Full Length Photos are Coming Back for FY20 Promotion Boards

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They used to display full length photographs for all officer promotion boards. Then 1-2 years ago they stopped doing it. Supposedly they are going to start displaying them again and a NAVADMIN will be released sometime soon. The requirement to have a photo in your current rank never went away. It just wasn’t displayed at the promotion boards anymore.

By instruction, you have 90 days after getting promoted to get a new photo submitted in your new rank.

For those preparing for the FY20 promotion boards, you might want to get a photo done. The requirement is to have one in your current rank, but optimally you have one with your most up-to-date warfare devices and ribbon rack.

This MILPERSMAN article tells you how to get one done and how to submit it:

MILPERSMAN 1070-180 – Officer Photographs

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