USU Commandant Position

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Attached is the advertisement for this position. While it says they will consider O5 or O6 officers, I highly doubt anyone who is not a CAPT or CAPT(s) could successfully compete for it:

All applicants must submit the requested materials to CAPT Joel Schofer (contact in the global) by COB 24 SEP 2021. All applications must route through BUMED, not be sent directly to USUHS.

FY22 Leadership Course Catalog

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The annual Medical Corps leadership course catalog is here:

Please direct inquiries and applications to CAPT Anthony Keller (contact in the global) until 20 October 2021, then to the new Career Planner, CAPT Rhett Barrett (contact in the global) thereafter.

Call for Assistant Specialty Leader for Surface Medicine and Volunteers to Help Process Surface OMO Applications

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As the transition to straight-through GME begins, the role of the operational Specialty Leaders has increased in scope and impact.  We are soliciting applications for Assistant Specialty Leader (ASL) for Surface Medicine.  The ASL will work closely with the SL (CAPT Mark Lenart, contact in the global) to fill key surface medicine positions each year, liaising with the SL and TYCOMs to ensure the most qualified candidates are assigned to serve our surface forces.  Please email LCDR Jennifer Eng-Kulawy (contact in the global) by COB 17 SEP 2021 with a CV, military bio, PDFs of your Officer Summary Record (OSR) and Performance Summary Record (PSR), and a letter of intent indicating your desire for selection, prior operational experience, as well as several sentences explaining your desire to fill this role.  There are no geographic limitations as the ASL role is a collateral duty.  Please contact the current SL, CAPT Mark Lenart, with any questions about the role of Assistant SL.

Additionally, there is a short-term need for volunteers to assist CAPT Lenart during the current Operational Medical Officer (OMO) cycle (through December 2021).  No operational experience is required and the time-frame for the commitment is limited to CY 2021.  Again, there are no geographic limitations and anyone from anywhere can help out. All you need is time, an internet connection, and a desire to help shape the new Surface Force Medical Officer application process. Please contact CAPT Lenart with your interest or with any questions.

Holiday Message from ASD(HA)

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MHS Colleagues,

Labor Day is unique among Federal holidays in that it doesn’t honor a historical event or a person or a people, but rather, an activity: work, or, the struggles of work. The holiday was borne out of a recognition of the struggles of the American worker at the height of the Industrial Revolution.

This year, Labor Day reminds me of work that was hardly recognized in the late 19th century: the solemn work of caring for and saving lives. In the midst of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, I am intensely aware of the work you do and the physical and mental exhaustion many health care workers are experiencing.  I am deeply appreciative of the labors and sacrifices each and every one of you make in order to provide world-class care to our Service members, retirees,  their families, and to the Nation.

We did not expect that this pandemic would rage on for as long as it has, with an end not quite in sight thanks to the Delta variant, and many not accepting the gift that are the COVID-19 vaccines. Our nation has called upon you again: to fully vaccinate our Service member population, to treat the influx of COVID-19 patients, to surge to hotspots around the country to ease overburdened local healthcare facilities, and to bring forward and care for tens of thousands of Afghans in their new home, our United States of America.

Countless healthcare workers are burned out and leaving the workforce. Their labor, our labor, is often thankless and heartbreaking, causing them to step away. Not so for the Military Health System.

We continue to call upon you, to ask for your tireless effort. Know that it is deeply appreciated by the Secretary, Deputy Secretary, the Chairman and all our other senior leaders. For those of you working this weekend: thank you. For those of you who are not, I hope this holiday brings you some rest and time for reflection.

Your labor has saved and will continue to save many lives. Our nation is grateful and healthier for it. Please let me know how I can support you as we continue our shared work.


Terry Adirim, M.D., M.P.H., M.B.A.

Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs

Department of Defense