Promotion Boards

FY17 Promotion Boards

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The NAVADMIN that announced the FY17 promotion boards is out.  The full NAVADMIN can be found here:

The dates of the promotion boards are:

  • 2 FEB 2016 – Staff Corps Captain
  • 22 MAR 2016 – Staff Corps Commander
  • 10 MAY 2016 – Staff Corps Lieutenant Commander

The promotion zones are:

"The Secretary of the Navy has authorized the release of the following 
list indicating the names, Active-Duty List numbers and dates of rank of the 
Senior in-zone, Junior in-zone and Junior officer eligible for consideration 
for promotion in each competitive category as of the date of this NAVADMIN.  
In addition, those officers on the Active-Duty List and in the same 
competitive category who are senior to the Senior in-zone officer listed in 
their category are considered above-zone and are also eligible for 
Medical Corps (210X)
Senior in-zone -  CDR A. J. Vanderweele Jr. 022444-50 01 OCT 2010
Junior in-zone -  CDR M. P. Shusko          022908-50 01 SEP 2011
Junior eligible - CDR R. S. Montgomery      023324-37 01 SEP 2013

Medical Corps (210X)
Senior in-zone -  LCDR J. M. Montgomery    035607-00  01 OCT 2010
Junior in-zone -  LCDR E. B. Rizo          037423-12  09 SEP 2011
Junior eligible - LCDR A. M. Cuellar       039165-00  01 SEP 2013

Medical Corps (210X)
Senior in-zone   LT J. M. Raunig          106784-00  05 OCT 2010
Junior in-zone -  LT A. C. Buchholz        111950-00  22 SEP 2011
Junior eligible  LT A. C. Alex            124244-00  12 SEP 2013

If you want to prepare for your upcoming promotion board, read:

Joel Schofer's Promo Prep Guidance - 25 OCT 2015

Should You Send a Letter to the Promotion Board?

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Assuming you are at least in zone or above zone, the answer is yes if:

  • You are above-zone and wish to be considered for promotion. You will be considered whether you send a letter or not, but you should always send a letter to demonstrate interest in getting promoted when you are above zone. In general, you should try to get letters of recommendation from the most senior members who know you well enough to discuss your contributions to the Navy and why you should get promoted. For example, it is probably better to get a letter from an O6 who knows you well than to get a letter from an O8 who does not. Your specialty leader is always a solid choice as a letter writer if you are unsure who to get one from.
  • You are reporting to a new command before the FITREP cycle and your Commanding Officer is willing to write a positive letter about your contributions to your new command.
  • You have issues in your record or career that require explanation or amplifying information. For example, you want to tell the promotion board how promotion to the next rank will allow you to do something you can’t do at your present rank, like screen for XO. If there are any gaps in your military service or any new information not on your FITREPs, these may need explanation as well.
  • You have to make corrections/additions to your record (like missing or illegible FITREPs, awards, academic or professional achievements, etc.) but you either don’t have time to update them the standard way or your have tried without success.


There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • After the board is finished, anything you sent is discarded. You cannot permanently update your record by sending documentation to the board.
  • By law, a letter to the board must be considered. In other words, if you don’t want the board to discuss a topic, don’t mention it in a letter. If there is adverse information in your record, sending a letter discussing it may help if you have amplifying information to add. Then again, if it is something they might not have noticed, sending a letter discussing it ensures that they will notice it!
  • Your Commanding Officer usually should not write a letter if he/she has done a FITREP on you, as his/her opinion should be reflected in the FITREP.
  • They are usually not recommended if you are in-zone unless there is a reason to send a letter listed above. Do not send one just for the fun of it.
  • Keep the length of letters to a minimum – one page or less – as boards have to read everything that is sent to them.
  • Do not send copies of publications.
  • Only the service member can send the letter on his/her behalf. In other words, if you have a letter from an admiral, you need to send it to the board. Don’t have the admiral’s aide send it because it will just get shredded and will not be briefed to the board.
  • Your letter must arrive no later than the day before (2359) the board convenes.


Here are a Sample Letter to a Promotion Board and Promotion Board Correspondence FAQs. Also, see the following website:

How to Get on a Promotion Board

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The promotion boards for FY17 are rapidly approaching, so I wanted to briefly discuss who makes up the promotion boards and how to get on one.


