How to Get the FY20 Medical Corps Promotion Lineal List

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The spreadsheet with the FY20 promotion board zones has too much PII to post publicly, but you can find it here (make sure you pick your e-mail certificate):

It is halfway down on the right side under “Career Management.”

FY20 Promotion Boards – What are They Looking At and How Can You Get Ready?

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I gave this talk to the medical staff at NMC Portsmouth a few weeks ago, and I finally got around to recording it for all to enjoy…

Here is a PDF of the slides:

FY20 Promotion Boards – What are They Looking At and How Can You Get Ready

Here is a video screencast you can watch in just under 30 minutes:

How to Evaluate the Promotion Potential of a Billet/Position

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Recently I advertised the USUHS Commandant position. A reader asked:

Any thoughts on whether you think this is a position that would make an O5 competitive for O6?

This is a common issue. A position is advertised, but you want to know if it will help get your promoted to O5 or O6 if you take it. Here is how I’d evaluate that situation.

First, you need to contact the incumbent in that position now, if possible. You’re going to need information that they have.

Now that you’ve contacted that person, you need to ask them some questions:

  • Did they or anyone before them promote to O5/O6 while they were in the position or shortly thereafter? In other words, has taking the position led to promotion for those who’ve already done it? If the answer is yes, that is telling and indicative that the position advances people’s careers. If the answer is no, you should probably look elsewhere for a career advancing position.
  • How large is their competitive group on their fitreps? You want a position with a large competitive group so that you can perform well and break out to the right with MP and EP fitreps. Competitive EP fitreps are probably the #1 most important ingredient for successful promotion, so if the position has a small competitive group or leads to a 1/1 fitrep, it would be a mark against that position’s potential to get you promoted.
  • Were they able to get EP fitreps? They might not tell you this, but if they are willing to give you this info it can help you gauge the potential for you to get EP fitreps while doing the job.
  • What do your mentors think about you taking the position? We all need mentors, and I always ask mine what they think when a potential position is in my crosshairs. If they don’t think it is a good idea, I usually pass on it.

That’s it. Those are the things I’d look at when trying to evaluate whether or not a position will help you get promoted. Most of the information needs to come from the incumbent or people who have previously done the job.

Did You Really Fail to Select for Promotion?

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If your name was not on the promotion list, you probably weren’t selected for promotion. There is, however, a chance that you actually were selected for promotion but your name was removed after the promotion board. Why would this happen?

After promotion boards there are some systems that are “scrubbed” to ensure that no adverse or reportable information exists for the officers selected by a promotion board or by an administrative board (the CO/XO/CMO/OIC board, for example). Here is a chart that shows you the systems that are checked:

Systems Scrubbed

As you can see, if you have problems with your security clearance, the Inspector General, Naval Criminal Investigative Services, or any legal issues, your name could be removed and your promotion put on hold. How do you tell if this happened to you?

First, go to BUPERS On-Line and click on the link for “Advancements/Selection Boards” as pointed out with the large arrow:

Advancements Screenshot

Now you should see a screen similar to this one:

Results screenshot

As you can see, I was a “SELECT” for O6. If you actually were a non-select for promotion you’d see a “N” where my “S” is. If you were “scrubbed” from the promotion list, you’ll see an “H” for HOLD.

If you don’t see anything, then you didn’t fail to select. You probably weren’t looked at by the board. This most often happens to people who trained in the NADDS program in civilian training programs and weren’t on active duty for a whole year. Sometimes, though, these people will show up on the reserve promotion lists, so don’t lose hope until you check that list as well. As of now, the FY19 LCDR list for the reserves isn’t out yet.

If you are on hold, I’d contact your Detailer to try and find out why.

FY19 Medical Corps LCDR Promotion Stats

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The image is below and the PDF is here:

FY19 MC LCDR Promotion Stats

FY19 Active Duty LCDR Staff Corps Selections

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R 231447Z AUG 18

ALNAV 060/18



RMKS/1.  I am pleased to announce the following Staff Corps Officers on the 
Active-Duty list for promotion to the permanent grade of Lieutenant 

2.  This message is not authority to deliver appointments.  Authority to 
effect promotion will normally be issued by future NAVADMINs requiring 
NAVPERS 1421/7 preparation and forwarding of document to PERS-806.

