Conference Approval Made Easy

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As put out by BUMED, here are the steps you need to take for the new/updated/easier conference approval process:

  1. Check the Conference Approval Website (you need to pick your e-mail certificate on your CAC card) for the most current ‘Requiring BUMED Approval’ List.
  2. If the conference IS NOT on the list, commands are authorized to approve travel. The member only needs to route a TAD request as per local command policy.
  3. If the conference IS on the list, members are required to work through their Specialty Leader or Quota Manager to be approved per the BUMED Conference Approval Process (similar to before).

The new process is supposed to be much easier for everyone. The intent is to make it easy for anyone to attend a conference costing < $100K, while still maintaining cognizance of conferences > $100K (without recreating an administrative burden).

NOTE – This is a summary of the new conference approval policy. Please refer to guidance posted on the Conference Approval Website (you need to pick your e-mail certificate on your CAC card) for directive guidance.

2017 Joint Service GME Selection Board Application Procedures

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Here is the just released BUMED Note that spells out how to apply for GME in 2017 and which residencies/fellowships are anticipated to be available:


Nominations Call for MHS Female Physician Leadership Award

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The deadline for nominations for the Military Health System (MHS) Female Physician Leadership Award is COB 10 JUL 2017. Here are three documents to help with completing the nomination package:

Command Letter of Recommendation Sample

MHS Female Physician Leadership Award Criteria

MHS Female Physician Leadership Award Nomination Form

Nomination packages should contain the Command Endorsement, CV, and Nomination Form. Package documents should be submitted in one consolidated PDF format with the following standardized naming – title the PDF “Last Name First Initial_Service_Jr or Sr_FPL_17”

Example: SmithB_Navy_Jr_FPL_17

The suspense for packages to be submitted for Service vetting is COB 10 JUL 2017, (1600 EST). This suspense is FIRM, as packages must be vetted and selected by Navy/SG for submission to MHS. Packages should be sent to the NAVY POC: CAPT Charmagne G. Beckett (e-mail address in BUMED global).

Non-Surgical and Surgical Detailer Positions Available – O4 to O6

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The Non-Surgical Detailer position is available this upcoming winter and the Surgical Detailer position is available summer 2018.  Here is the information on the positions:

Medical Corps Detailer Positions Announcement

Detailer Position Announcement

Non-Surgical Detailer position available winter 2018 and Surgical Detailer position open summer 2018. Seeking motivated LCDRs, CDRs, or CAPT from any specialty.

  1. Career enhancing: This is a high-visibility job that will give you career diversification.
  2. Make a difference: As a detailer assigning positions and providing career counseling, you have the opportunity to positively affect member’s lives and change policy at a high level.
  3. Work life balance. Ever thought about life without call or 24 hour shifts? This is a unique opportunity to help Navy Medicine and maintain optimal work life balance.
  4. Stay clinical. All 3 physician detailers stay clinically active. Many options for local or permissive TAD clinical experiences.
  5. Memphis! Live in Memphis–the home of the blues, the birthplace of Rock n Roll, and the biggest city in Tennessee. Urban offerings (museums, restaurants, night-life, zoo), history (Civil War, Music), outdoor activities (running, hiking, camping, road-biking, canoeing, etc.), and food and beverage options (BBQ, Jack Daniels) abound. Check out this website:
  6. Kids? Live affordably in a gorgeous neighborhood with one of the best school districts in Tennessee. ( (
  7. Single? Exciting downtown Memphis is only 20 minutes away from Navy Personnel Command.
  8. Spouse? The job market is excellent for spouses in Memphis, Tennessee and home to several big employers including FEDEX and St. Jude Children’s hospital.

If interested in the Non-Surgical Detailer position, please contact CDR Richard Childers at 901-874-4046. This position will need to be filled in the next 2 weeks. For the Surgical detailer position, please contact CAPT Nanette Rollene at 901-874-4094.

USAFRICOM Surgeon – O6 Only

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The position as Command Surgeon for Headquarters (HQ) U.S. Africa Command (USAFRICOM)­ is available this fall.  The position requirements and report date are:

  • O6 with command experience preferred.
  • Board certification preferred.
  • Top Secret/Secret Compartmentalized Information (TS/SCI) clearance required for position.
  • Report no later than date of 30 SEP 2017.

Any interested party who meets the qualification needS to provide:

  1. Contact info
  2. Service Record Photo in current rank (if not already in record)
  3. Biography
  4. CV
  5. Specialty Leader endorsement

Applicants should return these documents to CDR Frank Mullens at BUMED (e-mail address is in the global address book) no later than 21 June (earlier is preferred). Questions/concerns should be directed to CDR Mullens.

Brigade Commander, USUHS – O6 Only

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USUHS Brigade Commander is a position of significant leadership and impact within the Military Health System:

USUHS Brigade Commander Memo

Applicants should send a CV/BIO and letter of intent with three references to BUMED via their Specialty Leader by 19 June 2017. All applicants should have Specialty Leader and Detailer concurrence.

NOTE – Applications should not be sent directly to USUHS.

Chief Medical Informatics Officer, MHS GENESIS Implementation Team, Navy Medicine West

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Here is the position description for this position:


Unlike many of the positions posted on this site, this is NOT a nominative position.  What does that mean?  It means that nominations are not going through your Specialty Leader to BUMED.  If you are interested in this one, you can just contact your Detailer and Specialty Leader.

There are no rank requirements or timelines I’m aware of for this position.  You just have to be in SoCal or eligible to take orders there.