What’s New in the FY22 O6 Promotion Board Materials?

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This article is a more detailed breakdown of all the FY22 O6 board material I posted a few days ago.

The Precept

This looks fairly standard to me, except they inserted this page to emphasize the new policy that you can’t discuss opting out of promotion boards or taking a break for the Career Intermission Program:

Merit Reorder Slides

Here is what I would note from the merit reorder slides:

  • To quote, “strict adherence to the career progressions depicted in the slides is not a prerequisite for promotion.” In other words, if your career has not followed these paths, please don’t get too stressed about it.
  • Depending on your rank and career stage, I’d use this slide to guide your future decisions. This is what the promotion boards are looking for…

Community Brief

  • To quote, “strict adherence to the career progressions depicted in the slides is not a prerequisite for promotion.” In other words, if your career has not followed these paths, please don’t get too stressed about it.
  • I’ve done a detailed breakdown of the new career path in this post already, so I’d read that if you want more interpretation of the slides below, which are completely new this year due to the updated career path:

The Convening Order

Here is what is new in the FY22 O6 convening order:

  • The new maximum promotion opportunity for all boards is 95%. This came from the 2021 NDAA.
  • The percent to select went from 91% down to 90%.
  • The text on page 2 under “Fully Qualified” and page 4 under “Additional Considerations” has been completely updated. In brief, it now emphasizes knowledge of Great Power Competition (GPC) and the INDOPACOM AOR, professional education (JPME, et.), continual performance improvement, operational employment, character, and diversity. I think this is consistent with the recent push emphasis on JPME and being operationally relevant.
  • Page 9 has a paragraph about not disadvantaging anyone whose fitrep was adversely impacted by COVID.

FY22 O6 Promotion Opportunities and the Documents Provided to the Boards

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The FY22 convening order is out:

The O6 promotion opportunities are:

  • DC – 90%
  • MC – 90%
  • MSC – 50%
  • NC – 50%

You can see the historical MC stats here:

In addition, here are all the documents provided to the promotion boards. When I have time, I’ll break them all down and analyze them, but I wanted to post them here for your reading pleasure:

How to Get the FY22 Medical Corps Promotion Lineal List (Even Though You Don’t Really Need It)

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The spreadsheet with the FY22 O5/O6 promotion board zones can’t be posted publicly, but you can find it here as long as you have your CAC card:

It is posted under down the right side under “Career Management.” The O4 lineal list is delayed due to COVID.

P.S. If you are Medical Corps, you actually don’t need the lineal list to find out when you are in zone. Because the Medical Corps is DOPMA exempt, you can just use chapter 2 of the Promo Prep to figure out when you are in zone for promotion.

Throwback Thursday Classic Post – How to Be Considered for Promotion if You’ve Been on Active Duty for Less Than 1 Year

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The first FY22 promotion board NAVADMIN was released in December. If you are in-zone or above-zone for an upcoming promotion board but you’ve been on active duty for less than 1 year, you should read #8 from the NAVADMIN, which says:

8. In-zone and above-zone eligible officers in the grades of lieutenant  commander and commander, whose placement on the Active- Duty List is within one year of the convening dates of these boards, are automatically deferred unless they specifically request to be considered. The officer may waive this deferment and request consideration for promotion, in writing, emailed to NPC_Officer_SELBD_Elig_Waivers.fct(at) or mailed to:

Commander, Navy Personnel Command (PERS-802)
5720 Integrity Drive
Millington, TN 38055-0000

For in-zone and above-zone eligible line officers in the grade of commander, the request must be received by PERS-80 not later than 2359 CST 15 days prior to the convening date of the respective board. For in-zone and above-zone eligible staff corps officers in the grade of commander and in-zone and above-zone eligible line and staff corps officers in the grade of lieutenant commander, the request must be received by PERS-80 not later than 2359 CST 30 days prior to the convening date of the respective board. Specifically:

Selection To Convening Date Due Date / Time
URL/RL Captain 13 JAN 21 28 DEC 20 / 2359 CST
URL/RL Commander 16 FEB 21 16 JAN 21 / 2359 CST
Staff Corps Captain 1 MAR 21 29 JAN 21 / 2359 CST
Staff Corps Commander 3 MAY 21 2 APR 21 / 2359 CST

What does this mean and why would it apply to you? Maybe you had prior service, you went to medical school, and now you’re a senior LT who is in-zone for LCDR right away. Maybe you did a civilian NADDS residency and you are in-zone right away for LCDR. There might be other situations that would put you in this position, like getting time-in-grade credit for a PhD.

