Henry C. Wu, James J. Leonard, & Llewellyn J. Legters Awards for Excellence in Research

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The Henry C. Wu, James J. Leonard, and Llewellyn J. Legters Awards for Excellence in Research will be awarded annually to the USU Faculty members,in the estimation of their peers, have made the most significant contribution to the published literature during the previous three years (2018). 

1. The Wu Award recognizes excellence in basic biomedical research. 

2. The Leonard Award recognizes excellence in clinical research. 

3. The Legters Award recognizes excellence in population health science research. 

Award recipients will present an Award Lecture named in honor of Drs. Wu, Leonard, and Legters during a Research Symposium. Each awardee will also receive a memento and a cash award of $2,500.

Nomination Requirements

The nominee must have a current university faculty appointment at the level of Instructor or above, excluding adjunct appointments. Any Uniformed Services University (USU) faculty member, staff, or student, may submit nominations for the Awards. Self-nominations by USU faculty are permitted. Resubmission of previous nomination packages is encouraged provided that the three-year deadline has not expired. Previous holders of the award are not eligible within the first three full years of their last award.

The nomination package should include 3 items:

1)     A copy of one (1) selected original research paper(Published after January 2018) upon which the nomination is based and meets the following criteria:

(a) Paper must have been published within the last three years

(b) Paper must have been published while the nominee performed as the faculty at USU with a minimum rank of Instructor or above and must be considered a member of the Faculty Assembly

(c) The nominee must be first or senior author on the paper, in addition to having the USU affiliation documented on the published paper

(d) The research reported is original and empirical.

2)     A brief statement from the nominator outlining the significance of the published original research paper.

3)     A copy of the nominee’s current curriculum vitae.

The closing date for nominations is Sunday, August 1st, 2359hrs. The recipients of the Awards will be announced no later than September 10, 2021. Please send the completed nomination packages to

AMSUS Annual Awards Program

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BLUF:  AMSUS – The Society of Federal Health Professionals honors the contributions of outstanding federal healthcare professionals each year through the Awards Program.  The awards are presented during the Association’s Annual Continuing Education Meeting at its Annual Banquet.  Each recipient will be presented their award personally by the leadership of their agency and the AMSUS Executive Director.  We strongly encourage nominations of deserving individuals for these awards.

This year’s Awards Program has 15 competitive award categories, including individual professional awards and functional mission awards. Nominations are open to any federal healthcare worker from the Army, Navy, Air Force, USPHS, Veterans Affairs, Homeland Security, Health and Human Services, and the Uniformed Services University.

There is also an opportunity to nominate deserving individuals from your agency in these three premiere award categories:

• Rising Star Award

• Innovator Award

• Lifetime Achievement Award

The nomination process takes place electronically through the AMSUS website:

Nominations will be accepted 1 June – 3 September 2021. The deadline will not be extended. All nominations must be submitted in the online submission portal.  Complete information on submitting a nomination is included in the attachment. There is no cap on the number of nominations that may be submitted.  Following submission to AMSUS, the candidate packages will be forwarded for SG endorsement.

POC is CDR Tai Do, BUMED AMSUS Coordinator (contact in the global).

Call for Female Physician Leadership Awards

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Greetings MHS Leaders! This is the official call for nominations for the 2021 MHS Female Physician Leadership Award.  Awards will be given to one Navy junior leader (O-3/O-4) and one Navy senior leader (O-5/O-6).  Award criteria and instructions are provided in the attached documents:

A complete package consists of a Nomination Form, Summary CV, and Command Endorsement.  The committee requests that packages be submitted in one consolidated PDF format with the following standardized naming:

“Last Name First Initial_Service_Jr or Sr_FPL_21” 




The suspense for packages to be submitted is COB 31 July 2021 (1600 EST).   Packages must be vetted and Navy nominees endorsed by the Navy SG for submission to the MHS committee, so late packages will not be considered.

Packages should be sent to the NAVY POC (LCDR Jennifer K. Eng-Kulawy, e-mail in the global).  PLEASE DO NOT SEND PACKAGES DIRECTLY TO THE MHS POC.

Please disseminate this widely through command and functional channels.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to recognize your outstanding female physicians!

Updated Awards Section in Promo Prep

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I’m slowly but steadily working on the 2021 version of the Promo Prep and Fitrep Prep, but because Navy Personnel Command retired NDAWS ( and now uses BOL for awards, the awards section needed to be updated. The version with the updated awards section has been uploaded to the Promo Prep page.

Bottom Line – If your awards are accurate on your OSR, there is no action to take. If they are not, have fun!


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The NAVADMIN can be seen in its entirety at this link:

Here is some BUMED guidance on these awards from the BUMED Plan of the Week:

Armed Forces Service Medal (AFSM) and Humanitarian Service Medal  (HSM).  Active duty, reserve and National Guard personnel are eligible for the service medals as outlined in DoD Manual 1348.33, DoD Manual of Military Decorations and Awards.  The period of the award is from Jan. 31, 2020 to a date to be determined.  Members are not authorized to receive both awards for the same time period.  Please read below for some guidance on both medals:


  • May be given to deployed members to a designated area of qualifying operations for 30 or more days.
  • Member has to have performed duties, to which they were re-assigned away from their regular billeted duties in direct support of DoD COVID-19 operations for not less than 30 days (consecutive or non-consecutive).
  • If while performing duties in direct support of COVID-19, a member contracts the virus while supporting the mission (even if for only 1 day), he/sh may be authorized to wear the AFSM


  • This medal is presented to members who were in direct support of a humanitarian mission in a deployed status in approved locations
  • Eligibility for the HSM is only for the period of immediate relief operation in the affected area (definitive start and end dates).