3.  Frocking is not authorized for any officer listed below until specific 
authorization is received per SECNAVINST 1420.2A.

4.  For proper alphabetical order read from left to right on each line.
The numbers following each name indicate the relative seniority among the 
selectees within each competitive category.  Members are directed to verify 
their select status via BUPERS Online.

                              Medical Corps

Adams Jacob Alan             0028  Adomako Rees Opuni           0247
Ajero Teddy G Jr             0062  Alderson Lauren M            0200
Alex Aea Cowan               0225  Allen Rebecca Melody         0155
Allen Scott Thomas           0090  Anderson Danielle C          0206
Anderson Sarah L             0074  Archer Benjamin James        0073
Austin Ryan Patrick          0099  Bacho Cristina Jean          0190
Balboni Alanna Brooke        0097  Barbante Kathryn R           0072
Barbour Brent Marcus         0080  Barrena Benjamin G           0224
Barrick Clete W              0188  Bartlett Jonette Marie       0186
Bauer Elizabeth May          0032  Bautz Joshua Thomas          0221
Baxter Michael Charles       0226  Bedle Margret Emil           0175
Biscotti Matthew T           0038  Blais Felicia Ashley         0127
Blanchet Scott Michael       0050  Bliss Dani Christine         0002
Bloom Adam Scott             0207  Blum Christina Lahti         0113
Bonds Katherine Annie        0121  Bongiorno Michelle A         0238
Bramble Rebecca Lee          0174  Briden Danielle Amanda       0213
Brisson Jonathan J           0146  Brown Emily Stewart          0199
Brown Jonathan Casey         0164  Buabeng Kwame                0219
Burns Brittany Rose          0177  Bush Allison Marie           0151
Byrne Susanna Martha         0069  Cadotte Noelle Blake         0241
Campbell Paul Charles        0118  Cancian John Wunn            0220
Carr Matthew Joseph          0101  Case Matthew George          0228
Chin John Chui Chung         0001  Chiong Oliver Jeffrey        0085
Cihlar Joseph C              0048  Condos Amy Marie             0100
Condos Gregory Joseph        0098  Contestable James J          0091
Cornell Amy Blackinton       0117  Cowan Wesley Charles         0246
Croom Emily Andrews          0082  Curry Brian Patrick          0149
Daher Dian Krystle           0179  Dangvu Milan Do              0194
Delahanty Liam Francis       0089  Dennig Sean Michael          0116
Dingle Marvin Edward         0010  Dion Suzan Eileen            0066
Donaldson Alana Rae          0165  Dougherty Brian P            0006
Dryden John Randolph         0017  Due April Renee              0122
Elakkad Samih Ehsan          0161  Elsbree Kayleen Ellen        0152
Engle Donald Charles         0003  Espinoza David               0211
Everett Kimberly Ann         0158  Farfan Juanita E             0039
Faubel Kenneth R             0176  Fiacco Nicholas Ryan         0029
Field Robert Dustin          0105  Finn Kristin Jean            0054
Fisher James Arthur          0036  Flood Paul Edward Jr         0242
Foley Jennifer Rae           0079  Foley Sean Patrick F         0092
Ford Caitlin Brooke          0040  Ford Sarah Elizabeth         0070
Frankenstein Nicoletta       0223  Fullenwider Charles O        0163
Gilbert Laura Jean           0138  Guajardo Phillip D           0218
Haddad James Dominic         0053  Hadfield Brandon Reed        0043
Haggerty John Tolman         0210  Hall Benjamen Philip         0021
Hammon Laura Joye            0065  Happach Vincenzo Cosmo       0166
Harding Serennah Emily       0141  Harrison James Michael       0237
Healy Nicholas Joseph        0244  Herforth Christine M         0132
Hicks Aaron Blake            0061  Hodge Daniel K Jr            0112
Hogan Andrew Joseph          0068  Hubbard Mark C               0131
Hughes Stephen M             0239  Hughey Scott Bailey          0096
Jamros Christina Maria       0170  Johnson Erik Daniel          0125
Johnston Luke Ryan           0139  Jolicoeur Megan E            0209
Jones Kelly Lynn             0041  Jones Eric P                 0076
Joshi Megha R                0172  Katana Vienna Grayce H       0203
Kerestes Nathan Paul         0081  Keys Kevin Thomas            0154
Kim Sang In                  0104  Kinderknecht Kyle J          0142
Kirby Hannah Elizabeth       0143  Kizhner Oskar                0094
Klocek Megan Elizabeth       0134  Ko Samuel Ying               0147