I recognize that due to COVID the above referenced NAVADMIN doesn’t deal with the O4 board and only is talking about the O5 and O6 boards, but you can expect that the same language will be in the NAVADMIN that talks about the O4 board when it is released, so consider this your early warning to think about this.

If you believe you are in this position, here is what I’d do:

  1. Confirm you are in-zone or above-zone. How can you do this? The easiest way is to read Chapter 2 of the Promo Prep.
  2. If you wish to be considered for promotion to LCDR, CDR, or CAPT, do what it says above. Send the letter simply requesting this. It can probably be a very short letter. There is no need to be verbose.
  3. Finally, contact PERS-802: Selection Board Eligibility Branch because I know people who did only #2 (sent a letter) and were not considered. Here’s what their website says:

If you have questions concerning promotion boards, eligibility for promotion boards, please contact the MyNavy Career Center at (833) 330-MNCC or

PERS-802, Branch Head: (901) 874-4537

Officer Active and Reserve Eligibility Section, Lead: (901) 874-3324

Enlisted Active and Reserve Eligibility Section (E7-E9), Lead: (901) 874-3217

  1. Also, here is a great article on this topic from the August 2018 Medical Corps Newsletter:

Do you know about OPT-IN requirements for promotion?

Throwback Thursday Classic Post – You Made CDR! Now What?

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If you are one of the lucky people who made CDR, I have some things for you to consider:

  • The next 2-3 years of fitreps may mean very little to your overall career.  First, you are soon going to be in the most competitive group in the Medical Corps, Commanders scratching and clawing to make Captain.  If you are at a medium to large command, no matter what you do as a junior Commander, you are likely to get a P (promotable) on your fitreps.  That is just how it works for most commands.
  • This first bullet means that now is the PERFECT time to do something “alternative” (off the usual career path for a physician) or take a position that you know will get you 1/1 fitreps or be part of a very small competitive group.  Go to the War College.  Take a senior operational job where you’ll get a 1/1 fitrep.  Become a Detailer.  Apply for fellowship because the NOB fitreps won’t hurt you as a junior Commander or Commander Select.  Now is the time to do these type of things.  You don’t want to wait until you are a few years below zone for Captain.  When you reach this stage you’ll need competitive EP fitreps.
  • After you are selected for your next rank is also a great time to move/PCS.  Have you ever been OCONUS?  If not, now would be a great time to go.  You can PCS somewhere for 2-3 years and then PCS to the command where you are going to set up shop and try to make Captain.  At OCONUS commands there is more turnover of staff, so major leadership jobs like MEC President, Department Head, and Director positions open up more frequently, setting you up to get a senior position when you return to CONUS.
  • You may think I’m crazy, but it is time to start thinking about how you are going to make Captain.  As I mentioned in the first bullet, getting a job that will make you a Captain is tough and competitive.  Now is the time to do the things that will make you an excellent candidate for one of those jobs.  Want to be a Residency Director?  Maybe you should get a degree in adult or medical education.  Want to be a Director?  Maybe you should get a management degree like a Masters in Medical Management or an MBA.  Want to be a senior operational leader?  Now is the time to do Joint Professional Military Education I and/or II.
  • Here is a list of the jobs that I think will likely make you a Captain.  Read the list…figure out which of these jobs you are going to use to make Captain…and get busy preparing yourself to get them:
    • Residency Director
    • Department Head in a large MTF
    • Director
    • Chief Medical Officer
    • Officer-in-Charge
    • Major committee chair
    • Medical Executive Committee President
    • BUMED staff
    • Specialty Leader
    • Deployment requiring an O-5 or O-6
    • Detailer
    • Senior operational leader
      • Division/Group/Wing Surgeon
      • CATF Surgeon
      • Amphib or CVN Senior Medical Officer

