Multiple Alternative Billets Available

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There are multiple alternative billets available (or at least that is what I call them).  Here is a list.  The POC if you are interested in any of them would be your Detailer:

  1. BUMED Chief Medical Officer – O6 Only – NOV/DEC 2016 (position description here)
  2. Navy Recruiting Command – Millington, TN – Spring 2017 – You aid in medical waiver determinations for new accessions.
  3. Physical Evaluation Board – Washington, DC – Summer 2017
  4. Naval War College – O5/O6 with Joint Professional Military Education I only – Timing varied.
  5. Inter-American War College – Washington, DC – Summer 2017 – Must speak Spanish or Portuguese.
  6. Indonesian Naval Command and Staff College – O4 Only – Indonesia – Summer 2017
  7. BUMED Readiness and Health Action Officer – Falls Church, VA – Summer 2017
  8. Director, Defense Hearing Center of Excellence – O6 with Hearing Conservation Background – San Antonio, TX – Winter 2016

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