Kortman Francisco C          0144  Krause Jeffrey Allan         0005
Kyle Adrianna Isabel         0169  Lail Matthew Joseph          0111
Landon Matthew David         0083  Landry Travis Obery          0004
Leatherman Matthew L         0067  Lee Katherine Jonnie         0245
Lee Steve Gi Won             0055  Livesey Audrey C S           0087
Lloyd Michael L              0007  Lock Donald William II       0215
Lomas Chad Matthew           0120  Long Ann                     0202
Lopreiato Nicholas P         0136  Lyle Anne                    0140
Macdonald Alec F             0026  Mandia Jeremy Joel           0077
Marrone Tighe Nicholas       0148  Marvin Kastley Margret       0230
Mccain Laura Abigail         0150  Mcclain Paul David           0153
Mcinturff Mark Ohfuji        0106  Mcintyre Jeannette M         0044
Mclendon Robert Brian        0034  Mcnamara Colin Thomas        0201
Mcnicholas James E Jr        0191  Meredith Bryn Taylor         0181
Middendorf Matthew T         0031  Mikals Samantha J            0078
Montoyavillagomez Migu       0024  Moody Aaron Lee              0037
Moore Andrew C               0235  Murphy Christopher M         0051
Nabet Austin C               0182  Nappo Kyle Edgar             0185
Neubauer Daniel C            0234  Neubert Rachel Anne          0187
Nguyen Lan Anh Thieu         0057  Nicolas Samuel Alvin         0102
Northup Megan Renee          0128  Ochs Ryan Thomas             0197
Ouimet Sean Paul             0011  Pacini Anthony Judson        0171
Parenteau Michael A          0123  Parrott Matthew Jay          0231
Payne Maya Elena             0088  Perez Alfredo                0025
Perez Guillermo III          0236  Pertot Elyse Marie           0137
Pham Hy G                    0222  Plasse Richard Andrew        0196
Plata Jose Luis G            0019  Prim James Herndon           0183
Pugh Jackson Charles         0063  Rall Cody J                  0204
Ramchandar Nanda             0071  Reed Amy Jean                0159
Regan Matthew Francis        0009  Reichlin Katy Marie          0049
Reynaga Roberto Carlos       0008  Richmond Christopher J       0035
Richmond Kelly Morgan        0093  Richmond Ryan R              0240
Rinehart Charles V           0015  Rocco Nicholas Ray           0103
Roderique Joseph D           0232  Rodriguez Stephen E          0189
Rogers Theodore Hewner       0195  Rozycki Stefan Wass          0107
Rubio Laura Renee            0227  Ryabinin Oleg A              0030
Salazar Krystle May          0042  Sara Matthew Robert          0178
Schafer Jeffrey Martin       0033  Schexnayder Brian            0012
Schmiedecke Rudy F           0114  Seales Paul Evan             0020
Seawright Lisa M             0045  Seider Scott William         0162
Selco Mitchell Marc          0198  Shirk Spencer Ellis W        0124
Slama Elizabeth Milne        0058  Slepski Natalie E            0056
Smith Alfred Gordon          0167  Snyder Scott Howard          0130
Spears Thomas Matthew        0115  Spiro Andrew Joseph          0108
Sprague Justine Marie        0086  Stevenson Rachel Ann         0212
Strain Jonathan Eli          0129  Stromsness Christina         0233
Sullivan Mary Ann            0014  Sutherland Jared M           0135
Szatkowski Angela N          0027  Taylor Zachary Andrew        0046
Teisberg Madeline B          0180  Towb Parmalee C              0023
Townsend Cassandra K         0145  Vanbrunt Thomas B Jr         0217
Vanhorne Edgar Myoung        0047  Vantassel Craig James        0192
Vest Ryan Matthew            0095  Vienna Ryan Patrick          0084
Volk Charles Gabriel         0160  Walker Christine Marie       0214
Waller Travis Lee            0018  Walsh James Bernard          0229
Wang Andrew Wilson           0156  Ward Dawn Kabrich            0216
Ward Meghan Nichole          0052  Watters Julie Ann            0110
Wauters Robert Henri         0157  Wheatley Benjamin M          0064
Whitlatch Meghan A           0173  Whittington Julie R          0126
Wilcox Timothy David         0208  Willett Peter Bryce          0075
Wilson Justin Dean           0168  Wingen Elizabeth Anne        0193
Winn Aubrey Elizabeth        0243  Winship Emory S VII          0059
Woelfel Gregory Alan         0013  Wright Andrew Jonathan       0060
Writer James Kendrick        0016  Zenk Reilly Louise           0119
Zitnik Kenneth Erin          0184