Optimally you’ll have the time when you are an O5 to do multiple jobs on the preceding list.  For example, as an O5 I had been a Detailer, a Specialty Leader, Department Head, Associate Director, and CO of a deployed unit.  My next step was to become a Director at a major MTF, and while I was a senior LCDR and CDR I obtained a Naval Postgraduate School MBA as well as achieved certification as a Certified Physician Executive to try and make myself a competitive candidate for a Director position. Ultimately, I became the Director for Healthcare Business at NMC Portsmouth.

Congratulations on making Commander…take a deep breath…and start thinking about some of the things I mentioned in this post.  Before you know it you’ll be in zone for Captain.

Throwback Thursday Classic Post – What Should You Do If You Didn’t Promote?

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If you are particularly interested in this post, I’m sorry. You or someone you care about probably failed to promote. In reality, nowadays it is normal and expected to fail to promote to O5 and O6, so you have company. Here are my suggestions for those that fail to promote.

Try to Figure Out Why You Didn’t Promote

First, try to figure out why you didn’t promote. Because the promotion board members are not allowed to speak about your board, you’ll never actually find out why you failed to promote, but you can usually take a pretty educated guess if you talk to the right people (like me).

If any of these things happened to you, they are likely a main reason you didn’t promote:

  • Any PFA/BCA failures.
  • Legal issues, such as a DUI or any other legal trouble.
  • Failure to become board certified.

There are other things that could happen to you that make it difficult but not impossible to promote. They include:

  • You have not been operational or deployed at all, or you have done so much less than your peers. The FY21 O6 convening order emphasized that everyone needs to be operational.
  • Coming into zone while in you were in GME.
  • Having non-observed (NOB) fitreps before the board, such as those in full-time outservice training.
  • Spending too much time in the fleet as a GMO, Flight Surgeon, or UMO. This is mostly because it causes you to come into zone for O5 while you are still in GME or not board certified yet, and is more of a problem if your residency is long.
  • Never getting a competitive early promote (EP) fitrep. Many officers who fail to select have never had a competitive EP fitrep in their current rank. This can be because they were stationed places without competitive groups and they get 1/1 fitreps, or it can be because they were in a competitive group and did not break out and get an EP. To me this is the #1 ingredient to promote…competitive EP fitreps. If you don’t have them, you are really up against it.
  • Receiving potentially adverse fitreps. This most commonly happens when you are at an operational command and your reporting senior is not someone who is used to ranking Medical Corps officers, although it could happen for other reasons (like your reporting senior felt you deserved this type of fitrep). The most common situation would be if there is a competitive group of 2 officers but both are given must promote (MP) fitreps instead of 1 getting an EP and the other the MP. When both get an MP, it reflects poorly on both officers unless the reason for this is CLEARLY explained in the fitrep narrative, which it often is not. The other thing that happens is that a reporting senior gives you a 1/1 MP instead of a 1/1 EP. If you are ever getting a 1/1 fitrep, make sure you get an EP. You should consider getting a 1/1 MP an adverse fitrep. If there is no way around this, often because the reporting senior has a policy that they don’t give newly promoted officers an EP, make sure that this policy is clear in the fitrep narrative.
  • Having a declining fitrep. Mostly this happens when you go from getting an EP to an MP on your fitrep under the same reporting senior. If it is because you changed competitive groups, like you went from being a resident to a staff physician, that is understandable and not a negative. If you didn’t change competitive groups, though, make sure the reason you declined is explained.
  • Making it obvious to the promotion board that you didn’t update your record. The most obvious ways a promotion board will know you didn’t update your record is if your Officer Summary Record (OSR) is missing degrees that you obviously have (like your MD or DO) or if many of the sections of your OSR are either completely blank or required updating by the board recorders. Remember that although promotion board recorders will correct your record for you, anything they do and any corrections they make are annotated to the board. While a few corrections are OK, you don’t want a blank record that the recorders had to fill in. It demonstrates that you didn’t update your record.

Who Actually Promotes?

