Deputy Director, Education and Training, M7 BUMED – CAPT/CAPT (s)

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Here is the position description/announcement.  If you’re interested, contact your Specialty Leader or Detailer:

This position, Deputy Director, M7 reports to Director, Total Force, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED).  We value and create an environment where quality is maximized through excellence in patient care, graduation education, research, and professional development.  We optimize patient access to care that is timely and comprehensive.  We maximize enterprise and individual productivity while improving data quality.

The Incumbent serves as Deputy Director, Education and Training, responsible for Education and Training policy, resourcing and oversight at the enterprise level.  Incumbent must have excellent speaking and writing skills, collaborative nature, ability to represent Navy Medicine Education and Training with authority in multi-agency settings and must be skilled in leading a high-functioning team.


  • Senior Education and Training advisor to Director, Total Force.
  • Pre-briefs for Surgeon General and Deputy Surgeon General in preparation for high-level meetings/congressional testimony.
  • Sets M7 strategic goals in alignment with SGs priorities.
  • Educates stakeholders in the development of education and training requirements development and validation.
  • Represents Navy Medicine on tri-Service/multi-agency committees and working groups, most notably the Defense Health Agency Education and Training Shared Service Working Group.
  • Coordinates and approves responses to RFIs and taskers.
  • Ensures M7 collaboration and communication across BUMED codes.
  • Ensures close communication and collaboration with NMETC.
  • Leads a small, highly-functioning team.
  • Personally prepares briefs, presentations and point papers.


  • Knowledge and Experience with Navy Medicine education and training organizations and systems.
  • Experience working in a tri-Service/multi-agency environment.
  • Must be able to recognize and communicate long-term consequences of decisions.
  • Must be able to think strategically and globally.
  • Must be able to maximize interoperability while maintaining Navy equities.
  • Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Must have the ability to work collaboratively in a team environment.
  • Previous BUMED and policy development experience.

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