                               Dental Corps

Archer Benjamin Paul         0010  Barrett Jason Lawrence       0020
Barth Christopher T          0044  Berg Rebecca Adeline         0012
Berkowitz Danielle P         0006  Blackmore William S          0043
Boland Kathleen Brigid       0034  Bond Dustin Aldridge         0029
Brewington Ashley K          0046  Burns Krystal Hope           0021
Burr David Parent            0045  Cammack Bradley Kent         0003
Carlo Catherine Eva          0053  Crossland Nicholas F         0058
Defazio Michael Carey        0052  Dickens Noel Evan            0008
Dyer Amanda Nichole          0047  Ellenbecker Tyson A          0025
Engelbrektson Erik A         0032  Eriksson Kurt Allan          0040
Fetters Chase Westhall       0041  Fila Juliana Clove           0051
Flores Broc Antony           0035  Gonzalez Elias Daniel        0039
Greiner John Houston         0031  Heim Eric Peter              0014
Hofferber Craig E            0048  Jakubowicz Phillip A         0005
Jing Wilson Shuaiwen         0022  Kaemmer Ian Jameson          0033
Keener Dylan James           0017  Knofczynski Andrew R         0019
Knudson Andrew James         0042  Krupinski Cathern N          0026
Langenderfer Kurt A          0009  Langkau Walter Samuel        0016
Maghsoodpour Arbel           0038  Maliken Christopher G        0018
Marin Anthony James          0060  Martin Trevy Kyle            0024
Mcginn Mary Catherine        0057  Meadows Coleman D            0004
Neal Russell Lawrence        0011  Parker Taylor Aaron          0013
Pasch Sarah Jane             0030  Perrone Lisa Carol           0050
Roadarmel Stephanie L        0059  Ryan Mark Daniel             0002
Schaefer Lulu Fang           0054  Seywerd Johannes N           0001
Staller Benjamin L           0015  Thomas Stephen Craig         0023
Tran Tuan Ngoc               0056  Urbaitis Michael James       0028
Vertolli Travis J            0037  Way Tyler Scott              0049
Weenig Joshua Ammon          0027  Winks Ryan Joseph            0055
Yang Michael Keene           0036