So who actually promotes to O5 and O6? In general, the officer who promotes has:

  • Achieved board certification.
  • Spent time in both a military treatment facility and in the operational setting.
  • A demonstrated history of excellence as an officer. In other words, whenever they are in a competitive group, they successfully break out and get an EP fitrep. Being average is just not good enough anymore.
  • No PFA failures, legal problems, declining fitreps, or potentially adverse fitreps.
  • Updated their record, and if they previously failed to select they reviewed their record with their Detailer and actively worked to improve it.

What Do You Do If You Failed to Promote?

Realize that it is not the end of the world. Based on the recent promotion board statistics (which you can get in the Promo Prep), most officers were passed over for O5 or O6, but a large number of the officers selected were from the above zone group.

If you do nothing, you will continue to get looked at by promotion boards until you retire, resign, or are forced out of the Navy. There is no limit to the number of chances you get to promote and your record will be evaluated for promotion every year. That said…

You need to try to promote. Consider sending a letter to the promotion board. What do you say in this letter? First, briefly state that you want to be promoted and to continue your career in the Navy. Second, explain what a promotion would allow you to do that you can’t do at your current rank. Answer the question, “Why should they promote you?”

For example, if you want to be a Department Head at a large military treatment facility (MTF), a senior operational leader, or a Residency Director (or whatever you want to do), tell them that you need to be promoted to be competitive for these jobs. The Navy wants to promote leaders. Make it clear to them that you are a motivated future leader.

Try and get letters of support to attach to your letter. These letters should be from the most senior officers who can personally attest to your value to the Navy. In other words, it is probably better to get a letter from an O6 who knows you well than a 3 star who doesn’t. If you are not sure who to ask for letters, ask those more senior to you or your Detailer for advice. Your Specialty Leader is always someone to consider if he/she knows you well and can speak to your contributions to the specialty and Navy.

Have your record reviewed by your Detailer, Specialty Leader, other trusted senior advisor, or by me. Because of promotion board confidentiality, you will never know the reason(s) you did not promote, but most of the time experienced reviewers can come up with an educated guess. They’ll often find things that you were not even aware of, like potentially adverse fitreps, or information missing from your record. My promo prep document will help you as well.

Do everything you can to get “early promote” or “EP” fitreps. This is largely accomplished by continually striving for positions of increased leadership. You need to get a job that has historically led to a promotion while keeping in mind that the new MC career path emphasizes that all need to be operational.

As a LCDR who got passed over for CDR, try to get one of these jobs and excel at it (this list is not exhaustive and these positions are not the only path to CDR, but they are a good start):

  • Assistant Program Director
  • Division/Department Head
  • Fleet Surgical Team (FST) Specialty Staff
  • Global Health Engagement (GHE) Staff Officer
  • Group/Senior Flight Surgeon (FS)
  • Medical Battalion Specialty Staff
  • Medical Executive Committee (MEC) Member
  • Regimental Surgeon
  • Senior Undersea Medical Officer (UMO)
  • Ship or Group Senior Medical Officer (SMO)
  • SMO/Medical Director

If you are a CDR who got passed over for CAPT, try to get one of these jobs and excel at it:

  • Assistant Specialty Leader or Specialty Leader
  • Chief Medical Officer (CMO)
  • Director/Large Department Head at a NMRTC/MTF
  • Division/Group/Wing Surgeon
  • FST Officer-in-Charge (OIC) / CATF Surgeon
  • GHE, Headquarters, or Navy Personnel Command (PERS) Staff
  • Group UMO
  • MEC Chair
  • Program Director
  • Senior GHE Billet

Meet with your chain-of-command. After you’ve been passed over is not the time to be passive. You need to sit down with your leadership and get an honest assessment from them of how you’re doing and what they would recommend continuing to advance your career. You may not like what you hear, but it is better to find out early if they don’t think you’re doing a good job or that you are unlikely to break out on your fitreps. That way you can try and put yourself in a better situation by changing commands.