The promotion boards consist of five voting members, and at least three of them are required to have board experience. Someone is designated the senior member or board president. In addition, there is always a line officer on medical corps boards, and this is one reason you can’t use medical abbreviations on your FITREPs without explaining what they mean. That line officer could be the one briefing your record and he/she may not know what AHLTA, STEMI, DM, or CVA mean. The remainder of the board will be filled by a diverse group of officers. There will always be at least one woman on the board and one minority, although the same person could meet both of these requirements. In addition, there will be a geographic dispersion including at least one member from outside the continental US (OCONUS).

The board recorders are the officers who review your record for a week before the board members arrive and the board convenes. There will be a head recorder as well as assistant recorders and they will all be from CONUS. In other words, you cannot serve as a board recorder if you are stationed OCONUS because it just costs too much money for travel.


This one is simple as you just have to e-mail your Detailer and ask. Keep in mind, though, that the demand to be on a board far outnumbers the spots that exist. When I was a Detailer I had a folder in my Outlook e-mail where I put everyone who wanted to be on a board, and there were between 50-100 names in there. During the 15 months I served at PERS, I only had to contribute about 10 names for a board. With the requirements related to board composition that we discussed above, opportunities may only be present for officers meeting these requirements.

FAP & NADDS Graduates – Check the Reserve LCDR Promotion List

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Navy physicians who participate in the FAP & NADDS programs often get promoted off of the reserve list.  Here is the ALNAV for promotion to LCDR.  If any of your friends are on the list, let them know as they often don’t even realize it:




R 021500Z SEP 15




ALNAV 067/15



RMKS/1.  I am pleased to announce the following Staff Corps Officers on the 
reserve active-status list for promotion to the permanent grade of Lieutenant 

2.  This message is not authority to deliver appointments.  Authority to 
effect promotion will normally be issued by future NAVADMINS requiring 
NAVPERS 1421/7 preparation and forwarding of documents to PERS-806.

3.  Frocking is not authorized for any Officer listed below until specific 
authorization is received per SECNAVINST 1420.2A.

4.  For proper alphabetical order read from left to right on each line.  The 
numbers following each name to the right indicate the relative seniority 
among selectees within each competitive category.  Members are directed to 
verify their select status via BUPERS On-Line.
                           Medical Corps
Aquino Theodore Lee          0005  Bower Paul Edgar             0013
Crosby Mark Isaac            0002  Fitzgerald Steven Matt       0001
Freeman Brian Lee            0007  Kaminsky Michael Edwar       0011
Kulzer Matthew Henry         0008  Mallick Ronobir Ranjan       0003
McCord Caitlin Meghan        0015  Menger Richard Philip        0019
Morrisonponce Daphne P       0016  Philipp Sarah Kathleen       0006
Pride Keth Mackenzie         0012  Pulos Nicholas Alan          0018
Schneider Eric Peter         0004  Stockslager Steven Gre       0010
Thorpe Mary Arbuthnot        0017  Tran Diepdenise Ngoc         0020
Werner John Kent Jr          0014

FY16 LCDR Promotion Board Stats

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Here are the overall stats.  Keep in mind that the promotion opportunity was 100%, meaning that all fully qualified candidates could have been selected for promotion:

ABOVE ZONE 11 5 45.45%
IN ZONE 212 198 93.40%
BELOW ZONE 473 5 1.06%


Here they are broken down by specialty:

FLT SRG 34 27 79.41% 0 0 N/A 115 0 0.00%
RAM 0 0 N/A 0 0 N/A 0 0 N/A
ANESTH 8 8 100.00% 1 0 0.00% 2 0 0.00%
SURG 7 7 100.00% 1 0 0.00% 14 0 0.00%
NEURO SURG 0 0 N/A 0 0 N/A 1 0 0.00%
OB GYN 4 4 100.00% 0 0 N/A 18 1 5.56%
GMO 40 34 85.00% 2 1 50.00% 96 1 1.04%
OPHTH 2 2 100.00% 0 0 N/A 5 0 0.00%
ORTHO 8 8 100.00% 0 0 N/A 10 0 0.00%
OTO 3 3 100.00% 0 0 N/A 4 1 25.00%
URO 4 4 100.00% 0 0 N/A 2 0 0.00%
PREV MED 1 1 100.00% 0 0 N/A 0 0 N/A
OCC MED 2 2 100.00% 0 0 N/A 0 0 N/A
PHYS MED 0 0 #DIV/0! 0 0 N/A 0 0 N/A
PATH 2 2 100.00% 0 0 N/A 4 0 0.00%
DERM 0 0 N/A 0 0 N/A 1 0 0.00%
EMERG 10 10 100.00% 0 0 N/A 12 0 0.00%
FAM PRAC 26 25 96.15% 3 1 33.33% 57 2 3.51%
INT MED 18 18 100.00% 2 2 100.00% 42 0 0.00%
NEURO 1 1 100.00% 0 0 N/A 1 0 0.00%
UMO 14 14 100.00% 1 0 0.00% 40 0 0.00%
PEDS 16 16 100.00% 1 1 100.00% 28 0 0.00%
NUC MED 0 0 N/A 0 0 N/A 0 0 N/A
PSYCH 9 9 100.00% 0 0 N/A 17 0 0.00%
DIAG RAD 3 3 100.00% 0 0 N/A 4 0 0.00%
RAD ONC 0 0 N/A 0 0 N/A 0 0 N/A
TOTAL 212 198 93.40% 11 5 45.45% 473 5 1.06%

FY16 Courses, Updated Promo Prep, and MC Career Roadmap

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Here are 3 documents of interest to MC officers:

  1. From BUMED – FY16 Navy Medicine Leadership Course Information
  2. From BUMED – Medical Corps Career Roadmap
  3. Updated promo prep document that contains #1 above, Joel Schofer’s Promo Prep Guidance – 18 AUG 2015

Sailor of 2025 Talent Management Initiatives

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There are some exciting and interesting initiatives underway to modernize the Navy’s personnel system.  There have been many articles on this in Navy Times.  Here is one article recently released by the Military Officers Association of America.

In addition, here are some slides that describe this initiative:

PERS-4 Fleet Engagement

The changes that physicians should be aware of, some already finalized and others representing potential changes, are:

  1. Pay and bonus changes that would reward individual talent rather than treat everyone the same.
  2. A removal of promotion zones.  No longer would records be stamped as below-zone, in-zone, or above-zone during promotion boards.  This would switch to a system that rewards talent and milestones rather than longevity.  It would allow those that progress faster to promote faster and no longer have to “wait their turn” as well as remove the stigma that some feel is associated with being above-zone.
  3. Expansion of opportunities to diversify your career.  Examples include an expansion of the career intermission program and fellowships providing officers with the opportunity to spend some time in civilian industry so that they can bring best practices back to the Navy.
  4. An information technology (IT) investment in a new, more transparent personnel management system.  Ideas I have heard mentioned include eliminating all of the various computer systems that exist and consolidating them into one so that you don’t have to update your record in 20 different ways.  An assignments system has also been mentioned that would allow officers to see all the billets available and apply for the ones that they want, giving commands the ability to pick which officers they want.
  5. Improved co-location policy.  I have no details on this one, and right now I feel the detailers do a pretty good job co-locating dual active duty couples, but others may disagree.
  6. Changes to the physical fitness assessment/body composition assessment (PFA/BCA), which were detailed in this NAVADMIN.  This includes expanded fitness center hours.
  7. Changes to the maternity leave policy, detailed in this NAVADMIN, and expanded child development center hours.

Keep in mind that while some of these changes have been released already, like the PFA/BCA and maternity leave policies, the rest are works in progress.  I think it is interesting, though, to see that the DoD and Navy leadership are interesting in modernizing our personnel system and management.  As a detailer who writes orders on a DOS-based system, I can assure you that modernization is sorely needed.

FY16 O5 Promotion Board Takeaways

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Now that the FY16 O5 promotion board results have been released and I’ve had a chance to review a number of officer records, here are my O5 promotion board takeaways. If you’d like to review the statistics, click here:

Promotion Board Takeaways

If these things happen to you, you are very likely never going to promote to O5:

  • Any PFA/BCA failures.
  • Legal issues, such as a DUI or any other legal trouble.
  • Failure to become board certified.