                               Medical Service Corps

Agbo William Ayikwei         0008  Aguirre Billy Lemus          0101
Allen Anthony Clark          0130  Allen April Rene             0145
Anderson Eric Edwin          0154  Atterbury Jessica T          0169
Ayeni Temitope Oladipo       0062  Babskie Daniel Andrew        0159
Banker Leticia D J           0082  Banks Ellis Lee II           0087
Barlow James Nathaniel       0041  Becker William F             0010
Bell Maya Naima              0106  Bell Phillip Martin          0151
Bell Steve Jason             0170  Beltran Manuel H             0071
Bencivenga Mario A           0122  Berg Amanda Elizabeth        0045
Berlin David B               0005  Bly Richard J                0051
Boudreaux Amanda Faye        0016  Brower Sarah Joy Han         0162
Brown Lisa Annmarie          0115  Campbell Ariel Reve          0117
Cavallario David James       0065  Chamberlain Derek John       0149
Chavez Francisco R           0004  Collins Michael John         0021
Conboy Christopher Lee       0110  Corbridge Joshua D           0165
Cote Noel Michael            0083  Craig Jennifer Lynn          0072
Crawford Cynthia Beth        0144  Cusack Terence Jose IV       0049
Davidson Brian Scott         0048  Decletwhiting Monica I       0085
Delano John Charles          0058  Desiderio Brian C            0166
Doucette Ari Sean            0119  Edouard Joseph               0015
Elliott Linda Marie          0056  English Erik Lee             0022
Fail Richard Howard          0091  Falkner James Thomas         0133
Frasco Jenny Marie           0038  Fuchs Jason Benjamin         0123
Furnish Lana Michelle        0068  Galassoalexander Vivie       0069
Geeseman Joseph W            0113  George Timothy Lee           0102
Glienke Carl Jonathan        0136  Goebel Neal Christiaan       0148
Golla Stephanie              0050  Gonzalez Nicole K            0059
Gradwell Amelia Grace        0161  Green Shellita Frances       0090
Gregory Pamela K             0129  Guadalupe Nelson H           0073
Guajardo David Daniel        0152  Hartley Clark Kimball        0127
Harwood James Flint          0099  Hayes Selena M               0163
Hester Brandon Jerome        0121  Hill Aaron Jackson           0116
Hine Carolynn Anne           0095  Hoblet Justin Woodrow        0158
Holbrook Brian James         0103  Holland Tamora Leona         0024
Holman Carolyn J             0031  Houston Natasha Mary         0001
Jeanlouis Peter L            0076  Jensen Jason Paul            0141
Johnson Jermaine T           0092  Jones James Kevin            0023
Kaheakuenhada Erika M        0064  Kallail Donald J III         0107
Kelso Michael Gavin          0074  King Taj Dwayne              0025
Knapp Jennifer Alicia        0043  Knorek John Kenneth          0078
Laffman Keith Matthew        0070  Laird Melissa Dee            0126
Lane Michelle Hartman        0061  Larsen James Douglas         0075
Lawson William K Jr          0027  Lea Michelle Ann             0140
Lee Albert Jong Suk          0124  Letizio Samantha Emily       0167
Lockett Sandra               0012  Loe Martha Anne E            0104
Lorenzo Ronald Richard       0028  Macaskill Rebekah Lynn       0029
Matosmakris Nikolas A        0084  Mayr Joseph James            0098
Mccormack Nakima V           0046  Mcguire Patrick Wayne        0063
Mclamb Brandon Odell         0066  Mcveigh Timothy Edward       0039
Meloscia Chantal E           0036  Menck Elisa Sue              0114
Mene Rey Bucol               0080  Messick Michael J Jr         0055
Miller Edward T              0164  Milstein Matthew Evan        0040
Mitchell Patrick James       0168  Mize Kenneth Leon Jr         0134
Morrison Jay Arthur          0125  Mulvey Emily Kay             0112
Musmanno Joseph Hays         0079  Nance Erika Teresa           0054
Naranjo Daniel F             0147  Niven Jason Ryan             0120
Noakes Nathan David          0153  Nyangena Isaac M K           0097
Oakes Jonathan F             0002  Oehrlein Christopher S       0111
Ohaeri Nnamdi Glenn          0033  Oleary Michael Todd          0137
Olson Andrew Spencer         0020  Palmer Jonathan Mark         0128
Pavlicek Rebecca Lou         0018  Pendergrass Jesse Ray        0132
Peters Christopher Y         0088  Petikas Nicholas C           0160
Peugeot Mark David           0006  Pietila Diane Marie          0047
Punzal Jaypee Albano         0037  Qui Harry Zhang              0109
Rakich Danielle Nicole       0060  Randle Derrick Nashaun       0089
Randles Amanda Jane          0053  Reyes Kristoffer Sol B       0042
Ricker Lucas Lance           0093  Rivera Brad Alan             0138
Rosete Arthur Castillo       0003  Rowe Duane Shaw Jr           0150
Ruff Juliette D              0052  Ruppert Arthur Shawn         0135
Russell Brandon J            0030  Sadosky Angela Rose          0142
Sargeant Rachel Marie        0157  Saul Kathleen Mary           0032
Schmitt Stetson Robert       0108  Shenbergerhess Ashley        0035
Siu Fei                      0011  Skelton Donald Morales       0094
Smithson William A           0034  Specht Lauren Vaughn         0139
Spellman Tanya Melissa       0131  Steele Michael Caleb         0019
Stephens Kevin R Jr          0026  Stewart Jesse Steven         0086
Strobridge Virgil R          0081  Suszko Christopher M         0057
Tate Kei Amber Juanita       0013  Tomlinson Adam Blake         0077
Tracy Caleb Helaman          0096  Trimner Stacey Marie         0044
Vahamaki Niko Olavi          0009  Vaughan Thomas Daniel        0105
Volk Paula Sue               0146  Vorwald Jeffrey David        0156
Warpula Erick Wayne          0100  Webb Alisha Laray            0007
Wheeler Theodore C           0143  White Veronica Holguin       0155
Whittaker Reginald C         0067  Wilson Sobondo Josiah        0017
Wofford Angela Marie         0118  Wolfley Gregory Alan         0014