Things You Should Not Do

In addition to the above list of things you should do, there are a few things you should not do:

  • Do not lie in your letter to the board. In other words, don’t tell them you want to do Executive Medicine if you don’t really want to. Your record reads like a book, and if it tells a story that is contrary to what your letter says, this is unlikely to help you and may hurt you.
  • Do not send long correspondence. Promotion boards have to read everything sent to them, and a long letter may not be appreciated. Keep it brief and to the point.
  • Do not ask your current CO to write you a letter to the board if they’ve done an observed fitrep on you. His or her opinion about you should be reflected on that fitrep, so they don’t need to write you a letter. If they’ve never given you an observed fitrep or there is some new information not reflected on prior fitreps, they could either write you a letter or give you a special fitrep. Ultimately it is up to them whether they do either of these or none.
  • Do not discuss anything adverse unless you want the board to notice and discuss it. This issue comes up frequently and people will ask me for advice, but ultimately it is up to the individual officer. The one thing I can guarantee is that if you send a letter to the board and discuss something adverse, they will notice it because they will read your letter! If you think there is a chance the adverse matter will get overlooked, it is probably better not to mention it and keep your fingers crossed.

Never Stop Trying

Those are my tips for those who find themselves above zone. Most importantly, if you want to promote, NEVER STOP TRYING. You can usually stay in as a LCDR for 20 years, and I personally know of people who got promoted their 9th look!

Basic FY21 O5 Medical Corps Promotion Stats

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Here are the basic MC stats from the O5 board:

  • Below Zone – 2/349 – 0.57%
  • In Zone – 68/136 – 50%
  • Above Zone – 35/140 – 25%

Other Corps and board Presidents can be seen in this file:

I’ll probably have the by specialty breakdown next week.

FY21 Active Duty CDR Staff Corps Selections

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R 081239Z OCT 20 MID200000213976U




ALNAV 087/20





RMKS/1.  I am pleased to announce the following Staff Corps Officers on the
Active-Duty list for promotion to the permanent grade of Commander.

2.  This message is not authority to deliver appointments.  Authority to
effect promotion will normally be issued by future NAVADMINs requiring
NAVPERS 1421/7 preparation and forwarding of document to PERS-806.

3.  Frocking is not authorized for any officer listed below until specific
authorization is received per SECNAVINST 1420.2B.

