Joint Senior Medical Leader Course

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Who:  Senior officers who have a potential nomination as a JTF Surgeon or JTF senior medical leader

What:  Joint Senior Medical Leader Course (JSMLC)

When:  August 22-26, 2022 (In-person – Medical Corps is allowed 3-4 seats)

Where:  DHHQ, Falls Church, Virginia (funded by applicant’s command)

Course Description:  The course is designed to enhance the preparation of medical leaders, senior O-5 to O-6, who have a high probability of being nominated as a JTF Surgeon, JTF Senior medical leader, or occupying a senior medical planning position in a joint environment. In addition, the course would be valuable for those serving in senior Service departments responsible for the training and preparing of forces for Joint operations and deployment.  JSMLC is a demanding, fast-paced, and interactive program. Speakers will include former JTF Commanders, JTF Surgeons, subject matter experts in major contingency and stability operations, interagency operations, and representatives of Joint Staff Directorates responsible for policy development at the highest levels in DOD.

Additional details here:

Prospective applicants should provide their Command, Work Address, best phone contact number with a CV and BIO to CAPT Rhett Barrett NLT 1200 EST Thursday, May 26, 2022.

FY23 O4 and O5 Promotion Board Opportunities

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Here are the FY23 O4 promotion opportunities:

-Medical Corps – 95%

-Dental Corps – 89%

-Medical Service Corps – 90%

-Nurse Corps – 75%

Here are the FY23 O5 promotion opportunities:

-Medical Corps – 90%

-Dental Corps – 80%

-Medical Service Corps – 60%

-Nurse Corps – 70%

You can find these on the 2nd page of the recently released FY23 promotion board convening orders, which are below:

Interim Lead, DHA Hospital Medicine Working Group

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Position:  Interim Lead, DHA Hospital Medicine Working Group

Time Frame: May – September 2022

Time Commitment: Approximately 3-5 hours weekly. 

Hospital Medicine Working Group Meeting: Every other week, Tuesday 1330 EST

Inpatient Clinical Support Services Meeting: Weekly, Wednesday 1330 EST

Position Description: The Hospital Medicine Working Group (HMWG) is a subcommittee of the DHA Inpatient Clinical Support Services  (ICSS). The overall goal of the HMWG is the development of an enterprise-wide instruction for inpatient medicine run by hospital medicine specialists (hospitalists). A basic business case analysis has been completed and there is a pending submission to the Center for Naval Analysis to evaluate the benefits of such a program, to include monetary and quality of patient care (anticipate a response in the next 4-6 weeks). On-going taskers include the development of a standardized staffing model for the DHEA and submission into the DHA Resource Portal. The ultimate goal is a DHA Procedural Instruction (DHAPI) for a hospitalist-led inpatient medicine service. 

If interested please contact CDR Jennifer Eng-Kulawy (contact in the global) with your CV, BIO, and brief letter of intent NLT 20 May 2022.