clinical Services Section is to anticipate, assess, and mitigate existing and emerging vaccine preventable disease by:

–Providing expert clinical consultation and case management 24 hours/day, 365 days a year
–Providing comprehensive healthcare clinical support and patient advocacy
–Supporting management of pandemic emergencies
–Delivering best quality immunization healthcare information, educational resources, and training services on-line and on-site
–Monitoring and evaluating the safety of vaccines
–Contributing to the body of knowledge in immunization healthcare through public health investigations, surveillance, and clinical studies
Responsible for leading and managing the 37 Civil Service employees in grades GS-11 to GP-15 assigned to the Clinical Operations Office and the Education and Training Office. My staff works in seven locations scattered
across the United States.

Preferred speciality in Aerospace Medicine/Occupational Medicine/Preventive Medicine.
The focus of what we do in the Immunization Healthcare Branch is population health, not direct patient care.

Start 2016 By Being Different – Be an Astronaut or Innovator!

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Welcome to 2016!  There a few “nontraditional” Naval opportunities that were recently advertised:

  1. Apply to become an astronaut.  The NAVADMIN that describes the application process for Naval officers is here:

Navy Astronaut Candidate Selection Program

  1. If you are an O4 or below and have an innovative streak in you, you can apply to be a part of the Chief of Naval Operations’ Rapid Innovation Cell:

CNO Rapid Innovation Cell Call for Members


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MGEN Caravalho, the US Army Joint Staff Surgeon, is offering a unique opportunity for a senior O-3 or O-4 to serve on the Joint Staff as his Executive Assistant.



-Must have a Top Secret (TS) Clearance or ability to obtain TS (usually the biggest sticking point). 

-The ability to handle tough questions and issues presented at the senior strategic level.

-Ability to plan, coordinate, prepare, and synchronize schedules, activities, briefings, meetings, speeches, and travel at the General Officer/Flag Officer level.



-Exposure to the Joint Staff/ Environment.

-Visibility of the Services and what they bring to the table and view problems from a Joint perspective that looks at all the capabilities available.

-Interaction with senior level leadership up to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

-Interaction with senior civilian level leadership within OSD.


If you are interested, contact your Detailer by January 6th.

2016-7 White House Fellowship Instruction Released

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Here is the new White House Fellowship Instruction.  This fellowship is super competitive and difficult to get, but is a once in a lifetime opportunity for anyone interested.  All of the info on the fellowship is contained in the instruction or can be found here:

USUHS Commandant Position Available

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The following is available for O5/O6 officers with a desired fill date of 1 DEC 2016.  Please contact your Detailer by 30 NOV 2015 if interested.

Commandant, School of Medicine

The Commandant of the USU School of Medicine (SOM) is the senior military officer-in-charge of all officers assigned as students to the F. Edward Hébert School of Medicine. With the support of the Army, Navy, Air Force,
and Public Health Service Company Commanders, the Commandant exercises command and control over the medical and graduate students assigned to the University.

The mission of the Office of the Commandant is to provide military leadership, to teach and instill “officership”, and to support medical education and professional development so that each student achieves the goal of becoming a world class military physician.

The Commandant reports to the Brigade Commander for military issues and chain of command accountability and serves as the military advisor to the Dean of the SOM. Duties and responsibilities of the Commandant, SOM include:
-Deputy Brigade Commander
-Chairman, Board of Review of Inter-service Transfers
-Member, Student Promotions Committee
-Member, Student Award Committee
-Advisor to the Dean and Associate Dean for Student Affairs
-Provides student resources for Service-specific military career counseling and officer professional development
-Model, stimulate, and foster professional leadership and officership
-Directs Service-specific mandated programs such as physical fitness, weight control, urinalysis testing, officer professional development, and equal opportunity
-Serves as a facilitator for military administrative requirements

Deputy Director, Defense Institute for Medical Operations – O5/O6 in San Antonio

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The Director, Defense Health Agency (DHA) is seeking nominations to fill the position of Deputy Director, Defense Institute for Medical Operations, Lackland Joint Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas:

RANK: 05/06
EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: Significant experience in military medical operations, international affairs, education and training, and familiarity with the DOD Security Cooperation/Assistance Program.

The Deputy Director is responsible for supporting the Director in leading/executing Defense Institute for Medical Operations (DIMO)
activities in the Air Force and Navy Surgeon General’s initiative of medical
operational training to military personnel of partner nations globally. The
Deputy Director collaborates with Department of State (DoS), Department of
Defense (DoD), Combatant Commanders (COCOM), Major Command (MAJCOM) staffs and civilian agencies to ensure unity of effort in all joint/public/private training endeavors. The Deputy Director manages all functions pertaining to organizational resources, personnel management (within both Air Force and Navy systems), successful execution of international mobile training missions globally, and timely and relevant curriculum development. This position is open To Medical Department officers of all Corps at the O-5/O-6 level with significant experience in military medical operations, international affairs, education and training, and familiarity with the DOD Security Cooperation/Assistance Program. The individual selected can ideally work with the current Deputy Director beginning in early August 2016 and assume the responsibilities of Director in September 2016. This is a rotational position that complements the Director’s service (i.e. if current DIMO Director is AF, Deputy Director will be USN) in order to maintain jointness for the DIMO mission. The Deputy Director will fleet up to Director in August 2017. Additionally, the ideal candidate will be able to hold the position for at least two years to three years.

If you are interested, contact your Detailer.