4.  For proper alphabetical order read from left to right on each line.  The
numbers following each name to the right indicate the relative seniority
among selectees within each competitive category.  Note:  An (*) by the name
indicates the selectee was merit reordered to the top of the promotion list
in accordance with reference (a).  Members are directed to verify their
select status via BUPERS Online.
                            Medical Corps
Ajao Michael A               0021  Ambrosio Art A               0066
Andrews Shalimar J           0100  Annen Michael J              0083
Armstrong Damon M            0015  Barnes Danielle Marie        0101
Bartle Ryan C                0038  Bernstein Kevin M            0095
Bhatt Nikunj A               0078  Biscotti Mauer III           0062
Brill Jason Bradley          0098  Burger John Mcclure          0096
Camarata Andrew S            0016  Carroll Eric Timothy         0084
Clayton Suzanne Dawn *       0003  Cochran Christopher A        0044
Cook Glen A                  0058  Cronin William Andrew        0092
Daughtry Mohenish K          0028  Deforest Christine Ann       0088
Dettmer Jonathan R           0069  Dorsam Jillian Marie         0086
Dye Cicely Anne              0070  Ellis Rachel Michal          0059
Esquivel Christian E         0094  Feist Matthew Philip         0050
Finne Huckelberry A          0053  Ford Gavin W                 0073
Gizaw Gabriel T              0054  Glerum Steven Michael        0033
Gomez Reynaldo               0039  Gonzalez Aaron Josue         0022
Guggenbiller Mathew R        0099  Halbach Jonathan Leo         0077
Hanrahan David M             0060  Hanson Robert S *            0006
Hardy Curtis Lamar           0093  Hart Kevin Scott             0012
Hartwell James Andrew *      0001  Harvey Amie Luann            0040
Hodges Sarah D               0030  Hopkins Scott Patrick        0036
Horn Adam Robert             0026  Hwang Daniel Sun             0087
Ismawan Johanes M            0061  Jackson Michael L            0089
Johannsen Marc T             0014  Kaviratne Summanther A       0056
Kehoe John Edward            0048  Keith Kevin Dewayne          0019
Keleher Eamon Carrigan       0091  Kemp Tamara Leigh            0080
Knaus Christopher M          0027  Kohan Matthew William        0103
Lee Michael A *              0007  Lewandowski Louis R          0076
Lizardo Radhames E           0082  Lucas Donald Jay Jr *        0004
Macclary Margaret E          0079  Madsen Clifford Marc         0090
Manley Edwin Jr              0023  Markham Gordon T *           0005
Marvin Blake A               0097  Mccluney Brendan J           0072
Mcdonald Victoria S D        0065  Mcgill April Lynn            0042
Mclendon Anne E              0081  Moore Margrette M            0013
Mukherjee Samir T            0032  Needham Kenneth Eugene *     0008
Oconnor Kristina W *         0009  Oldt Robert James III *      0010
Patton Jared Michael         0052  Penn Ashley B                0064
Prescher Lindsey Miche       0085  Robbins Langan Phelps        0025
Roxo Keith Michael           0057  Ruth Nadine Henley           0041
Rutter Robert P Jr           0049  Sakai Brandi Lyon            0068
Sapida Steven Benjamin       0024  Schuett Dustin Jon           0037
Scully Stephenie A           0104  Shrivastava Vikas            0074
Slotto James Gregory         0034  Smark Charles Thomas         0063
Soderlund Karl Anton         0043  Spinelli Joseph              0051
Stickels Paul A              0071  Sturgill Sarah B             0035
Sulaver Randy K              0102  Tarman Daniel Drew           0045
Tillman Brendon G            0067  Torbert Denise Renee *       0011
Tring Visong                 0046  Twerdahl Eric H Jr           0031
Vicente Diego A              0075  Vincent Brian Roy            0018
Vo Joseph Van Jr             0029  Whiting Judd Atwood          0020
Willett Matthew C            0055  Williams Lawrence L Jr       0047
Williams Raquel T            0017  Wooldridge Bryan E Jr        0105
                            Dental Corps
Bakan Natalie Ranee          0005  Beck Jared Cameron           0018
Bischoff Eric L              0019  Boice Joseph Glenn Rob       0025
Bradley Christopher D        0010  Carey Joseph Francis         0008
Chilcutt Sara Ann            0014  Cooper Thomas Gene           0017
Dantonio Tracy Ann           0023  Darcey Caitlin Dora          0028
Dave Rohit Kumar             0022  Estrada Kristen Merced       0027
Hanson Christopher M         0012  Hassell Aaron Glen           0013
Hicks Jason Larnce           0016  Hoyle Jeffrey Thomas *       0001
Hutton Stephen Brett *       0003  Jackson Shawna Lee           0015
