Hot Fill – UMO, NMRTC Charleston – JUN 2023

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  • Who: O3-O5 Medical Corps Officers (any specialty)
  • What: UMO, NMRTC Charleston
  • Where: Charleston, SC
  • When: Detach May/June, Report June (36 month orders)

Billet Description: Senior undersea medical officer (UMO’s) overseeing junior UMO’s in direct support of the Naval Reactors Program and Naval Power Training Unit.

Interested personnel should contact LCDR Derek Chamberlain, OMO Detailer.

NCC GYN-ONC Fellowship Program Director – May 2024

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  • NCC Fellowship Program Director, Gynecologic Oncology– Director NCC requests qualified candidates for the NCC Fellowship Program Director position. Candidates must have sufficient post-graduate experience and documented academic achievement acceptable for the ACGME Residency Review Committee (RRC). Candidates must hold a current medical license and board certification with (sub)specialty qualifications suitable for the RCC. Please review the DoD Policy and Selection Criteria for GME Program Directors and the ACGME requirements for this position. The desired report date is NLT than 1 May 2024.
  • Nomination Package Requirements: CV, Bio, and a Letter of Intent. An applicant’s CV must include a section about faculty development activities. The CV must demonstrate at least three years of documented education and administrative experience, current scholarly activity, and ongoing clinical activity in the (sub)specialty for which they apply. Additionally, the CV must show current board certification in the (sub)specialties they are applying to and current medical licensure. The letter of intent must include the candidate’s commitment to GME and to the Program Director position, including willingness to serve as Program Director for a minimum of 4 years per DHA-PI 1025.04 guidance and that, if selected, they will accept the job.
  • Fully completed nomination packages will be emailed to CAPT Shauna O’Sullivan NLT 1200 EST Monday, 27 March, 2023.

2023 International Career Advancement Program (ICAP) Fellowship Call for Applications

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1. This tasker solicits applications for the 2023 International Career Advancement Program (ICAP) Fellowship. ICAP is a professional development and networking opportunity for mid-career professionals who support the Navy Team and Navy’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Strategy. The 2023 ICAP Fellowship consists of an optional (not funded by N1) introductory session in Washington, DC (8 September 2023) followed by a required week in Aspen, CO (22-30 September or 30 September – 8 October 2023). Registration fee (covers lodging, meals and transportation) and air travel for the ICAP Fellowship will be funded by OPNAV N1.  More information regarding the ICAP program can be found at

2. Application. All applications require Command endorsement addressed to ICAP Selection Committee to be considered. Specific application requirements are listed in the attached application package. Application package must be completed and returned to N17 NLT 2359EST on 21 Apr 2023. Extensions will not be granted.

3. Applicants and Eligibility. This is a highly competitive program open to Navy personnel, military and civilians, according to the paygrades listed below.  Specific application requirements can be found in attached document “Criteria for Selection as ICAP Fellows”.  Selection and participation in the fellowship do not extend service obligation. This program is not available to USMC military or civilians.

– Military Applicants. Participation is open to all Navy O-3 to O-4 and E-7 to E-8 Active Duty and Reserve.

– Civilian Applicants. Participation is open to Navy civilian employees in the permanent grades of GS-11 to GS-13.

4. Requirement. After completion of ICAP, Fellows should continue communication with the OPNAV N174A DEI Team for participation in associated webinars, roundtables and any applicable working group meetings as permitted by Fellows’ schedules.

5. Point of Contact. LT Shereka F. Riley

Comments: Applications will not be accepted after 21 Apr 2023.  Selection and participation in the fellowship do not extend service obligation.