                     Judge Advocate General's Corps

Aliano Adam Corey            0032  Anderson Keleigh             0026
Beard Kathryn Deangelo       0004  Blair Tadd Coles             0011
Breuder Philip Edward        0044  Brookes Warren Leigh         0008
Brown Joseph Striker         0040  Budow Matthew Jaret          0018
Clayton Ashley S             0021  Collett Michael D            0035
Cotten Christin E            0017  Daniels Emily Anna           0031
Duru Omer Jr                 0015  Foley John Paul              0039
Gioiello Alexandra J         0034  Gonzales Joanna Maria        0046
Hagedorn Christine R         0025  Harbas Simone Stefanie       0028
Inns Nicholas James S        0003  Jarczyk Elizabeth Jean       0020
John Brian Patrick           0022  Jooshani Sahar               0041
Kiefer Oliver Moody          0043  Kohlhofer Kelly Marie        0007
Lawler Michael Sturgis       0038  Mangual Daniel R             0014
Marcinskas Emil              0030  Marquez Victor Lee           0027
Masterson Jason R            0001  Mcginley Daniel Ryan         0045
Meyer Bradley F              0006  Mooney Ryan Andrew           0010
Morrison William M           0036  Mosimann James E III         0009
Murphy Kymberly Lee          0012  Newsad Bradley Douglas       0037
Nichol Alyssa Kate           0016  Oakes Ann Tuddenham          0019
Obrien Conor Logan           0002  Pehl Shaun M                 0013
Reardon Michaela Anne        0024  Riedel Christopher K         0033
Sussman Rachel Faye          0042  Sylvester Ryan James         0023
White John Cherne            0005  Williams Sharlena Y          0029