Lam Doris Kamay              0009  Lish James Carbery M         0024
Moody Evan Paul              0020  Pakchoian Andrew John *      0002
Quintero David G *           0004  Reddout Nicole Marie         0021
Rosacker Blake Mitchel       0026  Russell Paul Michael         0011
Suguitan Julie K             0006  Verzosa Christopher Ed       0007
                        Medical Service Corps
Adwell James Paul            0030  Aldrich Garth W *            0001
Baugh Joseph A               0017  Bennett David George         0021
Blair William A Jr           0014  Clapper Stephanie C          0027
Coe Kaarin Elizabeth         0011  Defang Gabriel N             0013
English Matthew Rustin       0032  Fraser John Joseph           0010
Fromknecht Joseph M          0024  Gao Hong                     0006
Gourdine Jinaki S            0009  Havens Linda Diane           0031
Henry Shani Kay              0022  Hooten Hannah Lynn           0020
Jansen Brittany Jean         0028  Jenkins Kenneth Russel       0016
Kumar Sandeep                0036  Lagger James Arthur *        0003
Locke Jesse David            0025  Nevins Robert Patrick        0029
Norris Jacob Neal J          0035  Olabode Olusegun A           0019
Osborn Eugene Daniel         0007  Owen Michael Dennis          0033
Quebedeaux Luke P            0034  Reini Seth Andrew            0015
Romanowski Dominic J *       0002  Segovia Francine *           0004
Thoemke Chad Michael         0018  Tillman Jone Latice          0026
Veseyolah Kirsten E          0012  Walker Peter B               0008
Weiss Andrew J               0023  Woody Jessica Noelle *       0005
                   Judge Advocate Generals Corps
Barletto Bryan C *           0002  Bode Natasha T               0018
Caetano Christina Rose       0015  Carlson Erik Anders          0013
Connors Jason William        0004  Ericson Ross Stephen         0025
Fletcher Christopher M       0009  Fralick Kyle                 0021
Harp Tracy Lynn              0010  Hoy Cara Addison             0014
Kadlec Nicholas John         0023  Krigbaum Dayton A            0011
Leary Daniel Breen           0024  Manz Gregory William *       0001
Murray Andrew David          0006  Oconnor Elizabeth A          0007
Pike Jennifer Myers          0017  Pitterson Ayana B            0005
Rasmussen Mark Thomas        0012  Reintjes Christopher M       0020
Sonn Matthew Robert          0016  Stampfli Nicholas B          0008
Waldo Aaron D                0022  Walker Kevin Michael *       0003
Warning David William        0019
                             Nurse Corps
Abuzeid Colleen L *          0001  Boese Martin Lewis           0018
Cavanaugh Edward R           0020  Gelenter  Katherine M        0024
Goodridge Jennifer L         0007  Hall Monica Leigh            0023
Hanhila Judy Oliveros        0005  Jolly Rose Cheri             0013
Mckay Sonya Lynette          0004  Morgan Brenda Sue            0016
Newnam Rachel Elaine         0022  Oquin Colby J                0011
Orzechowski Jessica M        0006  Purcellmullins Heather       0017
Ragle Harley R III *         0002  Reaves April L               0008
Ryals Teri Rene              0012  Schaub Julie Michelle        0019
Stats Stacy Marie *          0003  Tobin Eric Tyrone            0010
Vesey Kimberly Ann           0009  Weiss Christopher Ryan       0014
White Lillian Waring         0021  White Robyn Vernye           0015
                             Supply Corps
Allen Christopher L          0061  Anderson Lindsay Renee       0017
Baker Jacob Thomas           0023  Bastola Jatan                0092
Biby Jennifer Marie          0054  Bick George Michael          0002
Cabana Reynaldo R III        0044  Chou Lupei                   0041
Collins Michael Jason        0049  Cooper Vaughn B              0075
Cozart Joseph Marion         0012  Davis Heidi Marie            0089
Davis James Antonio          0084  Devoe Justin Thomas          0038
Dipaolo Ryan Patrick         0057  Diprospero Michael B         0042
Dremann Blake M              0064  Duncan Matthew Elliott       0031
Dziewiatkowski Craig T       0077  Fernandez Jeffgerard C       0022
Flores Heather Marie         0069  Flynn Melissa Shannon        0067
Foster James Leslie          0021  Gillette Casey James         0097
Gonzales Melissa Anne *      0001  Grennan Jeremy Andrew        0083
Gunter Mark Adam             0043  Hamilton Adam Lee            0034
Harding Joshua Ryan          0010  Harnish Jason Eugene         0095
Hartl Richard Patrick        0011  Hays Brian Hunter            0071
Hayward Nathan Taylor        0058  Hockett Michael C Jr         0005
