2021 Non-Specialty Specific Billet Opportunities

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Please see the note below from the Senior Detailer. Anyone who applied for XO, CO, OIC, CMO, or Senior Executive/Operational is highly encouraged to also apply for any positions on this list that interest them. Not everyone who applied for the jobs I slate will get one. There are not enough positions available:

Greetings from PERS,

Reaching out to invite your attention to a number of outstanding billet opportunities available to MC officers in 2021. Please see the attached documents for information regarding our “Non-Specialty Specific Billet” assignment process, including a PDF application, and a listing of available opportunities to include:

  • Operational Assignments (FST OICs/CATF Surgeons, Marine Regimental Surgeons, LHD SMOs, and others)
  • Administrative Assignments (BUMED, DHA, PERS, and others)
  • Research Assignments (NMRC, NMRU-San Antonio, and others)
  • Naval War College – JPME Phase II – Newport, RI

Please contact your detailer if you would like to discuss these options.

Applications are due to your detailer NLT 25 SEP.


Todd A. Gardner, MD, MPH, FAAFP


Head, Medical Corps Assignments

Executive Medicine, Surgical Specialties

Navy Personnel Command, PERS-4415

5720 Integrity Drive

Millington, TN 38005

901-874-4094 DSN 94+ 312-882-4094

todd.a.gardner2 < at > navy.mil

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