There are other things that could happen to you that make it difficult but not impossible to promote. They include:

  • Coming into zone while in GME. There were people who promoted while in GME, but those lucky few broke out in large competitive groups before or during GME. Those who have non-observed (NOB) fitreps before the board, such as those in full-time outservice training, tend not to promote.
  • Spending too much time in the fleet as a GMO, flight surgeon, or UMO. This is mostly because it causes you to come into zone while you are still in GME, and is worsened if your residency is long.
  • Never getting a competitive early promote (EP) fitrep. Many officers who fail to select for O5 have never had a competitive EP fitrep as an O4. This can be because they are stationed places without competitive groups and get 1/1 fitreps, or it can be because they were in a competitive group and did not break out and get an EP.
  • Receiving potentially adverse fitreps. This most commonly happens when you are at an operational command and your reporting senior is not someone who is used to ranking medical corps officers, although it could happen for other reasons (like your reporting senior felt you deserved this type of fitrep). The most common thing would be if there is a competitive group of 2 officers but both are given must promote (MP) fitreps instead of 1 getting an EP and the other the MP. When both get an MP, it reflects poorly on both officers unless the reason for this is CLEARLY explained in the fitrep narrative, which it often is not. The other thing that happens is that a reporting senior gives you a 1/1 MP instead of a 1/1 EP. If you are ever getting a 1/1 fitrep, make sure you get an EP. You should consider getting a 1/1 MP an adverse fitrep. If there is no way around this, often because the reporting senior has a policy that they don’t give newly promoted officers an EP, make sure that this policy is clear in the fitrep narrative.
  • Having a declining fitrep. Mostly this happens when you go from getting an EP to an MP on your fitrep under the same reporting senior. If it is because you changed competitive groups, like you went from being a resident to a staff physician, that is understandable and not a negative. If you didn’t change competitive groups, though, make sure the reason you declined is explained.
  • Making it obvious to the promotion board that you didn’t update your record. The most obvious ways a promotion board will know you didn’t update your record is if you don’t have a photo in your current rank, your officer summary record (OSR) is missing degrees that you obviously have (like your MD or DO), or if many of the sections of your OSR are either completely blank or required updating by the board recorders. Remember that although promotion board recorders will correct your record for you, anything they do and any corrections they make are annotated to the board. While a few corrections are OK, you don’t want a blank record that the recorders had to fill in. It demonstrates that you didn’t update your record.

So who actually promotes to O5? In general, the officer who promotes to O5 is:

  • Board certified.
  • Finished GME early enough that they had time to break out with a competitive EP fitrep as a staff physician.
  • Has a demonstrated history of excellence as an officer. In other words, whenever they are in a competitive group, they successfully break out and get an EP fitrep. Being average is just not good enough anymore.
  • They have no PFA failures, legal problems, declining fitreps, or potentially adverse fitreps.
  • They have updated their record, and if they previously failed to select they reviewed their record with their detailer and actively worked to improve it.

FY16 LCDR Promotion List Released

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Congratulations to the following officers who were selected for promotion to LCDR:

Medical Corps

Abitria Richard R            0003  Afuhleflore Chantal Na       0044            
Aleid Haydar Mohali          0034  Algert Daniel B              0104            
Algert Lesley Paz            0068  Anderson William Charl       0198            
Armstrong Cody Chance        0015  Aukstuolis Kestutis An       0139            
Aurigemma David F            0073  Aurigemma Kristen Dian       0097            
Bailey Mary Mercedes         0191  Baker Neal Jordan            0150            
Baquir Angelo B              0087  Bauer Matthew Paul Per       0148            
Bayly Terrence D             0083  Benjaminson Jeremy Eva       0178            
Bermudez Daniela Janel       0157  Bilbao Michelle Cifone       0170            
Boni Benjamin Daniel         0177  Boucher Jeromy Travis        0028            
Brandon Elise Cooper         0137  Brock Marie Elizabethn       0149            
Brown Taylor Adam            0055  Bruce Timothy Peter          0197            
Buckley Kerry L              0053  Buckley Ryan Thomas          0041            
Buckley Sarah Basha          0152  Bullard Susan Ashley         0036            
Burbanodelara Patrick        0138  Burgess Matthew Daniel       0037            
Butler Nathan Henry          0102  Butler William Jason         0029            
Buttolph Amelia Harris       0205  Bylund William E             0084            
Carter Kristopher Ever       0115  Cassleman Kristi Linne       0188            
Chang Allen Duanhsu          0162  Chi Benjamin B               0096            
Cochran Grant K              0063  Cole Geoffrey John           0057  
Corrado Richele Lynn         0027  Cripe Paul                   0079  
Cruz Chris Albert            0146  Darling Nicholas Andre       0200  
Davis Christopher Alan       0108  Dean Daniel Joseph Jr        0174            
Deboer Derek Lee             0082  Degeus John Benjamin         0094            
Delacruz Andrea Faye         0156  Derevianko Victoria Ma       0105            
Digeorge Nicholas Will       0169  Douglas Brigham Lee          0193            
Elek Steven IV               0172  Engkulawy Jennifer Kar       0163            
Evans John Keith II          0180  Faught Sara Kathryn          0144            
Fiaseu Kaycee Rose           0204  Filipescu Radu               0020            
Flowers Lynn Morrissey       0155  Fofi Stephanie Marie         0145            
Frasier Samuel Dennis        0208  Gage Michele M               0086            
Ganacias Karen Gayle         0192  Garciasalas Alejandro        0093            
Gaylord Bethany Kay          0117  Generoso Judith Cather       0130            
Gillespie John W             0075  Gilman Luke Anthony          0132            
Gower Jonathan Robert        0066  Graham Jennifer Nicole       0107            
Greene Tatiana Morales       0186  Gutweiler Alex August        0025            
Haight Sean Patrick          0175  Hall Kent Michael            0190            
Hamersley Erin Rae Spa       0206  Hastings Todd Glen           0154            
Hauck Heather Noelle         0095  Hauff Niels M                0050            
Healy Mae Wu                 0129  Hemerly Nathan James         0173            
Henebry Andrew D             0046  Henry Sadie Mar              0004            
Hodell Evan Mel              0014  Hoffman Marshall Mathe       0062            
Hogan Patricia Elisabe       0142  Holleman Kevin Troy          0168            
Holzhouser Jamon Aaron       0016  Jain Ankush Kumar            0171            
Jardonaites Michelle D       0090  Jaskiewicz Jennifer Ly       0185            
Jing Ling                    0006  Johns Michael Wayne          0045            
Karris Bianca Cabrera        0133  Khoo Di                      0052            
Kilimentmihaileanu Iul       0021  Kuckel Daniel P              0035            
Kunkel Scott Alan            0196  Lafferty Casey Elizabe       0176            
Lagrew Joseph Edward II      0099  Larsen Eric Christian        0012            
Lawson Scott Michael         0122  Le Joseph An                 0141            
Le Tuvien                    0195  Lee Blair C                  0120            
Lehmann Benjamin John        0143  Lewis William A              0030            
Lipscomb Kathryn Ann         0118  Lomeli Matthew Charles       0164            
Lopez Lance Anthony          0140  Lopreiato Joseph O           0128            
Love Christopher Scott       0010  Mak Heather Kimberly         0136            
Maliakel Paul G              0064  Mancusiungaro Andrew E       0043            
Manosalva Rodolfo Enri       0158  Marquardt Joseph Phili       0165            
Marshall Michael Thoma       0060  Maruszak Mary Brigid         0187            
Mathew Manoj                 0026  Mathurin Jean Gilnord        0024            
Mattingly John C             0072  McClure Robert Ian           0007            
McCullough Jeremy Davi       0189  McDonnell John Carroll       0167            
McPeak Lesley Armbrust       0061  Melzer Jonathan M            0089            
Meunier Nicole Jean          0069  Michel Eric Brian            0121            
Michel Shannon Scully        0127  Monson Michael James E       0166            
Munoz Beau Jeffrey           0031  Myles David Eric             0201            
Naff Jessica Lynn            0011  Navarro Carlos Alberto       0048            
Nelson Mikal John            0042  Nieves Maria Lizette         0005            
Obrien Brendan Stephen       0077  Oladipo Olamide Johnso       0135            
Olson Erik Joseph            0051  Osborne Todd Graham          0013            
Overbey Jamie Kathleen       0147  Owens Steffanie Michel       0100            
Pannier Aaron Granvill       0092  Partovi Christopher Re       0032            
Perrinez Phillip Rober       0113  Perry Alexandra V            0088            
Peterson Brandon Rober       0119  Powers Michael F             0159            
Prokop Michael Aaron         0184  Reynders William Josep       0116            
Roberson Nolen F             0080  Roden Christopher Dona       0183            
Ross Warren Leslie           0111  Russell Matthew Craig        0008  
Ruttenberg Todd Michae       0101  Santiago Gabriel F           0049  
Sardina Jonathan Micha       0181  Sasovetz Scott Joseph        0059  
Schonau Jesse Taylor         0207  Scully Stephenie Ashle       0058  
Seeger Daniel Bradley        0123  Shanahan Erik Edmond         0071  
Siebenaler Joseph Fran       0179  Siegel Joseph Aaron          0039  
Simmons Brett Patrick        0112  Singer Jacob Emerson         0040  
Skeehan Christopher Do       0134  Smith Jennifer Lauren        0085  
Snow Ryan William            0161  Solis Ana Lidia              0023  
Sone Peter Lee               0056  Songer Adam G                0081  
Speicher Matthew Vanst       0199  Staeheli Gregory R           0047  
Stange Christopher Jam       0203  Stanila Vlad Vasile          0022  
Stapleton Robert Edwar       0202  States Leith Jason           0182  
Steele Helen Marie           0194  Stein Loretta Lindsay        0125  
Stonegarza Kristi Kim        0009  Stratton Michael Slade       0151  
Stromberg Ines Haruni        0131  Talise Paul C                0076  
Taylor Jacob Marshall        0038  Toupin Brian                 0103  
Trevino Ruth Ann             0124  Uber Ian Chauncey            0067  
Valadao Jason Matteo         0018  Wagner Kari Lynn             0110  
Wagner Scott C               0106  Waite Kenneth Barry Jr       0126  
Wallace James D              0078  Walsh John C                 0074  
Waterman Adam Thomas         0070  Westbrook James Wesley       0017  
Wheelan Ann Victoria         0019  Wildi Jonathan Douglas       0160  
Wilson Jessica Ann           0098  Wilson Kevin F               0114  
Wolf Michael E               0054  Wooldridge Bryan Edmun       0109  
Zelinskas David John         0153            

