Navy Implements Changes to Devices on Awards

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From Office of Information
WASHINGTON (NNS) — The Navy announced Aug. 21 in ALNAV 055/17 that it is implementing changes to the letter-type devices worn on certain medals and ribbons.

The ALNAV provides Sailors and Marines guidance on the proper authorization and wear of the more restrictive bronze letter V (Valor) as well as the newly created bronze letters C (Combat Conditions) and R (Remote Impact).

The devices are intended to provide more distinctive recognition of acts of valor (V device), meritorious achievement or service under combat conditions (C device), and meritorious achievement that had direct impact on combat operations, albeit from a location where the awardee was not at significant risk of exposure to hostile action (R device).

“All previous decorations that had a V device remain valid and are in no way diminished or called into question by the new policy,” said Jim Nierle, president, Navy Department Board of Decorations and Medals. “Additionally, none of these awards will be rescinded, altered, or otherwise reconsidered as a result of this ALNAV.”

The devices only apply to personal decorations. They are not authorized on any unit awards or any campaign, expeditionary, or service medals and ribbons.

The new policy for the C and R devices is retroactive only to Jan. 7, 2016, which is when then-Secretary of Defense Ash Carter approved the recommended changes following a 2016 Department of Defense review of the military awards program.

Any Sailor or Marine who received a personal decoration for meritorious achievement or service after Jan. 7, 2016, and who believes the circumstances met the criteria for the C device or R device, may directly contact the command that issued the award and request reconsideration. However, because the new policy for the V device is more restrictive than the previous policy, no consideration will be given to adding a V device to any previously approved award.

For specific details about which awards are authorized with the three devices, read ALNAV 055/17 at

Nominations Call for MHS Female Physician Leadership Award

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The deadline for nominations for the Military Health System (MHS) Female Physician Leadership Award is COB 10 JUL 2017. Here are three documents to help with completing the nomination package:

Command Letter of Recommendation Sample

MHS Female Physician Leadership Award Criteria

MHS Female Physician Leadership Award Nomination Form

Nomination packages should contain the Command Endorsement, CV, and Nomination Form. Package documents should be submitted in one consolidated PDF format with the following standardized naming – title the PDF “Last Name First Initial_Service_Jr or Sr_FPL_17”

Example: SmithB_Navy_Jr_FPL_17

The suspense for packages to be submitted for Service vetting is COB 10 JUL 2017, (1600 EST). This suspense is FIRM, as packages must be vetted and selected by Navy/SG for submission to MHS. Packages should be sent to the NAVY POC: CAPT Charmagne G. Beckett (e-mail address in BUMED global).

Operation Inherent Resolve Campaign Medal Announced

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If you’ve served in Iraq or Syria as part of Operation Inherent Resolve you will receive the Inherent Resolve Campaign Medal.  The award is retroactive to June 15, 2014, and is for service members based in Iraq or Syria, those who flew missions over those countries, and those who served in contiguous waters for 30 consecutive days or 60 nonconsecutive days.  Details here:

Carter Announced Operation Inherent Resolve Campaign Medal