                             Nurse Corps

Abadilla Mark Anthony        0100  Acedera Paolo A              0045
Alcantar Marcello A          0085  Allbaugh Matthew             0002
Anderson Sarah Michele       0058  Battle Claudia L             0115
Berger Robert Harold         0095  Bokan Melissa Marie          0108
Bratton Carrie E             0022  Brenes Any                   0072
Brion Caitlin B              0087  Brogdon Laurabeth K          0047
Brown Michelle Marie         0082  Bush Sarah Jane L            0055
Caldwell Jason Dean          0080  Chavez Augusta Mary          0083
Cole Francene Elaine         0078  Collazo Christina K          0062
Collins Willie R Jr          0059  Crosby Tatiana               0035
Cummiskey Angela L           0049  Cummiskey David P            0050
Daniell Stephany Jin         0094  Davidson Michael James       0019
Deppen Resel V               0109  Diggs Thomas Lee             0020
Dinan Lauren E               0044  Duncan Kizzy Hope            0014
Echon Jerrieallen F          0116  Edouard Teresa Ann           0074
Edwards David Keith          0063  Evans Shannon Lynn           0064
Evans Tanikka Rashanda       0039  Felipe Anuel                 0033
Flores Nita                  0024  Folstad Erin Michelle        0089
Fulks Kelly Ann              0093  Gagliano Erin Leigh          0084
Galicinao Gary Tobias        0053  Gemme Jacqueline Marie       0066
Gilliam Joshua Henry         0041  Gonzalez Marissa V           0079
Gorman Jessie Lyn            0011  Haney Kellie Jo              0071
Henry Thomas Michael         0073  Hesse Marissa Alice          0015
Hoff Sharon Margaret         0040  Howell Sierra W              0016
Hull Sarah Kathleen          0096  Jacobs Hadde Elizabeth       0032
James Cylyne A               0034  Johnson Aaron Donald         0086
Johnson Justin Jeffery       0097  Kim Sue Mee                  0112
Kretchman Allison Ann        0069  Laccay Gary Oliver G         0007
Lange Joshua Thomas          0081  Lanthorn Michael D II        0054
Lateef Saheed A              0113  Lewis Tarah Bryanne          0036
Manko Logan Andrew           0056  Marashi Zena Parastu         0060
Marsh Rachel Anne            0091  Mattox Patrick Wesley        0061
Mcadams Chaia Elyse          0105  Mccullers Marisa Lynne       0025
Melchi Joseph Alan           0031  Milan Ryanjon A              0101
Miller Jessica Ashley        0004  Mitzkewich Margaret P        0106
Mongeperez Juanmanuel        0008  Mora Ferran                  0023
Naranjo Jessica N            0114  Neal Amber L                 0046
Panolli Julian               0029  Partner Amanda Maureen       0111
Petersen Neal C              0077  Phillips Jonathan Lynn       0009
Proano Marylou C             0110  Qiu Alexia Marie             0065
Ramsay Kristel Danette       0038  Reese Charlene S             0010
Riffle Jimmie G II           0027  Riojas Francisco G           0030
Rodriguez Gabriel R          0102  Rosholt Stephanie M          0070
Sanchez Eric Alforque        0099  Schuetz Lauren E             0048
Schurman Alison Mary         0001  Shannon Tabitha Sue          0057
Sharp Kelso Eugene II        0017  Sierleja Kenneth F           0042
Sikes Teresa Lynn            0005  Smith Shannon Blue           0037
Snyder Meaghan Rose          0107  Soriano Mark Cristan         0088
Starling Amy Lauren          0067  Stone Liza                   0021
Sweeney Sheila A             0052  Tranberg John W III          0098
Troncozo Melissa Kay         0104  Trudell Marshall Aaron       0103
Turner Rita M                0092  Veldhouse Theresa Jo         0028
Vranianwade Jentry E         0003  Waddell Erica Sharice        0076
Walker Fagwenlanita R        0006  Washbon Karri Lynn           0090
Waterfield Lynette M         0013  West Candice Marie           0026
White Rachel Susannah        0068  Wilhelm Shawn Mathew         0117
Wilson Meghann K             0043  Wilson Yolanda T             0012
Yazici Nevin                 0075  Yohannan John S              0051

                             Supply Corps

Adjei Mark                   0044  Agojo Michael Mayandoc       0036
Andrews Joshua Adam          0021  Begin Les M                  0056
Benavidez Rommel Laylo       0019  Bencs Shannon Kristine       0026
Berry Jonathan Hawkins       0032  Biddle Tyson Matthew         0048
Brenner Ian Andrew           0042  Buensuceso Christian L       0008
Cabe Paul M                  0039  Caldwell Gabriel R           0057
Caldwell Marcus Edward       0074  Campbell Margaret M          0045
Carmack Ryan C               0017  Cassady Alexander R          0016
Catacutan Carlisle R         0041  Clark Leslie Ray II          0050
Cline Marcus Russell         0053  Coleman Dustin Todd          0006
Culp Christopher Shawn       0009  Davis Joseph Prentis         0040
Durakovic Asim               0003  Easterling Gregory K         0064
Edwards Paul Anthony         0025  Fish Aaron Brolin            0051
France Wyatt James           0012  Francia David F              0005
Fritsch Robert A             0046  Gage Austin William          0014
Galvan Araceli               0002  Gangcuangco Peter John       0015
Garner Blake Demetrio        0063  George Jason Philip          0072
Greenlaw Seth Damion         0001  Grimes Jacob Matthew         0011
Guillory Hilman I Jr         0075  Harlan Seth Wendell          0024
Harman Daniel Allen Jr       0037  Harvey Christopher J         0035
Hough Keith A                0071  Hughes Jay Harrison          0027
Hunt David James             0020  Jarreau Irina                0030
Julao Jesse Vitug            0065  Kiengsiri Jesse Y            0018
King Bryan William           0059  King Jonathan Robert         0067
Kojm Peter Maximillian       0043  Landon Joseph Michael        0061
Larenas Emma Rachele         0054  Martindale Dustin R          0060
Martorano Eric Carlo         0004  Mercier Sean Philip          0028
Miller Sand Denise           0031  Morris Kiera Marie           0052
Nguyen Thuy Le Thanh         0047  Oliveria Christopher D       0038
Paige Dylan Scott            0022  Park Michael Roy             0034
Petrinovic Jonah A           0023  Routley Robert Damon         0055
Santiago Jeremy R            0066  Seals Jermaine Lovell        0058
Stewart Brandon Allen        0069  Sturgis Bradford R Jr        0068
Styer Varsha                 0007  Ta Phuong Anh Chau           0070
Toner Mark Christopher       0010  Traul Jennifer Alison        0073
Turner Rickey                0029  Uyan David Jeremy            0013
Vining Kirk William          0049  Wall Kevin Matthew           0033
Wilder Darian Jovon          0062