FY16 CAPT Promotion Board Statistics

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People really enjoyed seeing the FY16 CDR promotion stats and I got requests for the same stats for the CAPT promotion board.  Here they are:

ABOVE ZONE 155 11 7.10%
IN ZONE 101 39 38.61%
BELOW ZONE 164 1 0.61%


FLT SRG 0 0 N/A 9 0 0.00% 0 0 N/A
RAM 2 0 0.00% 9 0 0.00% 3 0 0.00%
ANESTH 13 2 15.38% 10 0 0.00% 13 0 0.00%
SURG 6 3 50.00% 9 0 0.00% 7 0 0.00%
NEURO SURG 0 0 N/A 2 0 0.00% 2 0 0.00%
OB GYN 4 3 75.00% 11 1 9.09% 10 0 0.00%
GMO 0 0 N/A 0 0 N/A 0 0 N/A
OPHTH 0 0 N/A 2 0 0.00% 5 0 0.00%
ORTHO 7 2 28.57% 10 0 0.00% 12 0 0.00%
OTO 3 1 33.33% 2 0 0.00% 8 0 0.00%
URO 0 0 N/A 1 0 0.00% 4 0 0.00%
PREV MED 1 0 0.00% 3 0 0.00% 2 0 0.00%
OCC MED 4 3 75.00% 4 0 0.00% 4 0 0.00%
PHYS MED 1 0 0.00% 0 0 N/A 0 0 N/A
PATH 2 1 50.00% 9 0 0.00% 5 0 0.00%
DERM 5 2 40.00% 0 0 N/A 2 0 0.00%
EMERG 8 4 50.00% 7 0 0.00% 11 0 0.00%
FAM PRAC 9 4 44.44% 28 4 14.29% 15 0 0.00%
INT MED 18 7 38.89% 10 1 10.00% 20 1 5.00%
NEURO 0 0 N/A 2 0 0.00% 0 0 N/A
UMO 4 0 0.00% 1 0 0.00% 2 0 0.00%
PEDS 4 2 50.00% 9 2 22.22% 9 0 0.00%
NUC MED 0 0 N/A 0 0 N/A 0 0 N/A
PSYCH 4 2 50.00% 2 0 0.00% 8 0 0.00%
DIAG RAD 6 3 50.00% 14 3 21.43% 21 0 0.00%
RAD ONC 0 0 N/A 1 0 0.00% 1 0 0.00%
TOTAL 101 39 38.61% 155 11 7.10% 164 1 0.61%