How I Write My Fitrep

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O5 fitreps are due soon, so it is time for me to write my fitrep. How do I do it? Here are the steps I go through:

  1. I get the Surgeon General’s priorities and the convening order for last year’s O6 board. (If you were an O4, you’d want the O5 convening order. If you are an O3, you’d want the O4 convening order.)
  2. I read through them, highlighting the important language (similar to what I did in this very popular post). I do this because I use this exact language to take my accomplishments and frame them in the setting of strategic Navy initiatives. This allows me to demonstrate Navy-wide impact, which is the goal when you are trying to prove to people that you deserve to promote.
  3. I take my CV, which is the document I use to track my accomplishments, and I edit it so that it only includes what I did during the time period covered by the fitrep. Here’s what was left, which is what I use to build my blocks 29 and 41.
  4. I print out a copy of my last fitrep.
  5. I download the Word template you use when drafting a block 41. This template eliminates some of the spacing issues you run into when printing your fitrep only to find that the last line of your block 41 narrative isn’t there anymore.
  6. I boot up NAVFIT98A and I start writing the fitrep, as outlined in Joel Schofer’s Fitrep Prep.
  7. Once I have a draft ready, I put it aside for 24 hours and/or have someone else who I trust read over it. Having a mentor or two take a look is always a good idea.
  8. I read it one more time, ensuring that I spell checked it.
  9. I submit it up the chain of command.

That’s it!

Are We Getting New FITREPs in 2018?

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I’ve been hearing about new FITREPs for at least a year now, but very few hard details or timelines are available. Here is a Navy Times article about it:

New in 2018: All new evals and fitreps

The most telling sentence is, “Officials are still hammering out details, but the Chief of Naval Personnel Vice Adm. Robert Burke told Navy Times that he wants a transition in place soon.”

Resources for LCDR Fitreps

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At my command, they just put out the call for LCDRs to start writing their OCT fitreps.  Remember that everything you need can be found here:

Joel Schofer’s Fitrep Prep

Navy Overhauling its Evaluation System in Drive Toward Pay-for-Performance

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Here is an article that gives some details on the new system they are developing to replace fitness reports:

Navy Overhauling its Evaluation System in Drive Toward Pay-for-Performance

Fitreps in 18 Minutes

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Here is the Powerpoint and screencast of a lecture I gave on Fitreps a few weeks ago at the NMCSD Transition to Practice Symposium for all the graduating residents and fellows.  Without audience participation, the lecture went from 30 minutes down to 18.  Enjoy!

Fitness Reports in 30 Minutes

All New Evals and Fitreps Coming Soon – Military Times Article

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Here is another article about the changes to our fitreps:

All New Evals and Fitreps Coming Soon

Navy Announces Effort to Modernize its Performance Evaluation System

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WASHINGTON (NNS) ­­ The Navy announced Sunday that an effort is underway to replace its current performance evaluation system with a new, modern one.

“While NAVFIT 98 has worked for many years, we believe that it is time to develop a different system to measure Sailors’ performance,” said Chief of Naval Personnel Vice Adm. Robert Burke. “Our reason for making this change is three­fold. First, we want a system that provides more meaningful, frequent and useful feedback to Sailors. Second, we want to objectively measure Sailors’ performance. Third, we want to remove artificialities in our current system, such as the tendency of reporting seniors to rate individuals by seniority rather than talent.”

The Navy’s goal is to test a conceptual prototype platform later this fall while running the existing performance evaluation system in parallel.

“The Navy’s current system was conceived, developed and implemented in 1996, and there has not been a major overhaul since,” said Commander, Navy Personnel Command Rear Adm. Rich Brown. “Transforming the way we measure Sailors’ performance will ultimately provide better transparency, counseling opportunities and a more accurate assessment of an individual’s talent. Our Sailors deserve a modern evaluation system and we are working to develop it as quickly as possible.”

The Navy has outlined an initial concept for a system that meets the following objectives:

  • Measure an individual’s performance through standards­ based objective measures
  • Tailor reports and counseling objectives to paygrade/seniority and experience (e.g. E1­-E3; E4­-E6; O1-­O2; O3­O4; O5-­O6)
  • Remove forced distribution competitive categories
  • Enable formal and informal counseling that is both meaningful and frequent
  • Include warfare communities’ specific ­objective measures
  • Provide accountability, feedback and control mechanisms on reporting seniors’ performance grades
  • Enhance talent matching aspects of counseling and formal reports
  • Simplify reporting senior and counselor completion by allowing cloud ­based/mobile device input

Navy Personnel Command began leading fleet­wide working groups in mid­April to discuss the development and implementation of a new system.

“This change is not going to occur overnight,” Burke said. “We have a lot of work to do, and will partner closely with the fleet every step of the way. Rest assured that no one will be disadvantaged as we implement a new system. As we go forward, you can continue to expect a lot of discussion and we’ll give you plenty of notice before any changes are made. Please make your voices heard and take part in our fleet focus groups that will travel to your home ports this summer and fall. Additionally, you have a direct line to me via email at We need your help to get this right.”

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