                             Chaplain Corps

Alander Nicholas Loren       0047  Arant Jason Robert           0033
Asbury Brenton C             0015  Black Jonathan C             0002
Box Benjamin Maurice         0031  Brod Andrew Joseph           0026
Burleson Saul Lars           0051  Butts William Daniel         0021
Byrd Lara Caulder            0029  Carson Philip David          0024
Choi Jin                     0030  Chung Daniel Eun             0044
Coffey Travis Edward         0038  Craig Barrett David          0028
Crone Loren Michael          0007  Drayton Matthew W            0036
Fore Matthew Churho          0019  Francis Andrew Maynard       0052
Freiberg Shane Matthew       0042  Grant Aman Joseph            0035
Harris Matthew Arthur        0032  Hayes Justin Michael         0018
Henderson Jonathan M         0046  Hervey Steven Glenn          0054
Hood Brandon Keith           0001  Horn Jessica Katherine       0025
Jones Reginald Earl Jr       0048  Labue Stephen Anthony        0020
Lightner Keith Jerome        0055  Lim Kevan Qinxin             0053
Lurer Amanda Rachel          0050  Mallie Charles Stephen       0041
Mcgraw Eamon Allen           0045  Mcmurry Doyl Emory           0009
Miller Baron Clint           0034  Neil James Jonathon          0005
Pepper Gary Welter           0010  Phelps Flournoy Casey        0016
Price Robert Charles         0013  Quay John Mark               0022
Rice Nathan Neil             0023  Sanders Nashaunna S          0004
Schumann Paul Andrew         0049  Scott Stephen Robert         0037
Shepard Matthew Dean         0040  Sluder Jason Bradley         0011
Smith Jared Nathaniel        0006  Taylor Kendall Wayne         0012
Trumble Todd Andrew          0017  Um Junsub                    0003
Walker Steven Michael        0039  Weikel Ralph M Jr            0027
Wilkinson Kevin Scott        0008  Williams David Ryan          0043
Williams Patrick Devon       0014

                          Civil Engineer Corps

Bessette Andrew Paul         0007  Bozek Michael Edward         0012
Brown Forrest A              0009  Chase Carl Cline III         0026
Cloutier Daniel D            0037  Cuevas Raul Eduardo          0001
Deiuliis Peter James         0014  Doe Kevin Kai Fung           0002
Doyle Ryan Taylor            0027  Dreyer David Madison         0035
Duffy Michael J              0019  Eberhart Michael B           0021
Feeney Michael James         0034  Griffin Arthur Eugene        0025
Hall Joshua Alexander        0016  Herm Kimberly A              0015
Mack Brian Glenn             0006  Martinez Christian U         0011
Myers Travis Rea             0024  Obasi Taibatu E I            0010
Orr John Patrick             0018  Parizek John Michael         0032
Pasteur Don                  0028  Pine Matthew Alan            0005
Riege Matthew Kyle           0033  Smith Jeremiah Patrick       0020
Sovie Alexandria Mae         0023  Strausbaugh Kyle P           0022
Tatel Samuel C               0017  Thomas Christopher A         0003
Thompson Robert John         0036  Ward Mathew James            0030
Webb Justin Pat              0031  Wijas Michelle T             0004
Willich Christopher M        0008  Wise Oliver James            0029
Worthington Stanley R        0013

                      Limited Duty Officer (Staff)

Alshabazz Albetro            0003  Thomas Dewayne Alan          0001
Wood Brian Michael           0002

5.  Released by the Honorable Richard V. Spencer, Secretary of the Navy.//