Hodges Luke James            0048  Holch Alejandra              0037
Hughes Ryan Z                0046  Hull Samuel Asa              0027
Key Michael David            0063  Krenz Jonathan Michael       0056
Kundra Suneet                0015  Labbe Michael David          0035
Lanclos Raymond J III        0032  Langhorne Joshua Luke        0091
Lease Quentin Eugene         0045  Lebel Christopher M          0096
Lee Heather Erin K           0020  Lee Sohnhwa                  0062
Leung Jonathan Ben           0006  Lewis David Scott            0019
Lovgren Andrew Charles       0007  Marks Jason Polito           0033
Marsh James Rowland          0025  Mazurek Anne Paine           0003
Mccandless Charles E         0094  Mccleery Gregory Thorn       0009
Mikesell Andrew S            0076  Miller Matthew Lewis         0008
Milligan Howard A            0068  Millner Joshua Mackey        0088
Molnar Alexander S           0016  Montano Stephanie C          0072
Monts Jason Aaron            0080  Muniz Benjamin G III         0086
Nelsonwilliams Arthur        0018  Newsome Eric James           0026
Obrien Raymond D             0078  Olabode John Adebayo         0060
Orozco Roel Kalanoc          0081  Ortman Isaac James           0052
Pagnucco Jonathan P          0090  Peters Brady Robert          0029
Poss Matthew Claywell        0055  Prentiss Jacob Matthew       0014
Raigoza Dominic M            0028  Renquist John J              0073
Riester Peter                0098  Riley Leanne Rose            0059
Romps William David M        0065  Rosas Manuel                 0087
Sands Christopher M          0051  Schaefer Matthew J           0079
Schotman Jan Douglas         0036  Secrist John Riley           0047
Shaw Jason Andrew            0013  Slaby Gina Marie             0053
Smutz Joseph Anthony         0093  Staines Frederick Mana       0030
Stickel Ryan R               0004  Stone Garrett Daniel         0024
Suarezvillafane Cindy        0085  Sumner John R                0040
Teter Sean Michael           0050  Valle Michael Benjaman       0039
Vargas Julio Antonio         0099  Welday Kurt Alan Jr          0082
Whiteley Jacob T             0074  Williamson Dante E           0070
Windas Edward Patrick        0066
                           Chaplain Corps
Allen Raynard                0006  Baker Donald A III           0013
Butlersaeger Autumn E        0009  Cain Kimberly                0008
Clark Genevieve M            0010  Constantine Jason M          0016
Deese David Scott            0011  Duprey David Luke            0012
Gardner Calvin B Sr *        0001  Orris Glenn William          0007
Purvis Bryan Edward          0014  Rudd John Clive              0005
Slaughter Robert Atkin       0003  Smith Paul L                 0004
Warne Stephen L *            0002  Williams Marlin              0015
                        Civil Engineer Corps
Angerman James G             0050  Auger Christian J            0032
Augustyn Michael T           0045  Brown Nicholas C             0017
Casilio John Frank           0046  Christner Brian W            0036
Dill Thomas Jonathan         0023  Elles Dane C                 0044
Fosson Edward Ashley *       0004  Galloway James Robert *      0003
Gipson Dallas Aaron          0007  Good Crystine Michelle       0009
Gorman Shawn Christoph       0021  Gutierrez Daniel John        0040
Gutierrez Kathryn Anne       0031  Hamrock Phillip Robert       0008
Hansen Carl A *              0006  Hightower Michael Ray        0041
Horner Jonathan Ray          0024  Jackson Brianna E            0022
James Timothy Philip         0015  Kalish Benjamin E            0010
Kvandal John Douglas         0051  Leftwich Robert W            0018
Lenzer Matthew Joseph        0029  Mazur Kimberly Ilene         0030
Mccharen Robert Eugene       0014  Mcguire Seth Thomas          0038
Mckelvie James B             0033  Milkowski Matthew R          0049
Moerbe Sandranell L          0013  Musser Rachael M             0025
Parks Steven Holland         0019  Patton Jeffrey David *       0002
Penrod Ross Averett          0042  Potts Jeremy Rhymes          0012
Rasbach Austin A             0043  Ruggiero John Victor         0048
Sanchez Marcus A *           0001  Sandmel Christopher Ad       0037
Scharar Tyler Robert         0027  Schechter Jason Andrew *     0005
Schwartz Jeremy M            0020  Shambley James Odell         0035
Smith Riley W                0016  Syre Robert Mark             0026
Thrun Ryan Wayne             0034  Turner Joshua Aaron          0047
Woodward Billy Dewayne       0039  Wyckoff Chester John         0028
Zukowsky Joseph Morgan       0011

5.  Released by the Honorable Kenneth J. Braithwaite, Secretary of the